"Vacation Fling"

Written By: Raven

Author: Raven aka Chibi_Goku

Author's e mail: Sohma_Momiji @ westnet.com.au (not including the spaces of course)

Rating: NC-17 (tame in start, mature audience suggested for later *_*;;;) varies.

Warnings: Some OOC-ness, some MAJOR OOC-ness (in later pages), beware my bad writing and this being the first fiction is have probably really finished and sorted out for others other then close friends to read. Also this is a fan fiction written for a contest and it will contain male male pairings (Gundam Wing.)

Summary: The boys are on holiday, rest and relaxation is their objective, but one has other plans...How will it, turn out


"Vacation Fling"

Mission Brief


The Gundam pilots Heero Yuy, Duo Maxwell, Trowa Barton, Quatre Raberba Winner and WuFei Chang had been ordered by Lady Une and Sally Po to take some well deserved time off, since they had been swamped by missions. Their vacation had been set out to go to Earth , Australia ; all they were given an allowance to spend; more like a budget. Their mission was to catch some rest and relaxation, some accepted with grace the others scoffed, moaned and grunted; all they knew was work, there was none of this rest and relaxation business. Duo was quite excited by the thought, spending some time with his friends....Alone.

They all went back to their place of dwelling and packed their bags, it was late; Trowa had packed his basics so he was ready for what was thrown at him, he had also done some research into Australia and saw that it was home to many intriguing animals, he wanted to be fresh for the trip and turn in; Quatre finished packing his one case, he had his things pack in vac-sealing bags so he could fit lots of things in, but also leaving space for gifts. After he turned in to get some sleep, he had been lacking in it as Trowa and he had spent some sleepless nights together when they were not on missions; WuFei had finished packing his small rucksack and was now engaging in meditation; Heero didn't pack a thing, he was too busy gathering information on his laptop. The only thing he was going to take with him; Duo on the other hand was finding it hard to pack, he wanted to take so many things his mind was in a boggle. Picking up the phone Duo dialed Quatre's number but got the answering machine. "Yo Q-chan! You know I'm really excited about this trip, but it’s hard to pack...'Spose you are getting some sleep...So I'm going to ring Tro" he said and hung up.

With a small defeated sigh he dialed Trowa's number, but it rang out. Duo stared at the phone some hair popping out of place and made a pout "Why is everyone asleep!?!?!" he yelled in frustration, which was followed by some yelling to keep it down and banging on the wall. Two defeats, but he wasn't going to let it go unanswered, hanging up and then dialing WuFei's number, his expression turning very serious and hoping that WuFei wouldn't snob him off. WuFei opened and eye and looked over to the phone and closed his eyes and ignored it, but its constant ring was starting to annoy him. Finally on the last ring WuFei picked up "WU-CHAN!!!!" Duo yelled down the phone, he listened for a response "I know you're there Wu-chan, you picked the phone up!" Duo said in a just tone.

WuFei only grunted his brow twitching "Maxwell..." He scolded. "I'm going to kill him," his train of thought continued. He then placed the receiver back on the phone and went to the bathroom to change for bed. Duo stared down at the phone again listening to the buzz on the phone.


"KEEP IT DOWN!!!" the voice next door yelled again.

"I'm SORR-RY~!" Duo yelled back his brow curling in and his face screwing up. The last number, Yuy's number, he took a breath an dialed. "Please please please, pick up and don't hang up on me," Duo said to himself hoping he would not be crushed again.

Heero looked over at the phone as it started to ring "Maxwell..." he muttered to himself and picked up the receiver almost having his ear blown off by the braided pilots yell of excitement, "what is it Maxwell?" Heero said in a bland tone.

"Aww...C'mon Heero, aren't you glad to get a phone call from me?" Duo said clutching at the phone.

"..." Heero didn't say a thing and looked at his laptop and started to type again.

"You aren't working on your laptop when your talking to me are you?"

"I'm not the one doing the talking..." Heero replied quickly still in a dull tone.

"Well, um Heero, wanna come over and help me pack?"

"No." Heero said simply.

"Why not?"


"Tell me!" Duo said in a whiny tone.

"I'm busy." Heero said clicking out of the program into another. "I'm going now Maxwell, get some sleep...." Heero advised his braided haired friend and hung up.

"ARG!!!!" Duo exclaimed as he put the phone down trying hard not to throw it across the room, he cursed under his breath. He stood up and went to his closet and threw some stuff into his bag and then got changed into his PJ's; a pair of boxers with hearts and a singlet top with the word noodle across the chest. He let out another frustrated sigh and jumped onto his bed hugging his pillow. "Why are they so mean..." Duo thought to himself. A few moments later his brow softened and he flipped the pillow over so he loomed over it. "Yuy, you have been a naughty boy" he said grinning. Duo glomped down onto the pillow and wrapped his legs around it and closed his eyes "Yuy~" he said almost singing and drifted off to sleep.


Mission Progress


The sun raised over the horizon casting his new born light over the land through each an every gap in the buildings and through the curtains of rooms. Its golden beams shone through Duo's curtains, the braided boy pulling the blanks over his head and rolling over, the clock to his side reading 8:36am .

WuFei was the first to the office, he had his rucksack beside him where he sat; his back was straight and legs evenly spread with his arms crossed across his chest. He sat there alone for a couple of minutes until Heero walked through with only his laptop bag slung over his shoulder. He looked at WuFei who nodded his head once in reply; Heero put his bag down on the ground and leaned against the wall also with his arms crossed. A couple of people walked past and looked in quickly walking off; the atmosphere was a little too heavy for them to break through.

Trowa was next, he walked in and greeted his friends and sat down silently and made himself comfortable quietly humming to himself, Trowa had bought too one simple bag with just the essentials in. They sat there waiting for the others to arrive "Maxwell, where the hell are you?...Probably still asleep" Heero thought.

"Quatre should be here soon" Trowa thought to himself looking over to the door just in time to see Quatre walking down the hall pulling his case behind him.

"Ohayou minna-san! [Good morning everyone]" he said with a big smile on his face, he looked around at his friends but there was one missing "where's Duo?"

"Most likely sleeping" WuFei said in a sour tone.

"He probably is" Heero commented shaking his head.

"He did leave a message on my answering machine last night" Quatre followed on

"Duo rang me too" Heero said in a more unpleased tone.

"..." WuFei didn't say anything about his call but they knew

"I think he rang me, but I don't know" Trowa said putting in his two cents. "Maybe we should ring him and wake him up" Trowa suggested.

"If he misses the flight its no skin off my nose" WuFei said protesting about ringing the braided boy.

"MATTE!!! [Wait]" they heard from outside the room, it was Duo's voice, he ran down the hall lugging a green army issued bag. WuFei just sat there not saying a word as Heero shook his head. Duo looked like he had just woken up, which of course he had just done. Quatre smiled and took Trowa's hand in his and started to walk off to meet with shuttle that was taking them to Earth, WuFei picked up his bag and followed suit, Heero looked at Duo and walked down the hall behind the others. Duo sighed and followed the Japanese boy. "They didn't say a word...." he muttered to himself.

"Did you say something Maxwell?" Heero said looking over his shoulder at the American.

"Uh no. ^^; Just talking to myself" Duo said laughing nervously.

"Right..." Heero responded and boarded the elevator to go to the car park, Duo rushing and just caught the elevator as the doors closed, he put his bag on the ground and turned watching the hall and people disappear as the doors closed.


Mission in Motion


The boys didn't have to wait long to board the shuttle, they all took their seats, Heero, Duo and WuFei were seated in the middle and Trowa and Quatre to the side with another military man seated beside them. Heero and WuFei sat there silent, Duo wanted to talk but it would be hard to break through to both of them, he looked over to Quatre and Trowa, Trowa smiled and listened to Quatre's stories and they chatted. Duo sighed, he wanted to chat "Ano...[excuse me]" Duo started to say when the hostess walked in to talk to everyone.

"Hello everyone, now please make sure that your seat belt is fastened and please take the cards out from the seat pocket in front of you and we can go through the safety rules and hazards that may occur." she started off and then peered around to make sure people were listening but she spied 5 boys not listened, Heero looked out the window; WuFei looked like he was asleep; Duo was grumbling to himself and Quatre and Trowa were still talking. A vein popped from her head a few strands of golden became stray from her bun her expression was less then pleased. She coughed trying to get the boys attention but they didn't respond, her brow twitched as she pointed out the exits "and THOSE OF YOU WHO DIDN'T EVEN LISTEN!! You will probably die a most horrible death" she said in a very irritated tone and walked off.

"Did that lady say something?" Quatre asked Trowa who just shrugged.

"Baka no onna..." WuFei muttered to himself and partly opened an eye and looked around, his gaze then went to the other gundam pilots he was seated with Duo and the Heero. Heero seemed to be quietly mulling over something in his head as he looked out the window and Duo looked like he could talk your ear off if given the chance. "This vacation is not needed" WuFei said out aloud with out meaning to.

"We haven't had any time to ourselves for a long time" Duo pouted then looked angrily at WuFei.

"I do not need breaks." WuFei said crossing his arms and then ignored Duo

"But its nice to be going away for a while, not having to worry about anything" Quatre said leaning partly over Trowa, who nodded agreeing. WuFei just grunted and closed his eyes.

"Ne! Yuy what do you want to do when you get to Australia ?" Duo said getting no reply from the Japanese boy "Ne! Yuy!" with still no reply. "YUY!" Duo said louder in Heero's ear, waving his hand in front of the Japanese boy. Heero looked at Duo with a blank expression and raised a brow.

"Why do you want to know Maxwell?"

"C'mon! We’re all going on vacation," Duo said putting an emphasis on we're. Heero just shrugged and went back to looking out the window, Duo let out a huge frustrated sigh. The shuttle had taken off, you didn't really notice as the take off was smooth, soon the sky changed to a dark dark blue color almost to a pitch black coated in stars. Heero sat back from the window and put his seat back to have some relaxing time a rest, but Duo looked and saw out the window and almost jumped on Heero and pressed his face against the window. Though he had seen all of this before it was between fighting so he never had much chance to really look at the scenery. With a lot of his weight on Heero he continued to look out the window like an excited child, Heero let out a displeased sound.

"Maxwell, get off me...If you don't I'll use your ponytail to kill you" Heero said, Quatre and Trowa quietly laughing to themselves as Duo quickly sat back down in his own chair with a very disgruntled look on his face.

"You're no fun Yuy" he said with a pout on his face. WuFei had been meditating and continued through the small commotion the American was causing. Soon after the hostess came and asked the boys to keep it down as it was bothering some of the other passengers.

"Please be seated, we will be landing on Earth , Australia in 30 minutes" the pilot said over the speakers which ran throughout the shuttle.




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Double: despicable...

Duo: She is setting me up I tell you!!!

WuFei:...Maxwell shut up

Hentai: setting you up for some of this! *strips Duo off*

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Duo dripping in sweat, legs wide open...being...being pleasured by...by...by a......nobly carrot? *falls over*

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Duo moans, mouth gapping, his eyes slightly closed, his arms astray....no not from his body @_@; Anyhows back to the game...XD


Mission Start


The shuttle came to a stop and started to taxi to head for the building in which the passengers would disembark, Duo could hardly sit still; Heero sat there with a blank look on his face waiting to get off; WuFei's brow slightly twitched as Duo became more and more annoying; Quatre and Trowa happily chatted, smiled and were eager to get off the shuttle to stretch their legs and to see the sights. Soon everyone felt the shuttle come to a halt and hear again the voice of the pilot "thank you for flying with us and hope you enjoy your stay here, it has been a pleasure" he said. Everyone started to move getting their bags from compartments and gathering their other belonging they had with them. Duo looked over to see if Trowa and were still there but they both had gone, WuFei had gone too quietly making his way off without him knowing, Heero stood up and grabbed his laptop bag from underneath the seat if front of him and undid his belt and moved off, Duo quickly fiddled with the belt buckle and made his way into the line of people getting off the shuttle. It was slow moving but when Duo got off the shuttle into a large room he looked around for his companions but couldn't see them.

"C'mon!!! This is not fair!!!" Duo exclaimed out loudly, some people turned and looked at him strangely and other ignored him, Duo sighed to himself and went to baggage collecting carriage and picked up his bag. Pushing through a sea of people he walked out and looked around, there were large expanse of wide open space with dotted high rise buildings and trees in the sky. He smiled lightly to himself and looked around again hoping to find his friends in the crowd. The other boys had headed off without telling Duo where they would be, so they could have gone anywhere Duo didn't know. He walked off sadly by his lonesome, a classic car drove past and Duo heard a wolf whistle trail off and saw a girl in the back of the convertible winking at him with her friends all laughing like fan girls. It bought a little brightness to his face but it soon turned dark as he remember his friends abandoning him, he made his way further down the road and walked into a pub hotel and sat down at the bar. "A new face in town, this is a place where you should be looking happy"

"I can't my friends left me...."

"Uh, they aren't very good friends then are they." the bar tender said as he set down a drink for Duo "on the house" he said with a grin.

"No!...Their great friends, I just can't work it out..." Duo said trailing off and taking a drink, the bar keep chuckled and wiped a glass.

"I've seen many of your types come in and leave, why don't you stay here? There’s a bed free"

"Really...." Duo said neither as a question or statement. Soon a group of people came in they were regulars and sat at a table, the bar keep went and got their orders and asked them to keep an eye on Duo.

"Hey! American, come over 'ere" one of them said a heavy Australian accent poking through. Duo looked over and raised a brow. "Yeah mate you, the one with the long braid, come 'ave a drink with us" the blonde haired guy said. The American stood up and walked over and sat down between two girls and across from 3 blokes.

"Such a cute face like your shouldn't be like that" one of the girls said

"'Ey don't mind them, lets just have a drink" the blonde said again pouring from the jug a glass of beer for Duo.

"What's that?"

"Its beer mate, one of the best, Hahn Premium"

"Beer...." Duo said looking at the glass and downed it.

"Hey mate, you go hard"

An hour or so later Duo was as pickled as a heron, telling his new companions of the missions he and his friends went on. Everyone was laughing having a jolly ol' time listening to Duo's tales, the huge Gundam's he worked with. By this time they had started on the lolly water (i.e. pre made drinks, Lemon Ruski, UDL, Red Bear etc.) and Duo's gesturing was getting heavier "...Then me and Yuy were like surrounded! We busted our way through to save this Princess!" he said with a heavy slur on his words.

"Haha! You got some good stories yank! It's pretty early now so we're going to head off to the sack and get some Z's" the blonde Aussie said looking over at one of his mates who had passed out from drinking too much. One of the girl's helped him up and headed off to the room, the others bid their goodnights and paid for their bill, Duo didn't really know what to think his head was bubbling and he wanted to drink more. He stumbled over to the bar and flopped onto the surface his face pressed against the shiny bar.

"Ne...One more beer" he said lifting his arm and letting it flop down next to his face.

"I can't allow you to have some more, why don't you go up and sleep for now, you're going to be feeling the hang over badly tomorrow" the bar tender said pouring another drink for someone else. Duo slumped up and stumbled around trying his best to walk in a straight line, but he had bumped into a larger man who had taken it personally.

"Oi! Punk...are you going to pay for this?!" he growled pointing to his beer soaked white shirt.

"Eh? *hic* what?...that...wazzz-nt...ma-y" he said trying to focus on the man, his vision was swirling. He stepped back as the man stood up and strode towards Duo. The man stopped and stared down at another man that wore a military looking shirt his bangs hanging over his eyes.

"Get out of the way! Little man" he said grabbing his shirt and lifting him up a couple of inches. "What's with this guy?" he wondered as he looked at the blank expression on the smaller man's face, he drew his head back quickly as he looked up strong cobalt eyes stared back at him.

"Why don't you leave my comrade alone" he said and looked back to where Duo should have been, all that was left was a dotted outline. Heero's brow twitched a little and he turned his attention back to the larger man who had taken the opportunity to launch an attack which was easily evaded, Heero landed a clean zero point punch to the man's stomach rendering him inactive. He looked around his hands clasped behind his back looking for the braided yank "where did you go now Maxwell?" he thought to himself.

"Wow! Thanks that was AWESOME!" Duo said hanging his arm over Yuy's shoulder, he hadn't realized who it was and looked around "hey want a drink?"

"C'mon lets go" Yuy said to Duo and paid the boys bill which didn't leave a great deal of money Heero had been putting away for no reason and put his arm around Maxwell's waist and walked his friend out of the pub "I'll be back for his bag later." Heero said before he exited, he turned left and headed down the road towards the hotel he was booked into. 

After putting Duo into his room on the bed he headed back to pub and retrieved Duo's bag and stopped near the bad and looked back "you shouldn't have given him anything to drink" Heero said in a monotone voice the bar tender just shrugged and continued on serving people. Heero walked out of the bar "what the hell did Duo bring?" he thought as he slung the bag over his shoulder and walked out and headed back to the hotel in which he was staying. A man walked over to him and greeted him.

"You are the young man who bought the other young man back with you are you not?" the door man said politely. Heero looked at him with a blank stare as if to say 'hurry up and spit it out I'm in a hurry' "there has been a disturbance from your room; the hotel manager would appreciate it if you kept it down."

"Have my room upgraded" Heero said blankly handing the door man some more money. The door man's eyes widened at the wad of cash he held in his hand and nodded his head and went and upgraded Heero's room "and make sure no one disturbs us." He added. A young boy came not much older the Heero and went up with Heero to his previous room to retrieve his belongings and Maxwell. Yuy handed Duo's bag to the boy and went to get his stuff leaving him and the boy unsupervised.

"H-eay, wha-why you gotz me bag?" Duo stuttered out his face pale as a white sheet, he stumbled forward and attempted to grab the bag off the boy "givv-me barg barck~" Duo said in his drunken tongue, stumbling forward to grab it off the other man who stepped back. Maxwell continued to stumble forward and landed face first into a wall and slid down and fell to the ground. Yuy walked back out of his room with his bag and shook his head.

“Here” he said handing his bag to the boy to take to their new room. He walked over to Duo and picked him up and slung his mates arm over his shoulder and headed to the room.




Duo’s mind was scrabbled like turkey mince, he was wondering whether he should give up trying to trap Heero and use him or whether he could continue. “Should I go through with it?...Or shouldn’t I?” he thought out loud, Heero looked to his side at Duo.

“What the hell is he thinking?” Yuy thought to himself “what was that Duo?” he said wanting to know more about what Duo was thinking.

“Eh?” Duo said not even realizing he had done anything. They went into the room after the man; who put their bags near the bed and walked out leaving the 2 boys in the large room by themselves. Heero moved Duo over to the bed and put the braided boy down on it and went to his bag and got it out. Yuy needed to put his laptop on recharge so he could continue to work on it. He looked back over to Duo, who was now out like a light and shrugged to himself his eyes wondering to the bag.

He stood up and looked down at the bag and stepped forward, normally he wouldn’t be curious like this and would have continued on with what he wanted to do, but it was getting the better of him. Moving over to bag and knelt down beside it and grabbed the zip, pausing for a moment “what the hell am I doing?” he thought to himself as his hands started to undo the case and his eyes wander inside the bag looking at the contents. Heero slipped back and sat there staring at the bag and wondering what was going though Duo’s head when he was packing the bag. Standing he walked into another room and closed the door behind him and pulled out his mobile phone and dialed WuFei’s number.

“Chang…pick up you Chi---b…Hi Chang, Did Duo tell you about what he was planning on doing while we were on leave?” Yuy said. WuFei looked at the phone and raised a brow and spoke.

“No, we all did ignore him though. Are you in trouble?”

“No~…Why would I be in trouble?”

“I mean Maxwell” WuFei said shaking his head, Heero didn’t seem like himself. “Why did you want to know?”

“Oh…nothing” Heero said “uh, I’m going now” he said hanging up on WuFei who just shrugged again and went to get read for sleep. Heero walked out of the room and put the mobile onto the table and sat in the chair looking over at Duo, bringing his hands up he started to rub his temples, what in the world was he up to. He continued to think and started to nod off to sleep nudged up in the chair, at this time Duo was just starting to wake back up. He rubbed his head, his whole body jerked forward; quickly putting his hand up to his mouth he jumped off the bed and bolted for the bathroom only barely making it to the toilet to vomit.

He slowly stood up and straightened out too fast his head spun and spun his legs wobbling threatening to buckle underneath him, putting his hand on the vanity to support himself he turned to cold tap on and splashed his face. Maxwell let out a moan and hung his head; never in his life did he feel so crook.  “Where am I anyways?” he thought to himself looking around. He walked towards the door and poked his head out and saw a sleeping Yuy “Yuy?...Am I dreaming?” he wondered giving himself a pinch to make sure. Duo grinned small horns grew on his head and a devil’s tail swirled around from his backside. Sneaking out he headed towards his bag and saw it was open, rushing he looked in, nothing was gone it was just open.

“Yuy~” Duo sung out quietly as he pulled rope and handcuffs from the contents of his bag a black leather g-string hanging from the link of the cuffs, dropping to the ground as he moved closer to the sleeping Japanese boy. All the while Duo having some kind of sex crazed look on his face, thoughts of spanking Heero with a paddle using a torch in some obscure way, he stood there in a pose of a wicked laugh but a silent one.

When Duo opened his eyes again he looked around the room, it seemed different everything seemed to be out of a medieval castle, with a shrug he proceeded to walk towards Heero, the Japanese man was chained against the wall and now in Duo’s hand was a whip. He loosened his grip and flicked it out getting ready, he stepped closer looking down at the man in front of him. The man’s eyes were closed his brown bang’s hanging heavily over his face, his face grimy from dirt his clothes in tatters.

The man struggled to his feet and lurched forward towards Duo so he was face to face, Duo’s violet eyes exchanged glance with the man’s deep cobalt eyes. It was there and then Duo knew he wanted this man, for his own; he would not let anyone else have him. Maxwell grabbed the man’s face in his hand and pressed his lips against his licking his bottom lip as he moved away. “Come, come now don’t be like this” he said looking down at eyes with intent to kill, Duo kneeled down clamping the iron’s around the others ankles making sure everything was secure, so he had complete control.

Ripping the rest of the man’s clothes off he flipped the whip around so the hilt of the whip was facing down, he pressed it to Yuy’s skin and ran it up his spine till he reached the middle of his shoulder blades. “Make sure you make me happy” he said with a cruel smile. There was no response vocally but he looked down at his body as it started to shake as he started to run the whip’s hilt down his back, to the small of his back and to the man’s rump. Heero gasped and tried to pull away the restraints stopping him.

“I haven’t even done anything and look at you” Maxwell muttered running the tip around Yuy’s anus teasing him, after sometime he started to put more pressure  as he moved the hilt around Heero’s body “this should be interesting” Duo said as he spread Yuy’s legs more and inserted the hilt into the only viewable orifice available. The man’s body lurched forward his head flinging up as he let out a gasp, his breathing was heavy, sweat beaded on his back, forehead all over. The position he was in wasn’t very comfortable either so he wriggle trying to find something better all the while moving the hilt that was now deeper inside of him around.

Like a pin ball bouncing off narrow tunnel’s the round tip of the hilt massaged Yuy’s insides well making him yelp out “please…no. More” he finally said.

“He does talk! Here I was thinking that they had sold me a mute”

“I am…no mute…get this thing out of my ass” Yuy demanded.

“No can do…” Duo said as he grabbed part of the whip’s leathers and wrapped it around Heero’s hardened penis “almost like a pretty bow just made out of leather and black” he said blowing into his ear. Squirming to get Duo off of him only seemed to make things worse, his eyes squeezed shut as he tried to cope with this unknown feeling, was it pain? Or was it pleasure? They always said there was a thin line between the two.

The leather around his thickened shaft only prolonged this feeling, the feeling of exploding but not being able to, it just kept on building until he thought he couldn’t hold it much longer. Duo leaned down over him and whispered in his ear “do you want to let go now?”

“Yes….please, I-I-I can’t t-take much more” Heero struggled to say between gasping and panting, everything seemed to be tingling, being numb but not.

“Just a little longer” Duo whispered and he placed his finger on the remaining stem poking from Yuy’s buttocks and started to twirl it around in a clock wise motion, slowly putting a little bit of pressure in also. Yuy clenched his teeth together his eyes were still closed.

“Oh! My God!!” he exclaimed his appendage growing in size the blood racing then came to a stop, the flood gates weren’t open and everything was pushing, pushing to get out, the leathers around his penis were tight but soon were loosened by Duo’s slender fingers. Like a hose with no operator Yuy’s penis blurted out all over the place spreading its sticky white love on the floor, on Heero and anything else in its path.


Game Over


Duo woke up everything was still a little hazy his head felt like it had been used for a drum; he looked around for Heero but couldn’t see him. Duo looked down as he heard a groan and saw Heero laying there bottom up in the air his pants around his ankles and underwear at his knees and a thick pen pressed in the crease of his arse.

Blue lines ran down Duo’s face as he looked down at Yuy, he knew Yuy would kill him for what happened, whatever had happened. Duo tried to remember but there was nothing only a blank patch of blackness. Duo looked from left to right, grabbing the pen with 2 fingers and closing his eyes quickly pulling it away from Heero and throwing it to the bin. “He is SO going to KILL me!!!!” Duo thought to himself as his brain went into panic mode. A small robot in his mind waving its arms about saying “danger, danger Will Robinson. Danger!”

Heero groaned again and roll over onto his side his expression looked very vulnerable his mouth open just that little bit. Duo smiled and hugged his knees forgetting that he would be in trouble if Yuy found out or knew what happened. Duo stared at his friend with a goofy grin on his face, Yuy opened up an eye a gleaming cobalt gem looking back at a violet set of eyes. “Why are you so happy?”

“Oh…No reason!” Duo chirped thanking the heavens that he didn’t remember. Yuy sat up his brow twitching with discomfort.

“My…arse….why? Wait, I don’t want to know” Heero said to himself as he got up, not even noticing where his pants and underwear were, he put his feet on the ground and went to step off and landed face first on the floor.

“BWAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA~!” Duo let out as he pointed and laughed.

“Trust you to laugh MAXWELL!” Heero grunted as he stood up pulling his underwear and pants up, it would have been some stupid prank on Duo’s part, but Heero still couldn’t work out why his arse hurt.


Authors Note


HAHAHHAHAAHA…errr bet ya glad its over hey? I am x_X;;;; ecchi thoughts are soo much easier then trying to write something, specially when you get distracted like me. Anyhows yeah, I just couldn’t help myself…I’m a joker at heart. I decided to change it a little a Dream scape, almost like Duo hadn’t actually woken up to vomit. How Heero managed to be on the bed…well God only knows that one LOL.

Anyhows I hope it wasn’t TOO torturous for you poor people to read.

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WuFei: I'm glad it wasn't me

Quatre: you and me both Fei-chan *laughs nervously*

*nudges Quatre* what did you and Trow get up to then? *winks* eh eh?!



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