This is a flame that I received on media miner in response to my fic "Banquet Feast"

Reviewed By: Annonie On: April 06, 2004 20:19 EDT
Overall Rating: 2 of 10
All sex and no plot. Just what GW fandom needs, right? Your talents are better used on a real story rather than this tasteless drivel.

And here is my response....

Duo: "Seems to me that this person didn't really read the warnings properly."

Shen: "Yeah, I know. What is it with people and their inability to read warnings?"

Heero: "Seems like they can't be bothered and then when they find the fic is something they don't particularly like they have to have a go at the author."

Shen: "If they don't want to read a PWP then why do they do it?"

Wufei: "Beats me."

Zechs: "Well I must say that I enjoyed it."

Wufei: "I gathered that much."

Heero: "Yeah, he was the one on top so he was bound to enjoy it."

Shen: "What gets me is that this fic was a requested fic, again it comes back to reading the warnings."

Duo: "Well I know for a fact that pretty much most readers out there in the fandom enjoy a good PWP."

Heero: "In any case, a good author should be able to write both quick smut as well as a more involved fic."

Zechs: "I like drivel."

Wufei: "Don't you mean dribble?"

Duo: "Or drool?"

Shen: "Well I can't really be bothered wasting my time on someone who is obviously a prude."

Duo: "In any case, Shen, you don't have to prove you can write fic's with or without a plot. Anyone with half a brain has only to visit your index page to see the number of fic's you have written. Some of them are like this one but with a plot."

Heero: "I agree. You have a few fic's written that are pretty much all steamy sex but they have a plot behind them."

Wufei: "Your arc incorporating Lost Souls, United Hearts and now Eternal Flame all have plots and yet are also chockers with steamy sex scenes."

Duo: "You can say that again, Mmmmm... Heero."

Heero: "Well I happen to enjoy the way Shen writes us in her PWP's."

Zechs: "You're just in it for the sex!"

Duo: "You better believe it baby!"

Shen: "Okay, boys. Like I said before, I really can't be bothered to waste my time on this one. I don't have to worry about what this person thinks. I write for my own pleasure..."

Duo: "And ours!"

Shen: "Yes, and yours but mainly I write because I love to write. If people send me in a request for a fic then I will do my best to write them one. Granted it can take me a while to actually write them as I have so many other fic's in the works, but I do eventually get to them."

Wufei: "Well you sure did take your time getting this one done."

Shen: *sighs* "Yes I know I did but Chimaera is kind of pushing to the fore front , not to mention Eternal."

Duo: "So, what is your response to this person then, Shen?"

Shen: "Simple. Next time read the warnings on a fic before reading it. If you don't like PWP fic's where the guy's are all screwing each others brains out for the hell of it then don't read. If you do read then either make a positive comment or at least a constructive one, not just some stupid dribble."

Duo: "I couldn't have said it better myself."

Heero: "Now that you've had your say, can we get back to more of these PWP's?"

Shen: *rolls eyes and gives up*

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