This is a flame that got sent directly to Presser and his response to the flame. This flame has also been fed to my dragon who consumed it with relish!


I got flamed! Must've arrived as a writer of fanfiction, huh? Here's what
the flamer said:

Mr. Pants



id # 13009

FUCK YOU! How dare you put shit like this on a website, you cock sucking, peice of shit! We don't want all of this homosexual trash on here, because it sucks ass, and so do you. Gay people eat their mother's cum. Remember that, mother fucker.


word 16 - "piece," not "peice"

"We don't want all of this homosexual trash on here" - Um...where is "here" exactly? Does he mean the website at which he found my story? His car? His mind? pants? pocket pen protector?

He calls me a mother fucker, yet isn't that the last thing on earth a gay man would want to do?

He also says I suck cock, that my story sucks ass, and I do, too. Well, the story might suck ass, though I sorta like the way it turned out myself. As for me, I DO suck cock and ass! I'm wondering if Mr. Pants
thinks that I'll take these as insults? *shrugs* There's no telling what he was thinking, friends. Who knows? It might be that if he'd loosen up and try it, he might discover he likes it, too.

That line about gay people eating their mother's cum - well, okay, I guess that's a bit of an insult. He got me there, didn't he?

All in all, as far as flames go, I have to give this one a B-minus for spelling, a C-minus for cogency and expressiveness, and a D-minus for form and content, with an overall grade of C-minus.

I mean, come ON! I've seen much more thoughtful flames before.

*thinks for a moment*

Maybe Mr. Pants was trying to insult me by sending a rather poorly prepared flame? Don't really know, but if I was to take offense at anything here, it would have to be at his lack of ability to express himself intelligently.

* * *

Personally, I feel validated by Mr. Pants. I mean, if someone with his inability to communicate cogently doesn't like my work, then that speaks volumes about the quality of it *pats self on back*.

I guess I'm just taking a Heero Yuy kind of attitude toward this guy. Duo might cut him in two with his scythe, Wufei might charge him with Nataku, but Heero would simply shrug and shake his head at the inanity of it all.


P.S. All flamers are welcome, especially those who disagree with what I write and actually want to discuss it...that is, if there are any out there like that....

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