"Bath Time"

Written By: Lisa-chan

Rating: NC-17

Warnings: toys, language, yaoi, lemon, role play and slavery, mild humour

Pairing: 1x2x1

Summary: Heero has accidentally left his toy in the bathroom. He wants to look for it, but finds Duo taking a bath. What starts as an embarrassing search for his vibrator all of a sudden takes a very unexpected and exciting turn.

Disclaimer: The Gundam Boys are not mine, they’re just free to use my mind as a hentai playground.
Author’s note: This is the revised version of “That vibrating thing”. Re reading it, I was far from satisfied about it, and seeing Shenlong opening a sex toys competition, I put my mind on changing it a bit. Well, a lot. So here is the result. Have fun, and if you liked it, please let me know.

Thank you Shennie for the beta reading!


"Bath time"

Heero swiftly ran a comb through his still damp hair from the shower he had just taken. He threw some body‑lotion on his chest before taking a clean shirt out of his closet to put on. As he massaged the lotion in his skin he thought back to his shower and he grinned. A shower that had taken 45 minutes. Did that make any sense? No, not really. But he didn’t care. It was the weekend and he could tarry in the bathroom as long as he wanted, Duo always slept until noon anyway.

A soft gasp escaped him as he idly brushed past his nipple, just as the thought of that braided boy was on his mind. Duo, it sort of freaked him out whenever he saw him. Mentally, that is. On the outside, he always remained his cool and steely self. Not that it stopped him from secretly looking at his lovely roomie though. There was so much he wanted to do to that ravishing body of Duo's, and yet the only reason why they lived together was to share the rent, nothing more. Duo didn’t know that Heero was so madly in love with him, and he had never told him either, afraid of breaking their friendship. He didn’t know that Heero cursed the fact that they had separate bedrooms, that the reason why he spent so much time in that bathroom sometimes wasn’t really to wash himself so thoroughly, but to play with himself and his…

“Oh fuck!” he suddenly exclaimed, the thought popping into his mind that he had left something in the bathroom. Something that was meant for his eyes only. Oh, definitely his eyes only. He had to at all costs prevent Duo from seeing it. God, he would just die of embarrassment if he did; and Duo would be sure to make it slow and painful.

Darting back to the bathroom, he pushed the door open, and what he saw there simply made his blood boil with excitement. There, in that bathtub, sat the object of his outrageous fantasies, naked, wet and mostly covered with bubbles.

Dammit, dammit! What’s the time?! he desperately asked himself. He threw a quick glance to his watch and saw that it was already later than he thought. Past noon.

Duo swiveled his head in his direction, the beautiful, dark gold strands covered in thick white foam. “Oh hey, Hee-chan!” he chirped merrily, not in the least seeming uncomfortable with Heero walking in on him.

“D-Duo… What are you doing here?” he stammered, aware of the stupidity of his question but simply not finding any other words at the moment.

“What does it look like? I’m taking a bath, you silly,” Duo chuckled. “And washing my hair. Now, come on in. You’re letting the cold in,” he gestured with a foam covered hand.

He was indeed letting the cold in. It was always like a sauna in there when Duo had taken a bath or a shower. It made him all sweaty, and hot, and made him want to take his clothes off. “Come on in? But you’re…”

“Naked? So what?” Duo interrupted him. “You can’t see anything, there’s foam everywhere and even if you could, then I’m sure it wouldn’t bite you. Come on, I’m sure you didn’t practically kick in that door for no reason, now did ya?”

It was a fact that he had indeed burst in there, as if the entire cast of Queer as Folk was on display there and he was free to use them any way he wished. “No, but I… eh… I left something, but… it can wait… actually,” he said nervously, the door still wide open. Now definitely wouldn’t be the ideal moment to start looking for the thing he had left. That is, not if he wanted leave the room again with his head still attached to his trunk. He could only hope, hell, pray with all his heart that Duo please, pleeaase wouldn’t find it!

“Would you close that door already and come in?” Duo yelled, jerking Heero by his arm from in the bathtub. “I don’t mind, really.” He proceeded to reach for the nozzle of the shower and rinse out his hair. Yeah, that was possible. They didn’t have a shower stall, in fact, they used the bathtub to bathe and shower. Not like they were that rich.

Heero cursed inwardly, quite colorfully. So now he had a problem. What was he supposed to do now? One more glance at Duo in the state he was in now and he was bound to have severe trouble with his groin. Scratch that, he already *had* severe trouble with his groin. Turn around! Turn around, you sick, perverted moron, his mind advised him. He followed the wise advise of his mind, but chose to ignore the insults. He found himself facing a cupboard then.

“Perfect,” he whispered to himself. It was really quite simple to get himself out of there, actually, without losing face or his cock or something. So simple he hadn’t even though of it yet. All he had to do was to start rummaging in that cupboard, say he couldn’t find it and must’ve laid it elsewhere, then leave again.

Just as he kneeled to open the door, he heard Duo cheering behind him again.

“Hey, Hee-chan, look what I’ve got!”

Reluctantly he got up and turned around again, a gush of warm liquid hitting his still naked chest the moment he was facing his living wet dream. He stared down at where it had hit his chest. Warm, *white* liquid. Warm, white, *creamy* liquid.

Oh dear God in heaven

“Duo, what the hell…?” he yelled. To mask his excitement of course.

The American had half filled a nearly empty bottle of shampoo, had shaken it fiercely and apparently found it amusing to spout its contents through the room.

And Heero could only be relieved that it wasn’t what he thought it had been. Or disappointed. Yeah, rather disappointed. Very disappointed. He sighed and shook his head. No, not gonna happen, Yuy, his mind compassionately told him.

“Weee! Look at it go!” Duo laughed.

Oh, the boy simply had no idea, now did he? That white foam he sprayed around in all his innocent ignorance, those thick drops covering Heero's and Duo’s chest, those creamy jets shooting up in the air, they were not just foam to Heero. What he had in mind involved panting and moaning and licking and sucking and a lot of wet, sloppy French kisses and naked, sweaty, writhing bodies. *Their* bodies. Doing *very* naughty stuff to each other.

And more trouble in the groin area. He blushed at the thought, started sweating as he felt himself inevitably growing harder. He slowly started to turn away, but before he got the chance to turn around completely, Duo had noticed Heero’s strange behavior. He had ceased the rinsing of his hair, though the foam wasn’t all out yet.

“Heero, what’s wrong? Why are you blushing like that?” Duo asked curiously.

*Gulp* “N_nothing. Why would there be s‑something wrong, Duo?” Heero stuttered, turning still further around while he still had the chance.

“But you’re acting so strange, Hee-chan.”

Oh, Hee-chan. He loved that nickname. It expressed the kind of special bond they shared. “No, I’m not.”

“Yes, you are!” Duo yelled. He reached out and jerked Heero back around, looking into startled blue eyes.

Heero had the stupid and most idiotic urge to cover his groin with his hands. Now that was the *one* thing he shouldn't have done to draw the attention away from *there*…

And then Duo saw it. Heero’s hands not so discreetly trying to cover his groin. “Hee-chan, why are your hands in front of your groin?”

“No reason!” Heero said quickly, inching towards the door. “I just… like to… touch my groin. Yeah.” Get out of here. Get out of here now!

Duo squinted. “You… like to touch your groin?”

Oh yeah, very slick, you smartass. Why don’t you just take your pants off and start masturbating right in front of him? Oh yeah, feels so good. See how hard you make me, Duo. See how ready I am for you. Oh, I wanna stick my fingers in my ass while I think of you and then pretend it’s your cock. And then, oh, then you hit my prostate. Ah! That’s unbelievable. More, Duo! Harder, faster… Ooh, deeper. Hnnn, gonna… gonna come, Duo. Gonna… gonna…

Okay, when did his mind start straying like that?

“You’re fooling me, aren’t ya?” Duo laughed goofily. “Come on, why are you standing there like that?” Before Heero could even blink, Duo had reached out and pulled his hands away. Damn the bathroom for being so small and that bathtub for being so big! It took up most of the room.

So now he had a problem. Again. And a much bigger one this time.

Duo’s eyes widened as his attention was drawn to the bulge in Heero’s spandex. “Heero, what… Is that what I think it is?” he gasped, pointing between Heero’s legs.

Heero gulped again. Seriously, it was all he was capable of doing now. “I’m… I’m sorry, Duo,” he mumbled clumsily, sending a mental wish to the floor to open up and swallow him. Like *now*! “I didn’t mean for you to see this. It just happened and it was with all that foam flying around and… and… Duo, what are you doing?” To his growing panic he saw Duo reaching out again and pulling his spandex away. Okay, that was it, he was gonna grab it and tear it off. My sweet, cherished dick. We had fun together, didn’t we?

“Heero…” Duo whispered. It wasn’t clear to Heero what tone it was he used. Could’ve been disbelief, might’ve been disgust. Probably disgust. He wiggled his other hand out from under the foam and had to bow over to slip it into Heero’s spandex. He was surprised at the soft gasp it elicited from the Japanese. His hand dug inside a little deeper, and his fingers were no longer hesitant, but caressed the whole length of Heero's cock now.

“Ah Duo… Nnnh,” Heero moaned, not able to stop himself from closing his eyes in delight. Shit! Damn wayward vocal chords had betrayed him again!

Duo bowed over further to stroke more fervently, knocking a bottle of bath foam to the ground as he did so. “Heero, you’re beautiful. Fuck man, I had no idea,” Duo breathed, his eyes glued to the cock he was spoiling.

“B‑beautiful?” Heero gargled. His mind had made a quick departure southwards and he was only half aware of the things his voice did now. “You… serious?”

Suddenly that deliciously stroking hand pulled away and a frightened yelp tore through the air.

“HEERO!! What the hell IS that?!” Duo panicked, gesturing with a hand to a towel on the floor with something squirming underneath it.

Cursing whatever it was that had freaked Duo out right now, Heero kneeled down to take a closer look at it.

“It’s moving, Hee-chan! Kill it, kill it!!”

Heero rolled his eyes. Seriously, what had he been afraid of? No one that could yell like that could possible execute him by tearing off each of his limbs. And more.

He gingerly poked the moving bundle. Stupid landlord, sitting on his money. They’d already had cockroaches and slugs in the kitchen, next thing you know they had rats in the bathroom.

“D-do you see anything, Hee-chan?” a shaky voice sounded from behind him.

“Don’t worry, Duo. Whatever it is, I’ll take care of it,” Heero said, turning his head slightly and absent-mindedly starting to pull the towel away. Reaching further, he felt the little bundle through the piece of fabric.


It was vibrating.

It couldn’t be!

He jerked his head. Shit! It was the very thing he had been looking for and it was already half out of the towel that hid it from Duo’s eyes! But how…?

Bottle of bath foam. Had fallen on top of it. Had activated it.

“Hee-chan, what is it? Is it a rat? Is it… That’s not a rat. Hee-chan, what is that? Show it to me, Hee-chan. What is it you’re hiding there?” Duo rattled, poking his head over the rim of the bathtub. He grew bolder once he knew for sure it wasn’t a rat and bowed over as far as he dared without tumbling out.

Realizing that there was nothing he could do to hide it any longer, Heero picked up his toy and turned around. Though not without a little shame. A lot of it, in fact.

“Hee-chan…” Duo breathed, his eyes fixated on the object in Heero’s hands. A long, skin colored shaft of which the tip was slightly turning around at a steady speed, innocently humming away and vibrated softly. “Hee-chan, is that… Is that a vibrator?” he asked incredulously.

Heero swallowed and switched his toy off. “Y-yes, it… it is,” he stuttered, closing his eyes, ready to be slapped around the ears. Run dammit! Run for it, now! his mind hollered. His feet disobeyed.

“I thought only women used those?” Never mind the fact that he had one of his own. Somewhere.

“Not only women can enjoy the feeling of a cock or something similar inside of them,” Heero said softly.

“So it wasn’t my imagination after all,” Duo said.

At that Heero’s eyes snapped open. “What?!” he yelped.

“You know, at night. I heard moaning and soft, little screams of pleasure. At first I thought it was the neighbors, but then I could’ve sworn I heard my name, so I was sure it was only my twisted imagination playing tricks on me.”

“You… Oh no, don’t tell me you heard that!” Heero’s head started to swim a bit. He staggered on his feet and leaned on the rim of the bathtub to steady himself. It was a bit blurry in front of his eyes too.

“Yeah, I did hear that,” Duo smiled, enjoying how close Heero was all of a sudden, and with a vibrator in his hand! “Heero, are you in love with me?”

Dear God in heaven, when did he get so close?! He could… Hmmm… He could feel his breath over his lips. It was warm. It smelt like candy. Yes, from early on the day. Why didn’t that surprise him? “I’m… I’m sorry,” Heero stammered. He felt like eating candy right now. “But Duo… What happened just now?”

“What? What did happen?” Duo could feel himself growing fuzzy inside. Must’ve been Heero’s eyes. They were deep blue, and gentle, and big, and looking at him quite fuzzily themselves too.

“You had your hand down my pants.”

“Oh that,” Duo murmured. “Well, I think I just like touching your groin too then.”

Heero had to smile at that. “You do?”

“Uhu. Did you like it?”

Slightly pulling his pants down, Heero let his cock peek out. It was hard, and wet, and craving more of Duo’s touch. “I think I did,” he said, looking up again.

Duo chuckled. “Want me to do it again?” he said with an inviting nod to the bathtub he was sitting in.

Hold it. Did he just gesture with his head to join him in the bathtub? Did he?! “W-what?”



“I want to kiss you.”

All hail, there was a God! “You want… to kiss me?” Heero asked stupidly. He gasped when Duo tugged him closer until their lips were only a hair’s breadth apart.

“Can I?” His eyes accepted no refusal. Neither did his cock.

Heero’s only response was to close his eyes and open his mouth for Duo, and Duo eagerly took that as a yes. Their lips touched, their tongues too and they gladly lost themselves in the sensations of each other’s taste. Duo tasted like candy and sugar and lemonade, Heero like hot cocoa and fruit. Their tongues battled gently, each one determined to win, but neither of them winning. Duo’s hands were on Heero’s neck and his shoulder, Heero’s hands were caressing over deliciously slick skin. At last they pulled apart again. Heero smiled at the trail of saliva dribbling down Duo’s chin and he licked it away.

“That was… That was…” Duo panted.

“Good,” Heero finished for him. “Wonderful.”

“I want more, Heero.”

“You do?”

“Yes.” Again balancing himself over the rim of the bathtub, Duo reached his hands down and around Heero, squeezing his butt.

“Ah!” Heero groaned, grimacing as he was pressed up hard against the bathtub.

“I want all of you. Come in the bath, Heero. I wanna fuck you.”

‘You wanna what??’ Heero’s eyes asked.

“I mean it, Hee-chan. I love you too. Come in the bath, I want you,” Duo purred against Heero’s neck.

“You… You serious?” Heero spluttered, wrenching away from his reverie. Coz surely, that’s what it had to be!

Duo straightened, the foam on his body parting where his cock sprang up from his groin. “Couldn’t be more serious.”

Heero felt the oxygen leaving his body as he was eyeball to foreskin with the one and only Duo Maxwell in all his naked glory. “I-I-I can see that,” he choked, his eyes shamelessly attached to Duo’s cock.

Grinning, Duo reached down to push Heero’s mouth closed. Then he moved aside and sat with his legs open. “The water’s getting cold. Think I could use something to heat me up again,” he said seductively, glancing over at the vacant spot between his legs.

A strangled moan was all Heero could muster and he quickly kicked off his shoes and discarded himself of his remaining clothing. Which wasn’t much. He heard Duo chuckling, a chuckle that soon turned into a moan as Heero turned around and stood in front of him, shamelessly naked. The unhindered view was so much better.

“God Heero,” he gasped.

Smirking, Heero clambered into the bathtub and between Duo’s legs, attacking his mouth with a never satiable hunger. The movements the water made against his stiffened member gave him the goose bumps, although that also might’ve been Duo’s hand straying down to his cheeks again. With his lips still very active on Duo’s mouth, his hand splashed under the surface in search of Duo’s cock.

Duo groaned when he felt a hand, *Heero’s* hand grabbing his cock. His head fell back and he groaned some more – and a bit louder – when said hand found amusement in moving gently up and down and then a bit faster and a bit firmer. “Heero… This is good…” he moaned.

Duo’s confession was all Heero had needed to get rid of his shyness. By all the seven Hells, shyness was not in order now! Let’s get down to business! “Tell me, Duo,” Heero purred in Duo’s neck. “Have you done this before by yourself too?”

Duo sucked in a breath. Well now, seeing as how they were confessing anyway. “Yes. Yes, I have, tons of times,” he whimpered. His knees were aimlessly floating around in the water and he pressed them hard against the wall of the tub to give Heero better access.

“Who were you seeing in your mind?”

“Oh… Uggn… You…”

Heero’s one hand moved lower to cup Duo’s soft balls, his other hand reached up to joyfully pinch at a nipple. “What did I do?”

Duo yelped at the redirection of the hand down below, but mostly from the pinch at his sensitive nipple. “What… did you do?”

“Yeah… While you were jerking off. What was I doing in your mind? How did you see me? Did I use toys in your mind?”

It was Duo’s turn to gulp this time and gasp and moan too. “You… were… ahn… naked,” he managed to hiss out in between the kissing.

Preferably, yes. “Hmm?” Heero hummed. “What else?”

“You were… sitting on a bed, and you – hnn – had your legs open.” The rosy lips caressed their way from Duo’s mouth to his neck. “And you had a toy.”

“What kind of toy?”

“Some kind of vibrator… but not a regular one.” Had his other nipple had a voice, it would’ve undoubtedly yelled at Heero for not giving it the same treatment he was giving its twin. And then it would’ve cried out in delight when Heero seemed to have heard those little shouts and he did exactly that. Duo, for one, did cry out in delight.

“What kind of vibrator was it then?” Heero murmured, lapping and teasing at the soft skin of Duo’s neck.

“You put it… over your cock and… and then it started vibrating all around you. Then you moaned, because it felt so good, and you thrust your hips and you say my name. You imagine it being me.”

Heero moaned, most definitely. God, that boy had no idea how *hot* he was making him! “And then I come?”

“No, not yet.”

Not yet?! “What else happens?”

Yes! cried Duo’s one nipple. Heero’s tongue has finally found me! Come to papa!

“Then someone joins you.”


“Me… Ah, Heero, that’s good!” Duo arched his back at the attention Heero’s tongue and lips were paying to his chest. “The other one too. Yeah…”

“Go on, I wanna hear more,” Heero said, his voice muffled by the dark pink flesh. “What do you do to me? Do you fuck me?”

“Yesss…” Duo moaned. Ah, those deft fingers, the one’s on his balls were dipping further down. His knees were pressing hard against the wall of the tub now, and if it were possible to crash them through, he would’ve done it. ”With… With my toy.”

And then everything was gone, the fingers tickling that impossibly pleasant patch of skin behind his balls, the talented, hot tongue on his one nipple and the pinching fingers on the other one. Duo opened his eyes and saw Heero staring at him in awe.

“You what?” Heero asked, just stupidly gaping at the boy.

Duo smirked. Looks like he would have to take matters in his own hands. Literally. “That’s right, Heero. I pushed you on your back, and you looked up at me with those pleading, lust-filled eyes, begging without words to be fucked senseless.” He took Heero’s shoulders and coaxed him to turn around, Heero complying with minimal resistance. Then he pulled him on top of his lap and pressed his chest hard against Heero’s back. Heero whimpered at the feel of Duo’s stiff cock nudging insistently, longingly between his cheeks.

“And… and then?” Heero croaked. Duo’s left hand started massaging his nipple, and a low, joyful moan rolled out of Heero’s throat.

“Then I lube my vibrator up and shove it up your cute little hole,” Duo growled, lowering his right hand to fondle Heero’s proud cock. “I don’t need to prepare you, coz you’ve already been finger fucking yourself, you see. I let it vibrate at the highest speed, driving you into a frenzy and you still have your own toy over your cock, and you thrust your hips violently, back on my toy to drive it deeper, and then up in your own.” His skin flushed as he recalled the fantasy, and he could feel Heero’s cock leaping up in his hand.

“Oh god!” Heero moaned. Now it was he who was pressing his knees as hard as possible against the wall Duo noticed.

“Wait, I know something,” he whispered. “Lift your feet out of the water and let your calves hang over the edge, one at each side.”

Heero’s breath hitched and his cheeks all of a sudden felt very hot as Duo assisted him in lifting his feet out of the water and over the edge. Now look at him! Never been so vulnerable in all his life! Never been so fucking horny in all his life either. God, he liked this!

“Good,” Duo smiled appreciatively, running his hand over one of Heero’s inner thighs. Muscled, and quivering, and very beautiful. “Now I can reach a lot *deeper*, right?”

“God!” Heero hissed, arching his back in anticipation. He swallowed hard as he once again watched Duo’s hand disappearing under the water surface. He tossed his head back in the crook of Duo’s neck when said hand took a firm hold of his cock, softly rubbing the sensitive tip with his thumb. “Ah, Duo!”

Duo chuckled at the reaction. “Feels good, Hee-chan?” he asked, while continuing the torment of the nipple with his other hand.

“Nnnnyesss,” Heero hissed. “Duo, dammit. If only you knew how much I have – oh – been longing for – THIS!!”

“Isn’t it worth the wait then?” Duo teased, his hand speeding up when Heero began rocking his hips.

“Of course it is,” Heero smiled through his arousal. “You are worth the wait.”

The American rewarded his wriggling beauty’s compliment by placing a hard, open·mouthed kiss to the neck Heero offered him so willingly. He kept on sucking fervently until he could feel Heero shifting his head in slight protest. He pulled back, reluctantly, and saw a nice hickey forming there. The hand on Heero’s nipple dove under and gently fingered Heero’s entrance, making the boy squeak in surprise.

“Have any sweaters with a turtleneck, Hee-chan?” he murmured.

“No,” Heero moaned, thrusting his hips in painful need by now, ignoring the water splashing on the ground.

“Too bad. Me neither. Now everyone will see,” he gave a swift lick against Heero’s earlobe, “what we have done.”

To Heero, it was as good as a declaration that he officially considered the two of them a couple from now on, and with that delicious thought in mind he felt his climax hitting him, and hitting him hard. Both hands held the edge of the bathtub in a death grip, his thighs tensed, his toes curled and his back spasmodically flew up while he shrieked out his orgasm. “Ugh… DUOOO!!”

Duo just sat and stared in awe while the erotic storm passed through Heero’s body. The hand still softly stroking Heero’s cock seemed to work on automatic pilot as he was only concentrating on the sounds his new lover made and the expression on his face. He couldn’t recall any moment, not any situation where the outcry of his name had ever sounded so sweet in his ears. Shuddering with rapture, shaking with passion, trembling with fulfillment, and it all came out of Heero’s mouth!

The screams died away in soft shivers, contented sighs. The muscles in Heero’s body, so on edge just a moment ago, relaxed and he leaned with his full bodyweight against Duo. The latter helped his exhausted lover to drag his feet back over the edge and fall back into the water, ignoring the fact for now that his own member was still rock-hard and crying with frustration.

“Did you enjoy that, Heero?” Duo purred softly in his ear, gently threading his fingers through his dark chocolate hair.

“Yes,” Heero sighed silently, still caught up in his blissful daze. “Very much.”

“Want some more?”

Heero laughed softly. “In a minute, love. You have taken quite some energy from me,” he said, leaning into the touch of Duo’s fingers in his hair. “Maybe you should tell me a bit more about that fantasy of yours first.”

Smiling, Duo dragged his tongue along Heero’s cheek. “You wanna hear more? That turned you on, eh?”

“Sure did,” Heero murmured.

“Oh, I can tell you more,” Duo sniggered, reaching for the vibrator Heero had so desperately been trying to hide. “A lot more.” He fingered the toy doubtfully and turned it around a few times. “So tell me, how does this thing work? It’s waterproof, I hope?”

Heero’s eyes widened when Duo offered him his beloved vibrator and asked him how to use it. “Y-yes, it is,” he smiled coyly. Oh, who would’ve thought leaving his vibrator there would’ve had such fine consequences? If he’d known, he would’ve left it there on purpose... and a lot sooner! He slowly took the object from Duo’s hand and began his hesitant explanation. “Here, you switch it on,” he breathed, enjoying the feel of Duo’s hand roaming over his stomach. At once the tip started spinning again.

“Yesss,” Duo said in a low voice, the rumble running through it sending tingles down Heero’s spine. He was playing. Of course he knew how it worked, he had a similar one of his own. But he was enjoying the feeling of Heero being like putty in his hands; he was enjoying himself far too much!

“And here you can choose whether you want to make it vibrate only, or turn around, or both.”

“How interesting,” Duo growled, only half paying attention to what Heero was saying, the other half busy admiring Heero’s damp, well-built body.

“And that switch over there is… is to… regulate the sp-speed and… intensity of the… tremors,” the young Japanese panted as Duo’s hand soon found its way to his groin once again.

“And that turns you on? Feeling it on your body, or… inside your body?”

“Yes, it… it does.”

“Well, let’s just see if it can make this little baby hard again,” he purred, fingering Heero’s still limp manhood with one hand and stealing the vibrating object from his sweetheart with his other. He caressed it slowly over his skin, starting in his neck, advancing over hardened nipples, teasing everything it came across with on its way down.

“Do you think it will work? Or should I pop out my bottle of shampoo again?”

“I think it will do the job,” Heero gasped, heated blood coursing to his member, pumping it upright again. “But… you were gonna tell me the rest of your fantasy, remember? Tell me, I wanna know what happened. Ugh… Ah yeah… More,” he groaned, gently rocking his hips. The vibrator was slowly advancing his way down, and Heero could feel his cock straining to meet its rubber companion. “Tell me, Duo!” he nearly yelled.

Duo tisked and shook his head. “So eager, aren’t we. But that’s okay, because you’re eager for me. So here’s what happens next. You still remember me fucking you with the two toys?”

Oh, did he remember! Another thought to keep him warm at night. No wait! Mental whoop of joy! Now he had Duo for that!

“Yeah,” he choked, barely aware of nodding his head.

“Well, I keep on doing that until you’re almost there. But just before you fall over the edge, I stop. You curse, and shout, and beg for me to continue. Oh, you can beg so nicely in my mind, Hee-chan. But I just laugh and carefully pull the vibrator out of you.”

A sharp, short moan interrupted him. He had expected it though. He knew where the vibrator was situated now, and Heero seemed very happy with that too. It was gently shuddering along Heero’s heated shaft. Reaching down, Duo touched curious fingers to feel just how hard he already was. Hmm, he was caressing soft steel again. He flicked the switch of the toy to a more intense level, making it tremble harder.

“Nnn… Duo,” Heero whimpered, reaching a hand behind to twist his fingers in Duo’s hair.

“And then I grab a cloth, and I blindfold you, so you can’t see what I’m gonna do.”

Heero gargled something incomprehensible. The thought of being blindfolded always made him so hot. There was something extremely thrilling about being at someone else’s mercy.

“I turn you around, so you’re on all fours. Then I slide the vibrator inside of me. Having seen you like this, with the two toys driving you wild, has made me hard, very hard, and very horny too. I need relief, and there you are right in front of me, just offering your tight, pretty bubble butt. So I lube my cock and plunge into you. You scream out with surprise, but you like it. I know that, because you slam your hips back against my groin to welcome my hard, thick cock into you.” He took hold of Heero’s cock with his left hand, gently stroking him, while he left the vibrator to the task of torturing his balls now.

“Duo… Dear god, you’re unbelievable!” Heero moaned. The fingers of his one hand grabbed harder in Duo’s hair, as if he wanted to urge Duo to make him come again. The other hand snuck under the water to guide Duo’s hand up and down. Damn guy was barely moving it! “I wanna come… Duo, make me come… Make me! Please!”

Duo felt his cock throbbing excitedly. Heero just didn’t seem to realize he had broken the thin barrier between fantasy and reality by begging like this. “No, no, Hee-chan. That’s very selfish of you,” he admonished, ignoring the pace Heero was trying to establish. “You gotta let me have some fun too. You two climaxes, me zero? Na-ah, not gonna happen, Yuy.”

“I’m sorry, I didn’t think…” He *couldn’t*” think any more. His libido had taken over!

“I think that’s quite obvious, yes. Why, you’re such a naughty boy, Hee-chan. Think I’m gonna have to punish you for that,” Duo said in a sing-song tone. He lifted the vibrator out of the water and, before Heero got the chance to protest, pushed him off his lap and on his knees.

“Duo, what are you doing?!” Heero yelped as he suddenly felt himself being pushed forward onto his knees. Was that his vibrator flying over there to his right?

“Like I said, I’m gonna punish you,” Duo grinned. Heero’s pert ass drifted above the surface, the cheeks shining with water. Yes, they had already spilt that much. Placing his hands on both buttocks, Duo pushed them apart, staring at Heero’s soft pink entrance with a purely animalistic look. “Christ,” he breathed, licking the forming drool away from his lips. He lowered his head and attacked the waiting crevice like a starving animal that had just gotten a bone.

Heero felt the water lapping gently at the bottom of his ass, and the burning feeling of Duo’s eyes there, fully checking out his most private spot. Now that’s what he called thrilling, to be in effect at the mercy of Duo. Man, he had never felt so wanted. He heard the soft exhaled sound of “Christ” behind him, felt the rippling of the water as Duo shifted, and then the water was the least of his concerns. A tongue licked him savagely, *hungrily*. His head snapped up, and he let the screams roll freely out of his throat.

“AH!! Ah, Duo! So good! Don’t stop!” He lifted a hand out of the water and draped his arm against the edge of the tub to lean his head against. His hips rocked back in encouragement, seeking to draw the velvet touch deeper in. “Duo… In… Your tongue… Wanna feel it inside,” he panted out.

Duo was panting too, harshly, with the vehemence of his lascivious occupation. He twisted his tongue around, fiercely, yet very thorough in his work, as if he wanted to taste every single wrinkle of that puckered entrance. Heero’s request to push his tongue in was like a reflection of his own sinful thoughts. He was only too happy to oblige. His tongue thrust forth and pushed in. Or so it tried. The ring of muscles was hard under the soft skin, and tense, and denied him entrance. But he persisted, and victory was sweet – very sweet – when they finally gave way to let him have his fun. And what fun he had!

Heero had never known he could yell so loud. Or whimper so pathetically. Or beg so plaintively. That was something only Duo could bring out of him; Duo and his groping, long·fingered hands; Duo and his wet hair tickling over his skin; Duo and his hot, rhythmically stabbing tongue. “Goddammit, Duo! That’s incredible!” he wailed amidst his soft sobs of pleasure. Sobs, yeah, the great Heero Yuy was sobbing, and he believed he might’ve been crying too. Things were getting a bit foggy, forgive him for not knowing for sure. And it was all Duo’s fault! Not that he was complaining. “Go-gonna… cum… Duo!”

“No, you don’t!” Duo couldn’t help his tone from being a little sharp. His cock was angrily glaring up at him through the murky water, the tip shining like a bright red light bulb, and he thought he could hear it swearing too. Oh no, wait, that was his own voice he heard. And 'Mister Cumming Machine' was announcing that he was cummin’ again!

He took hold of Heero’s penis and squeezed at the base to head off Heero’s wayward sperm. Straightening, he consoled his poor, aching cock with a few firm strokes, then he fiddled at his left at a loose tile in the wall, revealing an impressive hidden collection of toys.

“Duo? What are you gonna… do?” Heero moaned weakly, craning his head a bit in the direction of where he heard… a tile being removed??

“I haven’t punished you enough yet, Hee-chan,” Duo said in a honey sweet voice, rummaging around in his little vault. “And I haven’t finished my story yet.” He opted for, evidently, a cock ring and…

Ehm… Let me see, let me see. What shall I…? Yes! Perfect! he mentally cheered.

Heero turned his head a bit further and was surprised to see a hole in the wall. Didn’t even know that wall was hollow! He crawled up a bit to take a peek inside and felt his eyes widening and his cheeks burning at what he got to see. Not only his cheeks. “Holy crap!” he exclaimed, quite stunned by his own use of language. It was sex toy paradise! There was a double headed dildo, and a vibrating butt plug, but also special creams for longer lasting erections and enticing massage oils. A ball gag?! What the hell did he need a ball gag for? To gag himself? Of course, so no one could hear him.

As proud as Duo was of his little collection, he had decided that Heero was not allowed to move from his place. “Hey! Back you,” he commanded, in mock authorization. He gave Heero a rough push, but not so rough that he would bump his chin against the hard wall of the tub.

“Duo, what…?!” Heero protested.

“No! No arguing!” Duo snapped, taking Heero’s head in both hands and turning it a quarter turn so he looked straight in front of him. “I want my pet on all fours with his head low!”

Heero’s head jerked back around. He did not have to take this! But he did. His head slowly turned back and he let it hang limply in front of him. He had to admit to himself that Duo talking to him like this and him being all submissive and vulnerable was extremely erotic.

Duo smirked and proceeded to select some more toys. “Good boy,” he said, caressing Heero rewardingly over his impeccable back. He had always wondered what it would be like to have Heero like this, submissive and waiting to give in to his every sexual whim. Now he knew, and he wondered how he had ever lived without it.

Heero could see his cock floating forlornly in the water amidst the rapidly dissolving bubbles, devoid of any attention. He felt it was like a punishment for him to have already come almost twice and Duo not at all. He knew his balls were heavy and aching with need, though they felt strangely weightless in the water. He had been very close, that last time, and Duo’s squeezing fingers had come to the rescue just in time.

Then he felt those same fingers grabbing his hair and giving a light tug as an indication to lift his head. Heero did so, suppressing the urge to look behind. He had a feeling that Duo wouldn’t like this unhealthy inquisitiveness. Duo’s mischievous hands held a strip of thin leather in front of him and pressed it to his eyes, securing it at the back of his head. A blindfold! a dramatic voice squealed in his head. He’s fucking blindfolding you!

“Duo…” he whimpered softly.

“Silence!” Duo’s stern voice spat behind him, and he jumped slightly at the sharp sting on his right cheek of what he assumed was a riding crop. “No one gave you permission to speak! I don’t want to hear a peep out of you unless I say so!”

Now he was pushing it! Or was he? Then why wasn’t Heero objecting to be treated like this? Maybe because he knew that in the end it would all be worth it, if he just swallowed his cherished pride and played along with this game. For, to his own shame, he had to admit that he was having the time of his life here.

Duo made soft, circular motions with the top of the riding crop on Heero’s cheek, almost daring him with it to speak again. “Good,” he said when no reaction followed. Reaching aside for another toy, his hands dove under in search of Heero’s cock. Having found it, he slid the toy over the rigid shaft and let it rest snugly at the base

Heero’s eyes fluttered behind their blindfold and he had to bite his lip not to complain. At least not out loud. Oh no, not the cock ring! he wailed inwardly.

“Now, repeat after me,” Duo said with a smug smirk. “I am Duo’s pretty little cum slut.”

“What?! No way man, I’m not saying that!” Heero snorted. Seems like some of his pride had been left behind after all. He yelped in surprise when something was forced past his perplexed entrance. Something small and round, and then another, and another, neatly in a row. Anal beads, his mind told him.

“Say it, Hee-chan,” Duo ordered, gently pushing the soft rubber anal beads in and out of Heero’s ass. “Otherwise I won’t fuck you.”

“You *want* to fuck me,” Heero growled.

“Say it!” This time the command came with another vicious lash of the riding crop, and Duo felt his cock twitching at Heero’s groan.

Heero couldn’t help the vision forming before his shielded eyes, one where he saw Duo as an executioner, where he wore such a black, leather cap that covered his entire face, leaving only two holes for the eyes. He wouldn’t be surprised if he had one of those in his little vault as well. No, he thought. It wouldn’t suit him.

“I am Duo’s…,” he started hesitantly. He didn’t get further than that. Needed to swallow first. Take a deep breath for courage. Swallow again. He could say this. “I am Duo’s… pretty… little… c-… c-“ Oh, just a few miserable words, he couldn’t even pronounce them! He mentally turned a switch in his head and put his mind on zero. There, that should work and then it came out in one delivering rush of breath. “I am Duo’s pretty little cum slut!”

Oh, the humiliation! Duo whooped with joyful triumph inside. Oh, sweet Heero, where have you been all my life?! “And Duo is my big horny tiger who’s cock I will suck every night,” he added gleefully.

“And Duo is my big horny tiger who’s cock I will suck every night!” Heero repeated dutifully. Anything! Anything for his release! Wretched cock ring!

“Very good, little cum slut,” Duo praised. “You’re very satisfying. I will reward you now.” He angled the anal beads a bit and brusquely pushed them further up Heero’s ass, a howl of ecstasy telling him he’d successfully reached Heero’s prostate.

Heero’s elbows buckled when the anal beads struck his pleasure canter. His face dipped partly in the water and, spluttering and coughing, he hurried to draw some strength back to his arms.

“Did I allow you to scream, cum slut?”

“No master! I’m sorry master!” Heero panted quickly. One day, he swore, he would so pay him back for this. And Duo knew that! That’s probably why the horny bastard had taken it this far.

“Don’t let it happen again.”

“I promise.”

“Oh, I know it won’t happen again,” Duo sniggered.

Heero didn’t like that malicious tinge in Duo’s voice. Though they were only playing a game, Duo and maliciousness together were *not* good, he knew that much. What does he mean? What does he mean by that? Heero wondered, growing a little hysterical inside. Then his question was answered as he was ordered to open his mouth wide, and a rubber ball was shoved past his trembling lips, two straps holding it in place.

Ball gag?! So that’s what he needed it for! Why me?! Heero’s inner voice wailed. Of course, he would’ve probably strangled him or something along those lines if he dared to do this with someone else.

Duo wasn’t really sure about the ball gag. It wasn’t really necessary, in fact, he wanted to hear Heero *scream*! After all, this was just for fun! And such a pretty sight too, his wet and sticky dream finally having come to life. Maybe just for a little while then.

He smiled, satisfied with his handiwork, and resumed the torturing of Heero’s prostate with the beads. Only one thing missing, tasty cherry on the even tastier cake. His “Pleasure Pussy”, smiling at him from the hole in the wall, seducing him to be used. He humored it and plucked it from its sleeping place. Heaven knows how much fun he’d already had with this little baby and every heavenly creature was probably waving a disapproving finger at his nightly and bathroom activities, but he just stared them in the face and laughed while he brashly flipped them the finger.

His cock, his entire body burned with the desire to plunge deep into that tight channel in front of him and fuck it raw, but as much as he strove for his own pleasure, he wanted this to be memorable for Heero too. It was their first time after all, right? Although he was playing it rough, he didn’t want his sweetheart to be in any real pain. Though Heero didn’t need to know that. He laughed at the thought.

Heero’s ears caught the soft laugh behind him, and he could only guess what it was that had Duo amused this time. Not much left for him to do than to trust his hearing now his vision was obscured and he needed his hands to keep himself upright. And there were quite some confusing – interesting – sounds behind him. The water rippled now and then, some frustrated rummaging amidst Duo’s collection, a soft hum as he wondered what to use next. Heero wondered that too. He was already reduced to a blindfolded, horny, helpless idiot with a ball gag stuffed in his mouth, anal beads shoved up his ass, a cock ring taming his cock and mild riding crop injuries on his right cheek. What else could he come up with?! Oh, but he should’ve known Duo. He could always come up with something new.

There was more rippling of the water, hands plunging under the surface, and the whirling of the cooling liquid against Heero’s cock announced Duo’s hands there. They placed something else around his hard flesh, not just a ring this time, but something that engulfed him completely. It was soft, it stretched and was very pliant, so his cock molded perfectly inside. Then Heero felt a switch being flicked, and the thing started vibrating. All around him! He dug his teeth in the rubber ball to stop himself from crying out, but his body shook all the more violently as a compensation for it.

“Meet The Pleasure Pussy,” Duo announced, grinning.

Pleasure Pussy? More like a Torture Pussy if you ask me, Heero thought. He was positively crying now, he felt the tears run hotly down his cheeks. It wasn’t pain that made him cry, just the frustration of Duo letting him wait this long.

Moaning? Did he hear it right now, was Duo moaning behind him? What was that long haired terror up to now?

Duo threw a swift glance to where the discarded vibrator had landed. Shouldn’t have discarded it; moron he was! He still needed it. It was too far to reach now. But didn’t he have…? Ah yes, there it was. Been a while since he'd used it, oh his poor forgotten vibrator and such a beauty it was. Not too thick, but nice and long to tease at his sweet spot; and a soft shade of purple.

He reached for a bottle of bath oil standing on a cupboard nearby – a small bathroom had its advantages after all – and drizzled some over the elegant rubber length. Placing it at his crack, he wriggled it inside. It hurt a bit, he hadn’t prepared himself, and he moaned.

“MmmhMmm?” Heero said, turning his head a bit.

Duo translated Heero’s worried mumbling as “Duo?”. The concern in his voice touched him, really. He should get rid of that ball gag. No, but so pretty! Didn’t he have a Polaroid in here or something? Or a camera! Ooh, he should tape this! Wonderful idea for next time.

“Don’t worry, honey. I’m alright,” Duo smiled. He pushed the toy further in and flicked the switch, causing a mild vibrating. “Ooh… I’m very much alright.” He dipped his head and traced a tantalizing, meandering pattern up Heero’s back. “You wanna hear more of my fantasy now?” he murmured. God, his cock hurt so much!

Heero nodded his head, but not too eagerly. Duo was a bit… ehm. How should he put it? Unpredictable.

“Very well,” Duo purred. “But first let me remove that ball gag for you, my little slut.”

Finally! Heero thought. His jaw was starting to hurt. Not like he was used to this kind of stuff.

“If you promise to behave.”

Damn him! “Hmm,” Heero nodded.

Chuckling, Duo untied the straps of the ball gag and pulled it out of Heero’s mouth. The blindfold, that he left on for just a bit longer. Then he pulled the anal beads out of Heero’s anus in one swift motion. He was pleased to see Heero's body jerk in surprise.

“Fuck!!” Heero yelled.

“Is that an order?” Duo said in mock indignation. Wasn’t he the one dishing out the orders in this game?

“C-cuss word,” Heero managed to squeak out through gritted teeth.

“Why, Hee-chan. I have the kindness to remove the ball gag for you, and the first thing I hear out of your mouth is a cuss word. That’s not what I call good behavior,” Duo said, wagging his finger. It was beyond him why he was still caring about such details while the ache in his cock seemed to have reached every fiber of his body and he had an activated vibrator up his ass. Fuck him! NOW! He didn’t know where it had come from, his cock or his mind, and neither did he care.

“Duo, please! I beg of you! This has lasted long enough!” Heero cried. The tears were back in his eyes, lots of them, and dripping down his chin.

“You’re right,” Duo laughed lightly. The slightly reddened entrance was beckoning him, trying to lure him inside, like it had been doing all the time, and it still looked so very inviting. He quickly covered his cock with bath oil – blackberry and licorice, as he had discovered – and happily gave in to its will.

Heero didn’t even try to suppress his scream of gratification, even though his master hadn’t given him permission to make a sound yet. This disobedience brought him into a higher state of arousal. But Duo didn’t seem to care any longer, and only concentrated on building a delicious cadence.

Duo shivered as Heero’s heated passage rippled blessingly around him. He dipped his head and placed gentle love bites on Heero’s neck and shoulders before speaking again. “So where was I?” he panted. “Oh yeah. So I was fucking you.” He felt his heart swelling with emotion and joy to know that his fantasy was becoming true as he spoke. Well, one of them. The rest would follow later, undoubtedly. “Mind that I still have the vibrator fucking my ass from behind, while the other one is taking care of your front.”

“Doesn’t it slip in completely?” Heero gasped.

“Of course not. It’s a fantasy. Fantasies are always perfect.” Though the boy did have a good point there. He reached behind to see if he could still feel the end sticking out. He sighed in relief when he felt it, and gave another flick to the switch, making the tip spin around. Every spin brushed softly past his prostate and sparked little fireworks in his head. “Oh, shit…” he moaned. He picked up the pace of his hips and started pounding towards a fierce and glorious ending.

The shift of Duo’s body while he had reached behind had brought a new angle to his hips, and when he thrust into Heero again, he struck his prostate with amazing accuracy, Heero all but wailed with the pleasurable sensation. He hooked his arms over the edge of the tub and clung to it for dear life while Duo proceeded in ravishing his ass. He bucked his hips in blind insanity, back on Duo’s hot and thick cock, and then up into the exquisite torture of the Pleasure Pussy he held for him.

And behind him, Duo just droned on.

“And you thrust your hips up to me, and you scream out my name while we both come closer and closer, and…” His voice was loud and frenzied, his breath ragged. Splash, more water on the ground, and more. Their bathroom was officially starting to look like a little indoor swimming pool now. “And then… and then… we… come together…” His skin started to tingle, his body started to shake and he felt himself going into a rush. “Come… Come for me, Heero! Come… Ah!”

“Ahn… Almost! Almost!” Heero felt the beginnings of orgasm licking its burning flames down at the bottom of his belly. His elbows could crash through the metal of the tub any moment now. “Hnn… Cock ring… Off!”

Darn, Duo had completely forgotten about that. He snapped out of his haze long enough to grapple under the water and flicked the clasp of Heero’s ring open.

With the biting pressure gone, Heero felt the sensations washing through him like a tidal wave and he felt himself drowning. “Duo, I love you!!” he screamed, his channel clenching hard around his lover.

Duo’s body was balancing on the edge. Heero’s roaring scream of love and the sudden increase of pressure pushed him over. The tiny fireworks in his head grew to a spectacular 4th of July display and with a howl of rapture, he felt his seed erupting in the hungry depths of Heero’s body.

Heero honestly couldn’t say how long it took before he had milked every drop from Duo. The warm gushing against his prostate seemed to last forever, though he knew that it had only been a few amazing, delirious moments. It was moments like that he had been longing for, moments like that he lived for. And to share them with Duo.

Finally he became aware of the Pleasure Pussy still whirring away at his over stimulated cock, and he let a tired hand sink under the water to remove it. Duo’s hand lay limply around it, and he felt an equally limp body leaning heavily against his back.

“Duo?” Heero said softly, giving a light shake with his body.

“Hmm…” Duo sighed in decadent satisfaction. He held his eyes closed while he sucked oxygen back into his lungs, having yet to return from Nirvana. He was vaguely aware of Heero’s body shifting, however. “What is it?” He literally had to drag his eyes open. Oh, poor Heero, he noticed. Still has that blindfold on. Lifting a shaky hand, he clumsily plucked at the knot, and finally having managed to fumble it open, he pulled it off and let it drop to the floor. With some returning strength, he pushed himself into a sitting position, allowing Heero to turn around. He didn’t know what to expect on Heero’s face. Doing this had been on the off chance, hoping that Heero would like these kind of role plays too. If he were to jump out of the bathtub now and scream that he could go and find another roommate, then he would, well not accept it of course without a fight. This was Heero Yuy we were talking about, man of his innumerable and scandalous wet and sticky dreams. Sure, he was crying that he loved him just now, but that might as well have been the voice of his orgasm.

Needless to say that he was more than a little relieved to see a smile on his handsome face.

“That was amazing, Duo,” Heero smiled.

“I’m glad you liked it,” Duo grinned sheepishly.

Heero frowned. Really? Then why was he pulling such a sour face? His eyes widened as he suddenly saw Duo producing a purple vibrator out of the water. “Where the hell does that come from?!” he exclaimed, his eyes glued to the toy.

“From my ass,” Duo shrugged, switching it off and carelessly tossing it back in the water so it would be clean. “Thing was driving me mad.”

“Don’t tell me you had that into you all the time!”

“Yeah. While we were fucking.”

And then Heero saw the proverbial light. “Oh, so that was all the moaning and the buzzing.”

Duo nodded, an ear to ear grin plastered on his face.

Shaking his head, Heero opened his arms for Duo to rest in, and Duo gladly accepted the gesture. “You’re deranged, Maxwell,” he sighed.

“Yeah, I have problems,” Duo chuckled.

“I didn’t know you had all these toys hidden in here,” Heero said, waving a hand in the direction of the hole in the wall.

Duo looked up, his chin resting upon Heero’s chest. “Ah, but there are a lot of things you don’t know about me, Hee-chan,” he purred.

“No doubt about that,” Heero grinned. “But why did you buy all this? There’s stuff in there you can’t even use yourself. Like that ball gag.”

“I bought them for you, of course. Because I knew that one day, me or you would finally have the guts to confess. Now, gimme a kiss.”

Smiling, Heero pressed his lips to Duo’s and kissed him deeply and lovingly.

“So, you’re gonna help me when we’re done here?” Duo asked.

“Help you? With what?” Heero asked, puzzled.

“Moving my stuff from my bedroom to your bedroom. You know, I still have loads of other toys there too. Gonna need a little help with that.”

“Oh. Why, it would be my pleasure, my love,” Heero smiled, nuzzling their noses together. “I love you.”

“You mean that?”

“Of course I mean that. Why else would I say it?”

Duo shrugged. “Don’t know. Thought it was just your clenching ass speaking.”

Heero laughed and placed another kiss on those pouting lips. “No, that was my heart speaking, sweetie,” he smiled.

They laughed and cuddled together, lying in silence for a few moments, enjoying each other’s warmth. The water was tepid by now, but they didn’t care.

Finally Duo spoke again.

“I wonder what’s taking them so long,” he said.

“Who?” Heero asked.

“Our neighbors, banging against the wall.”

“Heero! Duo!”

Two heads swiveled around to look at the thin wall behind them.

“There they are,” Heero chuckled.

“Trowa, come over here! They have finally done it!” the voice behind the wall cried in delight.

“Quatre, what took you so long?” Duo yelled back. “We expected you hammering on that wall a long time ago!'

“We were busy!”


“No, eavesdropping,” another voice said.

Duo and Heero looked at each other in mild disbelief. That hadn’t been Trowa’s voice!

“Wufei?” Heero yelled. "Are you there too?"

“That’s right, cum slut,” Quatre giggled in Wufei’s stead.

Heero shot Duo a frustrated glare. They had fucking heard that!

Duo was quick to soothe his new lover. “Don’t worry, Hee-chan. Next time you can be big horny tiger,” he wheedled.

“We were planning on doing a threesome,” Quatre continued. “Hey! You should come over! We’ll make it an orgy!”

Duo jolted out of the water, standing upright in the bathtub. He gazed longingly at the wall, hungry for the pretty boys behind it. Then he looked at Heero. “Rumor's say they do bondage,” he said, his chest heaving a bit in anticipation.

“Rumors are right,” they heard Trowa chuckling.

Duo put his hands together as if praying and mouthed a hopeful “Please Hee-chan” to his lover.

Sighing in amusement, Heero nodded his consent.

“Yes!” Duo cried, climbing out of the tub and throwing on a robe. “Don’t you go anywhere! We’ll be right there!”

Heero got out after him and watched while his lover darted away.

“You coming, Hee-chan?” Duo yelled from the door of their apartment.

“Go ahead,” Heero replied. “I’ll be right with you.” He drained the water and gave a twist to the knob of the heating system. Pulling on a robe himself, his eyes fell on the hole in the wall, and more particularly its occupants. He looked at it thoughtfully for a few moments, then took as much as he could carry and enthusiastically followed his lover out of the door.

The end.

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