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Rating : An overall NC-17 for violence and language and some mature subjects

Warnings : okay, to serious stuff.
AU-ish, mostly Quatre-centric, angst,violence, yaoi romance and sap, some humor (my humor, mind you), language, some cuddling and implied lemons. On other matters, boys and girls discussing friendship, love, sexuality and the meaning of life and death. Probably a slight OOC-ness for some of the characters, but I'll keep it slight.

Pairings : Pay attention people, it's complicated !
4+1 evolving into 1x4x1, 2+4+2 (in the 'more than friends but not lovers' sense), explicit references to past 2x4x2, background 2x3x2 and 5+S, and yet some more : 13+6, 6x9, and attempted 4xR (I know it sounds weird, but you'll see what I mean).

Summary : When Mr Winner's charity programs threaten the interests of some crime lords, a criminal syndicate hires Heero Yuy, the best killer of the galaxy, to take care of the problem by eliminating the man's son, Quatre Raberba Winner. But soon, the killer finds himself trapped by his not-so-innocent target into a strange seduction game, in which he does not know if he's the hunter or the prey.

Author's note : This story takes place in the GW universe with space colonies and AC calendar, except that there are no Gundams, no Earth Sphere Alliance and no Oz. The boys are just not Gundam pilots. Oh, and for you to understand better, Relena, Duo and Quatre are all around 18, and the three others are 2 or 3 years older.

Dedicated to Laurence-sama, my dear best friend and beta-reader and the Japanese gal around!



Prologue - AC 198, July 23rd, L1 Colony Cluster

The apartment was darkened by blinds. The only lights in it came from the screen of a laptop on a desk, and the television. A young man was sitting on the couch and watching the news. From time to time, his Prussian blue eyes were shooting a look towards the laptop, which emitted strange buzzes. Columns of figures were defiling endlessly on the little screen.

The living-room was immaculate, like every other room in the apartment. The young man believed in order. White walls, no attempts to decorate, furniture that had clearly not been chosen for their comfort or looks. The only strange thing was a great wooden cabinet at one end of the living-room.

The phone rang, disturbing the quiet silence of the room. The young man waited five seconds before he picked it up.

“Moshi moshi.”

“Mr Yuy ?”


“This is J talking. Is this line secured ?”

“As always.”

“We have a mission for you.”

“Who ?”

“Mr Winner has been a nuisance for our group lately. We wish to get rid of his ridiculous ideas and his influence on people.”

The young man raised an eyebrow.

“You don’t expect me to eliminate one of the richest and most influential man on Earth and in the colonies, do you ?”

“Of course not, Mr Yuy. That would be stupid, and it wouldn’t help us. There are other ways though.”

“Who ?”, the young man asked again.

His son. Make it nice, and make sure Mr Winner knows who is responsible for the death of his son.”

“Anything special I should know ?”

“The boy is protected of course, but he has a natural tendency to sneak out that should help you. You will receive information on their Security Service.”

“How much ?”

“300 000 dollars.”

The young man smirked.

“You must be kidding. If that’s all you have to offer me, then find someone else. I don’t work for free.”

“But …”

“I am the best. Tariffs have gone up in the past year. I don’t work for less than 1 million. Take it or leave it.”

There was silence at the other end of the line.

“Just call me back when you’ve decided what to do”, the young man said.

“Wait ! Ok, you will have your million.”

“I want half of it before, the rest is to be paid as soon as you’ve received proof that the boy is dead.”


“Mission accepted”, the young man said before he hung up.

He leaned back on the couch with a smile. That new contract was coming just in time.

~ * ~

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