Written By: Laren

Author: Laren aka Cyrrer and Zanna (responsible for the translation)

Author's email: ro_laren@gmx.de

Pairing: 04x03

Rating: NC-17/18

Warnings: Lemon, SM-BD, AU, Brit-spelling (done by a none native speaker)

Summary: Trowa is a police Lieutenant who has rescued the life of a well known mafia leader - Quatre 'Angelface' Winner - and gets a reward he couldn't have anticipated. This is a side fic to a longer GW-FF I have written and which is loosely based on the movie 'The Big Easy'. This fic is not translated to English at the moment, but don't worry, 'Angelface' can stand on its own.

A/N: Written for Gundam Wing Diaries' "The Art of Bondage" contest

Disclaimer: I don't own GW or any of its characters and just try to have some fun with them

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Almost reluctantly Trowa drove to the gateway of the lordly mansion. He knew the way just too well; after all, he had been here rather frequently to pick up Angelface Winner for an interrogation at the police station. This time though it wasn’t an official visit.

Trowa fidgeted anxiously on the driver’s seat; he didn’t really know what to expect. He couldn’t even begin to imagine how a private evening with his adored Angelface would look like.

He didn’t even know how he had managed to get up the nerve to ask for this evening. He was too shy actually to make such a step. Especially when concerning Angelface.

Angelface, the man whom he had fallen for years ago. Trowa admitted it to himself rather quickly; he couldn’t really deny it at all. He had been lost from the first moment he had dealt with the young leader of the Manguanacs. And he hadn’t cared at all that the other one was a boss of the Mafia, and thus was standing on the other side of the law.

But that had never been a problem because Trowa had been content to admire him from afar. To adore him – in the truest sense of the word. It had been enough to see him every now and then in the context of his job. More wasn’t necessary to make Trowa happy, because he knew that there would never be anything else.

If his best friend and colleague thought it to be strange that a cop could fall in love with a Mafiosi of all people then Trowa never knew. Duo made little innuendos every now and then but otherwise left Trowa and his obsession alone. Probably because deep inside Duo sort of respected Angelface too.

Because one couldn’t help but feel respect for him: After the death of his father Quatre Winner had become the leader of the Manguanacs at sixteen years old. Instead of ruining the family and losing his hold over the town – as all his rivals had expected him to – Quatre had managed to make the family more successful than ever. The business bloomed and everybody learned not to underestimate Angelface – how Quatre was named due to his angelic looks.

The Manguanacs grew stronger than ever under his direction; the family expanded more and more into the legal branches of their business area. And Angelface didn’t even reign forcibly but apparently rather with cleverness and the keen sense of the business.

Angelface had been the leader of his family for twelve years now and during this time the police had been unable to pin a single thing on him. That would have frustrated Trowa if he hadn’t preferred to see Angelface on the loose. Not that he affected the investigations to protect Angelface; he would never do anything like that. Because in spite of everything he was a cop with a heart and soul and he liked to have an equal opponent.

There had been some assaults on the members of the Manguanacs during the last weeks, everything had pointed towards gang warfare. Angelface had been one of the targets too and duo to a strange twist of fate Trowa had managed to save Angelface's life twice. Which led to the current situation.

He had argued that he would have protected anyone, and that statement wouldn’t have been a lie, but he was especially glad that he had been able to keep that shining light from death. During the second attack Trowa had broken his leg because of his own clumsiness. Angelface had thereupon visited him in the hospital to thank him. Trowa still blushed at this thought. And when the blond man had said again and again that Trowa had saved his life and that he was extremely grateful, Trowa had screwed up his courage and asked for a date.

Exactly, Trowa Barton, lieutenant of the police force had asked the boss of the biggest Mafia family for a date – and survived it. As soon as these words had slipped out of Trowa’s mouth he had regretted them. What would Angelface only think of this intrusiveness? But before Trowa could take it back and blame everything on the pain killers that had been given to him, Quatre had looked him over estimating and then agreed immediately.

Trowa had wanted to die outright. He just wasn’t sure if it was out of bliss or embarrassment. Angelface Winner wanted to go out and have dinner with him! Trowa still couldn’t believe it, even though he was on his way to precisely that dinner just now.

The problem was that Trowa couldn’t entrust anyone with it, he couldn’t ask anyone if he was doing the right thing or not. His superiors weren’t to know anything and Duo – virtually the only friend he had – certainly couldn't know about the date.

Trowa scolded himself, why was he thinking such weird thoughts? It was only a dinner, nothing more. Angelface did it only to settle a debt and in two hours time they would part ways again – and keep it that way.

But Trowa would enjoy those few hours; after all, he would get closer to his adored. Therefore he would push all thoughts of ‘what if’ aside now and simply accept this little present. After all, just what could happen?


Trowa parked his battered car in front of the great mansion and all of his hard accomplished self-confidence faltered. It was completely different to show up without having a police summons as legitimation. For some moments Trowa simply sat there frozen in his car and looked at the building. Then he swallowed hard and screwed up his courage. Angelface was expecting him and the Mafiosi would surely be not very pleased if he didn’t show up.

On his way to the door Trowa remembered again why they took their dinner here of all places. But Angelface had insisted, had argued that they couldn’t be seen together in public. Trowa agreed, but he nevertheless had a weird feeling to go straight into the lion’s den.

When he arrived at the front door Trowa took a couple of breaths then he used the knocker. Yes, a knocker. The mansion of the Winner family didn’t own something as profane as a doorbell. It would probably be way out of place compared to the ambience.

His knock had hardly died away when the door was opened by Rashid. The gigantic Manguanac looked at him with penetrating eyes and a frown, and Trowa’s hand reached automatically to his inside pocket as if searching for his badge.

“Ah, Lieutenant. Mr. Winner is already waiting for you,“ the man said and stepped aside to let Trowa in.

Trowa took a deep breath once again to gear himself up and entered. Rashid helped him out of his jacket as soon as he trespassed the threshold. “If you would follow me, please,” the Manguanac said after he had taken the jacket and gestured towards the parlour.

Trowa had to bite on his tongue. The situation was almost surreal. A Manguanac, a big shot in one of the most feared Mafia families acting like a perfect English butler. Simply unbelievable.

But as it probably would be an affront to laugh out loud right now Trowa refrained from it. Instead he simply followed the giant.

He was quite familiar with the house, after all this was the place he mostly came across Angelface when they needed him at the police station.

Because he knew his way around he wasn't really paying attention to the route they took. Which wasn't really all that bad, it gave him time to admire the grandeur and elegance of the mansion. It was quite impressive and could easily distract and intimidate.

After some moments they reached the parlour. Rashid entered the big room first and announced, “Your guest, Mr. Winner.”

“Ah, finally,” a clear voice sounded that normally could impress each and everyone.

Trowa’s eyes wandered through the room for some seconds. Everything looked really classy – at least from Trowa’s point of view. Everything sparkled and flashed, a long dining table was set with valuable china. Candlesticks were everywhere and lightened the room, as well as an open fire. Yes, all in all Trowa was reminded of the interior decoration of a very expensive restaurant or of a historical movie.

After he had taken in the ambience for some moments his eyes finally found Angelface. When he saw him Trowa had to swallow. He looked so incredibly gorgeous. Angelface approached him and offered his hand to greet him; at the same time a beaming smile crossed the young man's face.

Trowa was immediately captured by this sight. Quatre Winner moved always as if he owned the whole world – and at least for the better part of the town it was the truth. But despite of all the power he radiated he had never lost his youthful charm. He wore a light suit that fit like a glove and had probably cost more than Trowa’s police salary for a whole year. The blond hair looked very skilfully – and probably very expensive – tousled. His ocean blue eyes beamed when he grabbed Trowa’s hand. Trowa absorbed the sight like a man dying of thirst. He tried to memorise every little detail, to save it for all eternity into his memory.

“Lieutenant. I’m glad you could finally make it,” the smile on Quatres face lightened the whole room.

“Thank you for the invitation, Mr. Winner,” Trowa replied awkwardly.

Angelface smiled again at him and then he turned to the Manguanac. “Rashid, you can go now that Lieutenant Barton is here.”

“But Mr. Winner…” the giant tried to protest.

Angelface quickly raised his right hand and silenced the Mafiosi with the gesture. “Rashid, I want to be alone with my guest. Everything is prepared; I don’t need your services now.” Apparently the Mafiosi wanted to reply something but Angelface simply kept on talking, “You don’t have to worry about security. The bad guys have been caught now and besides, the Lieutenant is here to protect me. I want you to go.”

Trowa was busy blushing at these words so he only marginally noticed that Rashid bowed shortly and then actually left the room.

When the door closed Angelface took Trowa’s forearm and led him to the dining table. “Ah, finally alone,” the blond man said with an amused undertone. “I gave my staff and the Manguanacs the day off. We won’t be disturbed. Only Rashid had insisted on staying until you arrived, Lieutenant. Here, sit down please.”

Trowa was a little bit overwhelmed by the situation, even though nothing had happened yet. He tried to understand why Angelface had made sure that they would be completely alone in the house. But that probably only meant that the blond man didn’t want anyone outside of his confidants to know that he had anything to do with a cop – even if only cursory. “Thank you,” Trowa murmured absently and sat down on the offered chair.

Quatre sat down too and then he raised one of the heavy wine glasses and said, “To an enjoyable evening, Lieutenant.”

Trowa nodded and raised his glass to the other man too. When he tasted the wine he immediately knew that it had to be a really exquisite wine. He had never drunk anything that good.

Once again he asked himself what he was doing here. It was more than obvious that he and his adored angel lived in two different worlds. Not only that they were standing on different sides of the law, no their worlds were completely different. For Trowa this evening was the epitome of luxury. Something he would never experience again – at least not if he would keep on abiding the law. For Quatre Winner this was nothing special, almost as though they were at the McDonalds. Somewhere that Trowa wouldn't have felt quite so out of place

Angelface set down his glass again. “Well, Lieutenant. How have you spend the last weeks? Is your leg completely healed?”

Trowa nodded. “Yes, everything healed quite well and I’ve been on active duty again for two weeks now. Just in time, I almost went mad in the hospital because I couldn’t do anything.”

Angelface laughed. It wasn’t a loud, rumbling laughter but rather a chuckle. Definitely a noise that sounded really pleasant in Trowa’s ears and made him blush again.

“I can imagine, Lieutenant. The staff in the hospital had more than once complained over the stubborn patient that I placed in front of their noses.”

“Thank you again for the treatment. It really wasn’t necessary – but nevertheless very generous of you.”

Angelface waved the comment aside with a gesture. “Of course it was necessary. You were injured when rescuing my life. What’s a little hospital bill compared to that?”

For someone like Quatre Winner it probably really wasn’t worth mentioning. “Thank you anyway.” Trowa had decided to be as politely as possible. He wanted to make the best impression after all.

“My pleasure,” was the answer. “And how are your short-tempered colleague Maxwell and his excessively proper friend of the prosecutor’s office doing these days?”

“They’re doing quite well. They have a lot to do. The police force is undergoing major changes. They are quite stressed out at the moment.” Trowa didn’t want to think of their last big case. There had been many casualties and too many problems had been posed. People Trowa had thought to be his friends had proven to be the bad guys. The police force would never be the same. Duo and Heero would see to it that the corruption would be contained.

Surprisingly they began an interesting conversation. They talked about anything and everything while eating the delicious dinner that Angelface’s chef had prepared. Trowa couldn’t really believe how fast the time went by. And due to Angelface’s calming manner he had lost his nervousness almost completely.

When they both finished eating the dessert Trowa said, “Thank you again for your invitation. The meal was delicious.”

“Yes it was,” Quatre answered entirely unhumble. “I’m glad that you liked the evening. Was that everything you expected from this meeting, Lieutenant?”

Trowa, who was just taking a sip of wine started to spew and spread the dark liquid all over the tablecloth. He immediately blushed furiously and wanted to sink through the floor. “What… what do you mean?” he stuttered.

“Well, I couldn’t help but notice the looks you were always casting my way, Lieutenant.” Although Angelface kept on smiling and beaming all over his face his voice sounded almost piercing. As if he was interrogating Trowa.

“Uh,” was Trowa’s clever reply.

Angelface paid no attention to Trowa’s unsuccessful attempts but kept on speaking calmly. “And therefore I’m asking myself if you were pursuing some ulterior motives with your request for a dinner. In terms of that I have to show my gratitude in other ways too.”

“By no means!” Trowa almost stuttered and shook his head vehemently. “Believe me, I never had such thoughts! How could I dare?” Trowa knew that he had to be honest now; Angelface Winner was known to smell a lie ten miles against the wind. “I admit that I admire you. I have always admired you. But I just wanted to spend some time with you. Without us being…”

“What?” Angelface interrupted and raised his left eyebrow quizzically.

“Without us being cop and… businessman. I never hoped for more,” Trowa assured.

Quatre smiled and nodded. “Then it’s alright,” he said and pushed his chair back to stand up.

Trowa imitated him. Nervously he put his napkin over the spots of wine on the tablecloth he had made and asked, “Shall I go now?”

A long, free laughter sounded in the room. Suddenly Angelface was standing beside him and gripped him at the elbow. “Why should you, Lieutenant? Now that we have clarified the matter we can continue as planned. The evening is still young and I haven’t even shown you my house. Please don’t tell anyone what a bad host I am.”

Trowa could only stare unbelieving and let himself be led by the smaller man out of the parlour without much resistance. The whole matter was extremely embarrassing for him and he just wanted to go home to lick his wounds. But Angelface wanted to keep him here and Trowa would never be able to deny the blond man anything.

So he followed him completely confused and was led through the different rooms of the big house. It was a really grand mansion and it was noticeable that the Winner family had always known how to make life better with money. Trowa already had searched a lot of houses belonging to many criminals, but none of them could match the Winner mansion regarding elegance and culture.

Trowa didn’t really know why Quatre showed him all that. Firstly he already knew some of the rooms from his earlier visits, and secondly he wasn’t an estate agent who would be really interested in it. But he nevertheless enjoyed it to be so close to the other man and listen to his voice while they explored the rooms.

Meanwhile they reached the first floor. After two more or less exciting rooms Angelface opened a wide double door and announced, “And this is my playroom.”

Trowa stepped into the room and stopped then as if he had come up against a brick wall. After they had already seen the poker room and the poolroom he had expected something similar at the mentioning of a ‘playroom’. But whatever he had imagined, THAT wasn’t it. “The… the… the!” Trowa stammered without making sense.

Angelface smirked from one ear to the other as if he were a cat. “The playroom,” he confirmed. And with these words he closed the door.


Trowa swallowed hard and spun round one time while he tried to absorb everything that he saw. The room looked like a SM dream come true. Not that Trowa had ever had such dreams; but he had searched several brothels during his career and the kinds that were specialised on the more exotic offers too.

The most prominent item in the room was a huge bed, one that had enough room for four or five people at the same time Trowa noticed with a dry mouth. But that already was the only ‘normal’ item in the room.

He could also see some sort of rack and several other pieces of furniture of which he couldn’t identify the correct purpose right away. On the walls hung whips, staffs and what not, from the ceiling hung chains and in one corner Trowa could even spot some kind of cage.

“What... is... that?“ he croaked with a dry throat.

Angelface stepped close behind him. So close that Trowa thought he could feel his breath on his neck. Trowa got goose bumps all over his body at once.

„Like I said, this is my playroom. My most secret dreams come true here in this room. This is the place were I punish and reward,” Quatre breathed and Trowa’s knees started to buckle.

Trowa’s mind worked overtime while he tried to make sense of what Angelface just had said. But somehow he didn’t really manage. “Punish? Reward?” he asked throatily.

“Yes,” it whispered softly but resolute at Trowa’s ear.

“But… how… and why?” Trowa knew that to be a really stupid question but he couldn’t hold it back.

The bright laughter of Angelface sounded shortly. Then Trowa felt the other man slowly pass him by. In doing so he let his fingertip playfully wander over Trowa’s shoulder to the back of his hand. Trowa felt hot-cold shivers running down his back.

With a smooth motion Angelface had circled him and stood now in front of him, kept Trowa’s gaze captured. Although the Mafiosi was almost one head shorter Trowa had the feeling as if he towered him. The blond man radiated so much power and self-confidence that one couldn’t but feel small beside him.

“You can imagine the how, I’m sure,” Angelface explained. “The why? Well, let’s say I love to be in command. I am the one who shows the ropes. In every respect. And the ones who manage to stay high in my favour learn really fast to accept my conditions and enjoy the time they are allowed to spend here in my playroom. My favour is the greatest reward I give.”

“Reward?” Trowa knew that he repeated himself, but somehow he couldn’t arrange the interior decoration with the thought of a reward. And he got more and more nervous when he thought about the reason why Angelface showed it to him.

The blond man stood on his tiptoes and breathed a quick kiss on Trowa’s lips. Then he pulled back again but took his time in doing so while his hands roamed over Trowa’s chest. Angelface beamed at him. “If done correctly this,” he made a wide gesture with his hands, “is more than satisfying for both. No one I ever invited inside here had ever had regrets. I’m an expert of this subject and I bring all my playmates to the wildest ecstasy.”

Angelface simply stood there and said those things as if he would say he could make good coffee. The shivers that ran over Trowa’s back got stronger and stronger. It was incredible, he listened to these words and instead of being frightened off he felt strong curiosity and desire rising in him.

But nevertheless he was careful. Everything he knew about BD-SM was from hearsay. And he had never been able to imagine why there were people who did it voluntarily. Why should it give pleasure to the submissive person? He couldn’t understand it. But inside his stomach fluttered thousands of butterflies just now and he wouldn’t be able to deny his growing erection any longer.

“But you punish too? Inflict pain upon your partners?” Trowa asked.

Angelface raised his hand and caressed Trowa’s cheek shortly. “Well, it happens that I have to correct a misdemeanour. But every punishment is justified and brings the others closer to the end. They accept the pain as a price for their pleasure and their mistakes. After Rashid hadn’t noticed the first attempted murder he wasn’t able to sit for a whole week. But believe me; he preferred it to never being forgiven for his mistake.”

At that statement suddenly myriads of thoughts whirled through Trowa’s mind. On the one hand he had the unwanted picture of Rashid being ‘punished’ in front of his eyes. That picture was really disturbing. But in some way arousing too. The idea that this giant of a man would kneel in front of Quatre to get his ass spanked… Trowa shuddered. On the other hand he suddenly realised what Angelface had said just now. That only people who stay high in his favour were invited into this room.

“Rashid? Does that mean you have played this ‘game’… with all Manguanacs? With Treize too?“ Trowa was irritated by himself for asking this and blushed deeply.

“Do I hear jealousy?” Angelface countered with a question of his own. His eyebrows were raised angrily. “Yes, many of my Manguanacs have gotten to know the amenities of this room. Treize too. Even if he couldn’t or didn’t want to understand that I was his master outside of this room too. But what do you care whom I pay attention to? You don’t have any rights on me and therefore no reason for jealousy. You don’t own me. No one owns me; I am the one who owns.”

With each of this words Quatre seemed to grow, he radiated so much power that all Trowa could do was turning his head and looking down abashed. “I’m sorry,” he murmured.

Cool hands took his face, caressed his chin and pushed the long strand of hair out of his face. With kind pressure they forced him to look up again. “Oh Trowa. It is alright for now. But keep those rules in mind and act accordingly.”

Trowa nodded shortly, at least as far as the hands allowed him to. Then he swallowed and dared to ask a question. He watched Angelface the whole time, trying to see every emotion on the angelic face. “Why am I here?” he whispered.

A smile flitted over Quatre’s face and his eyes sparkled. “Isn’t that obvious?” he countered.

Trowa had some wild ideas about it but he had been perplexed so often this evening, he simply didn’t dare to put all the pieces together. So he just shook his head.

Angelface’s hands kept on caressing his face, the thumbs stroked over his lips and Trowa was more than tempted to catch them with his tongue. But he restrained himself while he waited for the vital answer.

“Well, if I remember correctly you asked me for this evening. You wanted us to be something else than cop and businessman for a short time.” Laughter sounded in Angelface’s voice at the last words. “And here I can grant you this wish. If you engage in this game then we will be master and slave until tomorrow morning.”

Suddenly Trowa got incredibly hot. He had already guessed something like that; one had to have been really dim-witted not to make this guess. But to actually hear that offer out of Angelface’s mouth! Quatre Winner, head of the Manguanac family offered him a night! That went far beyond Trowa’s wildest dreams.

“But why did you ask if I had some ulterior motives with this date if you offer now…” He wasn’t able to complete the question; he spluttered and looked down abashed.

“Well, I just wanted to make sure that you are aware of the fact that I’m not doing this because I owe you my life. It’s not a duty I have to fulfil. On the contrary, it’s a present from me to you. And I give you this night not because you saved my life but because I like you, and always liked you.”

Trowa’s eyes returned to the other man surprised. He could hardly believe what he had heard just now. “You like me?”

“Oh yes. It was always pretty amusing to watch what pains you took to please me, even though I was the bad criminal you had to question about thousand and one crime. It made me curious. And I want you. But what about you, Trowa? I know you want me too; your eyes betrayed you at each encounter. But are you going to accept my offer? Will you belong to me for this night?”

Trowa stood there like frozen. What should he do now? His body knew the answer before his mind. Every single fibre screamed for Angelface. He wanted more of him, wanted his closeness, wanted everything. And when this night, this game was everything he could ever get of Quatre Winner, then bloody well, he would give everything to get it! He opened his mouth to answer in the affirmative when Angelface placed his index finger on his mouth and stopped him.

“Before you answer me you should know some things, Trowa. Considering your questions I assume that you don’t really know anything about this,” he included the whole room with a wide gesture. “Am I right?”

Trowa nodded because he hadn’t the voice to answer loud and he blushed deeply again.

“That’s no reason to be ashamed, Trowa. On the contrary, I like it. I will enjoy it to introduce you to the game. But before you agree to it you should know what exactly is awaiting you.”

“That… would be advantageous,” Trowa croaked.

“As I said, I love to be in control. Absolute control. Maybe you’ve already heard about scene-sex. I’m sure you know that they normally use safe words in those kind of games, words with them the submissive partner can exactly define the limits.”

Trowa nodded acknowledging.

“Tonight, in this room there won’t be any safe words,” Angelface explained plainly. Trowa’s eyes almost popped out of his head but before he could reply anything Quatre continued. “I never give up the least bit of control. My partners give themselves completely to me. Until tomorrow morning you will surrender to me. Your body and your mind will belong to me.” The voice of Angelface was utterly intensely, sending shivers over Trowa’s whole body with the words alone.

To completely surrender to Angelface? Trowa didn’t know what to think about that. Before he had only thought of a game, but this sounded much more intensive. Suddenly he didn’t know if he really could engage in it. “What will happen?”

Angelface smiled again. “Everything I want, Trowa, everything I want. I’m going to take away your control, to take you to your limits and beyond. I’m going to use you. I will have to punish you for your mistakes and you will become acquainted with a level of pleasure you never thought to exist. I’m going to turn your world upside down.”

“Will it hurt?” Trowa asked, his voice sounding surprisingly young. He didn’t know what to do, Angelface had just pulled away the floor under his feet and now he was searching for new footing. His thoughts ran in circles and he tried to decide if he should risk it.

A smile flittered over Quatre’s face again. “Of course it will!”

Trowa wanted to take some steps back but Angelface grasped the collar of his shirt and pulled himself up to another kiss. When their lips separated again he breathed, “But it will be worthwhile.”

At that moment Trowa abandoned all doubts. His body took control and it wanted the other man. Wanted to belong to him. Trowa had never felt like this before but he knew that this was the moment to give in to his desire. He gazed again deep into Angelface’s ocean blue eyes and sighed, searching for the right words. When he thought he had found them he said, “Alright, I would love to accept your present and belong to you tonight.”

Angelface looked very pleased. “Good!” he declared.

Trowa frowned. “What do I have to do?”

The blond man stepped back and looked Trowa up and down. “Let’s start with the basic rules. Until tomorrow morning I am your Master and you will call me accordingly. You will have no name but only listen to “Slave”. You will only speak if I ask you to. And you will follow each and every of my orders immediately or bear the consequences. Do you understand these rules?”

“Yes,” Trowa said. Then he noticed the questioning look of Angelface and he realised his mistake immediately. “Yes, Master!” he added hastily.

“Alright. Abide by the rules and we will get along pretty well. And now I want you to remove your clothes.”

Blood rushed into Trowa’s face and into lower regions. “Here, Master?” he asked to make sure.

“Yes, here. You can lay your clothes on the chair there. I’m going to change myself. When I’m back in a minute I expect to see my Slave naked and in full glory.”

Trowa swallowed hard. His fingers went automatically to the collar of his shirt and started to open the buttons. He noticed that Angelface looked at him questioningly again and he realised immediately that he had made a mistake again. “As you wish, Master!” he hurried to answer. It was really difficult to get used to it and he truly hoped that he wouldn’t make that mistake again. His eyes looked over the items on the walls without him willing to do so. None of this whips looked like he wanted to make their acquaintance, and he knew that Angelface… his Master – maybe it would be easier to call him Master in his thoughts too – wouldn’t hesitate to punish him. He had made it quite clear.

The blond man turned away and went to one of the far corners of the room. There he vanished behind some kind of folding screen. Trowa’s eyes followed each of his movements but then he called himself to order. Angelface – his Master – had made clear how he expected him at his return; Trowa really didn’t want to risk anything.

Carefully he removed his clothes. He neatly folded them and laid them on the chair. First the outerwear, then his underwear. The shoes had been the first thing he had removed. After he had taken off the last piece of cloth and stood back on his initial point he suddenly asked himself again if he was doing the right thing. Everything was really weird and despite of all of Angelface’s explanations he still didn’t exactly know what he gotten himself into.

But he knew that there was no turning back now. He had agreed to belong to the other till the morning. Without any ifs and buts. Sure, he could insist on wrongful deprivation of personal liberty and actually leave the playroom – he was sure that in spite of everything nobody could stop him. But he had given his word and he just couldn’t break it. He would never be able to look Angelface into his eyes again after that. Not even admiring him from afar would be possible then. Besides, his body reminded him just now that he had been promised endless pleasure for this night too. Could he really risk to not trying it? Wouldn’t he question himself what could have been for the rest of his life?

He was so captured in his conflicting thoughts that he didn’t realise Angelface standing in front of him again. When he cleared his throat Trowa noticed his inattention and he blushed deeply. He cast a quick look at the other and then looked at the floor again.

But the quick look was enough for him to see everything. Angelface was a walking wet dream. The blond man had removed his expensive suit and put on a pair of leather pants. The pants snuggled close to Quatre’s body and accentuated his legs. His Master didn’t wear anything but the pants. He was barefoot and his well-build chest was naked. He looked simply hot and Trowa was rock-hard in an instant.

A short laugh sounded. “Look at me, Slave,” Angelface ordered.

Trowa raised his head. His pulse started to speed at the sight in front of him.

Angelface caressed his cheek again. “It’s alright to be aroused at my sight. It pleases me and you don’t have to be ashamed of it. But,” he said, pressed close to Trowa and grabbed his hard cock, “you surely know that you’re not allowed to come until I permit it. Don’t you?”

Trowa moaned when that hand closed around his penis so unexpectedly. The extreme closeness of Angelface didn’t really make it better. He could feel him, the leather pants rubbed at his legs and the naked skin of Quatre’s chest almost burned his own. To be honest, he almost had come at exactly that moment; he had been so aroused of the conversation alone. But the reminding voice of his Master prevented him from doing so at the last moment. “I know, Master,” he said with a shaky voice.

“Very good!” Angelface praised him and stepped back. „And now I want to admire my new slave in detail. Spread your legs and raise your arms.”

Trowa followed the order immediately. He stood there like a jumping jack. Quatre started to explore his body. His fingertips caressed over Trowa’s skin and left a trail of fire in their wake. Trowa’s cock pulsed and his breath got fast and shallow.

The blond man touched him everywhere while he circled Trowa slowly. When he stood behind him he caressed the spine with his knuckles. “Beautiful,” he murmured. Then he grabbed Trowa’s ass with both hands and kneaded it. “Tell me, Slave, have you ever slept with a man?”

When the hands touched his ass Trowa had to fight with his arousal hard. He tried to breathe normally and to calm his body a little bit. And that wasn’t easy given Angelface. “I have, Master,” Trowa answered honestly.

“And have you ever been uke?” At the exact moment Angelface asked that question his fingers found their way between Trowa’s buttocks and touched his entrance.

Trowa hissed surprised but had himself under control quickly again. “No, never,” he admitted. He had had some affairs but he had never wanted to take that position. It surprised him all the more that he could hardly wait to do it for Quatre.

“Oh, a virgin!” Angelface said delighted and nibbled at Trowa’s neck. “It will be a special pleasure to take you.”

Hot-cold shivers ran down Trowa’s back at this sentence. He shortly closed his eyes and tried to calm his breath.

Quatre seemed to have finished his inspection because he was standing in front of Trowa again. “My slave is beautiful,” he said.

Trowa was happy about the praise. He hardly thought himself to be beautiful. Sure, his body was well toned and in good shape, but that didn’t really suffice for that compliment. But he hardly would contradict the judgement of his Master.

“I’m going to decorate you to accentuate your beauty even more.”

Trowa blinked confused. He couldn’t guess what the other meant by that but knew, he couldn’t ask about it. So he could only wait.

Angelface stepped to the side and pushed a little table closer to them. From the corner of his eye Trowa could see that there were lying some items on it but he didn’t dare to look straight at them. After all, Angelface hadn’t ordered him to change his posture.

“To begin with we want to show exactly whom you belong to. Do you see this?” Angelface asked and held one of the items directly in front of Trowa’s face. It was a five centimetre wide collar made of black leather. ‘Property of Quatre Winner’ was written on it with golden letters, and four metal rings were attached to it.

Trowa blinked but before he could say anything Angelface had already stepped behind him and started to secure the collar. “This collar shows unmistakably that you are my property. Should you not remember your place somewhere along the way it will help you to focus.”

Trowa paused breathing when the leather closed around his throat. He felt as if his pulse rushed. The collar felt stiff but not uncomfortable. When the locks in his nape snapped with a loud sound Quatre whispered in his ear, “You are mine.”

It was a weird feeling to wear the collar. Quatre had left enough room for him not to choke or to be handicapped but Trowa had nevertheless the feeling as if a cell would close around him. He was wearing a collar now, he belonged to Quatre now.

He couldn’t follow those confusing thoughts because the blond man was standing in front of him again. “Arms to the front,” he ordered curtly and Trowa complied immediately.

Again Quatre fetched something from the small table – leather cuffs, counterparts to the collar. Trowa saw immediately that the cuffs were meant for his wrists. Each of the cuffs had one of those metal rings which Trowa still didn’t know the use for.

With trained movements Quatre fastened the cuffs. It only took some moments. “You can lower your arms now.”

Trowa sighed relieved; it had been really difficult to hold his arms stretched out in front of him for so long. He let them fall down and looked wonderingly at the black cuffs. They looked strangely good on his skin.

An opinion that was confirmed by Angelface with a satisfied, “Beautiful!” Trowa smiled, he was pleased about the other’s praise.

Then Quatre took the next object from the table. “I already explained to you that a slave is only allowed to come when I order him to, didn’t I?”

Trowa nodded. “Yes, Master.”

“Good, this will help you to follow this order.”

Trowa was confused, what did Quatre mean? But then he felt these incredible fingers on his penis again, but not only the fingers. Trowa’s eyes widened in surprise when he realised just what his Master was doing to him.

“This cock ring will prevent you to come. And believe me; soon you will be more than thankful for this help.”

“Master…” Trowa stammered. He was anything but thankful right now. The thing felt absolutely strange on his penis. He had already heard about this cock rings but had never thought that he would ever wear one. His cock was fully aroused now but Trowa knew that he would stay in this state till his Master would free him. That was somehow frightening and Trowa shivered all-over. But he didn’t say anything.

“Kneel down. It’s too exhausting when you tower me all the time,” Angelface ordered now.

Trowa immediately followed the order this time too. With a smooth movement he kneeled. But his head was still raised high and his eyes looked now directly at Angelface’s well-built chest. When he realised what he was doing he quickly looked down abashed.

Quatre’s cool fingers closed again around his chin and forced him to look up. “No, don’t look down, I want to see your face,” was the explanation.

Trowa swallowed and did exactly that. Then Quatre’s hand suddenly went up and pushed his hair out of his eyes. “Don’t hide from me. I want to see everything of you, every impulse, every emotion that will be reflected in your face. That belongs to me too.”

And with these words Quatre took again some object and fastened it in Trowa’s hair. “No strand is going to conceal your face from me tonight,” the blond man explained and bent down for another kiss.

This kiss was deeper and more intensive than the other kisses before. Quatre’s tongue seemed to play almost impatiently at Trowa’s lips and Trowa hurried to open his mouth.

Quatre didn’t waste this opportunity for long. His tongue entered Trowa’s mouth immediately. Deeper and deeper he kissed him. It was an incredible feeling. Trowa had never been kissed like that. He wished he could close his arms around the other one and press him to him but he knew that he wasn’t allowed to do it. And although he regretted this limitation of his activities it nevertheless gave everything a completely new excitement.

Trowa didn’t know how long they had kissed, he wouldn’t have minded if it took ages but after a while Quatre stopped the kiss. “Mhmm,” murmured the blonde, “my Slave tastes really good.”

“And now for the last accessory,” Quatre said and stroked two metallic objects along Trowa’s chest.

Trowa, who still only looked straight ahead, couldn’t see what those objects were. He just knew that the metal felt cool on his skin. Curious he dared to ask, “What is that, Master?”

A short smile answered him. Then he felt the metal at his nipples and at the next moment an incredible pain rushed through his entire body. “Aaaahh!” he screamed uncontrolled. Trowa would have never thought just how much pain could be caused by two small points of his body. But his nipples sent hot waves of pain through each of his neurones.

The soft laughter sounded again. “These are nipple clamps” his Master explained matter-of-factly.

Trowa breathed hectically. His hands reached up automatically and tried to reach the sources of the pain. But they were stopped shortly before he could reach them. Quatre didn’t allow him to remove those things. “Master…” Trowa gasped. “Take them...“ But then he bit on his tongue. He had realised that he had almost issued an order. Angelface surely couldn’t have ignored that mistake. With all his will-power Trowa lowered his hands down again.

“Good boy,” Angelface commented.

But this time Trowa couldn’t be happy about the praise. “It hurts,” he said.

“It’s supposed to. And the clamps will stay as long as I wish. Do you understand?”

Trowa nodded. “Yes, Master,” he gasped as answer.

“Very well. When I remove them later you will wish they would have remained,” Quatre explained cryptically.

Trowa didn’t understand what he meant by that, but he couldn’t really think about it because a hot, wet tongue went for his tormented nipples. Trowa could just suppress a cry of surprise. The sensations of that caress were really strange. Normally he loved it when someone played with his nipples. But now the simple licks sent thousands prickling stings through Trowa’s entire body.

Trowa whined and clenched his fists.

When the tongue finally disappeared he breathed relieved. But then he heard something that made him anxious again. “I noticed that you’re not able to completely control your arms. I have to restrain your freedom of movement so that you won’t try again to remove something from your body that I have attached there. Hands up to your neck,” Quatre ordered with a firm voice.

Immediately Trowa raised his hands. He was still asking himself what that could mean when he heard something snap. He realised then what happened and what the metal rings on the cuffs were for. His hands were now shackled close to his neck. Angelface had fastened the cuffs with clasps to the collar. That was pretty unbreakable. At that moment Trowa really realised that he was completely at Angelface’s mercy. He couldn’t do anything, his hands were useless. Shivers ran down Trowa’s back again.

And he realised something else too. Because of the posture his tied up arms were forced into, his elbows rubbed over his nipples with every move, what caused a similar awkward feeling as the tongue earlier. Quickly he spread his elbows but he didn’t know how long he would be able to maintain this posture. Trowa whined silently.

Then he saw that Angelface had a black scarf in his hands. Trowa immediately guessed what that meant. And right so, the blond man put the scarf over Trowa’s eyes and took his eyesight with it. “Master… please,” Trowa begged.

But Angelface didn’t listen to him. Quickly he had fastened the scarf over Trowa’s eyes and made a knot at the back of his head. Trowa couldn’t see anything anymore.

A hand was suddenly on Trowa’s shoulder and pressed it. “Be quiet and accept it. I want you to completely concentrate now.”

Trowa tried to calm his breathing. “On what shall I concentrate, Master?” he asked.

“On your punishment!”

Trowa jerked appalled. “Punishment?” he asked unbelievingly.

“Well, you made some mistakes recently. Mistakes we’re going to correct now,” Quatre explained with a calm voice.

Trowa was more than horror-stricken. “Mistakes? Master, that can’t be.” He tried to free himself out of Quatre’s firm grasp.

“Are you disagreeing with me, Slave?” Angelface’s calm voice sounded suddenly very threateningly.

Trowa lowered his head immediately and shook it slightly. “No, of course not,” he assured.

“Good,” was the answer. Then Angelface grabbed his left elbow too and led Trowa with gentle pressure in a certain direction. “This way.”

Trowa carefully set one foot after the other. He didn’t know what Angelface had in mind or where he should walk to. His sense of orientation couldn’t really help him too; the surroundings were too unknown for that. But Quatre’s closeness and that the other one touched him at his shoulder and his elbow while they walked through the playroom gave Trowa some certitude.

After some steps he was stopped in his movement through a low, “Stop!” As ordered he stopped immediately.

“Good,” Quatre said again, and then his hand slid down from Trowa’s shoulder to the hollow of his knee. “Raise it and bend it forward!” Angelface ordered and pressed with his hand in the direction Trowa was supposed to move his leg.

Trowa angled his leg automatically and was directed forwards by the pressure. Suddenly he noticed that his shin met a solid object. Trowa was extremely confused because he couldn’t see what it was. He could only rely on his sense of touch. It felt like some kind of leg splint made of metal. But it was fixed at knees height parallel to the floor.

Quatre let go of his leg and took immediately the other one. “And the same with the other leg.”

Trowa did as ordered. But this time it was more difficult because he had to balance his body on his lower leg. He almost lost his balance but luckily Quatre held him quite firm. This leg too was put on a splint. The two splints had a certain distance to each other so that Trowa was kneeling with his legs spread. His breath came fast – not that it had been very straining but completely unknown and exciting.

Angelface’s hands caressed Trowa’s body calmingly and he actually managed to relax a little bit although the question what would happen next made him quite nervous. He was a little afraid of that ominous punishment. But at the same time he was extremely curious too.

“Now slip a little bit forward,” Quatre ordered again.

Trowa complied at once and pulled slowly one knee after the other forward. Soon his thighs met a solid barrier. Slowly an image formed inside Trowa’s head. The splints seemed to stick out of some kind of table.

“Very well. And now spread your elbows and bend your upper body forward until you touch the surface.” Quatre’s hand was on Trowa’s shoulder, pressing his upper body down.

It was a strange feeling to bend down like that. After all, Trowa didn’t know how far down it would go. His blindness affected him immensely.

After aeons – at least for Trowa it felt like aeons – his body touched the table. If the image in his head was halfway correct then the table was slightly tilted down. The surface seemed to be made of leather and was slightly padded.

When Trowa’s chest touched the leather little pricks in his nipples reminded him of the damned clamps again. He moaned shortly and tried to get up again. But Quatre’s hand on his shoulder stopped him. “Stay down,” the blond man ordered.

Trowa whined but did as he was told. He tried his best to get into the most comfortable position possible but due to his hands and arms that were still captured in that weird pose he couldn’t minimise the contact of his nipples with the table.

The awkward feeling his nipples were sending through his body had distracted him so much that he realised just now that his penis was pressed to the leather too. With every little movement the material rubbed at his hard length. Trowa sighed.

“Don’t move!” Quatre ordered before Trowa heard some strange noises he couldn’t really identify. But shortly after he noticed what they were. He felt Angelface moving to his legs and then he felt leather buckles closing around his ankles. First his left ankle, then the right one. Trowa realised that he was being tied to this strange piece of furniture.

After his ankles followed his thighs. Then Angelface circled the table and strapped a wide leather band over Trowa’s hips. After securing it Trowa was pressed to the table even more closely. He moaned and tried to move but it was nearly impossible now.

The only thing he was still able to move was his head, but after the leather band on his hips Trowa felt Quatre moving towards his head. Trowa feared the worst and some moments later he felt Quatre’s hands fumble with his collar. A click sounded and Trowa was completely unable to move.

He realised that he was completely at the other’s mercy now. He couldn’t see anything and he couldn’t move. All he could do was waiting for his ‘punishment’. Trowa started to sweat.

“Beautiful,” Angelface said at this moment. His hands moved over Trowa’s spine and caressed him now and then. “You wouldn’t believe just how arousing this sight is.” Then his hands moved to Trowa’s ass and started to knead it.

Trowa gasped and moaned. These hands on him felt so unbelievable good. He wanted more of it. “Please…” he pressed out, breathing hard.

“Yes, you are right, we should begin with the punishment,” Angelface said, deliberately misunderstanding him and gave his ass a little slap.

Trowa jerked. Not that the slap had hurt, but it had completely surprised him.

Then Quatre simply moved away. Trowa missed his closeness immediately. The presence of the other one had made him feel safe. But now that Quatre wasn’t standing next to him any more Trowa’s fears and his insecurity returned. He heard Angelface rummaging in one corner of the room; apparently he was searching for something. Trowa swallowed hard. In front of his inner eye formed several horrible possibilities for his punishment.

Then, after an eternity, Angelface was beside him again. At once Trowa felt calmer; he was glad to have the other one next to him again.

Quatre started to caress him once more. Trowa sighed deeply. He loved these caresses and would have liked to feel those hands on every centimetre of his skin. But his cock had been hard for too long now, it wanted release and those hands only pushed him farther into this frenzy.

Quatre’s fingers danced over Trowa’s entrance and made the cop inhale sharply. Suddenly a finger pushed into him. Trowa yelled a little when he felt the invader. Not that it had hurt, but he simply didn’t know that sensation.

“Hmmm,” Quatre sighed. “So hot and tight. I’m so going to enjoy taking you,” he declared.

Trowa’s cock pulsed heavily at this statement and he almost went mad because he couldn’t do anything to relieve himself.

Suddenly Quatre breathed a quick kiss on Trowa’s ass and then bit the same place playfully. “You have a perfect ass,” Angelface said. “Firm and well-toned. Simply perfect.”

His finger kept on playing a little bit inside of Trowa and almost drove him mad. Then Quatre pulled out his finger again and said, “Usually my slaves wear butt plugs when I punish them. It intensifies the experience for them.” Just at the thought Trowa felt hot and cold at the same time. “But you told me earlier that you’re still a virgin. And my cock is going to be the first that penetrates your insides. So I’m going to spare you the butt plug… for now.”

Trowa just moaned. He didn’t know what to say. Suddenly he had the incredible desire to feel the other one deep inside him. Something he had never wanted before.

“Good, now I will explain the punishment to you.”

“I’m listening, Master.”

“You made three mistakes that we will correct here and now. I’m going to explain every mistake to you and you will accept the following punishment without protest. Do you understand?”

Trowa swallowed hard. Three mistakes? When had he made three mistakes? „Yes, Master,“ he hurried to answer. His heart throbbed from excitement and Trowa shivered slightly.

“Let’s start with the least of your mistakes. You ruined an expensive damask tablecloth because of your clumsiness. That means ten slaps.”

Trowa’s thoughts spun confused. And so he opened his mouth and said the first thing that came into his head. “The tablecloth? Are you joking?” But before he could protest even more Angelface had bent forward, putting his hand over Trowa’s mouth.

“What did I tell you? Accept and understand your mistakes. Or I could double or even triple your punishment,” Angelface hissed dangerously.

Trowa realised his mistake immediately. He had talked without being asked to, and he had even objected his Master. That couldn’t be good. He whined. Then Quatre removed his hand and Trowa hurried to say, “I’m really sorry, Master. Please forgive me.“

“That shouldn’t ever happen again. Or we have to correct one more thing.” Trowa felt Quatre moving to his ass again. Something rustled and then Angelface talked again. “Alright, ten slaps we said. One more thing – you have permission to scream as loud as you want to.”

As soon as his Master finished the last sentence Trowa heard a strange hiss and then a dull thud. After a short delay a wave of pain washed over his entire body. Trowa yelled, particularly when his nipples echoed unexpectedly. He breathed hard and tried to comprehend what had caused that pain. It had felt as if Angelface had hit his buttocks with something big and flat. After what Trowa had seen in the room earlier he guessed that it had to be a paddle.

But that realisation was of little use when the paddle hit his ass the second time. Trowa yelled again. It hurt more this time. And he had hardly recovered from this one when the next hit him. His ass burned and the pain radiated from there throughout his whole body. Trowa wanted to protect his body from the slaps but he was tied up firmly and couldn’t escape.

He screamed at every slap and begged for the pain to end. Quatre paused for an instant. “You know exactly that we will not stop until your punishment is finished. Three slaps left,” Angelface announced and let the paddle hit Trowa’s ass again.

Every hit hurt more, not because Quatre was using more force but because Trowa’s ass already throbbed with pain. The agony built more and more and he screamed as loud as he could.

Then the last slap hit and Trowa gasped as if he had run a mile right now. His ass still hurt but Trowa was immensely relieved that the pain had ended. But then he remembered with horror that Angelface had talked about three mistakes. Hot tears ran out of the corner of Trowa’s eyes and were soaked up by the blindfold.

“Well done. Let this be a lesson to you. Let’s get to your next mistake.”


“You have broken my rules more than once today. I know that everything is still new to you but it’s nevertheless a mistake. Make sure that you won’t contradict me or not follow my orders again. Ten slaps should be enough as a reminder.”

Trowa hissed. Ten more slaps, and that when his ass was still pulsing with pain! But Angelface had just warned him and he wouldn’t make the mistake and protest now. He shut his eyes tightly and waited for the slap.

When it came he yelled completely surprised. This time it wasn’t the paddle he already knew. Now it seemed to be something thin and flexible that maltreated his ass. A riding crop when he wasn’t mistaken. The crop caused completely new sensations. While his ass still throbbed from the earlier punishment the crop left a very punctuated and sharp pain.

The second hit arrived, close beneath the first one. Trowa yelled and shook his ties without success. One slap followed the other. Trowa screamed and begged but wasn’t even aware what exactly he was screaming. The pain dominated and he resolved to never displease his Master again.

But even this pain ended at last. Trowa wasn’t relieved this time because he knew only too well that another punishment was awaiting him. After Angelface had stopped his slaps Trowa kept on screaming because his ass burned so much and he asked himself just how he could bear anything more.

“I’m proud of you,” Angelface said at this moment and caressed him. And despite of all the pain the praise made Trowa feel warm inside.

Angelface took his time, caressing Trowa again and again. As soon as the cop calmed down a little bit he announced, “Let’s get down to your worst mistake. Your jealousy. I already explained why you aren’t entitled to it. And with this we will make sure that you won’t feel it again. I think five slaps will be enough this time.”

Trowa was confused. Yes, he was jealous of the others. How could he not be? After all, he loved Quatre and the thought that the blond man was with someone else than him bothered him. That was only human. But Trowa would beware of protesting now. He knew that it wouldn’t change anything about the punishment but maybe only increase it. He could endure five slaps. He even wondered why it wasn’t more – when a tablecloth was worth even ten slaps.

Then the slap hit him. Compared to it the first punishments had been almost harmless. The pain ate through his entire body. Grim and severe. “What?” he gasped between his cries of pain.

Angelface seemed to know what he wanted to ask with that. “That’s a cane. It’s only used for especially serious mistakes.”

When the next slap hit Trowa he screamed so loud his voice faltered. It was incredible, he couldn’t stand it any longer, he wouldn’t survive it. But the next slap came nevertheless.

When the cane had hit him five times Trowa was completely spent. His blindfold was wet from his tears, he had screamed so loud his voice was just a raspy croak and his ass, no his entire body seemed only to consist of pain.

“That’s all. I’m proud of you, you made it. Forgiven and forgotten,” Angelface said at this moment and hugged him.

Trowa enjoyed the closeness; the touch of the other one seemed to banish the pain. Trowa cried and moaned and let Angelface calm him. “Now everything is alright again. And you will never repeat these mistakes, am I right?”

“Yes, yes, Master.” Trowa felt strangely light. He should shy away from the other one because he had caused those terrible pains. But that was part of the game. Quatre had told him that this would happen and he had engaged in it nevertheless. Had handed over the control to the other one, had submitted himself. But it was a good feeling that the other one didn’t just punish but also comforted him.

For some time Angelface simply hugged him, then he started to kiss down his back and sent cold shivers through Trowa’s entire body. When Quatre reached the lower back he paused. “Hmmm,” Angelface purred like a cat in front of a bowl of cream. “Your ass looks even better when red like this. Even more arousing.” With those words Angelface’s hands reached for the buttocks and kneaded them gently. But that besides the arousing shivers it also sent new pain through Trowa now. He moaned and sighed. “What… what do you mean, Master?”

The clear laughter sounded again. Then Quatre said with an audible grin in his voice, “Well, I believe it is high time that I get my reward for all my hard work. I’m going to mount you now.”

Trowa shivered. Of course he had known that this would happen, Quatre had never made a secret of it and Trowa wanted it, too. But to know that it would happen now was an entirely different matter at all. “Master…” he stammered.

While Trowa followed his confused thoughts he suddenly noticed that the table which he was tied to slowly lowered. The movement lasted only some seconds. Then he was caught completely off guard when his legs were suddenly pressed wider apart because of the splints that moved to the sides. “What?” he asked puzzled.

The meanwhile well-know chuckle of his Master sounded. “Don’t worry; I’m just adjusting the table for the next round.” Then Trowa felt the other one stepping between his legs and pressing close to his ass. Now Trowa realised why his legs were forced wider apart – so that Quatre had better access.

Quatre’s hands returned to Trowa’s body, stroked his back, his sides and caressed his ass again and again. All these caresses made Trowa feel dizzy. When Quatre’s fingers started to fondle his balls he moaned from desire, he was so close to the edge. He wanted to come at once. His cock was captured between his body and the table and could only pulse with desire but this didn’t give Trowa any release.

Then Quatre’s fingers danced around Trowa’s entrance again and only seconds later two of them pushed inside.

“Ahhh,” Trowa cried. This time the feeling was much more intense than earlier with only one fingertip inside him. He felt something cool and slippery at his channel and he realised that Quatre had started to prepare him with lube for their coupling.

His Master pulled his fingers out of Trowa again and again, only to push them back inside. Then he started to make scissor-movements. Trowa had done so himself with his former lovers but it was something completely new for it being done to him. It was an unusual feeling. Not that it really hurt – and even if it had it probably would fade next to the pain of his ass. But it was a somehow uncomfortable because completely unknown feeling.

Then Angelface suddenly pulled his fingers completely out of him. Trowa sighed because of the loss. Quatre’s flat hand smacked his ass playfully. “That should be enough preparation.”

Trowa yelled. The slap wasn’t meant as punishment but his poor ass was absolutely sensitive now. He wondered just how long it would take till he would be able to sit again.

But he hadn’t enough time to muse over these thoughts because suddenly he felt Quatre’s long, hard cock rubbing between his cheeks. Trowa sighed from desire. He hadn’t noticed at all how his Master had opened his pants, but he didn’t really care. All that mattered right now was the hard length that rubbed over him playfully.

“You are so hot. And the sight of you is so tempting. I’m going to mount you now, to completely take possession of you. It’s good that you came as a virgin to me; I love to be the first one for my slaves. It’s probably going to hurt but that’s just the way it is,” Quatre explained placid.

Trowa was torn apart inwardly. On the one hand he was aroused and wanted nothing else than to finally feel Quatre inside of him, but on the other hand he was a little bit afraid too. Therefore he unintentionally tensed when he felt the tip of Quatre’s penis pressing at his entrance.

Trowa moaned. Angelface’s right hand grabbed his hip with such a firm grip that he surely would leave bruises, the other hand held his penis in position. Trowa knew this because the back of the hand grazed over his buttock.

Trowa’s breath quickened again, his whole body was completely stiff, almost tense. Then he felt the cock pressing more firmly against him. There was no way to escape that pressure because Trowa was still tied to the table.

A strange, burning pain radiated from his opening while the muscle slowly yielded to the pressure and widened. Trowa gasped and wanted to toss his head from side to side. “Master…” he begged.

Quatre’s left hand grabbed his left hip, and immediately the pressure intensified. “Stop tensing up. Accept me. Submit to me,” Angelface ordered with a cutting voice.

And really, Trowa succeeded to relax a little bit. Like slow motion he felt the muscle giving way to the intruder and the tip of the penis pressing into him.

“Ah, that’s good,” Quatre said. “Accept that I own you!” And with these words he slowly pressed deeper into Trowa.

Trowa’s world was effectively turned upside down. He relaxed even more and could therefore better concentrate on what was going on. He felt Quatre’s hard length pushing deeper and deeper into him, filling him completely. He felt pain at the invasion, but the sensations the cock caused in him were arousing too. Together those sensations made a mixture of pain and pleasure that drove Trowa almost crazy with desire.

“Hmmm, you’re so tight. And so hot,” Quatre said, and then he started to pull out his penis again.

Trowa moaned, he didn’t want to lose the sensation of being filled. But before he could complain loudly Quatre already pushed inside again. He slowly started to build a rhythm.

Then Angelface suddenly touched something inside of him that sent millions of little electric surges through him. Trowa jerked surprised. He knew at once that Quatre must have hit his prostrate. Trowa already had heard a lot of it but he had never thought that it would feel like this. “Aaaahhhhh,” he screamed uncontrolled.

Quatre laughed shortly and said – without changing his rhythm, “Looks like my new Slave loves to have his Master’s cock deep inside his ass. That’s good, because his Master loves to fuck him.”

Angelface hit that magic spot repeatedly in a row. “Yes, yes… Master… please more, Master,” Trowa begged. He wanted more, he already was addicted.

“I think that could be arranged,” Quatre said and started to increase the speed. He prodded hard into Trowa and sent every time hot shivers through his entire body. The rhythm increased even more and every thought was banished from his mind. He could only concentrate on the hard length that pounded inside of him and pushed him farther and farther to the edge that he nevertheless couldn’t really reach. He wanted to come, he needed to come but his Master hadn’t allowed him to.

Meanwhile only the slapping of naked bodies, Trowa’s moaning and the heavy breathing of both of them could be heard.

Then suddenly Angelface stopped in his movements and hot seed shot into Trowa. He screamed surprised, then he slowly realised that his Master had come inside of him. On the one hand he was proud because he had given completion to Angelface; on the other hand he was disappointed because he was still standing on the edge himself and the cock ring prevented him from coming.

He wanted to protest when he felt Quatre’s hand push between his body and the table. Immediately Trowa stopped breathing. He barely didn’t dare to hope that this would mean that his own completion was about to be granted. “Please, Master,” he begged.

Then a hand closed around his poor cock and played with it what caused more sobs from Trowa. But only when Trowa heard the silent click and after that Quatre’s soft voice saying, “You have earned your reward. You may come now!” Trowa knew that the waiting had an end. Not that he could have thought too much, because immediately after his Master had given him the permission Trowa’s entire body tensed and he exploded in an incredible orgasm.

He screamed and groaned and imprisoned the cock that was still embedded in him with his muscle contractions. He felt every little detail of the intruder and although the sensation was a little bit uncomfortable it only intensified his orgasm. Trowa lost his sense of time; he had the feeling as if the waves of pleasure had been overflowing him for hours.

“That was damned good,” Angelface said, kissed Trowa on his back and started to pull slowly out of Trowa. “You’ve really pleased me. Did my Slave enjoy it too?”

Trowa’s voice trembled, the afterglow of his orgasm made it almost impossible to speak clearly. “I’m so grateful, Master. Grateful you’ve taken me and glad to have been at your service.”

Angelface seemed to be very pleased at these words because he slowly kissed along Trowa’s spine. Then he said with a silent chuckle, “That’s good. But why do you think that has been all?”

“M… M… Master?” Trowa asked surprised.

“I’m not finished with you, not for a long time yet. After all, the night is still young.” And then, without warning, something suddenly was pressed into his opening. It wasn’t a finger, for it was too wide for it and it wasn’t Quatre’s cock, too, for it was too cold.

“What… what is that?” Trowa gasped surprised. He felt it slipping deeper inside him, but the movement stopped already after about 3 centimetres and his muscle ring closed around the end of it.

“It’s a butt plug. I already told you that I like to use this toy with my slaves.” Quatre toyed with the end of the butt plug, rotated and pushed the plug into different directions. Trowa sighed at the sensation. It wasn’t nearly as fulfilling as the pulsing cock that had been inside of him only recently, but the movement stimulated the already sensitive nerves of his insides. Trowa’s cock immediately hardened again.

“I normally use the plugs during the punishment or, like in this case, to see to it that I won’t have to prepare you again later.”

The explanation caused hot cold shivers to run down Trowa’s back. His Master would mount him again later. He could hardly wait.

Then he noticed that Quatre started to open his ties. One clasp after another was opened. Trowa didn’t know if he should be glad to escape the table or if he should be afraid of what would come next. He had seen so much strange furniture in the room, furniture that he couldn’t imagine the exact use of. But after his experience with the strange table he could think of some or the other.

At last the clamp of his collar was opened, too. Finally Trowa was able to move again, but he didn’t do it, he stayed in the position he had been ordered to. A hand touched him on his shoulder. “You may stand up now,” Angelface’s soft voice explained.

Trowa sighed. His hands were tied to his collar still and thus really restrained his movements. It wasn’t easy to stand up from the table and it seemed to really take a long time till he succeeded, but then he was standing on his own feet at last.

He almost would have collapsed again. His knees buckled and the blood rushed in his head. “Be careful,” Quatre said and supported him. “You have been lying with your head down; your circular flow has to settle down again.”

Trowa nodded, that was a logical explanation. He held on to Angelface and took a deep breath. After some moments he said, “Thank you, Master, but it’s alright now.”

“Good, then follow me.” Just as earlier Quatre had a hand on Trowa’s shoulder and one at his elbow. He led the cop slowly through the room.

Trowa still didn’t like to walk around completely blind but it was easier to rely on the guiding of his Master. He knew now that the other one could navigate him through the room without any problems.

After some steps Quatre ordered to stop him and Trowa did exactly that. Angelface’s hand pushed him gently into a certain position. Then Quatre fumbled with the knot of the blindfold and with a tug the cloth fell off Trowa’s eyes. “Look at this beautiful sight,” he ordered.

Trowa blinked surprised. The sudden brightness caused dots dancing in front of his eyes. But then his sight cleared. He stood in front of a gigantic mirror that reached from the floor to the ceiling. The mirror showed him. And it surprised Trowa how good the collar and cuffs looked on him. How arousing it was to see him tied up. Another mirror seemed to be placed behind him in addition, and it reflected his rear view.

“My work of art is wonderful, isn’t it?” Quatre breathed and stroked with his fingertips lightly over Trowa’s buttocks.

Trowa’s breath stopped short at this sight. His ass was red. It was red as if he had terrible sunburn, so red it almost glowed. Streaks could be seen on the red in addition, witnesses of the last two rounds of his punishment. Trowa frowned and looked closer at them.

He didn’t know if it was really a work of art and he shuddered to think at the pain that had a dominant share in its appearance, but this sight had something strangely fascinating. And arousing. He felt his cock harden again.

Quatre laughed shortly, then he stroked the underside of Trowa’s penis. “Ah, I see you like what you see.”

Trowa blushed and nodded, he was too ashamed to open his mouth.

“That’s good. You’ve learned some important lessons until now. Among other things how closely pain and pleasure are located to. And as long as I’m in control you will experience both of them.”

Silently they stood in front of the mirror for some moments. Then Quatre smacked his ass playfully again. “And now lay down on the bed,” he ordered.

Trowa cast a short look at Angelface, then he turned toward the bed and slowly approached it. Slowly because his knees still trembled a little bit. The bed was really huge; it had to be approximately 5x3 metres, if not more. Just like a canopy bed it had four high posts at the corners – although Trowa was sure that those posts served other uses.

He just reached the bed when Quatre, who was walking close behind him, opened the latches between the cuffs and the collar; and only seconds later Trowa’s arms fell down, finally freed from their uncomfortable position. Quatre said, “I want you to lie down in the middle of the bed, on your back and the arms raised over your head so you can touch the headboard with your fingertips.”

Trowa nodded shortly, the order sounded easy enough. “Yes, Master,” he confirmed and crawled onto the bed. The movement sent new shivers through the lower part of his body. His ass protested a little bit and the butt plug nuzzled his insides interestingly.

When he lay down on his back he noticed how wonderfully cool and smooth the linen felt on his poor ass and he sighed again. Then he started to jiggle a little bit to position himself as Angelface had wanted him to. When his fingertips touched the headboard of the bed he turned his head and cast his Master a questioning look.

Angelface seemed to devour his body with his eyes. “Beautiful,” he explained again. “Now I want you to raise your knees so that your feet are standing on the bed. Then you will spread your legs as wide as possible. And then I want you to maintain this position.”

Trowa frowned questioningly but hurried to follow these orders. The position he adopted was a little bit uncomfortable and made him almost blush shamefully. He asked himself just what would be next.

“Because you accepted your punishment so well I’m going to reward you now. I won’t use the blindfold again.”

Trowa’s heartbeat quickened. Being so completely blind had made him feel even more helpless than the bonds. At least now he would be able to see what awaited him. “Thank you, Master,” he said truly delighted about this reward.

The mattress shifted a little bit when Quatre sat down beside him. His caressing hands stroked over Trowa’s body at once and made him quiver with desire. And suddenly it was very hard to maintain the position. His hands twitched, he would have given everything to be able to caress the other one too. But his Master had explicitly ordered him not to move. And Trowa wasn’t too keen on another punishment. He clenched his fists and held them almost tensely stretched out.

Quatre’s hand wandered deeper, started to caress Trowa’s meanwhile rock-hard penis and fondled his balls.

Trowa pressed his head groaning into the pillow, while he suppressed the urge to thrust into those hands. When Angelface continued like this he would come very soon. Trowa bit on his lip.

“Apparently I will have to use one of the other accessories again,” Quatre matter-of-factly explained at this moment. And then Trowa felt something being pushed over his penis. He groaned out of frustration.

Angelface answered with a chuckle, he fastened the cock ring and then suddenly bent forwards and breathed over the entire length of Trowa’s tormented cock.

Trowa moaned and the exertion made sweat break out on his forehead. His Master truly knew how to torment him.

When Quatre raised his head again Trowa moaned even more because he immediately missed Angelface’s warmth. Meanwhile Quatre had kneeled on the bed and turned his attention to Trowa’s arms now. He let his fingers wander from the shoulders up to the cuffs around Trowa’s wrists. Then he gently stroked over the clenched fists and started to open them. “Uh, uh, uh. There’s no need to cramp like that,” he said slightly disapproving.

Trowa, who couldn’t see what the other one was doing there above his head, hurried to open his fists. Then he felt Quatre tamper with his hands and the cuffs. The blond man pressed Trowa’s hands together and then something clicked. Unconsciously Trowa tried to move his hands and noticed that they were tied up again.

“I’ve connected your arms with the headboard of the bed,” Quatre explained. His hands caressed Trowa’s arms again, and when he reached the crook of the arm he paused. “You stretched your arms too far. It will be uncomfortable later on. Skid a little bit farther up.”

Trowa did exactly that, he pushed his upper body a little bit up, but asked himself why Quatre was so worried about it; the posture of his arms hadn’t been really uncomfortable. But it pleased him that the other one showed concern about him.

Suddenly Quatre’s face was directly in front of him. Trowa could gaze deeply into the beautiful eyes of the other one and seemed to drown in them. “What’s going to happen now, Master?” he dared to ask.

The blue eyes that watched him so intensely sparkled cheerfully. “Now I’m going to taste my beautiful Slave,” Quatre explained. Before Trowa could reply anything Quatre started to explore Trowa’s body, kissing and caressing it.

Trowa was in hell and heaven at the same time. Groaning he tossed his head from side to side. The fingers and the wet tongue that apparently touched every bit of his skin drove him mad. He cursed the bond that prevented him from embracing the other man and pressing him even closer to him. He wanted more, much more but at the same time he wanted to be released, too. Groaning he squirmed on the bed, always carefully not to alter his position but at the same time he tried to press closer to the caressing mouth.

Then suddenly Trowa felt something odd. Something smooth and cool was pulled over his penis. When Trowa raised his head he could see that Quatre was sliding a piece of silk over his body. It was an indescribable sensation and Trowa enjoyed the change it brought.

But only until the cloth reached his nipples. Pain exploded and sent new waves through his body. “Fuck!” Trowa screamed and his entire body jerked.

His Master only chuckled. “Someone seemed to have forgotten about his nipple clamps!” he said with a cheerful tone and started to lick Trowa’s right and then his left nipple. Trowa moaned and groaned but Angelface didn’t let it distract him.

After aeons – at least it felt like that for Trowa – the other one let off of him. Trowa gasped and tried to calm his heartbeat.

“Ah, I love to play with my Slave. You are so beautiful and so responsive to everything I do.” He bent forward and kissed Trowa long and hard. Their tongues duelled and Trowa couldn’t get enough of tasting the other one.

When the finally broke the kiss Trowa gasped for air. Quatre grinned, “And you’re making me so hot!” Then he straightened up again and crawled farther down. In no time at all he had placed himself between Trowa’s still wide-spread legs. He bent forward a little bit and said, “I’m going to take you again now.”

And before Trowa could reply anything Angelface had removed the butt plug and pushed into Trowa’s body with a smooth movement. His hands grabbed Trowa’s hips and he started to thrust into Trowa at a rapid pace.

Trowa screamed with pleasure. The sensation of Quatre’s cock that pushed inside him a second time was indescribable. And he wanted more of it; he unconsciously raised his hips to meet the thrusts. Quatre filled him, took possession of him and Trowa enjoyed it. When his prostrate was hit again he forgot all the pain he felt earlier for a moment. Only the pure, raw pleasure counted now. “More… oh please more, Master,” Trowa begged.

And Quatre actually increased his speed. “I see, my Slave is a good uke,” he commented between his thrusts.

Trowa’s body vibrated of pleasure and desire. He was on the verge of completion again, but he was hindered by the cock ring he was still wearing. He had to come now or he would go crazy. “Please… please…” he groaned repeatedly.

Instead of answering Quatre’s thrust got even more fervid. Trowa moaned desperately. Then Angelface bent forward and removed both nipple clamps with a quick movement.

“AAAAHHHHH!” Trowa screamed so loud that his already hoarse voice completely faltered. The wave of pain that suddenly rushed over him was immensely. His entire body contracted and almost lifted off the bed. The nipple clamps, he had forgotten about the nipple clamps. And now he understood why his Master had predicted he would wish that hey had never been removed at all. Like millions of pinpricks the pain coursed through his nipples.

Trowa was still completely lost in his pain when he dimly noticed a hand that tampered with his penis. Then he suddenly heard the voice of his Master, “You may come now!” After that Trowa stopped thinking at all.

The climax that had been delayed for so long ripped through his body. He came so hard like never before in his life. He moaned and screamed. The pain and the pleasure combined to an incredible, never known feeling.

Every muscle in Trowa contracted and like before he imprisoned Quatre’s cock deep inside of him and seemed to feel every detail of it despite of his muzzy state of mind.

“You’re so tight!” Quatre said and thrust a few times more. Then he also came and when his hot seed gushed into Trowa, Trowa screamed again and everything went black.


Trowa groaned. “Finally awake again?” Quatre’s voice chuckled. Trowa hurried to open his eyes. He saw that Angelface was bent over him again and smiled down at him. Trowa blinked. “How long was I gone?” he asked wonderingly.

“Not long. Some minutes. Just long enough so that I could clean up both of us. I think it’s time to sleep, we had enough excitement for one night.”

Trowa agreed wholeheartedly. He noticed that his legs were lying relaxed on the mattress now. But when he wanted to lower his arms too he was hindered by his bonds. He frowned questioningly. Hadn’t Quatre said just now that they would end the game?

The other one seemed to understand the question although Trowa didn’t say it loud. He bent forward and breathed a quick kiss on Trowa’s lips. “The bonds stay where they are. You belong to me until tomorrow morning, you shouldn’t forget that!”

Trowa glared at the other one but didn’t say anything; after all, Quatre was right. And the bonds would hardly carry weight after everything they had already done.

Then Angelface smiled knowingly at him. “And so that you won’t forget to whom you belong I have something else for you,” he explained with a sly tone.

Trowa shook his head confused; he didn’t really know what would happen now. Meanwhile Quatre had bent down to his nether body regions and suddenly Trowa felt something pressing against his entrance. He frowned again. Did Quatre want to insert a new butt plug?

As Trowa already was acquainted with it he tried to relax. Slowly the object slid into him. But it was something completely different than the plug he had felt earlier. Trowa noticed it with alarm when it pushed deeper and deeper into him. “What is that?” he gasped.

“It’s a dildo!” Angelface explained matter-of-factly. Without paying any attention to Trowa’s protest he pushed the toy to the hilt into the tied up body. When Trowa thought he couldn’t bear it another second Quatre finally stopped and Trowa noticed his muscles closing around a thinner part of the dildo. If he didn’t misinterpret then the thing would only get out if someone removed it.

Quatre pushed himself up again and snuggled against Trowa’s chest. “And it’s not just any dildo, but the exact copy of my cock. After all, I don’t want you to forget to whom you belong.”

Trowa was shocked. He just didn’t know if it was because of the fact that Quatre had copies of his genitals as sex toys or because of the realisation that the thing would stay inside of him till the morning. He groaned and wanted to protest.

But Quatre kissed him and prevented his protest. Then he pressed a switch at the head of the bed and the room was suddenly almost completely dark. The blond man laid his head on Trowa’s chest yawning. “We should sleep now. And I’m sure my Slave will be a wonderful pillow.” And with these words he slung his arms around Trowa and seemed to fall asleep immediately.

It was a long night for Trowa, and sleep wouldn’t come easily to him. On the one hand he was still tied up. And on the other hand, the dildo inside of him was simply uncomfortable. He felt too full and with every movement the thing sent shivers through his whole body. Not that Trowa had been able to move a lot with his bonds and Quatre who was lying on him and who he didn’t want to wake up.

A reminder to whom he belonged, Quatre had said. And that was another reason why Trowa couldn’t sleep despite of his exhaustion. Too many thoughts spun through his head. He tried to understand what exactly had happened here. And he tried to comprehend just what it meant for him.

Trowa looked down at the man who used him as pillow. The other one had crawled under his skin today – literally. He had captivated him. Oh, not with those leather bands. Trowa had given his heart to Quatre and was therefore forever tied to him. What had Quatre promised at the beginning of their game? ‘I’m going to turn your world upside down.’ And exactly that had happened.

It should have been just a game for one night but Trowa couldn’t hide anymore what he felt for the other one. For every different facet of the other one. He loved Quatre and he admired Angelface. He had known it before but this night had shown him something else. He belonged to his Master!

The last realisation shocked Trowa. But he couldn’t deny it, he belonged to the other one, wholeheartedly. But Trowa didn’t exactly know what that meant. Did it mean that he suddenly wanted to completely surrender to someone else? And if it was so, would Quatre even want him again?

After all, it should have been only a game for one night. What brought Trowa to his next question. Was it really just a game for Quatre? Something that he did now and again to spice up his sex life, or was he always and everywhere the ‘Master’? How did this agree with all the other facets of Quatre?

And if it was the last possibility, would Trowa be able to accept it? Surely, he belonged to the other one, but could he be able to subdue forever? Would he ever be more than a slave to Quatre? And what about the other partners of Quatre? That was a really severe point. Trowa had been punished rigorously for his jealousy, but he knew only too well that he would never be able to get rid of it. He would always be jealous of someone who got too close to Quatre. He wanted that the other one belonged to him too. Only to him.

And then there were all the other little questions and doubts that sneaked into Trowa’s thoughts again and again. Would Quatre even want him again? How could he, a cop, be together with a Mafia boss? And what would his colleagues say?

Trowa pressed his eyes shut. He couldn’t find the answers and he could see the sun slowly rising through the window. Their shared time would be over soon and he was still far away from a solution.

Quatre seemed to notice his restless movements. The blond man pressed closer to him and murmured “Trowa” in his sleep. Then he was fast asleep again.

Trowa cast the other one a surprised look and his thoughts started to circle again.

The sun was already high in the window when Quatre moved again. The blond man yawned and purred. Then he raised his head and smiled at Trowa. “Good morning, Trowa!”

Trowa swallowed. He had made up his mind and he hoped he did the right thing. “Good morning, Master,” he said and smiled too.

Quatre frowned shortly. “The game is over. It is morning,” he said and started to lose Trowa’s bonds.

“I know. Quatre,” Trowa said. This was his decision. He would give Quatre this gift and everything else would then depend on him. The bonds of his heart couldn’t be destroyed so Trowa could as well act accordingly. What exactly the future would bring him had to be seen then.

Quatre shortly looked very confused, then suddenly his whole face lightened up. He virtually plunged at Trowa and embraced him fervently. “Oh Trowa, Trowa, Trowa!” he murmured and kissed him frantically.

Trowa closed his arms around the other one too. Although nothing was really resolved now he nevertheless knew that he wouldn’t regret his decision. He belonged to Quatre and Quatre to him!

~ * ~


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