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Please note the warnings on some of these fic's. A lot contain Shonen ai (male x male love) and Yaoi (male x male sexual relationships) if you are opposed to this in any way then I suggest you DO NOT read. Dont flame me or the authors because you ignored the warnings.
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Rating: PG
About: Someone finds a log entry, but the writer isn't present. mainly Heero's POV, until the end of the fic.
Complete: Yes
Title: "Finding Myself " Rating: PG sap ,OOC, OC
About: A young boy is brought into the hospital suffering from memory loss. (Sequel to Break Through) Chapter: | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | epilogue | complete
Title: "Healing Ties " Rating: PG 13 sap ,OOC, OC
About: The war is over now can the girls actually help Heero to let go of the soldier enough to let him find happiness with the person who's stolen his heart, or is the Perfect Soldier destined to spend the Peace time he's worked so hard for alone.
(Sequel to Finding Myself)

Chapter: | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | incomplete
Title: "Easter Bunny's Special Gift" Rating: NC 17
About: Duo gives Heero a special present for easter Complete: Yes
Title: " Unspoken Prayers" Rating: PG 13
About: Duo is bored so he indulges in a little of his own boredom relief Complete: Yes
Title: "Untitled" Rating: PG 13
About: Heero finally gets around to sorting out his feelings about Duo's Easter present, but will he sort things out enough to work it all out before it's too late?
Chapter: | 1 | 2 | incomplete
Title: "Childs Revenge" (Co written with Lady Midnight) Rating: PG but will change
About: The Pilots have gone missing and it is up to their children to find them. Chapter: Prologue | 1a |1b | 1c | 2 | 3 | incomplete
Title: "I Hired an Angel" Rating: PG
About: Help is needed and heaven's angels decide who they are going to send. Chapter: Prologue |
Title: "Can you Imagine" Rating: PG
About: You're the office gopher in the office, imagine what happens when you have messages to deliver from pilot to pilot? Complete: Yes
Title: "The Greatest Gift" Rating: G
About: It's christmas and someone gets a gift they never thought they would. Complete: Yes
Title: "Christmas Angels" Rating: G
About: Relena remembers her family and friends at Christmas time Complete: Yes
Title: "Love You For All Eternity" Rating: PG 13
About: It's the end of the wars and the pilots all find themselves drifting. One by one they slowly find their anchor. Complete: Yes


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