Welcome to the Gundam Wing Diaries annual Fic competition.

This is the site's Fourth (woot!) fic competition so if anything doesn't run as smoothly as it should I apologize now but bear with me, I'm only human! ^_^

The theme for the fic competition is the "Art of Kinky Sex"   

***Deadline Extended to Sept 8th***

Please read all the submission rules below before submitting your fic and if you should have any further questions feel free to e-mail  me. I'm also looking for judges so if you are interested in judging then drop me a line and I'll forward the judging information to you. So all you talented authors out there please get writing, submit your fic and help to make this a great fic competition! Arigato!!

To read the fics submitted click HERE

Submission Rules

Unfortunately there have to be rules for a fic comp to run efficiently and as fairly as possible. I've tried to keep them to the minimum so plese read ALL the rules before submitting. Thanks. ^_^

The Fic comp Theme is "The Art Of Kinky Sex" so obviously your fic must involve Kinky Sex in some shape, form or matter. *grin*   Any questions, please e mail me.


1. The fic MUST be Yaoi, No het or Yuri please. Any pairings of the guys is accepted, traditional, non traditional, threesomes or more! Let your imagination run wild.

2. You MUST have Kinky Sex in the fic. (duh)

3. The fic must be a new fic - submissions of fic's already completed and posted elsewhere will NOT be accepted.

4. All entries will be archived in the fic competition section of the Gundam Wing Diaries unless the author specifically requests otherwise. Also, once submitted your fic may be archived anywhere else as the fics will be judged and not publically voted on.

5.Banners will be awarded to First, Second and Third Place winners. There is also a participation banner for everyone.

6. All fic's will be judged by independent judges who will send their results to me and I will keep them on spread sheet to tally up the winners.

7. Fic's will be judged using the following criteria; Spelling & Grammar- 25, Flow- 20, Interest- 20, Gut Reaction- 25, Use of Theme- 10. Giving an overall total out of 100. Please make sure to have your fic betaed as Spelling and Grammar count!

8. Please include the following information with your submission; (cut and paste to the body of your e mail if it's easier for you. )

Author's e mail:

Please attach your fic to the e mail in either txt, doc or html format and put Fic Comp Entry in the subject line. DO NOT cut and paste your fic to the body of the e mail, any entries received in this way will be deleted as I don't have the time to format the fic's. Okay, done all that? Right, now send your entry to;  bryant@iinet.net.au
You will receive an email within a couple of days from me to let you know I have received your entry.

9. The competition opens for submissions on May 26th 2007 and will close at Midnight, Perth, Western Australian time on August 31st 2007. I expect to have the results and winners banners up on September 8th.

10. There is a limit of 2 fic's per author, Multi part and one shots are equally welcome.

That's it! Any questions, e mail me at the above address. It's up to you to make this contest a success so get those thinking caps on, get writing and submit those fics now!

Anyone who is interested in being a judge, please contact me at gwdeathcythe@hotmail.com and I will forward the judging guide to you.


Shen ^__^




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