"Harder, Louder, Faster!"

Written By: Sparkling Diamond PG-SSM


Author: Sparkling Diamond PG-SSM   Beta reader: Raven Layne

Author's email: webmistress@templeofthegoddess.com

Pairings: 1x2, 3x4, 2x3x4, 1x2x5

Rating: NC-17

Warnings: Sex, Sex and more sex! Sex toys, language.

Summary: The pilots help Wufei pack for his move to Earth.  What's hidden behind the bedroom door that Wufei doesn't want the others to see?


"Harder, Louder, Faster!"

The two-story house didn’t look big from the outside, but Duo was sure complaining once he stepped in the front door. He and Heero had been ‘recruited’ to help pack up one Chang Wufei for his relocation to Earth from the Colony L-3.

“Who knew Wuffles would have so much shit?  Ha, and you call me a pack-rat!” Duo crowed, dodging around moving cartons that littered the main living area of the mosest townhouse Wufei had been renting during his 15 month assignment on the colony.

“This is different. You have tons of useless crap shoved in that closet of yours.”

“What? I’ll have you to know that my ‘useless crap’ “ Duo used his fingers to quote his lover. “holds a lot of sentimental value to me!” The longhaired ex-pilot pouted, crossing his arms across his chest.  Heero snorted, shaking his head slightly. His lover would get so defensive over the smallest things.  It never bothered him that Duo collected trinkets, and kept mementos; he found himself guilty of the same crime of keeping souvenirs from special times together, just on a much smaller scale.

“Feh, stop your damn pouting, Maxwell.” Wufei snipped, coming down the stairs that lead from the master bedroom. His dark hair hung loose around his face, giving him a very casual look compared to the severe ponytail that he usually wore while at the office. He frowned slightly, pushing up his glasses that slid down to the tip of his nose.

“I’m not pouting…yet.” Duo bit out, his eyes scanning down the length of the Chinese man, noticing the faded pair of blue jeans and dark polo shirt, before turning and fixing his gaze on Heero.  He would rather be home in bed, molesting his lover, but no!  Heero just had to volunteer them *both* to help pack up Wufei for his move back to Earth, to re-join the main Preventer's branch.

Duo blew a small puff of air, flipping his sweaty bangs away from his forehead. “Let’s get this show on the road already, guys. We really want to go home.”

“Somebody’s cranky. Did you miss your morning romp?” Wufei snickered, grabbing a few empty cartons to haul them into the kitchen.

“What would you know about it, Chang?  Like you have somebody to romp with!”

Heero rolled his eyes. Ever since the war, Duo would bait the Chinese teen into friendly and not so friendly banter, and Wufei always bit. If they could make it through the day without any bloodshed, or missing body parts, it would be an amazing feat!

“I have all of my vital information from the office packed up, so I can find it easily. You can finish in there, the bathroom, linen closet, the dojo, or you can help me finish the kitchen. I only request that no one touches anything in my bedroom.” Wufei’s voice carried from the kitchen.

“Why not, Wu-Wu, something in there you don't want us to see?"  Duo asked, wiggling his eyebrows at Heero as he followed Wufei into the kitchen. Wufei huffed, turning away to grab the butcher block that sat on the counter.

“I'd rather not have my clothing packed Maxwell style. All wadded up and thrown in a carton.  I've never seen you in anything that didn't look like you'd just picked it up off the floor and put it on.  You do know what an iron is, don't you?”

“I'll have you know that Heero takes care of all my wrinkles, even the ones that you can't get out with an iron.” Duo waggled his eyebrows, scooting out of the kitchen before Wufei could throw anything at him.

“Just get to work!”


“Here it is!” Quatre exclaimed, tumbling out of the rented car in a hurry. Trowa looked skeptical, following his lover out of the car at a much slower rate.

“Are you sure this is the place? You’ve said that about the last two houses that we stopped at.” The directions they received from Duo were less than explicit. The first house was the home of a little old lady, while the second was a child daycare center.  Trowa glanced at his watch, noting that they were now almost two hours late showing up.

“More than sure. Who else would have statues of dragons in the flower gardens instead of yard gnomes like everyone else on the block?” Quatre smiled, hand poised to knock on the front door. Trowa rolled his eyes. Leave it to Quatre to notice the ugly cement statues that adorned people’s lawns.

“Maxwell!” The yell was slightly muffled by the house, but there was no mistake who was shouting.

“See.” The blond plastered an ‘I told you so’ smile on his face, and proceeded to open the door.  Trowa stuffed his hands into his pockets, following closely behind the blond.

Boxes were stacked not so neatly near the front entrance, packing paper and bubble wrap scattered about the half-packed living room. Trowa raised an eyebrow as someone came pounding down the stairs.

“Hey guys! Bye guys!” Duo rounded the corner quickly, as another set of feet pounded down the staircase after him.

“Don’t mind them. Just grab a box and start packing.” Heero spoke up behind the pair, depositing another packed box along with the others.

“What did Duo do this time?” Trowa asked, picking up some strapping tape and a thick black marker.

“Duo thought it would be funny to bubble wrap each and every roll of Wufei’s toilet paper. Then wrap it with three inches of strapping tape.”  Quatre stifled a giggle, shaking his head as he picked up a few boxes.

“That’s Duo for you. So, where would you like us to start?”


The morning hours dwindled into the early afternoon. The chaos had settled into playful banter that echoed off of the now bare walls of the downstairs. Heero finished packing up the last of the computer equipment in the study, while Quatre and Trowa finished packing up the living room area.  Duo was banished to finish the room that Wufei was using as his personal dojo, citing that he couldn’t do much harm in there since the swords and katanas had already been packed.

“I think it’s time to break for lunch. We have time; the moving truck won’t be here until 6 tonight, and everything is almost finished.” Wufei declared, moving one of the last boxes from the kitchen, and marking it quickly.

“Good idea. I just have the books in the study to finish. I’m sure Duo is done with the dojo,” Heero noted, brushing off the front of his faded jeans.

“Good.” The Chinese teen nodded. “I shall go and bring us back lunch then. Any preferences?”

“Nothing spicy. I’m still suffering from the Mexican food that Quat insisted I try last night.” Trowa rubbed at his chest, a small smile quirking on his lips as his lover frowned at him.

Noting that there was only one request, Wufei picked up his car keys and headed out the door, leaving his four best friends to continue the packing.


Duo had found himself bored after finishing the dojo room.  Wufei had caught him in one of the best pranks he'd ever pulled, and now banned him from the strapping tape and the elusive bubble wrap.

“I seriously think he has a stick up his ass!” The braided teen grumbled before his eyes lit up with a manic gleam. Wufei’s bedroom was now in his sight.  The dark wooden door stood closed and probably locked, but that wouldn’t stop him. He just had to check out what was in that room that the Chinese teen didn’t want the rest of them to see.

Pulling lock picks from his tightly woven braid, Duo crouched on the carpeted floor, springing the locks in the tumbler in no time flat. The door swung open slowly, light spilling in from the hallway to illuminate the darkened room. Duo smiled proudly to himself, stashing his lock picks back into his hair before strolling into the quiet room.

After closing the door, he snapped on the lights, his eyes roving over the room quickly.

“Holy shit!” Duo whispered excitedly as he saw the contents of the off limits room.  Besides the average queen size bed, a dresser and large wardrobe sat against the far wall, a harness of some type hung near the bed. 'Curiosity killed the Maxwell!' he thought as he went to investigate.


“Has anyone seen Duo?” Quatre asked, settling himself on an end table, taking a small sip of his water. Both Heero and Trowa shook their heads before going back to moving the boxes out of the traffic areas.

“Maybe we should find him before he does something to piss Wufei off.” The blond said, glancing around the now bare living room.

“What more could he do? Take Wufei’s motorcycle apart and pack it?” Trowa smiled, drawing a stick figure holding a knife on the side of the kitchen box that held the sharp implements.

“Don’t say that too loud, Trowa. He might just do that.” Heero smirked, unloading his arms once again. Duo was notorious for taking large things apart just out of spite.

“Fine, I’ll go find our wayward Shinigami, and make sure he’s staying out of trouble.” Trowa groused, dropping the black marker on top of a stack of cartons.

After finding the dojo empty, save for the packed, but unsealed boxes. Trowa wandered around the upper floor of the house, checking out the rooms one by one until he reached a room with the door firmly closed. Shrugging, he was about to walk off when a noise inside caught his attention.  It sounded like a cross between giggling and a whoop of glee. Opening the door soundlessly, Trowa peeked around the edge to find his long haired friend swinging on the far side of the room on his stomach in what looked like a…sex swing?

“I’m Superman!” Duo laughed again, pushing his arms out in front of him as the swing chains swung him around in a lazy circle. Trowa had to snicker, if Duo knew what he was actually playing on, he’d totally freak, and then merrily tease Wufei until the end of his days.

“Duo, what do you think you’re doing in here?  I thought this room was off limits.” Trowa asked, closing the door behind him.

“What does it look like I’m doing? Boy, I’m going to tease Wu about this. Who knew he had a super hero fetish!”

“That’s a sex swing, you idiot! I’m sure you know what that is.” Trowa smirked, crossing his arms across his broad chest, leaning against the wall watching Duo kick off again to swing about.

“Well, I sorta figured that out for myself after finding the other things.” Duo grinned, pointing to a large wardrobe across from him.

“Other things?” Trowa mumbled, making his way over to the large piece of furniture. Opening the doors slowly, his eyes widened as the treasure trove was unveiled. Dildos, vibrators, plugs and beads of every shape and color were lined up on one of the shelves, bottles of different kinds of lubricants sat just above.

“Is this Wufei’s room, or have we stepped into the Twilight Zone?” Trowa asked, his gaze still finding more and more interesting toys.

“Who knew Wuffers was a closet perv! I love it!” Duo crowed, climbing out of the swing to join Trowa at the wardrobe.

“Some of these I’ve never seen before.”

“Sure has mine and Heero’s stash beat. Whoa, look at the size of these anal beads!” Duo pulled a large string of said beads off the shelf, whistling at the circumference.  “I’m not sure if this would be pleasurable, or just down right painful.”

“Put that back, Duo. Do you know what Wufei would do to us if he knew we were in here gawking over his sex toys?”

“Try them on us?” Duo said innocently, setting the beads back on the shelf only to reach for a large double ended dildo done in bright purple.

“Get real.”

“I am! I bet this would feel wonderful!” Duo almost purred, eyeing over the long purple jelly toy that lay in his hand. The taller teen choked, twisting around to see the braided teen fumbling with the zipper of his jeans.

“What are you doing?” Green eyes widen as Duo popped the top button on his pants, letting his straining arousal have some relief.

“What Wufei doesn’t know won’t hurt him. All this shit has me so fucking horny right now! Would you like to join me? I can see that you’re pretty damn hard yourself.”


“Wouldn’t you like to share this cock with me? Both of us fucking each other at the same time?” The last word was drawn out as a sultry moan as Duo ran his palm against the head of his cock. Trowa groaned, shutting his eyes. It would have to be Duo to corner him in a room filled with erotic delight. 

“What do you think?” Green eyes opened at the question, bringing another delicious sight. Duo had wiggled his jeans down to his thighs, one hand still gripped the long purple dildo, while the other danced and teased across his length.

“Trowa…you know you want to. Come join me.” Duo beckoned, violet eyes dancing with lust. It was too much. Trowa had to shut his eyes once more.

“Heero would kill you, and then me…”  The sound of shoes being taken off, the shimmy of clothes following gravity’s pull soon followed.

“Wufei would run us through with his katanas…” Another moan from Duo soon followed. A snap of a flip cap sent a shiver through the tall teen’s body. He knew that sound…the sound of a lube bottle being opened. His nostrils flared, the sweet scent of strawberries floated heavily in the air. Trowa licked his lips, almost tasting the sweet fruit in the air.

“Is that all you’re worried about?” Duo asked, followed by a long drawn out moan. Green eyes opened to fine slits, seeing Duo supported by one arm, the other twisted around towards his hidden opening, pumping slowly…the purple dildo nowhere in sight.  He swallowed thickly, knowing where that pleasure device was at now.

“Quatre would kill me…”

“No, Quatre is very aroused by this. Please continue.”  Green and amethyst eyes turned to see the blond leaning against the wall near the door, pants unzipped, throbbing arousal in hand.

“You heard the man!” Duo grinned wildly, the unoccupied hand darting out to snag Trowa’s button fly jeans. The taller teen tried to dodge away from Duo, but the quick hand caught the waist of the jeans, stopping Trowa in his tracks. With a quick tug, the button fly on the pants came undone answering the age-old question of boxer, briefs or commando.  Oh, yeah. Commando it is!

“Nice…” Duo whispered, his tongue slipping out to taste the tip of the ex-Heavyarms pilot.

“This isn’t a good idea…ahhhh!” Trowa protested, only to interrupt himself with a strangled moan as Duo took more of him into his mouth.

“I think it’s a brilliant idea.” Quatre said, pushing himself away from the wall, his swollen cock in hand. The blond smiled, stopping just behind their braided friend. The ex-Sandrock pilot kneeled, one hand resting on Duo’s back as his other pushed the pumping hand away from the double ended dildo so he could take over the pace.

“Fuck!” Trowa bit out, both of his hands coming down to tangle in the long chestnut hair in front of him. Duo smiled around the delicious cock in his mouth. Since Quatre had taken over the fucking of his ass, he could now concentrate on working Trowa into a lustful frenzy. Who couldn’t say no to an explosive release once you were so worked up?

Trowa’s mind was on a tilt a whirl, thoughts spinning out of control. His blond lover was staring at him with those lusty aquamarine eyes, a devilish smile gracing the lips he had kissed a thousand times. Duo moaned around his cock with each thrust that Quatre delivered, sending him closer and closer to that edge he so wish to plummet over.  His green eyes rolled back in his head, hands tightened their hold on Duo’s treasured mane, pulling the teen harder against his angry cock.

Duo winced as his hair was tugged roughly, his violet eyes stole a glance up to see Trowa teetering on the edge. That was no good; he wanted this to last longer than a simple blowjob. He forced himself backwards, letting Trowa’s cock slide from his lips.

“Oh, shit!” Duo bit his lip hard, trying to keep the shout from being released. When he had backed away, he forced the dildo in that much deeper.

“Be careful, baka.  Can’t have anyone getting injured before the real fun starts.”

Three pairs of eyes turned to meet Prussian blue.  Heero had finally come to investigate why it was taking so long to find his wayward lover. Now he knew. 

Duo smirked, his eyes gleaming with lust as his lover walked towards them. Trowa and Quatre were fun, but his insatiable appetite called for Heero.

“Having fun without me?” Heero asked, kneeling beside his still impaled lover. Duo could only nod, his tongue moistening his dry lips quickly. His knees felt weak with the intense look of lust Heero was giving him.

Trowa was disappointed that Duo had stopped just as he was about to crest the mountain of pleasure. His hand snaked down to grasp his neglected erection, stroking lightly as he watched Heero nip at Duo’s neck, his hand now taking up the thrusting of the toy still buried deep within the braided teen’s ass. His blond lover sat back on his haunches, his hand leisurely stroking his cock, his aquamarine eyes glazed over in lust as well.

“I really think that this type of toy is best used with a partner.” Heero breathed into his lover’s ear, his eyes looking between Trowa and Quatre. Duo moaned his agreement, moving his head so Heero could easily nip and bite at his neck and shoulder.

“Which one, Duo?” Heero asked, his hand giving a few sharp thrusts of the purple dildo.

“Ahhhh! Don’t care…” The ex-DeathScythe pilot panted out.

“Which one, or I will stop.”

“Fuck! No….don’t stop, please.  Quat…Quat, ok? Oh gods…” Inwardly, Heero smiled. He knew whom Duo would pick, but kept his lips sealed, motioning for Quatre to come closer.

Quatre smiled, glancing to his tall lover. Trowa nodded with approval. He would certainly enjoy watching his lover getting off with Duo. He was addicted to the pleasured cries and the twisted looks of ecstasy only his lover could display.

The blond didn’t need to be told what to do. He crawled the short distance, and turned his back to Duo, raising his ass to receive the other half that wasn’t buried in the braided teen’s ass. He closed his eyes, his breath coming out in short pants. He was so turned on at the thought of sharing the double-headed cock with his best friend. The blond squirmed slightly, as cool lube was drizzled along his cleft. He cast a look over his shoulder to see Trowa with the bottle in hand, helping to prepare him for what was to happen.

“Relax and have fun. I know I will.” Trowa murmured, nipping at his lover’s ear before the blunt end of the toy was pushed against his tight entrance. Quatre smiled, the toy breaching the tight muscle, and sliding in slowly.

The imitation phallus was nothing like his lover at all, but the length pushed further than Trowa could ever go. He experimented a little, adjusting quickly.

“Fuck yourselves, but no touching your cocks.” Heero nodded at Trowa’s request, his hand holding the small gap between the two impaled teens. Duo was the first to rock back, moaning his pleasure loudly in the forbidden room. Who knew that helping a friend move would be so good?


Wufei had returned forty-five minutes after leaving. The lines at the deli were ridiculous! He just had to pick the busiest time of the day to visit the popular sandwich shop. Hauling in the four bags that contained enough food to feed a small army, Wufei managed to get the front door open, and drop the bags on the nearest stack of boxes. Dark eyes noted that things seemed to be going well, and he should be ready to leave the house when the movers pulled up with the large moving truck later that evening.

Wufei sat back on the cluttered sofa, debating on whether he should go ahead and eat, or find his friends so that they could all eat together and catch up on things that have been going since the last time they were all together. He hated to admit, he was lonely and missed the company of his four friends. The other pilots found love in each other, and that left Wufei on his own, to seek comfort and pleasure in others that didn’t have the comprehension of what he’d been through.

“I have no one to blame but myself. If I wasn’t so closed off and mean…” He stopped himself from wallowing around in more self-pity. He made his bed, now he had to lie in it.

“Might as well find them. At least I could spend some time with them before they have to leave once again.” He brushed his loose hair back from his eyes, climbing off the sofa to figure out which room they were all packing in at the moment.

He checked the rooms on the first floor, smiling slightly with the memories in each room. The kitchen was already done, leaving only the heavy dinner table with the six chairs tucked neatly against it. It was only used once when all of them were together, just after Wufei had moved in.

The study that he used for his personal office was almost complete, leaving only a bookshelf that still held volumes of ancient textbooks that he loved to study in his spare time. He might not be the studious scholar he once was, but his love of knowledge never diminished.

A smile graced his lips, his thoughts going back to a time when his curiosity had gotten the better of him, and he ordered his first of many ‘pleasurable items’ from an online shop. He was so sure he could cure his hormones and loneliness with a simple latex toy. Make believe that he was being loved by one of his four friends that had been there through the wars. It was all dreams, but it was the best he could do.

The bathroom was done, with no help from Duo. He stifled a laugh, shaking his head. Duo just had to prank him, just like old times, and it brought a warm feeling to his heart. Yeah, he pretended not to like the braided teen, but he was just so carefree and happy that no one was unaffected by his charismatic joy. Wufei bowed his head…he loved each and every one of the pilots.

Moving up the stairs, he found the linen closet empty, the dojo packed, the boxes standing beside the door, the padded mats piled right next to them. Now he was confused. Where were his friends? Every room he looked in was empty…

“Oh shit…” His eyes widened, a light sheen of sweat broke out on his forehead. He crept silently to his bedroom door, turning the knob finding it unlocked. He covered his mouth with his hand, trying to fight off the sick feeling that fluttered in his stomach. Had the others found his hidden treasure? What did they think of him now? Would he find each and every one of his toys bubble wrapped with care from Maxwell?

 A moan floated from behind the closed door, prompting Wufei to crack the door open and see who the intruder was.

What he saw behind the closed door made his heart race and his knees weak. There on his white plush carpeted floor were his four friends, each with a look of pleasure and lust written clearly on their faces. He bit his lip, trying so hard to keep the agonized moan from being born.

Quatre and Duo were on hands and knees, both pushing backwards against the very long double-headed dildo he had picked up on a whim just over a year ago. The blond moaned, his tall lover kneeling in front of him, cock thrust in between Quatre’s lips. Heero was between the sharing couple, holding the dildo in place as each took their pleasure on the length, but Heero’s other hand wasn’t idle, it was stroking his cock in time with Duo’s backwards thrust.

“Fuck me…” Wufei whispered, his jeans becoming very tight around his rock hard arousal. He knew he should be pissed as hell with the intrusion of privacy, but how could he when the objects of his most erotic dreams were there on the floor fucking each other silly?

“Gods! I want to cum…ahhhh, please Heero…” Duo was begging, bottom lip caught between his teeth.

“No, I have a better idea.” Prussian blue eyes twinkled, watching both Quatre and his lover move on the latex phallus. Heero stopped their thrusts, pulling the dildo out of both of them and dropping it to the floor on the other side of them.

Pulling Duo to his feet, Heero lead him to the sex swing that Duo was swinging on earlier. Wrapping his hands around his braided lover, he hoisted him up into the harness, making sure that he was supported and comfortable before securing his ankles wide apart by Velcro cuffs. Heero smiled at his lover, his hands caressing the smooth skin of Duo’s ass that was neatly presented in front of him.

Wufei swallowed thickly, his hand sliding down to palm his erection through his jeans. Watching what was happening inside his own bedroom, he saw that Heero had turned away from Duo, searching through the wardrobe and bringing back a bottle of his favorite kiwi flavored lubricant. The Chinese teen licked his lips, almost tasting the lube upon his tongue. Duo moaned as it was dribbled along his cleft, fingers teasing his loosened entrance.

“Heero…please…ahhhh, damn you, please! Oh Fuck!” Duo’s voice was husky with passion; a large metallic blue dildo was rubbed against his tight opening, and then pushed in with ease, causing the longhaired teen to yell out as it struck his prostate.

Wufei’s eyes rolled in his head, his hand grasping the molding of the door to keep himself on his feet. Duo’s shout of pleasure was enough to send his blood to pound loudly in his ears. The dildo that Heero was using on his lover was one of Wufei’s favorites, curved to stimulate and strike his sweet spot with every thrust.

“Damn…I wish…”

Quatre had frowned when Heero had pulled his playmate away, but soon found Trowa on his feet, his head stuck in the wardrobe, looking things over. The floor around the wooden piece of furniture was littered with fallen dildos and vibrators, a string of beads hung over the edge of the cabinet.

Licking his lips, the blond couldn’t wait to see what his dark haired lover would bring out to play with. His eyes wandered to Heero and Duo, watching his braided friend toss his head back and forth as his lover thrust the dildo quickly in and out of his ass.

Close to reaching down to fondle himself, Quatre was stopped when Trowa stepped into his field of vision, dropping a few various playthings on the floor in front of him.

“Tro…” The blond’s voice died in his throat as he saw the size of the toys that sat in front of his face. His lover had to be kidding! He’d never be able to take that inside his body!

Noticing the worried look in aquamarine eyes, Trowa knelt quickly, his hand caressing Quatre’s face soothingly. They never really played with toys in their bedroom activities before, not that they haven’t talked about it in great lengths that usually ended up with both of them hot and bothered and fucking each other into the mattress repeatedly.

“In me while I take you…” Trowa breathed out, kissing Quatre’s forehead tenderly. To say that he was a little stunne would be an understatement. The ex-Sandrock pilot nodded, sitting back on his feet to help prepare his lover to take the large string of anal beads that rested against his knees.

With erection now free, Wufei stroked himself to the sight and sounds of the two pairs of lovers inside the room. He felt guilty that he was basically a voyeur pervert, getting his jollies from his friends, but his hormones over ruled anything that was on his mind, telling him to jerk off while part of his fantasy was going on in front of his dark eyes.

Heero’s instincts were correct when he thought they had an audience watching. From the corner of his eye, he could see the Chinese teen standing just beyond the gap in the door, watching all of them.  He noticed the door opening slightly more and more over the last few minutes, but his mind didn't sense any danger at all. That could also be blamed on the fact that his mind was clouded by lust, and didn’t give a damn if a fleet of Mobil suits led by Lady Une waltzed through that door to see them. His lover was becoming more vocal as the minutes clicked by, but he was having so much fun teasing the braided teen. He was just hoping that Wufei would come in and join them.

Trowa had felt the steady burn of eyes watching him and his lover for a while now, his eyes slitted as Quatre started working the large set of beads into his tight opening. He wanted to get up and yank the door open, pulling the ex-Shenlong pilot in the room with all of them. The last bead slipped in, Trowa moaning loudly as his bottom felt so full.

Quatre smiled, giving the dangling string a couple of tugs, making his lover moan louder. He was also aware of the Chinese teen’s presence just beyond the door, his space heart picking up on his emotions over the course of the past few minutes. It seemed that no one was going to do anything about it, just letting their fifth member of the team sit as the odd man out once again. That didn’t bode well with the gentle blond at all.

He slipped gracefully to his feet, walking around the queen-size bed and to the door. Three pairs of eyes followed his route, waiting to see what would happen. Would Wufei flee? Would he stay and play? Would this break down the friendship that they all had with one another?

Wufei wasn’t aware that he was spotted until the bedroom door was slowly pulled open the rest of the way, revealing a very gloriously naked Quatre right in front of him. His jaw fell slack, hand stopping his motion over his cock. Softly he cursed under his breath, dark eyes closing tightly against the onslaught of tears that threatened to fall.  How disgraceful and disgusting he felt at that moment couldn’t even be put into words.  He was caught…red handed.

He wasn’t given long to think of his actions, before a hand clasped his wrist, pulling him inside the bedroom, with the door slamming shut right behind.

“What the hell are you doing, Winner?” Wufei bit out angrily. One second he was feeling ashamed, and the next he was bitterly pissed that he was pulled into the room with four very naked friends.

“What am I doing? I should ask the same of you. For the last three years you’ve ducked your way around us, choosing to live alone and away from us, and then you stand just on the other side of the door, watching as we play with your toys. I can feel that loneliness rolling off of you in waves, Wufei. You’re so lonely…”

“So what if I am?”

“That’s no way to live.” Heero answered, finally pulling the curved metallic blue dildo from his lover’s body, dropping it to the carpet at his feet. 

Duo had pulled himself up slightly using the chains that hung from the ceiling to see what was going on.  He wanted to grab the Chinese teen and shake some sense into him. Couldn’t he see that each and every one of them loved one another?

“What the hell do you want me to do? You have one another already.” Wufei snipped, hands resting on his hips.

“Yes, we have one another, but we still have room in our hearts to add someone else.” Trowa spoke up from the floor.


“No bullshit. Either you come over here and fuck me right now, or I won’t guarantee that you’ll be safe after I get myself down out of this harness.” Duo grinned manically, wiggling his ass in an invitation.

Wufei frowned. If he did join them, it would only ruin their friendship. If he didn’t join them, he would regret it every single day of his life. An open invitation to have wild sex with the four men that he loved so much…dreams that would never come true.


“Shut up! Go let Trowa fuck your pretty brains out all over my bedroom floor.” The blond cringed back, noting that his breath would only be wasted if he continued to coax the black haired teen into joining them.

“Maybe we should just get dressed and leave.” Quatre said lowly, turning to locate where is pants were thrown in the heat of passion.

“I’m not leaving until I cum, very hard.” Duo crossed his arms against his chest; his ankles still tethered wide open in the swing. Heero arched an eyebrow at his lover, his erection growing anew. If Wufei didn’t want to join them, he wouldn’t feel guilty over nailing his longhaired lover with him watching.

Trowa had the same idea. He wasn’t about to leave unsatisfied either. He shifted on his knees, feeling the fullness of the large beads inside him, rubbing against his sweet spot. There was no way in hell he was going to leave sporting the erection that jutted up from his lap. He grabbed his lover’s arm, dragging him back to the floor. Pinning the blond to the floor, Trowa gave him a deep kiss before pushing forward into the well-lubed entrance beneath him.  Quatre moaned loudly, arching his back in pure pleasure. Nothing in the world felt better than his lover buried deeply inside him.

“Fuck me, Trowa. Fuck me hard.” Quatre panted, his eyes closing as his lover picked up the pace.

“Yes! That’s it…ooooh.”

Wufei watched the two on the floor, Quatre’s body writhing in pleasure as Trowa slammed hard into that oh so willing body below him. His body was reacting to the stimuli once again, his forgotten moment of complete anger and disgust lost to the sight on the floor.

An arm wrapped around him, hot breath against his ear.  “Join us…please.” Another arm wrapped around his waist, hand grasping his straining arousal through his silk boxers, exposed by his opened jeans. Wufei shivered, as Heero’s hand worked over his cock, coaxing him to join them in their play.

“I have nothing left to lose.” Loose hair fell around his eyes as he bowed his head, taking in a shuddering breath.

“No, you don’t, my friend.” Heero answered, steering him towards the awaiting Duo.

Violet eyes watched, concern dancing within their depths. He loved both Asian boys with all of his heart, but it was Heero that came to him first. That fact didn’t make him love Wufei any less. He loved Trowa and Quatre, but Heero and Wufei he loved even more than life itself. Maybe, just maybe he could have both of them…

Heero slowly stripped the dark polo shirt over Wufei’s head, tossing it to join the chaotic mess of clothing and toys that littered the once immaculate bedroom floor. Hands skimmed down bronze flesh, feeling muscles quiver under his touch.

“Touch him. He wants you.” Heero whispered, nipping at an earlobe as his hands worked to push jeans and boxers over narrow hips.  With a trembling hand, he obeyed, his hand slowly moving upwards on Duo’s thigh, feeling the smooth skin quiver at his touch. His dark eyes rose to look into violet that waited to lock on to his. Duo gave him sinfully beautiful smile, encouraging him to continue his exploration of his body.

“I want you to fuck him while I fuck you. We both want you, you understand? He’s called your name countless of times while I took him…and I’m guilty of the same crime.” Wufei shivered at Heero’s admission.  How could they?

He didn’t have time to think as a bottle of lube was placed in his hands. He was going to do it. He popped open the cap, pouring out a liberal amount of lube to slather his cock with. Looking up into Duo’s eyes, he knew that he could find a piece of heaven for just a short time.

Pulling the chains on the swing, he lined up his cock with Duo’s entrance, letting the head of his angrily swollen member slip in. The longhaired teen tried to move, he wanted more of Wufei inside him, but there was nothing he could do to take control. He was totally at the will of the two gorgeous men in front of him.

“Please…Wu, I need you, please.” Duo begged, wiggling his bottom. The Chinese teen smirked, yanking the chains towards him. His cock was sheathed in an instant, causing Duo to yell loudly in pleasure. Wufei released the chains, his hands seeking out the American’s hips, setting a slow, but deep pace.

Heero had quickly divested his soon to be lover’s pants, kissing his way up the bronze legs that were slightly spread to keep his balance, as he took his longhaired lover. Re-lubing his erection, Heero spread extra on his fingers, ready to prepare the beautiful ass that was in front of him. Running a finger along the cleft, Heero frowned, not sure of what he just felt. He lowered himself down on one knee, pulling cheeks apart to see what seemed to be a toy already in place? Gently he grasped the rectangular base, giving it a tug.

Wufei gasped as the large plug was slowly removed from his body. He had inserted it right before his friends had shown up that day, loving the fullness and the tingles of pleasure he knew he would receive from it. A blush crept across his cheeks, not sure why he would be humiliated over it, since there were more things to be embarrassed about.

“I guess you don’t need to be prepared for me?” Heero asked, moving the Chinese teen’s legs further apart, his cock rubbing against his cleft. Wufei shook his head, hips still flexing to bury his length into Duo’s body. The messy haired teen positioned himself, nudging his cock past the relaxed muscles, sliding to the hilt in one smooth thrust. Wufei moaned, leaning his body against Duo’s as he panted. It felt so damn good to feel a real cock filling him, fucking him. So hot, so real.

“That’s it, Heero. Fuck us both. So damn good!” Duo cried out, hands leaving the chains to tangle in the dark hair in front of him.

A chorus of moans, cries of passion and the sounds of flesh slapping against flesh filled the once forbidden room. Quatre was stroking himself firmly with the thrusts his lover was dealing to his body. He was so close to the edge.

“Fuck! Cum, Quatre…oh gods…yes!” Trowa shouted, his pinnacle just within his grasp. He shouted his lover’s name, aquamarine eyes closed as a wave of pleasure crashed over him, his milky white seed splattering against his chest and chin. Trowa pulled out of the warm body, his hand stroking hard on his cock. The blond sat up, reaching behind his lover for the string on the beads, pulling slowly on them.  That’s all the stimulation Trowa needed to teeter over the edge, yelling as his cum streamed out of him to splatter against his lover’s face, that was pressed against his stomach.

Not far from the sated lovers, Heero pounded hard into the sandwiched teen that was between himself and his American lover. The sounds that Duo was making, he knew that he was so very close to his release. He worked harder, pistoning inside the body in front of him, causing Wufei to slam harder into Duo.

With his violet eyes closed, Duo pulled Wufei down into a kiss before whispering to him.

“I love you, Wu. Love both of you so much.”

“Ohhhh, fuck! Love you both, oh shit…Love you!” Wufei shouted loudly, his body stiffening as his release hit him hard. Duo moaned, his heart beating faster with the confession of love. His eyes locked with the blue ones over the shoulder of the now spent teen. Heero had heard it also. With one last thrust; Heero let his climax wash over him, his body jerking with the force. 

“God, you’re both so beautiful when you cum.” Duo breathed, his hand sneaking down to stroke his still hard cock. Dark eyes finally opened, watching as Duo’s face contorted in pleasure.

“Beautiful doesn’t even describe it.” He whispered, his mouth descending down to catch the first jets of cum that came from the American pilot. Heero had to agree, running his hand up Wufei’s sweaty flank; kissing the back he was still propped up on. He could live with this forever.


“That’s the last of it.” Duo announced, watching as the couch was placed in the back of the moving truck.

“I think we did a good job.” Quatre smiled, his hand coming out to catch his lover’s arm. Trowa nodded, allowing the blond to nuzzle up against him.

“I think we’d better head out. Our shuttle will be leaving in a few hours and we need to pack our things at the hotel still.” Heero noted, picking up his lightweight jean jacket from the bare floor just inside the door.

“Same with us.” Trowa said, taking one last look around the empty house.

“Thank you for all of your help.” Wufei bowed, his mask of indifference had slipped back into place just shortly after they all cleaned up from the afternoon romp in the bedroom.

“You’re welcome. Keep in touch with us, ok?” Quatre hugged him, releasing him so Trowa could get a handshake.

“I will. Have a safe trip, and thank you once again.”

Quatre also hugged the other couple before scooting out the door, with his lover not far behind him.

Duo watched as the rental car pulled away, the horn beeping twice before it disappeared out of sight. He shoved his hands into his jeans, turning back around to now face his lover and the man he wish would become a permanent part of their life together.

“Well, I would be lying if I didn’t say I loved every moment here.” Duo joked, trying hard to break the tension that hung heavy in the air. Both Wufei and Heero remained silent.

“Look, Wu. I don’t know about you, but we’d like for you to come stay with us.”

“I don’t need to be your pity fuck, Maxwell.”  Those words stung hard, but he was expecting them.

“No pity, Wufei. Not now, not ever. The invitation stands. Join us.” Heero pulled the startled teen against him, kissing him tenderly before walking out the front door. Duo grinned, loving the expression on Wufei’s face. He walked slowly up to Wufei, putting his arms around him.

“No pity. I love you, and so does Heero. See you later.” Duo kissed him also, pulling away to shove a slip of paper into Wufei’s hands.

“Bye.” Duo waved, waltzing down the front walk without a care in the world.

The Chinese teen watched as the car pulled away quickly, turning the corner and disappearing. He looked down at the paper that was shoved into his hands, reading it twice before smiling.

‘We took it upon ourselves to help you along the way. Your household goods will be delivered to your new home on earth…with us. Love, Duo and Heero.’

A single tear slipped past dark lashed lids. “Love you both, also.”


~ * ~


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