"After Mission"

Written By: Atre

Author: Atre Lumena_Atre@yahoo.com

Beta-reader: Becky

Pairing: 2x1

Rating: NC-17

Warnings: yaoi, lemons, sex toys *grin*

Summary: Heero came back from his mission and…

Disclaimer: GW's characters are not mine.

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"After Mission"

It was almost midnight when Heero stepped into his house. The Japanese boy closed the door behind him, dropping his bag aside tiredly. The mission took him longer than he had thought. He looked around. The house was dark and completely quiet; no sign of the other pilot in the house. That made him slightly disappointed. He reached for the switch on the wall behind him to turn the light on, but then, unexpectedly, his hand was caught by someone else's.

Heero’s internal alarm and his soldier instinct kicked in immediately. No one was supposed to be able to sneak into his house and stand behind him without his knowledge. The Japanese boy spun around, swinging his fist towards the mystery guy, but his opponent seemed to be able to predict his action and caught his flying hand perfectly. In the next second, Heero heard a soft click and found his hands secured by a pair of cuffs. That made Heero totally surprised and angry with himself. He was not supposed to be caught this easily!

The Japanese boy was about to use his leg to tackle, but then again, the person went a step further than him. The mystery guy swooped Heero’s ankles and Heero, in his unbalanced position, fell back onto the floor. The person quickly followed Heero down and pinned the secured hands above Heero’s head.

Heero sharply turned his head to face the mystery guy and, unexpectedly, he felt a soft touch on his lips. Heero was stunned for a moment. It took him a few seconds to register the familiar kiss, and then his body was melting into the warm touch. Tension was drawn from his arms and legs, his mouth opened slightly to welcome the assaulting tongue and lips. By the time those lips pulled away, Heero was lying there panting. He looked up and saw the trademark smirk on his opponent’s face, the wide violet eyes gleaming in the dark, staring at him. He glared at the violet-eyed boy, who just grinned at him in return.

“Welcome home, Heero.” The boy above him purred seductively.

“What do you think you are doing, baka?” Heero growled. It was not surprising that he lost the fight for he knew that only Duo knew him well enough to be able to predict his actions. Then he felt the soft touch of a cold blade at the side of his neck. The blade barely touched his skin, just signaling him to be silent. Then the braided pilot ran the blade lightly along his collarbone to the top of his chest in passionate manner. Then, a tearing sound was heard and Heero felt cold air touch his chest as his tank top was sliced apart. Heero opened his mouth to protest but only managed a gasp as a warm wet tongue teased his nipple.

The skillful mouth sucked and nibbled the tiny nub until it was too sensitive to be touched before switching to its twin. Heero moaned and thrashed his head to the side. After five days alone on his mission, his skin had become so sensitive to the touch and he felt his arousal respond to it. Heero unconsciously lifted his hips up slightly, seeking for more touch. The other pilot suddenly pulled back, grinning.

While Heero was trying to catch his breath, his body was lifted up and placed over Duo’s shoulder. The braided pilot moved to the open basement door and went down stairs. Heero was finally put on a wooden board, lying on his back with his bottom resting slightly off the edge of the table. His hands were quickly lifted up and secured above his head.

Heero looked up, sending his death glare to his grinning lover. “What are you doing, baka? Let me go!”

“Well…well…,” Duo tapped Heero’s nose playfully and bent down to nuzzle the sensitive spot on his neck. “Where has my naughty kitten been for five days, huh?”

“I had a mission…ahh…” Heero threw his head back as Duo nibbled right on the most sensitive spot.

Duo then moved down and changed the target to the Japanese boy’s nipple. “So, you should have told me, not just disappeared in the morning. Do you know how much I worried about you?” Duo’s voice was so sweet and sounded so innocent, completely contrary to the non-innocent action he was doing.

“I…ahhh…left you…a note…” Heero tried to control his moan and made his voice sharp.

“Next time, do better than a piece of paper with only the word ‘out’.” Duo pulled back and sent Heero a grin that, Heero knew, was a sign of an evil plan.

“So what do you want from me?” the Japanese boy growled.

“Naughty kitten needs to be punished.” Duo’s grin became wider as he stepped to the side.

Heero, whose vision had been blocked by Duo’s body, now had a full view of the room he was in. His blue eyes widened and his jaw dropped, speechless, as he saw the former basement room now filled with several items that, he was sure, had never been there before.

“What the…??”

On the walls hung various shapes, sizes, and colors of plugs, vibrators, and dildos. Around the room were several tables and couches in strange shapes, and cupboards filled with straps, cock rings, feathers, cuffs, and many other things.

“Yeah…five days are enough for me to build a punishment room my kitten deserves.”

Heero snapped his head to the braided boy and saw lust filled eyes directed to him. He felt his cock throb in excitement, but as always, his stubborn mouth chose to say something contrary to what his mind wanted.

“Let me go!” Heero tugged on the chain and the cuffs that secured his hands; then he realized that they were made of Gundanium and there was no way he could break them.

“You look so delicious when you’re trapped and squirming like this ne, Hee-chan.” Duo smirked and reached for Heero’s spandex.

"I will get you for this!"

The braided boy placed his hand on the obvious hard bulge between Heero’s legs and squeezed it lightly. Duo grinned as Heero arched his back and moaned in response. “Umm…but your body seems to like it.” He then pulled Heero’s shorts off in one swift tug and Heero’s cock jumped up immediately.

Heero gasped as his cock was freed. It was so hard and wet in anticipation of what Duo would do next.

“See?” Duo closed his hand around the throbbing organ. Heero moaned loudly. He had longed for Duo’s touch for five days. Duo’s hand felt so good, but there was no way he would admit it to his horny baka.

Duo parted the creamy bottom with his other hand and circled the secret entrance with a finger. “Umm…and this is so tight...” He pushed playfully on the tight ring, testing the resistance of the closed muscle. “…ready to be punished.”

“Ahh…” Heero groaned and wiggled his hips, trying to get the finger inside. It had been five days and he really missed Duo’s touch.

The braided boy chuckled and pulled his hands away, ignoring the protesting moan from his lover. “Really naughty kitten,” as Duo walked to one side of the room. Heero followed the braided pilot with his eyes. Those blue Prussians widened as he saw Duo pick up several vibrators from a shelf filled with all different shapes and sizes.

“Well, before we get started…” Duo came back and knelt down out of the Japanese boy’s sight. Heero felt his legs being spread wide apart.


Before Heero realized what Duo was doing, his ankles were securely strapped to the legs of the table. It left his private parts wide open and unprotected from his devil of a lover. “I won’t let you go until you plead guilty and apologize, Hee-chan.” Duo grinned while he applied large amounts of lube to his fingers and toys. Oh yes, after having been unable to touch his lover for several days, he had missed Heero and became very horny; he had a very big plan for his lover and he would make sure that he wouldn’t let him go easily tonight.

“I did nothing wrong!!” Heero protested and tried in vain to close his legs. His protest turned into a loud gasp as one of Duo’s fingers swiftly pushed inside him.

“You disappeared for five days without telling me where you were going and when you would be back. That made me worried enough to count as your guilt.” Duo then pushed a second finger in. Heero was so tight now, so he had to carefully stretch and apply the lube inside the warm cavern.

“I’m…not …a child…” Heero moaned.

“That’s why this kind of punishment suits you.” Duo finally pulled his fingers out, leaving Heero sucking for air.

“Why don’t you just say that you are trying to find an excuse to play your perverted game?” Heero growled.

“Maybe…” The braided boy obviously didn’t try to hide his grin.

“Omae o…ahhh….” A slim vibrator was inserted into him. It was pushed smoothly inch-by-inch inside him.

“You are lovely when you say that, you know, Hee-chan.” Duo smirked and rolled the vibrator, searching for that one particular spot. “But I would prefer to hear you moan and scream at this time.”

“Bastard…uhhhh…” Heero groaned and arched up slightly. It was like a game between him and Duo. He knew that his braided baka wanted drive him to the point where he lost control. No way was he going to give in easily tonight. The Japanese boy tried to keep still as much as possible; however, he couldn’t stop the slight jerk and soft cry from his throat as the tip of the toy pressed on his spot, and that was an enough of a sign for Duo.

The braided boy pushed the toy harder, enjoying the strangled noises Heero made and the way his back arched in pleasure.


“Feels good, right?” Duo grinned and rested his thumb on the button at the edge of the toy. “And I haven't even started it yet.” He pushed on the button and left the vibrator to vibrate on the Japanese boy’s sweet spot.

“Ahhh!!!” Heero cried out and budged his hips up. It felt so good. He neglected arousal was straining so hard, begging for friction.

Heero gasped as he felt something cool touch the head of his cock. He opened his eyes halfway and saw Duo holding another dildo, placing its tip against the tip of his cock. He moaned and closed his eyes as Duo kneaded the toy over the dewy head of his cock, slowly but firmly. Duo always knew what he wanted and how to make him feel so good. The vibrator inside him sent constant pleasure along the nerves inside him and the dildo outside gave a very good feeling on his cock. If Duo planned to punish him this way, he wouldn’t mind it at all.

Seeing his lover drowning in pleasure, the braided boy moved to the next step. With a grin, Duo pushed a button at the side of the dildo and a humming sound started. Heero shuddered and cried out as the vibration ran down from the head of his cock to its base. And as he jerked up, the vibrator inside him rubbed on his prostate and locked onto that spot more firmly.

“Ahh….ahhhh….” Heero was lost. His cock stretched to its limit, ready to explode. But as he was about to go over the edge, Duo withdrew the dildo from his cock and stopped the vibration inside him.

Heero dropped back onto the table, sucking in several deep breathes. The braided boy grinned widely as he watched his lost lover. He waited a few minutes for Heero to cool down a little before resuming his work. Heero jerked up and yelled loudly as the thing on his prostate started humming again and another vibration started running up and down the side of his sensitive cock. His pre-come began leaking rapidly and all his nerves thrilled in pleasure. He arched up as much as he could but again, just as he was about to go over the edge, Duo stopped.

Now Heero knew that it was Duo’s purpose to tease him. He looked up and glared with his passion clouded-eyes at his evil lover. “Omae o…AHhhhh!!”

The vibrator was now on his balls and Heero’s mind left the realm of reality. Over and over, Duo pushed Heero to his limit and stopped every time the Japanese boy was about to reach his orgasm. He ran the vibrating dildo on different angles of Heero’s cock and balls till all areas of those organs were too sensitive to any touch. When he saw that Heero couldn’t cool down anymore, Duo pulled the slim vibrator out. He turned off both vibrators and put them aside.

Heero could only pant; his mind was too clouded to think of any words. His eyes were tightly shut and his body was anticipating the next torturous touch. He was so close to the edge that only another slight touch on his cock would surely make him come, very hard.

Duo enjoyed the view of his surrendered lover. He knew what Heero was waiting for and an evil grin crossed his face. ‘It’s not that easy, Hee-chan.’ The braided boy picked up another item from a shelf and quickly put it over the head of Heero’s cock.

Heero gasped as he felt something touch his cock. His hips jerked up and he was about to climax but the thing quickly went down and tightened at the base of his cock. Heero’s body tensed up and he found that he was locked at the edge of orgasm.

A cock ring!

His blue eyes snapped open and saw the grinning braided devil. Now he knew what Duo planned for his punishment. Duo would surely tease him mercilessly and wouldn’t allow him to come until he completely surrendered. Heero cursed the braided boy silently. Duo knew well that he was not going to give in easily. It was such an evil plan, but at the same time, it turned him on even more.

“Take it off!” Heero growled.

“We’ve just finished our warm up session, Hee-chan.” The braided boy reached for another toy, a bigger vibrator. “And as I said, I won’t let you come until you plead guilty and show me how sorry you are.”

“No way!” Heero growled.

“We’ll see.” Duo then pushed the larger toy into his lover. “You need to have something inside you all the time tonight, Hee-chan.”

Heero moaned loudly as the shaft was slowly pushed inside him. It was not as big as Duo, but without any penetration for five days, he was now so tight and it made him feel the fullness and the stretch of his ring muscle. Heero panted as he tried to adjust to the size of the toy. The plug was long. It went inside him deeper and deeper. Heero hissed as its tip was placed firmly on his prostate. His trapped cock was leaking rapidly and soaked with his own pre-come.

“You are so beautiful like this.” Duo used his fingers to wipe the creamy liquid along Heero’s cock.

“Uhh…ahhhh….” It made him feel so good, and as much as he liked it, Heero wanted to come desperately. He wasn’t sure he could stand any more pleasure without going crazy.

“Wanna feel it vibrate?” The braided boy tapped the edge of the vibrator and Heero jerked up as its tip poked on his weak spot.


“Thanks.” Duo smirked and then turned the switch of the toy to its maximum speed.

“Ahhhhhhh!!!” Heero arched up as much as he could in his restraints. The bigger vibrator was more intense than the slim one and the sensation almost drove him crazy. He needed to come badly.

After several minutes, Duo then turned the volume of the vibrator down until it was only humming lowly so that Heero could focus on his other senses.

“Take the ring off.” Heero panted.

“No…not that easy.” Duo then picked up another item beside him.

Heero widened his eyes as he saw a large long feather in Duo’s hand. The braided boy grinned evilly and swung the feather toward the area between Heero’s spread legs.

“No…” Heero tried to back away, but every time he shifted, the vibrating plug inside him would plod on his prostrate and made him shuddered. His leaking cock was straining and so open to any teasing.

“What’s ‘no’?” Duo asked innocently and ran the feather one time up Heero’s cock.

“AHH!!” Heero jerked up, and that movement made the plug lock tightly and vibrate directly on his prostate. “Uhhhhhhhh…” Heero dropped back on the table. It was a perfect torture. He couldn’t escape, he couldn’t come.

“Again?” Duo lapped the feather at the other side of Heero’s cock.

“Ahhhhhhhhh!!!” Again, the sensation made Heero jerk up and as his cock was teased, the vibrator would attack his inside spot. The sensation was so strong, his balls became so tight, and his needed to come badly increased exponentially. “Please….”

“Please what??” With a very evil grin, Duo ran the feather more along Heero’s cock.

“Ahhh…ohhhh…” Heero thrashed wildly and almost screamed. The pleasure was almost unbearable now. “…let me come.”

“Then, show me how much you are sorry.”

“I did nothing wrong! Omae o ko……..Ahhh!!” The feather roamed several times around his cock and balls. Duo kept teasing those sensitive organs for several minutes, leaving the Japanese boy thrashing and screaming in overloaded sensation.

“Well…so that means this level of punishment is just not enough.” Duo finally put the feather away and turned the vibrator off.

Heero’s breathing was labored. His bones became very weak and his body seemed to be melted like jelly. He felt Duo release his ankles but he barely had enough energy to move or protest.

He was flipped to lie on his stomach and his hips were pulled up till the lower part of his body was resting on his knees. His knees were spread as wide as they could go, and then Heero felt leather straps around each of them. The straps wrapped around each of his lower legs and tied them to the legs of the table. In this position, his bottom was perfectly presented to the braided boy, his cock was straining between his legs, and drops of pre-come were dropping onto the wooden surface.

“Nice position, Hee-chan.” Duo closed his hand around the hard erection and stroked it lightly.

“Ahh…ahh….” Heero thrust his hips into the hand, hoping to gain his release.

“Now, let see how long you can take this.”

The hand let go of his cock and he felt Duo put a sheath around it. Heero moaned deep in his throat. The sheath was a little warm and slick, closing a little tight along his erection.

“You will like this.” Duo whispered and clicked a switch on a remote control.

Heero’s eyes snapped open wide and a high-pitched scream flew from his throat. The sheath was working and it felt like his cock was being sucked and squeezed. “AHHH!!!!” The feeling was so intense, the pleasure accumulated higher and higher without any way to release it. He needed to come and he was willing to do anything to trade for his orgasm. “Pleaseeeee…..uhhhhhhhh…..I’m sorry…..I’m sorry!”

“You feel sorry now?” Duo asked teasingly.

“Yes!...Ahhhh…..let me come…..ohhhhhh…..” His already too sensitive cock was being squeezed over and over. The pleasure was now unbearable. Heero jerked and thrashed wildly but the bonds kept him stationary. Moreover, every time he moved, the huge shaft that reminded inside him would rub his g-spot. “Please……..!!!”

“And you won’t do it again?”


“Good.” The sucking motion stopped and Heero dropped bonelessly onto the table. “So, I’m going to make you come so hard…” Duo whispered into his lover's ear. “…over and over till you can’t come any more.” The braided boy grinned.

Then Heero felt the plug being pulled out of his body, but before he truly felt the emptiness, another shaft slid into him. It was soft and warm, bigger and longer than the previous toys; it was Duo.

“You are very tight, Hee-chan.” Duo groaned as he pushed in inch by inch.

“Ahhh…..faster…” Heero moaned and moved his hips back. He couldn’t wait anymore, he needed Duo to finish it now.

“As you wish.” Duo grinned and increased speed. He slammed in and out, making sure he hit Heero’s prostate with every thrust.

“Ahhh…ahhh….remove the ring….”

“Soon.” Duo grinned evilly. And instead of unlocking the ring, he reached for the remote control to activate the sheath.

“AHHHHH!!!!” Heero lost his words and could only scream. His cock was again being sucked and squeezed, his passage was stretching, and his prostate was stroked over and over.

“Come for me, Heero.” With that, Duo snapped the ring and immediately, Heero jerked violently and spilled his seed.

Duo moaned loudly as his cock was squeezed tightly, but the braided boy kept thrusting in and out, harder and faster.

Heero came over and over again. It was the most intense orgasm he had ever had and it almost made him black out. During his first orgasm, his prostate was still being stroked and the toy on his shaft never stopped its stimulation. In the midst of his orgasm, another wave of pleasure attacked him.

“Ahhh…. can’t take it…anymore…ahhhhhhhhh…” The second orgasm hit him and he came harder than the first time. White scene cover before his eyes and all his senses, save the lower part of his body, almost shut completely down.

“One more time, Heero.”

Heero heard hoarse whisper just before the sheath was removed. Duo’s warm hand quickly replaced the toy and pumped the softening member back to its erect state.


“Come with me.”

Heero felt the hot seed shooting hard onto his prostate and the hand around him tighten. That was enough. The Japanese boy screamed at the top of his lungs and come for the third time.

Then he knew no more.


The next thing he felt was warm water surrounding him. Tender hands roamed over his body, stroking and massaging his muscles. It felt so good and relaxing. He slowly opened his eyes and saw the white wall of his bathroom.

“Welcome home, Hee-chan.”

A sultry voice came from behind him and Heero then noticed that he was leaning against Duo’s body in their bathtub.

Heero purred softly and snuggled back to meet Duo’s chest.

“Missed you.” Duo kissed Heero’s shoulder while cleaning their bodies.

Heero snorted. “Just say that you are satisfied with your game.”

“Well, I won’t deny that.” Duo grinned and hugged his lover.


Duo chuckled. “Let’s go to bed.”

Heero closed his eyes and sighed in contentment. He let the strong arms carry him to their bed room. He was put on the soft mattress and enveloped in the warm embrace. He knew how much Duo loved and worried about him. After his long mission, this moment at his home was the most priceless thing.

Duo smiled as he watched his lover's content face. It was his Heero, and he would never let this boy go. “Mine.” Duo kissed the Japanese boy’s forehead softly. “Promise me you won’t sneak out again. If you have to go out long, tell me or at least leave a longer note, k?”

“Aa.” The Japanese boy nodded slightly.

“If not, I’ll give you the punishment you deserve.” Duo grinned.

“Baka.” Heero murmured before he fell into a deep sleep.

Duo tightened his hug and soon followed his lover to dream world.


Duo woke up late in the morning. He placed his arm out to his side and found empty sheets. The braided boy opened his eyes and got up on his elbow. Beside him the spot on the bed where his lover had been was empty. He looked up and saw a piece of paper on the desk. The braided boy got up lazily and walked to the desk. He picked up the paper and read the short note on it.

‘Out for mission’

Duo stared at the note. This note was, of cause, *a little* longer than the previous one but Heero should have known this was not what he meant. Duo considered the note for a while and could image Heero’s smirk behind the note. It was like a challenge to him. Duo chuckled, then whispered to himself with an evil grin

“Wait till you come back, Heero.”



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