"Contest Tickets"

Written By: DarkMisstical

Author: DarkMisstical

Author's email: aaradia1@yahoo.com

Rating: NC-17

Warnings: Lemon, Bondage, Yaoi, PWP, TWT

Summary: Duo wins a pair of tickets to Depravities a hot new BDSM club. He drags his reluctant lover along for the ride; and boy what a ride.

Beta: Z-Chan, thanks hun.

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A/N: Written for Gundam Wing Diaries’ “The Art of Bondage” contest

"Contest Tickets"


Duo burst through the front door his chestnut braid flying behind him. Frantically waving an envelope in the air, he yelled at the top of his lungs. “Heero, Heero…where are you? We won!”

Heero peeked from around the kitchen doorway; looking at the excited ball of energy headed his way. “Won what Baka?”

Duo ran over and flung his arms around the brown haired boy bouncing on his toes and planting little kisses all over his face. “The contest,” he exclaimed pulling back slightly, his eyes sparkled with a hint of mischief. “Remember I told you Leather and Lace was having a contest giving away tickets to Depravities the new bondage club.”

“Hn,” Heero vaguely remembered Duo mentioning something about a contest; but he didn’t think he would actually enter. Their sex life was spicy by anyone’s standards, but they had yet to delve into that realm of kink.

Stepping back he waved the envelope under his nose, “That’s all you can say? These tickets are worth their weight in gold; Depravities is very upscale as far as bondage clubs go.”

Raising an eyebrow at his lover, Heero asked “And you would know this how?”

Ignoring Heero’s question he continued excitedly, “We gotta get new gear something leather…sexy, and of course…tight. Something that will definitely grab attention and make them take notice. “What do you think we should get babe?”

“What should we get…I never said I was going Duo.”

“I think we…Hunh!” Heero’s words halted him mid sentence. He strode in front of Heero planting his hands on his hips eyes wide with disbelief. “What did you just say…It sounded like you said you---“

“You heard me” Heero interrupted, he gripped the braided boy by his shoulders and stared deep into his amethyst eyes ensuring he had his full attention. “I said…I’m not going; you know how I feel about crowds.”

Duo mulled those words over in his mind, for once being still, and quiet trying to figure out how to overcome Heero’s objections. An idea formed in his mind so he widened his eyes and gave Heero his best sad watery-eyed puppy dog look, and quivered his bottom lip for extra effect. Heero remained steadfast, “Not working Duo…I am not going.”

‘Damn, he was immune to the look; I must be losing my touch’ he thought. It was time to pull out the big guns. With a smirk on his lips, Duo wrapped his arms around his blue-eyed lover’s waist, and started to rock his pelvis against him gently; He dipped his head and kissed him; planting hot moist kisses from the corner of his mouth to his jaw. He ran his tongue slowly up the side of his neck, “Please Heero, I’ll make it worth your while”; He could feel the blue-eyed boys grip on his shoulders tighten. Nibbling on his ear he whispered, “You can top me for a week if you go with me.”

Heero let out a slight groan as he felt the delicious friction against his groin and gentle pressure of his lover’s soft lips against his own. The warm breath of his lover in his ear was his undoing. He knew he wouldn’t be able to withstand a continued onslaught by Duo. He should just give in and save himself the misery. He knew he could deny his braided lover nothing, but getting something special for agreeing made it seem like he wasn’t really giving in. “Deal” he said grinding back against his partner.

“Thank you,” he purred seductively running his hands over Heero’s ass and giving a gentle squeeze before pulling away to grasp his hand; eyes lit with passion. “Let’s skip dinner and take this to the bedroom so I can…thank you properly.”

Feeling his pants become too tight at the husky sound of his lovers voice and the heated look in his eyes all he could do was nod as he followed the swaying braid as it gently bounced against the fey beauty’s backside to the bedroom.


Wednesday evening found the couple standing in the middle of the pants section of Leather and Lace. Duo had already spent in Heero’s opinion an excessive amount of time just picking out their shirts. Now he was at the end of his rope with his excitable lover; trying hard to remember why it was he shouldn’t strangle him to death on the spot. Duo’s hands were flying through the rack of leather pants faster than the eye could see. Holding up each pair in front of the chocolate haired boy and eyeing them critically before tossing them back, just to pull out another pair and start the process all over again. “Tell me again why I’m standing here letting you do this to me”, he gritted through his teeth.

Duo paused for a brief moment in his mad search to look over his shoulder at the seething blue-eyed boy, “Our tickets are for Friday night, this is the only free time we have, and we can’t put if off any longer…that’s why.” Turning and pulling out two pairs of pants he handed one over. He nudged Heero in the direction of the dressing rooms. “Here you take these and I’ll try these.”

Duo stepped out of his dressing room first. He had selected a pair of butter soft black leather pants that hung obscenely low on his hips and hugged his ass like a glove. Criss crossed strips of leather held them together at the sides. ‘No underwear for me’ he thought with a smirk. Over this, he had placed a violet sleeveless, turtleneck cropped mesh top that showed off a nice portion of his firm stomach.

“Hey, Heero you dressed…I’m coming in” He said opening the door to the dressing room his lover occupied. The sight before him struck the violet-eyed boy speechless. Standing in front of him was a wet dream on feet.

Heero stood in the middle of the dressing room floor with a scowl on his face. For the millionth time he wondered why he let his lover talk him into this. He felt uncomfortable, exposed, and naked. Hearing his lover enter, he turned to face him with a glare “Well! How do I look?”

He could only stare drinking in the sight of his lover in his new outfit. Heero had on a pair of gunmetal gray leather pants, molded to his body with the aid of zippers on both sides. The front shaped his package and clung to his ass and thighs with just the right amount of tightness. Tucked into the pants was a dark blue short-sleeved t-shirt that hugged his chest and illustrated his muscles. The color of the shirt made his blue eyes seem more intense.

Duo could feel his pants become uncomfortable. He had to do something…he had to pounce…now. He reached back and locked the door to the dressing room. He covered the distance between them in two short strides.

Heero watched Duo approach, “What the hell are you…mmph!”

Duo pounced; he pushed his lover against the wall and quickly locked his lips onto Heero’s effectively silencing him.

This week had been pure hell for Heero…well minus the dressing room incident that had been great…ever since Duo found out he had won the tickets he had done nothing but talk about the club non-stop. Finally it was Friday night and Heero couldn’t decide who was happier; Him because he wouldn’t have to listen to his lover rave on about the club, or Duo because he would finally get to the club.

“C’mon Heero were gonna be late, get a move on.” Duo yelled pacing the living room floor looking at his watch again for the umpteenth time. It was already 9:15. “Aren’t you ready yet?” Duo had already been waiting impatiently for 15 minutes. He couldn’t believe he beat Mr. Perfection in getting ready. He had even taken extra time to wash and deep condition his long chestnut tresses, brushing the strands until they were silky and shiny. Instead of his usual braid, he let his hair gently cascade down his back in a loose ponytail, and he still was ready first.

Heero strode into the living room checking his own watch “What’s the rush? We have sufficient time to get there.” He stopped in his tracks, eyes raking in the sight of his lover in his leather pants. Wanting nothing more than to drag him back into the bedroom and toss him on the bed, so he could run his tongue through the holes in the leather straps, and taste all that exposed flesh.

Duo felt his own mouth go dry and his leather pants shrink at the sight of his lover entering the living room. “Yeah, but I wanna get there early to scope the place out before the festivities start.” He couldn’t get over how hot Heero looked in his outfit; what a difference leather made. He was hot enough to turn a straight man gay…well…at least make him think about it. Catching Heero’s eye Duo started stalking towards the blue-eyed boy; “Like what ya see?”

A wave of heat coursed through Heero from the look in the fey beauty’s eyes. He knew that look anywhere. A look that told him his ass would be sore for a couple of days at the very least if Duo got his way…and he usually did.

“You look delicious and I can’t wait for us to get there, they’re going to be all over you.” He murmured wrapping his arms around his neck. “Thank you again for agreeing to do this with me.” he said placing a gentle kiss on his lover’s lips.

Heero leaned into the kiss deepening it, dipping his tongue between those soft lips to taste the sweetness inside as he pulled the boy closer. He explored all the hidden secrets held within tangling his tongue with his lovers and pulling it into his own mouth gently sucking on it. Tasting his fill, he started planting a trail of wet open mouth kisses from his jaw down along his neck; raking his teeth across the bit of creamy flesh exposed above the turtleneck. His hand was busy under his lovers top taking his left nipple between thumb and finger he started to pinch gently, rolling the hardened nub and pulling on it. Duo moaned and leaned into the caress seeking more.

Duo was lost in the sensations of Heero’s tongue and fingers on his flesh. “Uhh…I have one small surprise for you before we go” Duo said pulling back just a bit breathless. “Just a little reminder of who you belong to tonight,” he held up a hand in front of Heero’s face so he could see the round band of leather he held between his index and pointer fingers. The band was a quarter inch wide and six inches long with 3 snaps to fasten it; with his other hand, he reached down and began to unzip Heero’s pants.

Heero stared wide-eyed as he realized what his braided lover held up in front of his face. A cock ring, Duo was going to make him wear a cock ring. He could feel his heart rate speed up as he felt a hand opening his pants. “Where did you get that?” he whispered distracted by the thought of where that was going to be.

“Just a little something I picked up at Leather and Lace,” he replied huskily as he slid to his knees in front of the Japanese boy’s opened pants. He grasped his cock in one hand, and slid the band down the shaft with the other and snapped it into place. He couldn’t resist pressing his lips against the head of his lover’s rapidly hardening flesh. “Mmmm…I can’t wait,” he murmured as his tongue flicked out to lick up the drop of moisture at the tip.

Heero hissed slightly as he felt cool air glide over his warm flesh. The ring slid smoothly over him and snapped snugly at the base of his cock. He inhaled sharply when he felt his lover press his lips against his shaft. He wanted nothing more than for Duo to take him in his mouth and suck him. He closed his eyes and let out a low moan as he ran his fingers gently through the silky strands of Duo’s ponytail. He felt his knees weaken when his lover’s tongue licked the head of his shaft.

Duo sighed as he pulled back and tucked Heero’s half-hard bound cock back in and zipped his pants. “We’d better stop now or we’ll never make it to the club.” He said managing to stand back up. As much as he wanted to play with his lover, he was too excited to miss this opportunity to go to the club. He pressed one last quick kiss against Heero’s lips and backed away. “Let’s go,” he said and headed for the door snatching up his leather jacket in the process.

Enjoying the feel of his lover’s lips against his, Heero fought to reign in his desire. Reaching down to adjust himself he watched Duo reach for his jacket and with a dazed expression wondered what he was letting himself in for tonight. He quickly grabbed his own jacket and followed his lover out the door.


Forty minutes later Duo pulled into the parking lot of Depravities and cut the engine. They sat there for a moment each lost in their own thoughts. The parking lot was full; everyone seemed to be there tonight. The outside was nondescript, designed not to draw attention. The club was a converted two-story warehouse in a secluded part of town. If you weren’t into the scene you wouldn’t know what it was. It wasn’t much to look at from the outside but from the rumors Duo had heard it was amazing on the inside. This place was a smorgasbord of any fantasy, kink, or deviancy you could think of. Turning and casting a feral grin at his lover, he reached over and gripped Heero’s thigh, “Ready for some fun lover boy?”

Heero felt his lover’s hand on his thigh and turned towards him, his cock gave a jump at the look on his face. Duo looked ready to pounce on him at any second he nodded, “As ready as I’m ever going to be.”

They exited and secured the car, walking swiftly towards the entrance. A tray slid out for them to place their tickets in. Duo lay the tickets down and watched the tray whirl back into its slot; he grinned and gripped Heero’s hand; within a few moments the doors slid open permitting them entrance…

They stood just past the entranceway getting a feel for the place; taking in all the sights and sounds. The sliding doors they just passed through led them to a completely new world. It was different from anything Duo had ever experienced before. He could feel it in the air pulsing all around him, sex…sin…debauchery…and he wanted it all.

Heero stood next to his lover taking in the sights. He could see three doorways and a stairway that led to the second floor. The interior boasted a vivid black and burgundy scheme. Floor tiles were a rich black marble. Mirrored panels covered the walls trimmed in burgundy. The light provided by torch shaped fixtures interspersed between the panels cast an intimate glow throughout the first floor of the building. To the left in an open area was a bar where people were gathered getting food and drinks and listening to music. Depravities did not provide alcohol but they had quite an ample variety of juices and water to quench your thirst.

Past the bar area was another room that had windows along one wall next to the door. This was the dungeon of redemption. The interior was all black, against the far wall hung an array of whips, ropes and floggers. On a table under that was a variety of dildos, anal plugs, beads, condoms, and different flavored lubricants. Against the opposite wall was a T-Stand, you could use this device to suspend your partner. From the ceiling hung a full body swing with manacles on each end for arm and leg restraint. The windows provided a viewing area for those not involved to watch. There was already a sizeable group of people around the windows watching the scene inside.

“What’cha think babe?” Duo asked with a look of excitement on his face as he spun in a slow circle taking it all in.

“Definitely different from anything we have done before…but intriguing.” He could feel his pulse quicken and his body flush with heat as he watched the scene going on in the dungeon.

“Let’s get something to drink and see what’s in the other room.” Duo said tugging on Heero’s arm and heading towards the bar.

With drinks in hand, they made their way through the crowd to check out the other side of the club. One of the managers welcomed the couple and explained the layout of the club. He told them they were free to roam around and enjoy themselves but if a scene was in progress not to interrupt unless asked to join. He pointed to the staircase stating it led to the upper rooms where if you wished you could have your own scene in private. BDSM paraphernalia stocked each room. You just needed to sign out a pass card from the bar area to unlock the door.

Offering their thanks they wandered to the room on the right, it was an open playroom with lots of throw pillows and mattresses on the floor. It had vid players to watch discs if you were so inclined. There was also a variety of toys on display. This room also had a row of windows along the wall for your viewing pleasure. Couples were already inside interacting and putting the toys to good use. A corridor separated this room from the stairway and led to the shower and bathroom area.

Heero stood with his arms wrapped around Duo’s waist as they looked into the playroom. They fixed their gaze on a man who had his partner blindfolded and his hands cuffed behind his back. He was naked and laid out on his front with his legs spread wide and his ass elevated in the air by a couple of pillows. His partner was gently biting the back of his neck and shoulders as he slowly working an eight-inch flesh colored dildo in and out of his ass.

The sounds of the man’s husky moans and the erotic visuals were starting to have an effect on both Duo and Heero alike.
Duo leaned back into his lover’s embrace and clutched his thigh; a bit light headed from the feel of the hard cock prodding his ass. His head fell back to rest against his partners shoulder and he let out a small moan as he ground his ass into the bulge pressing against him.

Heero let out a small gasp and gripped his lover’s hip tightly in one hand almost spilling his drink held in the other as he felt his partner press back against him. His blood was starting to heat from the friction as he widened his stance and gently thrust back against Duo.

Duo turned his head to the side; softly stroking his lover’s thigh while keeping his half-lidded gaze on the couple and whispered, “Maybe we should get a pass card and get a place of our own to have some fun.”

Keeping his intense gaze focused on the action Heero ran his hand over the boy’s bare stomach down to his groin where he gently squeezed the bulge he felt there. “Ready when you are” he whispered running his tongue gently around the shell of Duo’s ear…”lead the way”


Reaching the top of the stairs, they turned left and found their assigned room. Duo slid the card into the reader and opened the door; they stepped inside and looked around. Taking up a large portion of the room was a huge bed with black lacquered head and footboards covering the bed were silk burgundy sheets and numerous throw pillows. The room had a table with a variety of toys and lubes situated on it. A Vid monitor and stereo occupied one corner of the room, a small refrigerator also stored drinks and snacks and on the other side, a door led to a small bathroom for freshening up.

Tossing the pass card on the table and locking the door Duo turned to his lover and placed a hand gently on his chest. “Do you trust me Heero?” he asked looking into a pair of cobalt blue eyes.

“Only you”…came the husky reply…”with my life.”

Duo gently cupped his face between his palms and slowly brushed his lips against the others. “Good I want to make this a night you won’t forget.” With that, he stepped back from his lover. “We need to go over a few rules before we begin. If at any time you want to stop, your safe word is ‘red’ and your slow word is ‘mercy’ understand?”

He nodded, “Safe word ‘red’…slow word ‘mercy’.”

“Once we start you will not speak unless I tell you to; and then you will only address me as Master. You are not allowed to come until I give permission…remember that.”

Heero nodded and felt a jolt of lust shoot straight to his groin causing his cock to swell even more from the commanding tone in Duo’s voice.

Duo stepped further away from Heero. Slowly running his passionate gaze over his partner’s body, there was a sensual twist to his lips as he folded his arms across his chest, “Now we begin…strip!”

Licking his suddenly dry lips Heero reached for the hem of his shirt and jerked it over his head tossing it to the floor. With heart beating faster and hands trembling from excitement, he started to reach for the zippers on the sides of his leather pants.

“Take them off slowly…tease me.” Duo watched him like a hawk through half lidded eyes; he hardened at the sight of his lover slowly stripping for him. He reached down and started to palm his hardness, moaning and gently stroking it to ease the pressure; running his thumb along the head through his leather.

Heero shivered slightly from the moans he could hear from across the room and took his time to reveal tantalizing bits of flesh; teasing as requested as the zips inched slowly down their tracks. He gracefully toed off his boots; hooking his thumbs in his pants, he bent over and removed them tossing them to join his shirt on the floor. Heero stood there proud and unashamed in his nakedness basking in the heat and lust, he could see in his lover’s eyes, as he waited for his master to instruct him next.

Slowly circling around his lover, the longhaired dominant reached out and brushed his fingers lightly over Heero’s nipples feeling them tighten into hard peaks under his caress as he went by. He took in the golden skin and firm muscles; he raked his nails softly down his back and felt the body underneath his fingers shiver at his touch.

Completely turned on by his lover’s submissiveness, he could not resist running one finger down the crevice of his ass lingering for a moment at his entrance enjoying the heat as he felt the tight portal spasm and try to draw him in. Completing his circle, he stared into his lover’s eyes, growling softly he wrapped a firm hand around the red swollen cock that jutted proudly in front of him. Heero’s cock enclosed by the ring dripped with moisture. Duo ran his thumb through the wetness and spread it around the head. “Beautiful” he murmured as he started to stroke gently.

Heero’s eyes closed and his head snapped back at the intense feeling of Duo’s hand wrapped around him. The sensation joined with the pleasurable pressure already provided by the ring to send shivers up his spine. “More…please” he moaned starting to thrust his hips seeking more friction on his aching cock.

Duo withdrew his hand and waited for the blue-eyed boy to realize his mistake.

Heero’s eyes flew open as the sensations ceased…brows creased he suddenly realized his mistake and lowered his eyes to the floor. “I’m sorry Master…I…I shouldn’t have spoken.”

Duo reached out and lifted Heero’s chin gently with two fingers, “I know you are…but you will be punished anyway.” He walked over to the table and picked up two items keeping them out of Heero’s line of vision; he then took a seat on the bed and pointed to his lap, “this is where I want you…now.”

Heero quickly positioned himself over Duo’s knees and waited to see what his master would do next.

With one hand, Duo started to stroke the rounded mounds of flesh; tracing gentle patterns with his fingers along the skin. “I don’t need to tell you what you’ve done wrong…you already know don’t you?”

Heero nodded and squirmed to get into a more comfortable position while he waited for his punishment.

Leaning down he whispered into his captive’s ear, “I’m going to punish you now…15 strokes should be enough to help you remember the rules, I think.” He pinned Heero’s arms behind his back with one hand and quickly rained five hard stinging blows to the bottom so tantalizingly perched across his lap.

Heero jerked as his eyes widened and mouth fell open at the intensity of the blows. The force of the strikes took him by surprise, and he tried not to utter a sound remembering what landed him in this position in the first place.

“That’s five,” he whispered as his hand soothed across the cheeks that lay out before him, “only ten more to go.” He let his hand rest on the bruised flesh that connected cheek to thigh, relishing the heat that warmed his hand.

The hand soothing over his heated flesh caused him to relax into the caresses…it was a mistake. Five more sharp crisp smacks swiftly landed with fury making him gasp at the pain.

“You’re doing real good…only five more left,” Duo said softly. His breath hitched as he felt the hardened cock pressing against his leg and it called to his own aching desire trapped inside his pants.

Heero was on fire, pain and lust swirled together clouding his mind. The commanding presence of his violet-eyed lover and the sting from the spanking combined to make a potent aphrodisiac turning him into a quivering mass of want and need.

The last five strikes were merciless and intense meant to reinforce his mandate set before. “I’m very proud of you…you took your punishment well,” he said, lightly running his fingers over the aching flesh. “Has this helped you to remember the rules...you may speak now.”

“Yes Master,” he whispered with tears welling in his eyes, he realized through the lustful haze of his mind that the harsh spanking and soothing caresses had taken him to a new level of excitement. He thrust against his master’s leg trying to get more friction to ease his aching cock.

Duo continued to sooth his lover’s pain for a few more seconds. He reached behind his back for one of the items he had brought over with him. Separating the cheeks of Heero’s fiery backside, he applied watermelon flavored lube to the tight portal bared before him. Gently he stretched him with first one then two fingers to spread the lube around.

Heero caught the scent of watermelon moments before he felt his master’s cool and slippery finger prod his entrance. His inner muscles tensed then relaxed as he felt gentle fingers massage the ring of flesh. He felt the first slick finger slide into his portal and he let out a little moan of satisfaction. He soon felt the second finger join the first to stroke his inner walls. He arched his back slightly to draw more of the digits inside him.

Duo could feel Heero’s inner muscles relax to accept his fingers, “Tell me…do you like that” he leaned over and whispered as he started to ease them in and out of the hot moist tightness that gripped him scissoring them to widen the entrance.

“Yes master…more please…more,” he cried out thrusting back harder against the fingers in his portal.

“Oh…love,” he sighed passionately going deeper with his fingers to press lightly against the little nub he found there; stretching and preparing him for what was to come. “I have so much more to give you…I want to hear you…tell me what you feel…just remember you may not come.” Duo withdrew his fingers and reached for the anal plug he had kept hidden from view. It was four inches long and four inches wide at the thickest part of the base. He applied a generous amount of lube and started working it slowly past the tight ring of muscles.

Sparks shot in front of his eyes when he felt his master’s fingers stroke his magic spot. “Yes…harder master,” he moaned thrusting his cock against his master’s leg and arching back to get the fingers in deeper. He felt the fingers withdraw and before he could whine in protest, he felt something slick pushing against his entrance. Heero hissed at the stretching sensation, “Unh…deeper master…please!

Duo pushed the plug in as deep as it would go and stopped.

He cried out, as the pleasurable feelings ceased, “Please master…don’t stop.”

“Get up now.” Duo said tenderly patting Heero on his plugged bottom.

“No buts…or shall I punish you again?”

Heero quickly tried to stand and winced as the pain from his spanking and insertion of the plug into his rear shot up his lower back causing him to move a bit stiffly as he rose from his master’s lap.

“Undress me.”

Rushing to do his master’s bidding, he lifted the hem of his turtleneck tugging it over Duo’s head when he raised his arms and tossed it behind him. Loosening the ties on the leather pants, he tugged them down until they pooled around the violet-eyes boy’s feet. Dropping to his knees, he unlaced the boots and pulled those along with the pants off his master’s body. Rising back to his feet, he let his eyes travel up along the naked body before him; swallowing hard as the hard swollen cock of his master came into view. Tearing his gaze away he looked straight into a pair of shining violet eyes filled with hunger.

He watched his lover rise to his feet; their eyes met and the need to possess the blue-eyed boy set his blood on fire, but first he had to feel those sweet lips on his flesh. Applying slight pressure to his shoulders, he guided the brown haired boy where he wanted him to go. “Kneel…I want to feel your lips wrapped around my cock…suck me.”

His cock twitched at his next command. Gut clenching from excitement he dropped slowly to his knees from the gentle pressure on his shoulders; he looked straight into his master’s eyes pinning him to the spot with his seductive gaze as he firmly wrapped his hand around the base and took just the head into his mouth. He could feel the shudders wrack the body in front of him as he sucked gently on the head.

The look in Heero’s eyes sent shivers straight to his soul. He threw his head back ponytail brushing lightly against his ass and he moaned in ecstasy gently gripping his lover’s chocolate locks in his hands. “Yes…just like that” he sobbed, as he started to thrust “swirl your tongue around the head…that’s it baby.”

His passion flared higher hearing those arousing words; his own cock twitched in sympathy as he relaxed his throat and took him deeper. Moving his head up and down and flicking his tongue along the shaft, he grazed the fingers of his other hand softly against his sac rolling the orbs gently in his hand.

Thrusting faster amplified his need to release the fire that was coiling in his belly. It was too much…his thirst for completion drove him to the edge; he could feel his balls tighten but he did not want to come this way. He wanted to come buried deep inside his lover. He wrestled with his body to maintain control. He shuddered with delight as he watched his shaft slide in out of that warm embrace. “Stop!” he shouted yanking back on the hair gripped in his hand.
Heero looked up confused as to why his master had stopped him when he knew he was so close to release.

He smiled seductively into cobalt blue eyes, “that’s not how I want to come…go lay spread eagle in the center of the bed and close your eyes.” He panted softly as he walked toward the toy-laden table.

The anal plug stroked his inner walls making him moan and his steps falter as he stretched out on the bed. His breath caught and he hissed slightly as the sheets rubbed against his sore ass; closing his eyes, he wondered what was in store for him next. He was close to the edge himself after having Duo fuck his mouth. And he wanted to come…no needed to come soon…real soon.

Duo climbed on the bed between Heero’s thighs. Leaning over he whispered, “You’ve been very good tonight so I will reward your obedience by fucking you hard and deep…would you like that?”

He thrust up slightly trying to rub against Duo seeking friction for his aching arousal as the breath from those whispered words caressed his ears. A soft growl escaped his lips as he imagined his master thrusting into him hard and deep with his thick cock. “Yes…please fuck me master.”

Duo reached over the side of the bed and pulled up a long length of soft rope. He looped a portion of it around the headboard, and then he swiftly secured first one ankle then the other with a lark’s head knot leaving enough room for Heero to draw his knees up.

Feeling the rope wrap around his ankles made his cock jerk and beads of pre-cum welled up at the tip he moaned, “Master please---“


A light sheen of sweat covered his skin as Heero gritted his teeth trying to reclaim control over his body. He knew he did not have permission to come yet, but he did not know how much longer he could resist the urge.

He quickly drew Heero’s hands up to the headboard and wrapped a few coils of rope around each wrist securing them there with a cinch knot. Grabbing a final piece of rope, he coiled it a few times below his left kneecap and doing the same to his right he bound off the length of rope to the headboard with another cinch knot leaving him spread wide open.

Heero had never felt so lustful…so out of control as he did at this very moment. Bound tightly to satisfy his master’s desires…he felt wanton. The freedom of choice wrenched from his hands. This was something new and exciting for him and he craved more.
With a satisfied smirk, Duo looked over his masterpiece. Tightly bound his captive would not be going anywhere soon. Reclining back on his heels he reached down and snatched out the plug; relishing the hissing sound, the bound boy made. He softly ran a finger across the reddened entrance that called to him watching it quiver at his touch. Lowering his head, he ran his tongue around the small portal barely applying any pressure.

He shuddered and hissed through his teeth at the removal of the plug; the empty sensation left him feeling bereft. His cock twitched and leaked more pre-cum as a bolt of electricity shot through his body from the feel of that warm muscle lapping at his entrance. “Oh god…master” Heero cried writhing beneath that wiggling tongue. “More…please…deeper” he whimpered struggling futilely against his bindings to get more of that wet tongue deep inside.

Chuckling softly he spread Heero’s cheeks apart to get better access to his late night snack, he could feel the ring of muscle tighten around his tongue as he tortured him with fast shallow strokes. The cries he heard were music to his ears as his tongue slid in deeper to stroke his inner walls.

Tossing his head from side to side his hands jerked and clenched against the headboard in reflex, wanting desperately to touch his master. He relished the feel of his master’s hands and tongue on his body. Glazed eyes peered down at his tormentor as he begged for release. “Please…let me come…I need it master.”

Duo gazed up from his Heero worship with slightly glazed eyes of his own. “Not yet…don’t you dare come,” he growled. He knew the boy’s cock could not take much more; it was deep red and leaking a steady flow of pre-cum to pool on his stomach. He leaned forward and scooped some up with his tongue bringing it into his mouth to savor the taste. “Delicious” he said deciding to take pity on his imprisoned snack…and himself if the truth were told. “Tell me what you want.” He purred wrapping his hand around the twitching shaft in front of him stroking it slowly.

His head jerked back at the feel of long slim fingers encircling his cock. The ability to think had abandoned him temporarily all he could wrap his mind around was the hand stroking him, bringing him closer and closer to the edge. “I want you to fuck me master…fuck me hard and make me come.” He struggled to whisper hoarsely.

He let out a loud moan as a chill ran down his spine from that impassioned plea. Quickly reaching for the abandoned tube of lube with quaking hands, he spread a generous amount over his heated flesh hissing slightly as the cool gel touched his skin. He could not hold back any longer his control was ready to snap; he had already been teetering at the edge for too long.

Cock twitching Heero stared through slitted eyes as he watched his captor prepare himself. “Yes…hurry master.”

He could feel the tight entrance flutter against the tip of his cock as he pressed against it. Groaning loudly he pushed forward sinking in to the hilt with one smooth stroke past that tight ring of resistance.

Heero’s head jerked backward, eyes rolling back and mouth dropping open in mindless ecstasy as he felt Duo’s thick length enter him, pleasure ripped through his body like a wild fire out of control

Duo bent forward to rest his weight on his forearms, holding still and gritting his teeth; fighting the urge to come, he knew they would not last long. He could feel the moist passage squeezing his cock in a vice grip. It was heaven and hell combined. “Who do you belong to?” He growled pulling back a bit to stare intently into a pair of eyes cloudy with passion.

He could feel that thick shaft throbbing deep inside against his inner tissues; he knew his master spoke but it was just static to his ears. Body taut against his bindings he tried to arch his back in an attempt to force the cock inside him deeper, he begged his master to move, “Fuck me…please”

“Answer me,” he rasped pulling out to the tip just to slam back home to get his bound captive’s attention…”Who do you belong to!”

“Y…You…master,” he cried out…tossing his head back in ecstasy lost in the feel of his master’s hot flesh on his, his warm breath in his ear and the feel of his cock buried deep inside him. He loudly moaned his pleasure giving himself over to the ministrations of the one who owned him mind, body, and soul.

He growled low in his throat at that admission, “Yes…” he hissed, “mine…only mine.” Duo rolled his hips trying to get as deep inside as he possibly could. He couldn’t get enough of that tight tunnel wrapped around his cock. He bent his head to rasp his tongue against the salty sweaty flesh of his captive’s neck taking the flesh between his teeth and sucking hard. Quickening his pace he angled his strokes, every thrust hitting Heero’s prostrate. He came closer to the razor’s edge of release as the blue-eyed boy beneath him writhed and clenched his cock in his hot passage with each stroke.

He was desperate; his senses were on overload with the touch, scent, sight, and smell of his master. His ring bound cock rubbed against his master’s belly adding more friction to the already intense sensations wracking his body. White sparks flew across his vision as his master hit his prostrate dead on with every stroke. Bucking against both bindings and master, he screamed, “Harder…I need---“

“What do you need…?” he hissed pounding faster and harder; He could feel his control slipping “…Is this what you want?”

Heero’s head thrashed from side to side “Pl…Please master…loosen the ring” he mewled “let me---“

“Yes…now…come with me,” he cried. Feeling his last shred of control ripped away he thrust wildly one, twice, three more times; he reached between their bodies and snapped off the ring grabbing Heero’s cock in a tight grip stroking in time with his thrusts; “Ahh…Fuck!” he screamed stiffening as he came uncontrollably into the tight portal that milked him.

“Oooh…shit!” he shouted permission sought…and release granted; he tipped over the edge as he felt his master come deep inside him. Pearly fluid spurted out of the tip of his cock flowing down his shaft and over his master’s hand to land on his stomach as his orgasm ripped through his body leaving a shuddering mass of flesh in its wake.

Duo collapsed on top of his lover breathing heavily covered in a light sheen of sweat his arms no longer able to support his weight. He groaned as he felt his cock soften and slide out.

Panting and trying to catch his breath he winched slightly as his master’s soft cock slid out of his sore and used ass.

Still panting softly he reaching towards the headboard with shaking hands and loosened the knots that bound his lover tight. After rubbing his limbs to speed up circulation he propped himself up on an elbow to gaze down at his lover. Heero bore the look of one who had been thoroughly fucked. “Did you like that?” he asked reaching out to trace his thumb lightly against the bruise forming on his lover’s throat.

“It was…it was---“he croaked out barely managing to slit his eyes open to stare at his ‘master’ He was to damn satiated to want to move at all.

“Yeah that’s what I thought too Hee-chan,” he grinned leaning forward to lay a gentle kiss against a pair of slightly dry parted lips. “Rest first shower later, he mumbled falling back on to the bed pulling Heero into his arms securing him snugly against his side.

As Heero lay resting in his lover’s arms he idly wondered when Leather and Lace would sponsor another contest…he had plans to enter.


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