This is a flame I had forgotten about. It came to the Gundam Wing ML that I am a member of. It's short and sweet and so is my reply.


From:Chris Hurd <darkness44000@yahoo

Date: Sat Aug 17, 2002 12:41 am

Subject: Re: [gw-fan] [Fic] "Dance With Me?" 1/2 NC 17, yaoi,sap,lemon,some angst.

stop sending me these faget stories/pictures I'm staight bitch.


*Sighs* What is it with flamers and their spelling? That's one thing I have noticed that seems be consistent with them I mean let's be fair here, if the authors can take the time to spell check their works the least the flamer could do is reciprocate.

As for me sending the fic it was posted to an ML and this person obviously elected to have ALL postings sent to their e mail address.

I'm also straight and yet have no bias against gay couples or Bi people, I like to see love for what it is, regardless of gender and therefore what amuses me is why the heck did this person join a Yaoi group if they are so obviously opposed to gay relationships and sex? *rolls eyes* Some people, sheesh!

While I didn't get to personally respond to the flame as most of the other members of the ML did so for me, I have the satisfaction of knowing that the person responsible for the flame was terminated from the ML within 24 hours. ^_^

As Wufei would say.... Ahhh Justice. *grin*


~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

This flame has also found it's way to my dragon who is looking quite plump at the moment. ~_^

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