"Boredom and the art..."

Written By: Akiko

Title: Boredom and the art...

Author: Akiko

Disclaimer: I don’t own the Gundam boys or Gundam Wing or anything. If I did I’d be rich… and Japanese. I am neither. You are reminded that all flames will be used in the ultimate weapon of destruction and then used on flamers. Please don’t sue me, I’m actually a vagrant.

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Rating: NC-17

Warnings: Light bondage, yaoi hentainess, use of sex toys, some swearing.

Summary: Duo's bored and Heero's unwilling to help, big mistake Heero, big mistake...

Pairing: 1x2

Hello, this is a fic written for “the art off using sex toys” competition.
Be warned this is a yaoi fic with 1X2 goodness. This is guy on guy hentai action; if you don’t like this don’t read it, no one’s making you. This contains some light bondage and some use of sex toys and of course some rude words, so you have been warned.


"Boredom and the art..."

“Bored, bored, bored…” Duo murmured to himself as he wandered around the living room. There was nothing to do and the other pilots all seemed to be preoccupied with other things. He couldn’t figure out what they were doing because, in his opinion, there was nothing. He sighed as he flopped down on the couch. He’d read all the magazines, he’d channel-hopped for about an hour, he’d played on his games console. He stood up, determined to find something to do and he was damned if he was doing it alone. He wandered into the kitchen where Trowa and Quatre could be found. Trowa was reading the newspaper whilst drinking a cup of coffee and Quatre appeared to be preparing food.

Duo draped his arms around the shoulders of the 03 pilot.

“Hey Tro, what you reading?” he asked as he leant his chin on Trowa’s shoulder.

Trowa raised an eyebrow, “The newspaper.”

“Yeah, what’s it about?” Duo asked. Trowa raised his other eyebrow.

“Fine,” Duo muttered, straightening up and walking over to Quatre.

“What you making Quatre?” he asked, leaning against the counter.

“A cake, for dessert this evening,” Quatre answered with a smile as he added more ingredients to the mix.

“Can I help?” Duo asked as he eyed the flour eagerly.

“Sorry sweetie,” Quatre answered as he cracked an egg into the bowl, “but the last time you helped me cook the kitchen was covered in flour and eggs and god knows what else, as was I. I’m not doing that again.”

Duo pouted and Quatre shook his head.

“No Duo, no puppy dog eyes are going to get to me today, now scoot,” he said as he made shooing motions with his hands.

“Fine, I’ll leave,” Duo said as he held his head high and glided out of the kitchen. He wandered upstairs and traipsed down the hall. He stopped outside a door and placed his ear to it, listening hard.

“Wuffy!” he exclaimed as he threw the door open wide.

He hit the floor, muttering a small ‘eep’ as a katana went flying over his head and into the wall opposite.

“MAXWELL!” Wufei roared as Duo stared at the offending sword, “How many times? Don’t disturb me when I’m doing my exercises!”

“But how am I meant to know when that is?” Duo wailed as he stood up.

“I do them all the time, so never disturb me braided fool!” Wufei said angrily as he pulled his katana out of the wall.

“Whatever Waffles, like I wanted to talk to you anyway,” he said, sniffing at the Chinese pilot, “I must be more bored than even I thought.”

Wufei snorted and walked back to his door.

“Surely you should go and bother Yuy? He’s your boyfriend after all. Isn’t it his job to keep you entertained?”

Duo’s eyes lit up and he sprinted down the hall. Wufei snorted again as he shut his door. Duo skidded to halt outside another door further down. He opened it and looked inside. As per usual, Heero was sat at his desk tapping away at his laptop.

“Hi Heero!” he said cheerfully, making his way into the room and shutting the door. Heero glanced up at him, muttering his obligatory ‘Hn’ before returning to the screen. Duo sat on the bed and watched Heero for a while. His hair was falling into his eyes, which were intense with concentration. The muscles in his arms shifted as he moved his fingers over the keys swiftly. Duo watched his hands, entranced. He knew the skills of those fingers very well. He moaned a little in the back of his throat as he felt a familiar stirring in his groin. Heero glanced at him over his shoulder before returning to the screen.

“What do you do on that thing all day?” Duo asked.

“Does it matter?” Heero retorted.

“I bet your surfing for porn,” Duo said with a grin. Heero’s back went ramrod straight. He glared at the braided pilot over his shoulder.

“I knew it,” Duo crowed from his position on the bed. Heero made a noise of scorn before returning to the laptop once more. Duo stood up and stood behind Heero, watching the words and numbers fly over the screen.

“Hee-chan?” Duo questioned as he wrapped his arms around the Japanese man.

“Yes?” Heero asked, never ceasing his work. Duo leant down and kissed Heero’s neck. The typing slowed down and Duo smiled. He licked up the length of Heero’s neck before taking his earlobe into his mouth and sucking on it. The typing stopped. Duo grinned as he nibbled along the shell of Heero’s ear.

“I’m bored,” he mumbled as he continued to lave attention on Heero’s ear.

“Mmhmm,” Heero said as he tilted his head slightly to one side. He sighed as he pulled away from Duo’s embrace.
“Sorry Duo, not now, I’ve got to do this work. Preventors don’t pay for unfinished reports,” He said as he continued to type.

“Don’t you want me?” Duo asked, pouting a little. Heero gave him a smouldering look.

“Don’t Duo, I’m busy.”

“Fine,” Duo hissed, straightening up, “Fine.”

He walked out the door, slamming it as he left. Heero groaned as he leant back in his chair. He would pay for his neglect later, he knew it. He shook his head as he returned to the information on the screen.

Duo walked into his room and slammed the door. He fumed silently over the neglect of his lover.

“I should punish him, I should withhold sex for like a week,” he muttered to himself as he dropped onto his bed. He brooded over revenge plans.

‘Or…’ a little voice in the back of his head began, ‘you could make him want you so bad that the report goes out the window. You get what you want, revenge and well, a good pounding into the mattress.’

Duo grinned evilly.

“Good, good…” he said rubbing his hands together, grinning evilly. He leant over the side of his bed and pulled out a box. He brought it up onto the bed and pulled the lid off, smiling at the contents within. Handcuffs, nipple clamps, several vibrators, anal beads, cock rings and flavoured massage oil. He smiled to himself as he pulled the anal beads out and fingered them.

“Right then,” he said as he removed his clothing. He began to play with himself, pinching his nipples and running his other hand down to his crotch. He teased himself to full attention. He moaned as he pushed his hand under the pillow, searching for his lube. He squeezed liberal amounts onto his fingers before dragging them down his perineum to play with his opening. He moaned quietly as he pushed a finger slowly inside himself. His free hand massaged his stiff member as he let a second finger gain entry. His breathing became laboured as he scissored his fingers, stretching the muscle within. He added a third finger before deeming himself stretched and ready to receive the anal beads. He removed his fingers and picked up the beads, coating them lightly in lube. He pushed the first bead into his channel, hissing as he felt it move inside him, he kept feeding the beads until they were all buried in his ass. He groaned as he felt them roll around and occasionally prod his prostate. He sat up, breathing heavily as he searched in the box and pulled out a bright pink cock ring and a pair of handcuffs. He slipped the cuffs under a pillow and the placed the cock ring over his erection, making strangled noises in the back of his throat as he felt it constrict him. He stood up and took several deep breaths, before making his way over to his wardrobe. He went slowly and carefully as the beads were driving him insane. He opened the wardrobe doors and looked within. He needed something to drive Heero crazy, something that would tease him. He selected a white tank top that was a little too big across the shoulders. He put it on and smiled as it slipped seductively off one shoulder, but it was a little short, so his midriff was exposed. He rummaged in his draw for the pink G-string he had bought that time he’d gone shopping with Hilde. She had convinced him to buy it and now he was glad as he pulled the underwear on. He then grabbed a pair of jeans. He slipped them on and smiled at the effect. They hung dangerously low on his hips, so the straps of his underwear could just be seen. They also hugged his ass in a rather pleasing way. He could also hide his erection in these, which helped immensely. He than wandered to his bedside table and pulled out a large red lollipop that he’d been saving. He popped the candy into his mouth. He stared at himself in the mirror and smiled. Just one more thing to do. He pulled out the tie at the bottom of his braid and unravelled his hair. He then brushed it quickly and tied it into a ponytail. He smiled as he watched the ends of his hair brush his ass sensuously.

“He won’t be able to resist you babe,” he said around the lollipop and winked. He left his room and walked down the hall. Wufei opened his door and nearly tripped as he watched Duo sashay past, swinging his hips in an indecent manner.

“Alright Wufei?” Duo asked giving him a blatantly suggestive wink.

Wufei squeaked going bright red before slamming his door shut quickly. Duo grinned, just the sort of reaction he was hoping for. He flung Heero’s door open and stepped inside. Much to his disappointment, Heero was no longer there. He glanced at the desk and noticed that his laptop was gone as well. He grinned; Heero was probably in the living room doing the report whilst he waited for dinner. Duo left the room and skipped down the stairs. He peeked around the doorframe into the living room and saw Heero sat in there doing his report whilst Trowa and Quatre watched the television. Duo smiled evilly to himself as he prepared to enter the living room. He took a deep breath and walked into the living room.

“Hi Du-,” Quatre began. He looked up and choked on his words.

“I, I, I, I…” he stuttered as he watched Duo saunter into the living room and pause in the doorway. Trowa glanced up and then returned to the TV. He then made a strangled noise and did a double-take. He stared at Duo who merely tilted his head to the side and smiled slowly around the lollipop. Quatre had gone bright pink and couldn’t seem to take his eyes from Duo’s exposed chest.

“I better check on that cake he squeaked,” as he rocketed off the sofa and practically sprinted out of the room.

“Umm… I better go check that with him… yes… it’s a very umm, large cake…” Trowa stood up and made his way unsteadily from the room. Duo couldn’t help but grin. He glanced at his partner, who hadn’t been paying any attention.

“Hi Heero,” Duo said cheerfully. Heero looked up and dropped his jaw onto the floor. Duo was leaning against the doorframe looking like sex incarnate. He had his beautiful lips wrapped around a red lollipop that he was sucking on with relish. His white tank top hung off his shoulders revealing an expanse of creamy skin. The jeans clung to his hips for dear life, and Heero thought that he could spy pink under there. Duo smiled widely as he watched Heero’s eyes roam over his body. He stood up straight and walked past him. He then bent over the coffee table to pick up a magazine, giving Heero a very ample view of his ass. Heero couldn’t close his mouth as he stared at the 02 pilot. He swallowed hard as Duo made his way over to the arm chair and draped himself over it. He flung one leg over the arm of it, exposing his crotch. He threw his hair over the other arm of the chair before opening the magazine and reading it. Heero swallowed dryly a couple of times. He was surprised his throat was so dry when his mouth was so very full of saliva. He pulled his glazed eyes back to the screen of his laptop, and began to type absently, not sure whether he was writing words or not. Duo surveyed him covertly over the top of the magazine. He could see the glazed expression on his lover’s face. He pulled the lollipop from his lips with a loud popping noise. Heero glanced at him out of the corner of his eyes and wished he hadn’t. Duo was running his pink tongue over the top of the lollipop in slow circular motions. Duo stared right into Heero’s eyes before he put the whole thing in his mouth and sucked on it hard. Heero couldn’t help himself, he groaned deeply as he watched this display. Quatre walked back in just as this happened and nearly fainted at the sight that Duo was.

“Dinner… dinner… food… eat,” he mumbled.

“Dinner’s ready is it Q?” Duo asked as he stood fluidly and stretched, showing even more of his midriff. Heero’s eyes were dark with lust as he watched Duo and Quatre turned a rather painful purple colour. Duo pulled the lollipop from his mouth.

“I’ll go and put this,” he said, giving the lollipop one final lick, “away and get Wufei shall I?”

Quatre merely nodded and walked away stiffly. Duo grinned as he began to wander past Heero, who flung out his arm and grabbed Duo’s wrist. Duo looked down at Heero and smiled evilly.

“Yes Heero?” he asked. Heero stood up quickly, he was taller than Duo by a good few inches and he stared down on him.

“Well?” Duo prompted, “I can’t go anywhere with you holding my wrist like that.”

Heero growled and pushed Duo up against the wall. He out his lips to Duo’s neck and began sucking and biting him there. Duo suppressed his moans as Heero assaulted his neck. He pushed on Heero’s chest gently so that he back off a little. He then smiled widely.

“Sorry Heero,” he said as he moved around him towards the doorway, “but I’m busy.” Heero watched Duo’s ass retreat out of the room and groaned. This was to be his punishment then.

Dinner was a sordid affair. Duo ate everything so seductively and with what appeared to be indecent relish. No one else really ate, unable to keep their eyes from Duo’s erotic display. By the time the cake was served everyone was looking pained. Heero nibbled at the cake and cream whilst Duo wrapped his lips around very bite whilst making noises that were usually reserved for bedroom antics, not cakes. Heero stared, transfixed as Duo finished the cake. Duo looked at Heero’s face and noticed a tiny bit of cream at the corner of his mouth. He leant towards Heero, who was sat next to him.

“Heero, you’ve got a little bit of cream, just there,” he said as he cupped Heero’s face between his hands and licked the remaining cream away very slowly. Heero could not take it. He growled loudly before grabbing Duo’s face and plundering his mouth with his tongue. Quatre stood up and grabbed Trowa’s hand and they left very quickly. Wufei mentioned something about calling Treize and also left. Heero stopped the passionate kiss and wrapped his arms around Duo’s waist.

“I’ve got to have you, now, right now.”

“But what about your report?” Duo asked as he wiggled out of Heero’s grasp and stood up.

“Fuck the report, fuck the damn report,” he muttered as he stood too and eyed Duo in a hungry fashion.

“You didn’t say that earlier,” Duo retorted as he backed off a little, shivering under the intensity of Heero’s gaze.

“Alright!” he snarled, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, but you’ve been teasing me for a while now, and it’s got to stop.”

Duo smiled as he heard the apology, but he wasn’t done having his fun yet.

“You’ll have to catch me first,” he said huskily. He winked and then sprinted from the room. Heero gave chase and as fast as Duo was, with the way Heero was feeling, Duo didn’t stand a chance. He followed into the living room, grabbing Duo around the waist, who squealed. He pushed him against the wall, slowly and purposefully. Duo’s eyes were wide as he watched Heero devour him with his eyes. Heero lowered his lips to Duo’s and kissed him deeply and fervently. Duo moaned deep in his throat and Heero increased the intensity, slowly grinding his hips into Duo’s.

“Oh… gods… Heero,” Duo gasped out as Heero laved attention on his neck. Heero growled again and picked Duo up, flinging him over his shoulder.

“What are you doing?” Duo squeaked as Heero left the living room and began to ascend the stairs.

“I am going to my room, where I will have what I want,” he said as he quickly climbed the stairs.

“No,” Duo said quickly.

“No?” Heero said quietly, “I’m sorry Duo but I don’t think you’ll be able to stop me.”

“Go to my room,” Duo said quickly, “Please Heero?”

Heero nodded and moved down the hall to Duo’s room. He opened the door, slamming it shut with his foot before putting Duo onto the bed. He moved on top of him and began kissing very piece of flesh he could find. Duo groaned as Heero’s fingers began to wander. Duo regained control and rolled over so he was on top of Heero. He smiled down at the beautiful man and began kissing him deeply, pulling Heero’s top over his head. He moved his hands under the pillow and pulled out the pair of handcuffs he had placed there earlier. He began sucking on Heero’s nipple to distract him, whilst covertly cuffing Heero to the bed. He sat up and admired his work. He watched as Heero realised what had happened and began making noises of protest.

“No Heero,” Duo said shaking his head, “you have to be punished for being rude to me earlier.”

Heero raised an eyebrow, before Duo added, “It could be fun for both of us.”

“So what are you going to do with me?” Heero asked as he stared hungrily at his lover.

“Oh Heero, the plans I have…” he said as he smiled evilly. He pulled his own tank top of, and then stood over Heero. He slowly removed his jeans and Heero almost passed out when the pink G-string was revealed.

“Duo,” he husked as he bucked his hips off the bed. Duo grinned and knelt between Heero’s legs. He removed Heero’s jeans and was pleased to see that his lover was going commando today.

“Naughty Heero,” he murmured as he ran his hands up Heero’s inner thighs.

“Nnn, Duo, need you so bad,” Heero gasped as the feather-light touch drove him crazy. Duo smiled and leant over the side of the bed, bringing a box onto the bed. Heero eyed it warily as Duo rummaged in it and brought pout some nipple clamps. Duo grinned evilly as he lowered his mouth to Heero’s chest, licking and kissing him until Heero’s nipples were hard nubs. He then placed the clamps onto them. Heero hissed at the feeling.

“Pleasurable pain, Heero,” Duo said as he pulled a black cock ring out of the box and pulled it over Heero’s erection.

“Gods Duo!” Heero cried out as the ring bound him tightly.

“I don’t want you coming too soon,” Duo said as he pulled the lube from under his pillow. He covered his fingers liberally before he began teasing Heero’s entrance. Heero was panting and bucking his hips, his heated cock needing friction. Duo licked the tip of Heero’s straining erection before pushing a finger into him slowly.

“Ah! Heero cried out, arching his back. Duo put his mouth to Heero’s and kissed him passionately before adding a second finger. Heero’s moan was swallowed by Duo who added a third finger and began pumping them into Heero’s channel. He put his free hand into the box and pulled out a vibrator. He moved away from Heero who made a noise of discontent when Duo removed his fingers from his opening. Heero watched as Duo handled the vibrator, his eyes clouded with lust. He coated it with the lube and smiled at Heero evilly.

“What are you going to do with that?” Heero asked huskily as Duo lowered the shaft to Heero’s entrance. He pushed it into Heero slowly who arched. He then switched it on so it vibrated causing pleasurable sensations to course through Heero.

“Aiii!” Heero called out as his the instrument pulsated against his prostate.

“Does that feel nice Heero?” Duo cooed as he watched his lover writhe and moan.

“Fuck yes!” Heero cried out. Duo smiled and flicked one of the nipple clamps, causing hero to hiss in a delighted manner. Duo then removed the flavoured massage oil, rubbing it all over Heero’s body. He then licked his fingers clean of the liquid causing another groan to issue forth from Heero.

“Take the G-string off Duo, I need to feel you against me,” Heero bit out around his gasps of pleasure. Duo obliged, throwing the offending garment away and Heero could only stare as he was treated with the sight of Duo’s magnificent erection, constricted by the bright pink cock ring.

“You’re so… hot,” Heero whispered hoarsely, unable to take his eyes from Duo.

“You’re none to shabby yourself,” Duo said as he began to lick all the massage oil from Heero chest. Once that was clean he sat straddling Heero’s chest, with his ass facing Heero’s face. He then leant forward and cleaned Heero’s stomach and navel. Heero stared at the sight before him and his cock hardened even more, if that was possible.

“Duo? Duo what have you got in there?” he asked, desperate to touch the long-haired pilot. Duo looked over his shoulder and gave Heero a burning look.

“You’ll just have to wait and see, he said as he finished licking up the massage oil. Heero’s penis twitched violently and he could take no more. With a loud growl he wrenched his arms down, breaking the handcuffs apart. Duo squeaked in surprise as Heero grabbed him and flung him onto his back.

“You broke the cuffs! Duo yelped as Heero lay over him.

“I was going to explode,” Heero explained as he slowly removed the vibrator from his channel and place it to one side, “Now it’s my turn,” he added in a dangerously low voice that made Duo moan and squirm. Heero roamed his hands along the plains of Duo’s chest as he sucked on Duo’s neck, hard. He moved his mouth down till he found a nipple and sucked and nibbled it till Duo was gasping.

“Oh, oh, oh, oh,” Duo whimpered.

“I love the noises you make,” Heero said against Duo’s nipple, causing wonderful vibrations to course through Duo’s body. He moved his free hand to his own chest, removing the nipple clamps. He placed one of them on the nipple that was not in his mouth. Flicking it and rubbing it making Duo’s back arch at a very odd angle. Heero ran his hands down Duo’s body, over the straining erection and to Duo’s opening, running the pad of his thumb over it in circular motions. He grabbed the lube and coated his fingers in it before, pushing one into Duo’s silken channel. He felt something there and curled his finger around it, pulling it from Duo. The first bead popped out and Duo gave a keening wail at the sensation.

“Anal beads huh?” Heero asked.

“Uh, uh, uh,” Duo grunted.

“Very sexy,” Heero said as he grasped the bead and pulled the rest out in quick succession. Duo could see stars and was crying out loudly.

“Please, Heero, please, I, I, I,” he could not form sentences, words or even thoughts. Heero nodded and quickly removed his own cock ring. He lay on top of Duo kissing him, before rummaging in the bedside cabinet for a condom. He slipped it on quickly before liberally coating his erection with the lube. He spread Duo’s legs wide and positioned himself outside of Duo’s entrance. He pushed gently so that the tip of his penis was buried in Duo’s intense heat and then made small circular motions with his hips.

I swear Yuy,” Duo snarled out, “If you don’t get on with it I will personally remove your balls!”

Heero chuckled before pushing himself into Duo’s channel until he was buried to the hilt. Heero groaned at the amazing sensations that flowed through his veins.

“MOVE!” Duo screeched and Heero was only to happy to oblige. He began pounding into Duo, faster and more intense with every thrust. Duo was writhing beneath him, and the sight of Duo covered with a light sheen of sweat, his hair flowing around him and his eyes half-closed in ecstasy spurned Heero on. He flung Duo’s legs over his shoulders and pulled Duo’s ass closer to him, causing him to enter even further. He began to pound against Duo’s prostate causing the man to sob silently as he attempted to breathe. Heero moved his hand to Duo’s member and removed the cock ring. Duo gasped as he felt the constriction removed and the wailed as Heero’s hand wrapped around him and began to pump in time with the thrusts.

“Gonna, gonna, gonna, Heerooooooooooooooooo!” Duo cried out as his orgasm ripped through him with such intensity, spilling his seed over his stomach. No air entered his lungs as his muscles went into spasm with the force of his orgasm and he clamped down on Heero. The pressure around his erection was unbearable as Duo’s muscles bound him there with such force that he couldn’t move.

“Ai shiteru, Duo!” he yelled out as his seed spilled from him, coating Duo’s insides. Heero collapsed exhausted onto Duo’s chest. Duo was gasping for breath his arms weak from the powerful orgasm he had just experienced. Duo lifted one of his arms and began to stroke Heero’s hair.

“Ai shiteru,” Heero mumbled.

“What? What did you say Heero?” Duo asked as he began to get his breath back. Heero sat up and removed Duo’s legs from over his shoulders. He looked down on the beautiful pilot and smiled.

“Ai shiteru, it means ‘I love you’,” Heero said as he stroked Duo’s hair. Duo gave a trembling, beautiful smile.

“You too Hee-chan, love you too,” Duo added as Heero lay down next to him, still caressing Duo’s hair. He pulled Duo into his arms, and stroked his back.

“I should tease you more often,” Duo said against Heero’s chest as he removed the nipple clamp with a hiss. Heero chuckled.

“Shall we get cleaned up koi?” he asked the dark-haired boy in his arms.

“Mmm… too comfy Hee-chan…” Duo murmured sleepily as he drifted off. Heero smiled slowly as he stroked Duo’s hair.

“You are my koi,” he whispered as he pulled Duo tighter and went to sleep, more content than he had been for a while.

~ * ~


A lame ending, I know, I’m sorry. Hope you enjoyed it ^.~ Akiko xxx

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