"Desert Storm"

Written By: Ryouga

Disclaimer: I do not own the Gundam boys or any other character from the series.

Warnings: Attempted fluff, lemon and foul language and the use of sex toys.

Pairings: 2x4

Rating: NC17

Author: Ryouga

Author's note: *Ryouga never wants to see another sex toy site ever*

// Indicates thoughts //

Summary: Whilst venturing out in the desert to meet with the Maguanacs, Gundam pilot's Duo Maxwell and Quatre Raberba Winner are caught in a sudden desert storm. While the storm rages outside, Duo finds a way to entertain himself inside.

August 5th 2004

"Desert Storm"

The sand storm had come up from out of nowhere catching the Gundam pilots 02 and 04 by surprise. The wind had ripped the sand from the desert floor with a damning vengeance and the two young pilots had only just managed to get the tent upright and make it into it as the storm hit hard. So now they were stuck together, alone in a tent in the middle of the desert. Any chance of communication with anyone at this point in time was out of the question.

Originally the two had been on their way to meet up with the Maguanacs at Quatre's home base, but until the storm subsided they wouldn't be going anywhere at all. Luckily, Duo had thought to carry a four-man tent amongst their provisions instead of a two. At least with just the two of them there was more than enough room to move.

Duo lay quietly, listening to the howling of the angry wind as it whipped the sand up against the sides of the tent. He sighed and glanced over to his right. How the hell did blondie manage to sleep through this? All attempts he had made to try and get some decent sleep had been futile; at most he figured he had managed four, maybe five hours uninterrupted, and that had been after they had first arrived.

The only good thing about it as far as he was concerned was that Quatre knew the desert like the back of his hand, having been brought up around the Maguanacs mostly. What sucked the most about it was that they were only a day away from the base when the storm hit and there was no knowing when these storms would clear. Quatre had informed him that it could be a few days before the storm would even clear enough for it to be safe enough for them to venture onwards again; something that Duo had been less than happy to hear.

He sighed again and sat upright. His stomach churned with hunger, he’d almost forgotten when it was they last ate; yesterday he assumed, but it was hard to tell. All sense of time was lost when Quatre’s watch stopped after the sand had gotten into its working mechanisms causing it to seize.

Reaching over to grab his supply pack he hunted through it. It was always the same every time they had a mission or traveled anywhere… the food they had to take with them was always the same. Dehydrated, packed in vacuum packs and even though the chicken flavored chicken, never tasted like chicken, it was still edible… at least to the point where you’d keep it down and not starve to death.

He tore open a pack along the dotted line, just as instructed by the little pictures on the back and settled down to eat it. At least they’d given him beef this time. Funny enough though, it seemed to taste like… chicken. A few minutes later he was popping the last bit of food into his mouth and washing it down with the rest of his water.

A rustling noise found his attention wandering back over to the blonde and he smirked as Quatre’s socked foot escaped through the end of his make shift bed. Duo couldn’t resist, not when the opportunity arose to make mischief. Slowly he crawled over to his comrade’s sleeping form and reached tentatively out to begin his mirth making.

“Don’t even think about it, Duo.”

Duo froze, his hand still poised over Quatre's foot. "You're awake,” he said, sounding a little surprised.

Quatre’s eyes opened, “Who wouldn’t be with all the noise you’re making?”

"I was as quiet as a church mouse." The 02 pilot defended himself as he moved back over to his side of the tent.

"A very large one at that." Quatre grinned and sat upright. "So, did you manage to get any sleep?"

"Four hours, maybe five. Hard to tell," he replied.

Quatre sighed. "Sorry I got you into this mess, Duo. If it weren't for the fact that I talked you into coming with me, you'd at least be somewhere more comfortable."

Duo grinned at the 04 pilot, "Hey, I've been in worse situations than this, Quatre. Don't go blaming yourself. I agreed to come with you because I wanted to, not just because you asked." He wiped the sweat away from his forehead. The humidity was annoying, that's for sure and being in a tent in the middle of a sand storm wasn't the coolest of places. At least Quatre had appeased his concerns about being buried alive. The storm, although quite rough, according to Quatre, was not actually enough to cause them problems.

"You alright, Duo? You look a little flushed." Quatre noted as his companion sat back on his bedding.

Duo shrugged, "I'm a little warm, that's all. Aren't you?"

Quatre shook his head, "Not overly so, no. I guess because of my heritage I'm used to it."

"That's right, you're Arabian aren't you?"

"One hundred percent authentic," 04 grinned.

//One hundred percent sexy too,// 02 noted to himself as the other young man stretched, his shirt pulling up a little revealing the smooth torso beneath. He had to be honest with himself; there were other reasons that he had agreed to travel with Quatre to meet the Maguanacs at his home base, the main one being that he found the 04 pilot alluring, desirable and downright fuckworthy. The problem was that Duo had no idea if Quatre was the same way inclined. He glanced over at the other young man, who was now searching through his own supply pack; there was no point in dwelling on what could probably never be. Sighing resignedly to himself, Duo decided that he'd had enough of this humidity and began to pull his shirt from his sweaty upper torso.

Taking out some rations from his supply pack, Quatre caught the movement of the 02 pilot from the corner of his eye and curiously glanced in his direction to see what he was up to now. 04's jaw dropped, there sat the 02 pilot in his boxers. He swallowed as Duo lay back onto his bedding, hands behind his head, 04's eyes failing to believe what he was seeing.

//Oh, Allah!// Duo was absolutely scrumptious. He'd been delighted when Duo had agreed to come with him. He wanted the chance to get to know the young man a little better, but this.... this was pure torture. There he was, sitting only a few feet away almost naked.

"Something the matter, Quatre?"

Quatre swallowed as he realized that his gawking hadn't gone unnoticed. "Er... I, well, Umm..." It was a few moments later when he finally regained his thoughts and composure enough to reply. "Nothing, it's alright I was going to ask you something, but it's not important, don't worry about it."

Duo raised an eyebrow, the tone in the 04 pilot's voice was telling a different story. He watched, amused as the blonde rummaged some more through his supply pack. Yep he was definitely avoiding something.

"OW!! Damn it!!"

Duo shot upright and swiftly moved to where Quatre sat nursing his hand, blood dripping from the side of his palm. "What happened, Quatre?" he asked, the concern evident in his voice.

"My pocket knife, I mustn't have put it away properly. I reached in to grab some food out and cut myself."

Duo grabbed his supply pack and pulled out some medical provisions. "You're a Gundam pilot, Quatre. Gundam pilots are supposed to be efficient, inhuman and infallible."

"Sorry, Duo I promise I’ll be more efficient, inhuman and infallible next time."

"So you should, you'll give us a bad name if you start acting like you're human. Now, let me see that," he nodded in the direction of Quatre's hand.

Quatre held it out so that Duo could get a better view of what he was dealing with. Within minutes the 02 pilot had it cleaned, sterilized and bandaged.

"You're lucky, Quatre. Any deeper and I would have had the pleasure of stitching you up,” he informed the blonde as he packed away the medical provisions back into his supply pack.

“Now why do I get the distinct feeling you would’ve enjoyed that…”

Duo stopped packing for a moment and looked the blonde directly in the eyes, "Oh really now?" he said with a smirk, "And just what makes you say that?"

Quatre's cheeks burned red with embarrassment as the 02 pilot crawled closer, "Umm, Duo you should really put something on," he replied, quickly changing the subject.

"Why? It's warm in here and somehow I don’t think anyone’s going to come barging through the hatch in a hurry."

"Yes... but..."

“But what?”

“Never mind.”

"Why, Quatre I do believe your blushing,"

"No I'm not, I'm um, well I'm a little hot that's all."

Duo grinned, closing in on the blonde. "But you said just a few minutes ago, that you were one hundred percent authentic Arabian. ‘I'm used to it', I believe you said.”

//Oh shit!// Quatre swallowed. How to explain to your comrade that he turns you on, in one easy lesson, was not part of his training.

“Come on, Quatre out with it…what are you hiding from me?” Duo refused to back down now.

Quatre’s mind raced; what should he do. If he told him the truth and Duo wasn’t into guys he might lose one of his best friends. On the other hand, if he was… “Duo I have something to tell you, but you might not like it.”

Duo sat back on his haunches and gave his friend a puzzled look. What could Quatre possibly have to say that would be that bad? “I’m listening, Quatre…”

Taking a deep breath the blonde filled his lungs with air and began, “I’mgayandIreallylikeyou!” he blurted out.

“You know I swore for a few seconds there I thought you said that you were gay and that you really liked me… which would mean that I’ve been wasting my time worrying about approaching you, when I could have just jumped your bones and fucked you senseless in the first place. Right?”

Quatre’s glare suddenly turned into a blush and he looked down at his bedding fiddling with the sheets, “You mean you’re gay too?”

“Not gay, bi, but that’s not the point…. Why didn’t you say something sooner?”

Quatre sighed, “I didn’t want to scare you off.”

Duo screwed up his nose making an odd face and then after a few seconds burst into laughter. Talk about ironic.

Quatre glared at him, “What’s so funny?” he asked a little annoyed.

02 shook his head, “If only you knew how long I’ve wanted to tell you the same thing, but didn’t for the same reason.” He crawled slowly back up towards the blonde, “To be honest with you, Quatre, I was serious about fucking you senseless; I’ve wanted to tie you down and pound my cock deep into that sexy ass of yours for months.”

“Really?” Quatre asked blushing.

“Yeah,” Duo smiled sincerely, “Really.”

04 glanced back up finding himself eye to eye with a pair of gorgeous violet orbs, “So, what now?” he inquired timidly.

Duo gave the young man before him a mischievous smirk, “Do I really need to spell it out to you, Winner. The bulge in your pants is a dead give away.” He grinned as he reached forward and traced the outline of Quatre’s cock with his hand, before cupping it and giving it a soft squeeze.

Quatre gasped, the sensation rushing through his body, but before he had the chance to respond, Duo lurched forward claiming the blonde’s lips in a searing, passionate kiss. Quatre moaned into it, tongues clashing for dominance, but Maxwell’s won out, Quatre’s quite happily admitting defeat.

Their lips parted briefly as Duo began to pull Quatre’s shirt from him, followed by his pants. Then tossing the garments aside, Duo began to peruse the gorgeous sight in front of him, his eyes halting at the blonde’s boxers, an amused look on his face “Bunnies?”


“A present?”


“Ahh, I sympathize.”

“Yours if you want them…"

“Like hell!!”

“Some friend you are…”

“But they look good on you, Quatre…”

“Thanks… I think…”

Duo snickered as he whipped the offending bunny boxers off, leaving Quatre totally naked. His eyes averted to the blonde’s groin and he licked his lips; it seemed that the Sandrock pilot was a lot bigger than he’d assumed.

Quatre reached over to grab the waistband of Duo’s boxers and began to pull them down towards his feet, “Fairs, fair, “ he said with a cheeky grin as Duo crawled out of them and kicked them away. He wasn’t disappointed, “Oh, Allah….”

Duo gave him a curious look.

“You’re so…. so big.”

The Deathscythe pilot chuckled, “You’re not exactly small either, Winner.”

“And I’m not even fully erect yet.” The blonde blushed; a little shocked at his own revelation.

Duo’s face lit up and he reached for his duffle bag and opened it, “Ahhh, well that’s a good thing then… we can have a little fun before we get down to the main event.”

Quatre watched, intrigued as Duo ploughed his way through his duffle and pulled out a smaller bag. He placed it on the ground beside Quatre and pushed his duffle aside. “What are you up to, Duo?”

“You’ll see soon enough,” he answered casually, refusing to give anything away just yet. Picking up the smaller bag he’d just retrieved from his duffle, the 02 pilot reached in and felt around inside it, a large grin slowly developing over his face.

“Alright, Duo, now you’re scaring me. Whenever you get that look on your face I know you’re up to mischief.

Duo turned to face him, “Ever heard of the Gates of Hell, Quatre?”

“Gates of Hell? As in Heaven and Hell?”

Duo chuckled as he pulled out a strange looking contraption from the bag, “Only in the most adulterated form.” He said as he waved it under Quatre’s nose.

Quatre stared at the thing in Duo’s hand and swallowed, “What the heck are you going to do with that?”

Duo raised an eyebrow, "You do know what this is, don't you?"

Quatre looked blankly at the long leather strap like thing. What the hell was it? He glared at it suspiciously. It was a short leather strap like contraption with about five other straps attached to it, one at the end and four running off the side of it; he'd counted them as it swung in Duo's hand. Not wanting to seem like an idiot he began to nod before changing his mind and shaking his head to admit he had no idea at all.

Duo smirked, "It's a type of cock ring, Quatre."

The blonde blinked, "I beg your pardon?" he asked a little stunned.

Duo laughed and moved closer to his new plaything, "Don’t tell me you’ve never used one before…”

”Ok then, I won’t tell you.”

Duo rolled his eyes, "You've never seen one either... have you?"

Quatre shook his head, a sheepish look on his face. As far as he was concerned he was an innocent, not yet tainted by the things of the world, well that was his story and he intended to stick to it.

"Talk about deprived, Winner." He smirked as he reached for the blonde's cock with his free hand.

"What the hell is that thing, Duo?" he asked as the 02 pilot gently pushed him onto his back.

"This..." Duo grinned as he gently placed the end strap around the blonde's scrotum and clipped it shut. "...is pure pleasure, heaven and hell combined... this my little bondage bunny, is what they call the five gates of hell. He maneuvered the post of the cock ring to lie along the top of Quatre's hardening erection, wrapping the other remaining four straps around the under side of the Arab's member and clipping them shut.

Quatre groaned a little as Duo's hands worked his way about his length, placing the cock ring onto it. “W, what does it do?”

“Man you are naive aren’t ya blondie.” Duo chuckled, "Ok, Quatre listen carefully and I'll explain it to you. A cock ring is used to make an erect penis, bigger and harder and to keep it that way for a longer amount of time and it helps you to stay hard. It will also delay orgasm and it can even intensify it, not to mention you'll feel the pleasure during foreplay a little more than you normally would."

"Ahh I see..." Quatre blinked as Duo continued.

"It lets blood flow into a soft penis, but keeps it there longer by preventing it from flowing out of the penis when it's hard. It can be used to enhance your erection and delay orgasm; which comes in handy if your partner takes longer than you.

Quatre gave him an odd look and Duo rolled his eyes. "In layman's terms, Quat, it keeps you harder, longer and controls premature ejaculation, not to mention blows your mind when you come."

"Now, that, I understood, "he grinned.

"Hopeless, absolutely hopeless." Duo grinned leaning down and stealing a quick kiss from the blonde.

Quatre kissed back his hands roaming over Duo's nakedness. The American's skin, besides being damp with sweat, he noted, was smooth and soft.

Duo pulled away for a moment, "Hang on a sec', Quat; let's make things a little more comfortable, before we start."

Quatre moved out of the way, "Good, can you take this off then? It's rather annoying," the blonde informed his would be lover as he pointed to his encaged cock.

A mischievous grin spread across the 02 pilot's face as he stood and rearranged the bedding to suit their needs

"I guess not..."

"It'll only feel that way until you get used to it, so don't worry about it; by the time I've finished with you, you won't even notice it's there."

Quatre raised an eyebrow, not too sure what to make of that comment. He watched as Duo finished his task and motioned for him to come back over. As he did so he noticed that Duo had kept the little bag of tricks to one side. //This...// the blonde thought to himself, //Could get a little more than interesting.//

Little did he know how right he was.

~ * ~

Quatre had returned to his previous position on the now neatly arranged bedding and the 02 pilot knelt beside him, grabbing the small bag and rummaging through it some more, pulling out some other items.

"Now we're all set to begin..." Duo sighed happily as he turned back to see the look on the 04 pilot's bewildered face. "Don't look so worried, Quatre. I promise you all you're going to feel is a shit load of pleasure."

Glancing over at the other items, Quatre swallowed. The small collection consisted of a miniature whip, hand cuffs, a blind fold and some weird looking peg like things. However it was the whip that caught his attention the most. //A shit load of pleasure, hey?// he questioned silently as he continued to stare at the odd little menagerie of equipment, but without warning and before he had the chance to ask questions, Duo had already taken the tip of his cock into his mouth. He gasped loudly as Duo began to lick softly around the under ridge of his cock head, sucking him in no further than the first ring of the five gates of hell. Quatre felt his erection swelling, Duo's tongue flicking in and out of the small slit at the tip.

Duo smirked to himself as he felt the hardening of his partner's length. Obviously he was doing something right and Quatre certainly wasn't complaining any. Duo reached for the ball sac, which had reached it's tightened state and began to fondle it gently, before taking one side of it into his mouth and sucking softly.

Quatre groaned his approval, shifting his hips so that Duo could have easier access to his groin. Duo's free hand reached up and found it's way to one of Quatre's pert nipples, gently rolling it between his fingers and pulling it gently upwards. Quatre's cock twitched, his nerves working over time as he tried to work out just what it was that he was feeling.

"What the..." He was jerked back to the moment as he felt the cool clamping of metal over skin as he realized his wrists had been cuffed. "Duo?"

"Trust me, Quatre..."

Quatre opened his mouth to continue, but was promptly silenced by a forceful kiss from the 02 pilot and he sighed softly, resigning himself to leave his fate in the *capable* hands of Duo Maxwell.

"Head up..." Duo requested as he grabbed the blindfold. Quatre raised his head allowing Duo to place the blindfold across his eyes and tie it up at the back. "I'll bet you're wondering, why the blindfold?"

"Now what makes you think that, Duo?" Quatre replied with slight sarcasm in his voice. Talk about a stupid question...

"What happens at night when you're lying in bed and can't see anything because it's dark."

"I go to sleep..." the blonde snickered.

Duo rolled his eyes "And to think Heero calls me a smart ass."

"Valid title..."

"Who's side you on anyway?"

"Depends on who's winning at the time..."

"Oh for shits sake..."

Quatre grinned, "Alright... I'll try and be serious, but it's pretty hard when I'm caged in a cock ring, cuffed and blindfolded. It's not every day this happens you know and in answer to your question, when you can't see, the senses become heightened, every sound seems louder than what it really is and you become more aware of what's happening around you through the remaining senses, taste, touch, smell... etcetera, etcetera, etcetera... And that ends today's biology lesson."

Duo gave a chuckle and shook his head, "I'm beginning to think that maybe Trowa was right.."

"Right about what?"

"About you hanging around me too much. You seem to be getting a little too smart for *my* own good. Keep this up and you'll be stealing my title away from me..."

"Well, we can't have that now can we..."Quatre laughed.

"Most definitely not.... Now then, let's get back to business..." Duo began, setting the frivolities aside. This had taken long enough already. "On your knees, Winner."

Quatre complied rising onto his knees, Duo giving him a helping hand as the cuffs made it a little difficult for him to get up from his present position on his own. The pressure of Duo's lips against his was the next thing he felt. Tongues again battled it out for supremacy, but this time Quatre didn't give in so easily and Duo found himself becoming highly aroused from the challenge the blonde had issued him in fighting back. He moaned as the blonde reached down between his legs and grasped his cock firmly in his hand before stroking it gently. Duo returned the favor by massaging the tip of Quatre's cock with his thumb, the blonde tossing his head back slightly as the erotic sensation coursed through his body.

It looked like Duo had been right about the foreplay side of things and if that felt this good, then Allah help him when he finally reached his orgasm. He shuddered at the thought and for some strange reason, he was now looking forward to it.

"Ahh.." He cried out as he felt something close over one of his nipples, the other became the coveted prize of Maxwell's mouth as the young man nibbled and suckled on the hard pink nub. "Ohh... Allah!!"

Duo picked up the second clamp and placed that over the other nipple he had just been toying with causing Quatre to cry out again and then turned his attention to the whip that remained by their side. "Place your hands onto the floor," he commanded and as expected the blonde did as he was instructed. Duo crawled behind him and licked his lips. "Nice ass..."

Quatre blushed.

Duo sucked on his index finger and traced it lightly around the entrance before him. A soft moan escaped past the blonde's lips as Duo gently eased his finger into the tight cavern, then picking up the whip with his free hand he raised it above Quatre's rear and brought it down onto the soft flesh.

"Ahhhh.... Duo," he cried loudly as he bucked his hips forward. Surprisingly it hadn't hurt like he had imagined it would. In fact, Duo was actually quite gentle. Seconds later it happened again, only this time as he brought the whip down, Duo thrust his finger deeper into Quatre's back passage. The young pilot screamed loudly and pushed back onto Duo's finger. The sting that he'd felt the first time gave way to a new kind of pleasure the second time around that he could never have imagined existed; and then just when he thought it couldn't get any better, Duo brought the whip down a little harder than before and thrust a second finger in. Quatre's head spun a little as he heard himself scream again. It felt so good.

And then it stopped... All of it.

More than a little disappointed at the sudden ceasing of his torment, Quatre listened carefully, he could hear Duo behind him and waited in anticipation for what might happen next. "Duo, please... Duo, don't stop; don't make me wait. I'm going crazy."

"So you want more then do you?" Duo asked casually.

"Yes!" the blonde replied urgently. His cock was aching for it's release and he was desperate for Duo to take him.

"Then say it, Quatre tell me what you want."

"For Allah's sake, Duo don't tease like this... I need more; I want more... Please!!"

Within seconds Quatre heard an odd whirring sound behind him and felt Duo's hand touch his rear again. He jumped a little out of surprise as Duo began to spread a cold, wet substance that he assumed was lube around his entrance and then gave a moan of unrequited approval as he felt, one, then two of Duo's fingers enter him again and as they thrust forth inside of him he could feel Duo scissoring his fingers, stretching and preparing him for the next phase.

Duo had pulled another of his collection pieces out of the little bag and grinned. This one was one of his particular favorites. The vibrating pleasure periscope, his pride and joy. A vibrator and a periscope combined it's tip was made of rounded clear plastic and the extra novelty to it was that it lit up when you turned it on. The one inch shaft was hollow and had a mirror inside the base and the one inch square window provided a lit up view of the orifice it was inserted into. The only thing that bugged him about it was the fact that it had two separate switches; one for the vibrator and one for the light and that could be a pain sometimes.

Being the sensible young man that he was, Duo had also grabbed a condom from out of the bag and was now rolling it over the shaft of the vibrator. It was the sanitary thing to do, if he ever wanted to use it like this again in the future. He added a little lube to the condom and moved it to Quatre's waiting entrance. Gently he spread the whip flushed buttocks and positioned the vibrator. "Relax as much as you can, Quatre 'cause the fun is really about to begin.”

Quatre could only imagine what, Duo meant by that, but he soon found out as he felt something prodding at his back passage. Then with a gentle shove, Duo began to ease the vibrator into the pulsing anus.

"Ohh.. Allah... Ohhh Duo..."

Duo, waited for a moment as Quatre shifted a little getting himself into more relaxed and ready state. Then before Duo had the chance to insert it any further it Quatre saved him the trouble, pushing back hard onto it. Quatre felt as if he would blow his load right there and then, if only it wasn't for the damn cock ring his new would be lover had encaged him in. He had to admit though he was definitely feeling the difference between his normal erection and the one he had now. He wanted to free himself from it, but knew with the cuffs on and his present position he had no hope in hell. The sensation of the vibrating object that Duo had inserted was something new to him but it felt good as Duo slowly and gently thrust the object in and out of his ass.

Duo was enjoying his new plaything immensely. It was the first time he'd been able to try this one out and curiously he glanced down the periscope of the vibrator. "Shit, Quatre you ever seen up an ass before...it's amazing..."

Quatre raised his head a little, "Um... No, I don't believe I haa...aa... ve... Shit, Duo w, what the hell are you doing down there?" he stammered as he felt a sudden thrust he wasn't expecting.

"Heh... Sorry 'bout that, Quat. I got a little carried away."

"I'll say..." he grunted

Duo chuckled to himself and switched the light off, continuing to plunder the blondes passage. Quatre was beginning to sweat and his breathing was slowly changing. It was then that Duo decided it was time to tease some more. He reached underneath the blonde as he thrust the vibrator into his passage again and grabbed his balls rubbing them against the skin in between his legs and covered the tip of Quatre's cock with his mouth again driving the blonde completely insane. His cock felt so hot, so thick, so engorged, but yet it wasn't painful. Everything had been just as the 02 pilot had said thus far and his need for release was now at boiling point.

"Duo... Please, I w, want to come... I have to... I, I need to. I can't take much more of this it's so long since I last got off it's not funny. Oh Allah.... I think I'm gonna die if you don't let me come soon."

The 02 pilot snickered. "What do you want from me Quatre?"

"I want you to take me, damn it!"

"What was that, blondie I couldn't hear you." he taunted the other young man.

"Damn it, Duo just FUCK me!!"

Duo grinned and removed the vibrator, switching it off and placing it aside. "If you want me, Quatre You'll have to ask me nicely."

"Duo you bastard..."

"Uh, uh, uh, Quatre that's not nicely now is it?"

Quatre moaned as Duo continued to suck on the tip of his cock in-between making the blonde beg for him. "You're so cruel, Duo Maxwell."

"I'm still waiting, Quatre..."

"Fine..." Quatre finally submitted, "Please, Duo... Please fuck me. I want you inside of me. I need you inside of me... Please...."

"I want you to lie on your back, " Duo smirked as he began to lube himself up. "Then I'll take off the blindfold. I want to see your face when you come."

Quatre let out a small sigh of relief as he lay back down and true to his word Duo removed the blindfold. "What about these?" Quatre asked as he held his cuffed wrists up.

"What about them?" Duo inquired with a straight face.

"Bastard!" Quatre pouted.

Duo smiled and said nothing more as he hoisted Quatre's legs over his shoulders spreading a little more lube around the entrance to Quatre's channel and the blonde's breath hitched as he felt Duo's swollen cock at his entrance. The 02 pilot pushed forward, the tight opening giving a little as he did so.

Quatre's head rolled back as Duo's cock head finally made its presence known and he gave a loud gasp of exasperation. "All of it, Duo... Please, give me all of it!"

On that request Duo steadied himself, pulled out a little and then thrust with his hips, his cock embedding itself deeply into the blonde. Quatre screamed his legs wrapping around Duo's waist and pulling him down closer to him.

"Oh, shit..." Duo gasped as he felt the force of Quatre's sudden actions.

"Undo them... Please undo them.." Quatre requested holding his wrists up again.

Duo gave in to the 04 pilot's pleading. The poor guy had been through enough torment as it was. He grabbed the key to the cuffs from out of his braid and unlocked them. Immediately Quatre removed the cuffs and tossed them aside. His arms wrapped tightly around Duo's neck and he pulled up to kiss him soundly. Duo kissed him back, holding him close to him as he thrust deeply into the clenching channel that surrounded his cock.

Quatre began to pant again, his breathing was ragged. He had been ready to come for a while now but his release was yet to be seen as Duo continued to pound into him working himself towards his own orgasm. Again Quatre used his legs to pull the Deathscythe pilot closer, his passage walls working on the thick shaft embedded inside of him. Duo himself was now beginning to feel the pressure building in his loins. His pace quickened, his thrusts became faster and deeper and his own breathing now seemed to mimic that of his partner's and he knew that it was time.

Reaching between Quatre's legs, Duo released the four catches on the leather straps and fumbled for the last one around the blonde's balls. The overwhelming feeling of relief swept over Quatre as he felt the pressure ease on his cock. Duo began to pump the blonde's cock in time with his own rhythmic thrusts and he gritted his teeth holding back his own orgasm so that Quatre would reach his at the same time.

Quatre's body could no longer hold back, "Oh fuck, Duo.. I, I can't hold it any more I have to .. Oh Allah... Oh Allah I have to come."

"Me too, Quat, Oh god, I'm gonna come... Oh shit... I'm gonna..."

Quatre's body stiffened and then a powerful surge of the most intense and mind blowing orgasm ripped through him. The blonde couldn't help the scream that rang out as his whole being quaked with passion and his seed spat out from the tip of his cock in long spurts all over his chest and Duo's hand.

Hearing the blonde's impassioned scream Duo fell completely over the edge. He cried out as he reached his peak, sending him into that wondrous state of shameless ecstasy. His cock twitched as it released his seed deep into his partner's passage.

The wind outside still blew the sand around the tent, but inside for the moment time had stopped. The only thing the two pilots could hear was their own breathing, their own hearts as they calmed themselves on their journey back from nirvana.

Collapsing together in a sweaty heap, the two of them lay quietly wrapped in each other's arms.

"You know something Quatre?" Duo asked once he caught his breath again.

Quatre gave him a quizzical look, still a little too breathless to reply.

"Desert storms aren't that bad after all."


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