"Holiday Decorations"

Written By: Sparkling Diamond PG-SSM

Author: Sparkling Diamond PG-SSM

Author's Email : webmistress @ templeofthegoddess.com

Summary: Takes place months after the events in 'Harder, Louder, Faster!' Heero, Duo and Wufei open their house up to a little festive holiday fun!

Rating: NC-17-MA

Pairings: Boypile! 1x5x3, 5x4x3, 1x2  Lemon, Lime

Warnings: Double pen, light bondage, language.

Written for Deb ShenLong's 'Art of Bondage' Contest.

Archived at: www.templeofthegoddess.com

"Holiday Decorations"



Duo nibbled on the end of his pencil, his forehead wrinkled in thought.  He didn’t think making out a holiday shopping list would be so damn hard. He had Une’s, Hilde’s and Dorothy’s presents already written down, but for his lovers and closest friends, he still hadn’t a clue.   He grumbled as he flipped through the stack of holiday sale books...that had begun arriving at the house at the beginning of October. Who knew that the holiday season started at the end of summer?

He glanced around the living room, smiling softly at the warm glow of the fire in the hearth.  Heero had lit it before he left a few hours before along with Wufei to pick out a Christmas tree to place in the corner.  This would be their first holiday season together, and they planned on having Quatre and Trowa over to celebrate. 

A mischievous grin worked its way on to his face as he broke out in song. “Five cock rings!”  Nothing said ‘I love you’ more than a cock ring. He scribbled that down at the top of his list.  He had to get each of them one in honor of the time they all played together when they packed up Wufei’s home in the colonies.

Now he had a theme; sexual toys and aides!  “I wonder what you would get for the man that has about every toy out there.” Duo groused, making his way toward the home computer.  He had some research to do!


“I can’t believe you talked me into this damn tree, Yuy.” Wufei frowned, as he tried to separate his fingers that had become sticky with pinesap.

“I think it will look great in the corner near the fireplace.” The reply from his lover was slightly muffled by the heavy branches at the other end.

“IF it fits through the damn door, you mean.  I still think you’re crazy, and you have to wash my truck! There is pine shit all over it!”

“Bitch, bitch, bitch.” Heero mumbled under his breath, his hand searching for the doorknob that was located somewhere behind him.  With a flick of the wrist, the door popped open, the hinges squeaked in protest of the cold, blustery weather outside.

“Hurry up!” Wufei shoved his end of the tree toward the door. “It’s freaking freezing out here, and I don’t appreciate waiting on your slow ass.”  Heero poked his head around the branches, noticing how red his lover’s cheeks and nose had become. Taking pity on the Chinese man, Heero maneuvered his end of the tree through the door quickly, dodging the couch and side table as he walked backwards.

The door was kicked shut, and the tree was manhandled into the corner where Duo had placed the tree stand before his lovers left for the afternoon hunt.

With the tree now standing proudly in the corner, Wufei gave it a haughty glace before flipping his long black hair out of his eyes once again. 

“If Duo wanted this tree so badly, where in seven hells is he?”

Heero shrugged, kicking off his boots and throwing his coat over the back of the couch. 

“Do you think I have a built in 'Duo Tracker'?”

“Yes. It’s called your cock. Now where is he?” 

“Well, if I have one, you have one as well…” A laugh bellowed from the office, followed by the tap of the keyboard at max speed.  One Duo Maxwell was found.

Wufei grumbled under his breath, heading for the kitchen to wash the offending pinesap from his fingers, leaving Heero to investigate what the braided menace was up to.

 Duo's virtual shopping cart was filled to the brim with toys and various novelties that he'd discovered at an online sex shop.  The original gifts that he’d written on his list flew out the window once he found the site called ‘Heavenly Pleasures’.

For each of the girls, he ordered a collection of penis shaped candles, small vibrators called a ‘Butterfly’ and a multitude of body lotions and a deck of nudie male playing cards. For the guys, he was still piling on the cart.  He couldn't choose just one gift for each of them; he decided to get them all goody baskets filled with assorted toys, lubes and accessories.

For each of them, he ordered a set of flavored lubes in attractive bottles that could be left out on their nightstands without embarrassment, and an economy size container of ‘Pleasure wipes’ that would come in handy after a good romp in the sack.  He knew from experience that leaving the bed after mind-blowing sex was a chore, so having a package of the wipes tucked in a near-by drawer to clean up the sticky situation meant no leaving the bed!  Granted, baby wipes did the same thing, but Heero had a problem using infant care products just after sex.

For Trowa, he picked out a set of anal beads similar to the ones he played with up on L-3, along with a few curved dildos to use on his blond bombshell.  For Quat, he insisted on getting a double-ended dildo just for shits and grins. Maybe he would let Trowa play with him. Duo also threw in a few remote controlled plugs for both to torment the other from across the room.  He laughed at the thought of poor Quatre in a board meeting while Trowa played with the remote from across the table filled with stuffed shirt businessmen and women.

Now for Heero and Wufei, he sat staring at the screen, trying to find something that wasn’t already in their repertoire. The bondage section looked interesting, but he wasn’t sure if it was something they would all get into. He navigated through page after page, looking at vibrators, beads, plugs, and vibrating eggs.  He clicked a few boxes as his eyes still darted over the merchandise.  Why was finding gifts for the people you love so damn hard to do?  He had to find something for them!

He scratched at the back of his neck, and shifted uncomfortably in the desk chair.  Looking at all those sex aides was bound to bring something up, and the evidence was tenting the front of his flannel pajama bottoms.

He sipped at the now luke warm coffee that sat beside his keyboard, and lowered the hand that had been directing the mouse to adjust his growing erection to make himself more comfortable.  He closed his eyes and let out a little moan as he gave himself a slight squeeze through the fuzzy flannel.

Heero watched from the doorway as Duo rapidly clicked away at the mouse, and raised his eyebrows as his lover very obviously turned on by whatever he was looking at. He watched for a few more moments before curiosity got the better of him, and he entered the shared office.

Duo's hand flew back to the mouse when he noticed Heero crossing the floor toward him, and he quickly saved his virtual shopping cart and closed the windows in a hurry.  He couldn't have his holiday surprise ruined now, could he?  In a last ditch effort to keep his messy haired lover off of his trail, he pulled up a game of solitaire, and concentrated intently on the game in the hope that he would appear oblivious to Heero's arrival in the room

"Solitaire?" Heero asked incredulously, as he peered over Duo's head at the screen.

"Yeah, gotta entertain myself when you guys leave me here all by my lonesome," Duo said with a grin.  He bit back a moan when his flannel covered cock brushed against the underside of the desk.  He was still hard from his little shopping excursion, and probably would be for a while as his mind played through all the scenarios of the fun they could have together with the items in his cart.

"I'm glad that you were so easily amused, while Wufei and I had to suffer through the cold, snow, and hoards of unnaturally cheery people so that we could kill a tree to put in our living room."  Heero growled, spinning the office chair around to face him.  The braided man's hand flew to his crotch to protect his sensitive flesh from being scraped against the desk as the chair whirled around.

“But I'm sure you got the best one at the tree farm!” Duo gripped the arms of the chair, and raised himself upwards to nip at Heero's bottom lip.  "You always know exactly what I want."  Indigo eyes hooded, and a sly smile crept across his face.

The tent in Duo’s pants did not go unnoticed by his lover. Heero knew exactly what Duo wanted, but wouldn’t give it to him just yet. The braided man would have to work for it.  He reached his hands to Duo's waist, and abruptly pulled him out of the chair, pressed flush against his body.  His arms slipped around the surprised man to keep him balanced, as he worked his thigh between flannel-clad legs.

"Card games make you horny, hmm?"

“Oh yeah. Real randy if you must know.” Duo flexed his hips, digging his shaft against his lover’s thigh, letting him know just how hot and bothered he was.

"If this is the state you're in after playing Solitaire, I think I'd like to see what strip poker would do to you."  Heero grabbed his braided lover's ass, and pulled him higher up his thigh as he watched Duo's face twist with unsatisfied pleasure.

"You should see what poker chips do to me..." Duo moaned, as the fabric of his pajama pants caressed him with tender friction.  Yes, Heero knew exactly what he wanted.  His hips jerked; his body craved more and more of the taste of pleasure it knew the blue-eyed man could give him.

"Is this what you want?"  Heero rubbed his thigh between Duo's legs, and growled quietly against his lover's shoulder.  Duo's hips thrust forward over and over as he grinded his cock against the rough denim.

"Please...oh god, fuck me.  I want you to fuck me...please."  Duo panted breathlessly.

"No," Heero groaned, then bit down hard on Duo's shoulder, enough to leave a mark.  "You can get yourself off without my help.  Solitaire, remember?"

The braided man whimpered his cock pulsed within the confines of his pajamas. “Yeah, oh yeah.” Duo moved again, one hand gripping Heero’s shirt, while the other twisted into chocolate colored strands of hair. Duo groaned, pulling Heero’s head away from his shoulder, lips seeking out their counterpart.  The kiss was rough, full of raw, sexual energy. Tongues glided against one another, teeth nipping almost painfully against lips.

Duo’s lust overrode any logical thought as he thrust against his lover’s thigh. Harder, rougher with each jerk of his hips. He wouldn’t be sated until he came.

“That’s it Duo, that’s it.” Heero encouraged him, moving his leg in time with Duo’s thrusts. His hands were on slender hips, almost painfully helping the man towards the goal. Blue eyes were clouded over in lust, his voice becoming raspy with need.  He was painfully hard, but that wouldn’t stop him from letting Duo fuck his leg. Seeing his longhaired lover come was worth the wait.

Duo’s hold on his lover increased, his hips never stopping in their rhythm. His breath was coming out in rough pants, his moans becoming louder, loud enough to attract the attention of a certain Chinese lover that was still sulking somewhere in the house.

The pace was stopped; an extra set of hands slid the elastic waistband of the flannel pajamas down almost roughly, the front caught on his aching cock.  Duo shivered as the cooler air of the room caressed the warm skin of his ass.

“Oh…oh gods! Fuck yes!”  The last part was hissed from between clenched teeth as Heero spread his cheeks and the nimble fingers of his other lover slid into his eager body.

“Having fun without me, Heero?”  Dark eyes glared accusingly over the body sandwiched between them.

“Not my fault I was jumped when I came in here. Did you know card games make Duo like this?” Blue eyes sparkled, lips quirked into a small knowing smile. He broke his gaze, looking back down on Duo who was still rocking against his thigh, eyes closed, tongue coming out to wet his lips as passion filled cries came deep from within him.

“Really? I would have never guessed.” Wufei twisted his fingers inside of Duo, dragging a loud cry from the man.

The sight he had come upon was almost a regular scene since he moved into the house with his two new lovers.  It didn’t mean that he wasn’t loved, but Duo and Heero had been lovers for a long while before bringing him into the mix.  This actually worked with his voyeur kink, watching the two of them in the throes of climax together brought his blood to a boil every time.  Today was no exception!  He had entered the room on silent feet, rubbing at his hard cock that was trapped within the confines of his own jeans. 

 Without thinking twice, he reached out to stop the next thrust against Heero's leg, and dragged Duo's pajama bottoms down to the curve of his ass.  His breathing hitched at the shiver that went down the braided man's spine.  He grabbed the strawberry flavored lube from the desk, and slicked up a few of his fingers quickly Heero was already pulling Duo’s cheeks apart, unveiling the small pucker that was hidden. 

Duo had started rocking again, moaning louder than before. Wufei’s fingers thrusted shallowly into him, his cock riding Heero’s leg, seeking the quickest route to the edge of pleasure. 

Wufei bent over Duo’s back, teeth nipping at the base of his neck.  “You’re close, Duo. So damn close you can taste it.” Wufei’s husky voice echoed in his ear. 

“Yes, “ He hissed through clenched teeth. “Oh fuck, nnnngh!” Duo’s fingers dug into Heero’s shoulders, his hips jerking once, twice and for the third time before his body tensed, his mouth open in a silent scream. 

Heero moaned loudly, the warmth and wetness of Duo’s cum was seeping through the flannel and onto his jeans, darkening the already dark colored jeans. He pressed the palm of his hand against the bulge in his pants, rubbing at it almost frantically to bring the edge of orgasm back.

It was Duo’s turn to rub his thigh against Heero’s aching groin. One good orgasm deserved another and another.

“Damn you’re sexy fucking my leg.” The statement only encouraged Heero to move faster before he stiffened, the cum being caught by his cotton boxers and jeans, the warmth being soaked up by the greedy fabric.

Wufei wasn’t one to be left out of the fun; he used his free hand to bend Duo over at the waist, his fingers still thrusting within the longhaired man’s body.  He brought his free hand back to his own jeans, and opened them quickly as he could, and brought his painful erection out of the open flaps.  He grasped himself, stroking roughly, watching Duo’s body swallow his fingers with each push.

“Fuck, you’re so hot.” His hand sped up, willing himself towards the edge with each stroke. With his index and middle fingers buried within Duo's body, he spread the man open just as he began to come.  Wufei groaned, his hips jerked as his cum splattered against Duo's ass, the majority of it found the opening, and slid against the fingers that held it open.  He pumped his cock a few more times...  He rubbed the crown of his cock between his open fingers, and finished depositing the last of his seed into the sated body in front of him.

Indigo eyes finally opened, a small frown settling across his lips.  Duo looked up into Heero’s face, a satisfied smile was lingering there. He twisted his head, looking at the Chinese man that had the same smile etched on his face.  It wasn’t that he didn’t like it, but the feeling of his cooling cum against his naked skin beneath the pajamas was becoming uncomfortable. 

He wiggled a bit, bringing himself back into an upright position, listening to his joints pop with the awkward position he was in for much longer than he expected. He cupped Heero’s cheek, kissing him quickly on the lips.

“Thank you.” He nipped the bottom lip. “You know exactly what I want.”  Duo smiled sweetly, turning to do the same to Wufei.  “Thank you.” Another quick kiss and he was out the door of the office, on his way to the bathroom where a warm shower was calling to him.

Wufei blinked, looking from the open door then back to Heero.  “I have a feeling we’ve been used.”

 Heero nodded, his eyes staring at the door as well. “Same here.”  He looked at the computer, then down at his pants.  He would have to clean himself up before he could investigate what Duo was really doing in the office before he came in.  What ever it was had the longhaired man very horny.


Heero watched from his position on the couch as Duo made last minute touches to the already overly decorated house.  Quatre and Trowa would be arriving shortly, and Duo had to make sure everything was just perfect.  He pulled at the neck of the thick sweater, cursing his braided lover silently. It was hot, scratchy and Duo had insisted that he wear the blasted thing tonight.  It didn’t help that the snowflake designs on it made him feel dorky.

Wufei was having the same problems as well.  The sweater was too much!  He grumbled under his breath as he brought the last tray of snacks out of the hot kitchen. 

“Who’s idea was this anyway?”

 A light nip to his earlobe, his answer close behind. “Our lover’s idea. You don’t want to disappoint him now, do you?” Heero whispered, stealing a small cube of cheese from the tray.

Dark eyes flittered to where Duo was bent over, shoving the last of the colorful wrapped presents under the tree.  “No, no disappointment tonight.” 

“I didn’t think so.” Heero answered before popping the cube of cheddar cheese into his mouth. He turned his sight to his longhaired lover, ass wiggling high in the air as he straightened the bows and ribbons adorning the presents he had just placed under the tree.

“If he keeps that up, I’m going to nail him to the floor right in front of the tree.” Wufei groaned, palming himself through his dark dress pants.

“In front of company?”

“I don’t think they would mind at all. Who hasn’t seen Maxwell’s ‘Yule Log’?” Wufei wrapped his arms around Heero’s waist, nudging his erection against his lover’s backside.

“Touché. I’m certain that they would want to join in on the festivities.” Blue eyes glinted with lust, grinding himself backwards into Wufei’s groin.

“You’ve made plans tonight and didn’t let me in on them, Yuy?” The dark haired man growled, teeth seeking out to nip at exposed skin on Heero’s neck.

“Let’s just say that Duo isn’t the only one that’s been snooping around the presents.” Heero smirked, wiggling himself loose from Wufei’s arms. “This will be one Christmas he won’t soon forget.”

“If you’ll grab our suitcases, I can take these bags with the presents in them.”  Trowa gave his blond lover a nod, reaching out to take the two medium sized suitcases from the back of the rented SUV. Quatre glanced around the snowy yard, marveling at how the moon made the snowflakes glitter like diamonds spread across the landscape.

“It’s beautiful, isn’t it?” Trowa’s voice broke the crisp silence. “Yes, it is.” The blond answered finally grabbing up the twine handles of the colorful shopping bags that contained presents for their beloved friends, as well as their gifts to each other.

Trowa led the way up the sidewalk, around a split railed fence that wound around leafless trees and snow covered bushes, the sound of snow crunched under their stride.  The house twinkled with holiday lights that shone through frosted windows.

“Looks like Duo had them busy.” Trowa commented on the decorations before setting down one of the bags so he could reach the bronze knocker. The blond nodded in agreement, smiling to himself as the door swung open with a flourish.

“Welcome to our humble abode.” Wufei greeted, ushering the two standing on the porch into the warm foyer.

“Nice sweater, Chang. Looks like you were attacked by a few balls of yarn.”

“Shut it, Barton. Blame Duo.” The Chinese man snapped, taking the coats from them to hang in a nearby closet.

“Heero’s in the kitchen, and Duo is somewhere around here. Last time I saw him he was flitting around near the tree.” Wufei waved his hand in the general direction before taking out some hangers.

Heero was grinning, leaning up against the kitchen doorway watching his longhaired lover throwing extra strands of lights and garland off to the side. He had told the man that there were way too many decorations for the house and tree, but he bit his tongue when more and more decorations were bought.

He and Wufei didn’t mind at all, they hoped that this would be a joyous holiday for the man from L-2. There was no way he could deny Duo anything that his heart desired.  The same went for Wufei as well. Both of his lovers were everything to him, and he did what ever it would take to make sure they were both happy. 

Heero brushed his bangs back, away from his eyes as he saw their guests entering the living room area. He couldn’t help shaking his head as he caught Quatre’s wicked smile, smacking Duo’s upturned bottom as he passed to greet him.

Duo yelped, standing up quickly to rub at his abused backside. “I thought we’d wait until after we ate and opened gifts before playing with my ass.” He eyed the blond, leering at him in challenge.

“Oh, I plan on playing with your ass, Duo.” Quatre leered right back before wrapping his arms around Heero and placing a kiss to his lips.

“Hey, don’t I get one of those?” The longhaired man grinned, watching as Quatre stepped back and planted another kiss on Wufei who’d just reentered the room. Long arms wrapped around his waist, almost startling him.

“You got groped. Isn’t that good enough?”

“I got spanked, Tro. I thought you’d know the difference by now.” Duo turned in his arms, waggling his eyebrows. “Now, say hello to me properly, please.” 

Trowa didn’t disappoint as he slid his hands down to Duo’s rear, giving it a squeeze as his tongue parted the shorter man’s lips. The kiss was brief, but very hot, making both men breathe deeply to calm their speeding hearts when they parted.

“Better watch it before we make the others jealous.”

“I doubt we could make them jealous, Duo. Not after what we’ve all done together before.” Trowa answered, glancing back to see what the other three thought of his actions. His blond lover had a lustful look on his face. Heero was nibbling on Wufei’s ears, one hand fiddling with the waistband of his black dress pants. The black haired man seemed to be enjoying the attention too much to even care what he and Duo had just been doing.

The blond licked his lips, “It doesn’t matter. We all share a bond here. Giving and receiving love from one another shouldn’t make any of us jealous.”  Duo nodded his head, totally agreeing, before he wiggled out of the tall man’s arms.

“Dinner should be done, so if you’d like to take your seats we can get started.  I’d like to hurry up and get to the opening of presents soon!”


Dinner seemed to be a rushed affair; they had all of them wanted to dive into the presents that were spilling out from underneath the huge tree in the living room. The dishes lay forgotten.

 Trussed up in the center of the living room, Trowa inspected his bindings with amusement.  The padded leather cuffs around his wrists had been linked together with metal rings, and it had been Heero’s idea to gather the rock climbing gear from the garage to loop bright orange rope around the exposed rafters, and suspend him.  Oval carabiners, also from the climbing gear, anchored the rope so that while he had limited range of motion, there was no way he could get free.  Not that he wanted to.

A shout of "no fair!" directed his attention to where Heero and Wufei were finishing up with Duo and Quatre, who were both protesting their own treatment.

 Duo wrenched his hands, only to find that the five feet of garland looped tightly around his wrists was biting into his skin.  “I want to play, too!”

“Whose fault is it for buying us this lovely bondage? We want to play with them, and you. ” Wufei knelt down between the two captives, making sure that the gold cock rings were secure.

“Still no fair…oh, god!” Duo gasped loudly, eyes rolling back into his head as Heero switched on the vibrating butt plug that he had begun to work inside of him. The blond was treated to the same, groaned loudly as his bottom was deliciously filled, inch by inch with the slick plug.

“Not to complain or anything here guys, but this garland is beginning to tickle and the lights are getting a little warm.” Trowa shifted, as much as he could with the spreader bar between his ankles and his hands shackled above his head. The gold and silver garland criss crossed the long, lean body, across hard muscles and around delicate skin between his legs, while the short string of mini Christmas lights blinked merrily around his hard shaft and balls.

“I’m sure Santa wouldn’t mind leaving presents underneath this tree.” A hand accompanied the voice, caressing soft skin of Trowa’s ass before fingers dipped inwards, circling his entrance briefly.

Trowa groaned, letting his body relax slightly at the touch. “I don’t know about Santa, but I wouldn’t mind being filled with presents.”

“I’m sure that will be no problem.” Wufei nipped at his ear, the wandering hand still playing close to his entrance.

When they had made the arrangements to come to Earth for Christmas, Trowa had hoped that some group play would be involved, but this was mind blowing. His sight was assaulted with wonderful views of his blond lover squirming in his bonds, while Duo nuzzled his face into the crotch of Heero’s pants.

Both of the other captives were a sight to see, kneeling with their hands bound behind their backs with lengths of the same garland looped around Trowa's body.  The sparkling decoration was wrapped around their forearms from their wrists to just below their elbows, giving them little room to struggle.

His ears picked up the soft panting from behind, and the rustle of the rope sliding against the links of his cuffs from above. He prayed someone would take pity on him soon!

Heero pushed his longhaired lover away from his crotch, making sure he was balanced on his knees before taking a step back. "Watch." He commanded with a smile, as he turned away from Duo and Quatre to focus on what was happening behind him.

Wufei was already nude, hands wandering over the taut flesh of their trussed up toy.  Trowa was trembling.  He fought to keep his eyes open to watch the rest of the players, as the pleasure the Chinese man was giving him made them want to slide closed.

He slipped the itchy sweater over his head and tossed it toward the couch, before his fingers made quick work of his belt buckle and the button at his waist.  Finally the zipper was pulled down, and his cock fell heavily from between the open flaps.  Heero palmed himself briefly, his eyes feasted on the naked young men that surrounded him.   He silently thanked himself for jerking off several times that afternoon, for if he hadn't, he knew he wouldn't last very long tonight. He pushed his messy bangs way from his face as he watched for only a moment before sliding his hand up Trowa’s left flank, feeling the muscles tremble in his wake.

Quatre stared at his lover, his cock wanted nothing more than some friction at the moment. Trowa looked gorgeous strung up in the middle of the room, the overhead lights made the silver and gold garland twinkle and shine as he shivered against Wufei’s and Heero’s touch. Fuck, what he wouldn’t give to be the one teasing that sweet flesh, coaxing the tall man toward ecstasy.

His eyes darted to the body next to him, and he watched Duo squirm and whimper.  His cock was jutting proudly from a nest of chestnut curls, and pre-cum was poised to drip from the crown.  The blond licked his lips, as his breath shuddered in his chest.  If there was a Hell, this was it!  Watching and not participating was excruciatingly painful!

A groan from his tall lover brought his eyes back to the three men just mere feet away. Green eyes were closed; sweat was starting to bead on smooth skin. He could see Trowa’s hands fisting and relaxing above his head as he was caressed, teased and stroked.

Heero teased a dusky colored nipple, bringing it solidly erect against creamy skin while Wufei’s fingers traveled along Trowa’s back, dipping between firm cheeks before delving inward to find the hidden entrance.

“Fuck!” The exclamation passed through parted lips as a hiss. Trowa writhed in his bonds, his body was thrumming with lust.

We plan to, Trowa."  Heero rumbled as he rubbed his erection against the taller ex-pilot's lean thigh.  He turned briefly, and gave Duo and Quatre a smirk.  They both looked lost in a lustful daze, their cocks stood proudly at attention, with a shimmer of gold glinting from within their wiry curls of hair. He was waiting for the two of them to break their decorative bonds and join in on the pleasurable torture of Trowa, but it seemed that both were enthralled with watching at the moment.

“Oh, yes. We plan to have our wicked way with you.” Wufei chimed in, his voice husky with need. He teased the small opening, coaxing it to open under his fingertips as his tongue laved against soft skin of Trowa’s shoulder.

“Fuck you so good that you won’t be able to sit for a week.” Heero tweaked a nipple, hand wandering away to cup the heavy sac that still twinkled with multi colored lights. Trowa moaned loudly again, trying desperately to buck his hips into the calloused hand that held him.

"I'm going to fuck him, Heero."  Wufei growled, and tossed the bottle of lube to the ground.  He roughly thrusted two well-slicked fingers into the tall man.

Trowa’s breathing hitched, and his muscles flexed around the invading fingers. “Shit, I don’t care if it’s Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer who fucks me, just do it soon!”

Heero paused his fondling, and found the end of the lights that adorned the man in front of him. “I have an idea, but these lights will have to go.” He slowly unwound them, taking his time to tease the tall European as he did.

“Stretch him good, Wufei. He’s going to get a Christmas present he won’t soon forget.” The Chinese man caught the glimmer in his lover’s eyes, not sure if it was from the lust, or his idea that he hadn’t shared yet. He gave his dark haired lover a nod, and worked a third and fourth finger in, stroking his insides as he watched Trowa quiver and jump with each thrust.

Duo noticed the look in his Japanese lover's eyes as the mini lights were tossed toward the couch.  The longhaired man shivered, and twisted his arms free of the garland wrapped around them.  He knew that look QUITE well, and he grinned as Heero reached up and unclasped the carabiner that anchored the rope holding Trowa's arms in the air, then he knelt down to remove the bar that had been keeping the taller man's legs spread wide open. Wufei caught Trowa around the waist as his knees buckled slightly, muscles not sure if they wanted to work or not. 

Nope, Duo Maxwell was not going to be left out of this party, no sir’ree, Bob!

As Wufei lowered the taller man to the floor, and Heero searched for the dropped bottle of lube, Duo tossed the binding garland out of the way.  Now that he was free, he wiggled himself closer to the blond Arabian, smiling brightly at Quat.

“Let me loose, Duo.” The blond whispered his plea, the sound of desperation thick in his voice. “Please, oh Allah, please.”

“What are you going to do for me if I do let you go?” Duo stroked himself while grinning madly at the way blond moaned.

“Shit, anything you want. I’ll give you the fucking moon and all the stars. Just please.” 

The ex-DeathScythe pilot seemed to ponder the thought for a moment before answered. “I don’t know, Quat. I mean, my lovers might get mad since I’m already loose, who knows what they’ll think if I untie those knots.”  Duo rubbed his calloused hand over the blond’s smooth bottom, nudging at the butt plug that was still in place.

“Maybe I like you all helpless.” Duo seemed to purr, jostling the plug once more getting a strong groan from Quat before swooping down to kiss him senseless.

Heero found the bottle of lube carelessly tossed toward the overstuffed chair; the amber colored contents were dripping onto the white carpet. He frowned, mildly annoyed, but nothing a good fuck wouldn’t take care of. He could worry about cleaning up stains in the morning. By then there will probably be quite a few of them.

He checked on the other two captives, noticing that Duo had managed to finally free himself and was now playing a round of tonsil hockey with the still bound blond.

Without missing a beat, he knelt down next to Trowa, caressing his thigh gently. “Wufei, lay down on your back, Mr. Barton here is going to take a ride.”  The Chinese man obeyed quickly, a small smile on his lips. He’d been waiting all night for this!

“Finally!” The taller man panted out, happy that relief was just around the corner. He watched as Heero slathered almost too much lube on Wufei’s cock, motioning to him when he was through.

With shaky limbs and hands still cuffed together in heavy leather and silver rings, Trowa crawled on top of the black haired man, sighing in pleasure when he felt the crown of Wufei’s cock breech his entrance.

Wufei grabbed at narrow hips, guiding Trowa down his length. He still wasn’t sure what his other lover was up to, but he could see messy chocolate hair over Trowa’s left shoulder.

“Mmmm, so good, Fei. Fuck me.” 

“Is this what you want?” Wufei thrust up sharply, relishing in Trowa’s pleasure filled cry above him.

“Fuck, yes! Keep going, oh god, please keep going.”

“Look, Quat. The main event.” The longhaired man whispered, hands roving all over the blond man, tweaking here, caressing there. Aqua eyes focused toward the middle of the room, watching his tall lover ride Wufei with abandon.

“Oh, Allah.”

“Fucking beautiful sight. You wish that was you that was underneath, Trowa bouncing on your cock like no tomorrow.” Duo’s hand snaked around the small waist, closing around rigid flesh.

“Feel your cock being slammed into that gripping ass. Tightening around you, milking you for all you are worth.” Duo wiggled the plug more, his hand moving faster around the velvet hardness. The man he was wrapped around was almost incoherent, panting and moaning out Trowa’s name.

 "Oh god, I need to come!  Take off the ring, Duo...let me come...please!"

"I do too, Quatre, but we don't want to miss out on the rest."  His blue eyes darted toward the other three, and he licked his lips at the sight.

Heero watched for a few moments, stroking his heavy cock with an extra helping of lube as he watched his dark haired lover slammed into the ex-Heavyarms pilot. He glanced at the blond and his longhaired lover, watching as Duo worked his fist over Quatre’s erection, eliciting moans and chants of more. Damn what a great way to spend the holiday season!

Heero knelt down between Wufei’s legs, watching as Trowa rocked down on the hard length. With cock in one hand, the ex-Wing pilot bent the taller man down, chest to chest with the Chinese man.

Not sure of what to do with his bound hands, Trowa slipped them around Wufei’s neck in an embrace, careful as to not tangle them in the loose black hair.

“Yes or no, Barton.” Heero slid the head of his cock against his already filled hole.

 He shivered, not sure if he could take two cocks at the same time.

Wufei moaned, his eyes closed tightly at the though of fucking Trowa with Heero at the same time. Fuck it was a turn on. He ran his hands over the prisoner’s sides, trying to calm the trembling that he felt.

“Yes or no?” Heero asked a second time, as he leaned over the brunet’s back, the head of his cock still teasing the opening. He heard the taller man groan loudly, nodding his head against his dark haired lover’s shoulder.

“Tell me to stop at any time. I will not hurt you.” Heero whispered in the brunet’s ear before leaning back and working two fingers inside, making room for himself.

“You won’t hurt me, I trust you. Now shut up and fuck me.” The taller man growled, clenching his inner muscles to make a point. This caused Wufei to growl as well as he waited as patiently as he could.

Dribbling more lube around the opening and the length already buried there, Heero nudged the head in, gritting his teeth at the sensation as the brunet’s body seemed to open right up and take him whole.

“Holy shit!” Duo couldn’t help the exclamation as he watched Heero thrust balls deep into Trowa while Wufei held still. “God in heaven above, what I wouldn’t do to be in Trowa’s spot right now.”

“I’m sure if you ask nicely your lovers will make a Duo sandwich out of you any day. Now untie me so we can have some fun, damn it.”

“Yes, sir.” Duo punctuated his statement with a kiss before his fingers found the knots that were tied in the makeshift garland handcuffs.  The holiday trim was thrown haphazardly aside, Duo’s hands rubbed at the blond’s wrists that were faintly red from the binding. Quatre slapped the hands away, a little impatient with waiting any longer.

He stood, ass swaying with each step he took toward the three men that occupied the floor in front of them. Not being one to be left out of the action for long, Duo was soon on his feet, flanking the other side of the men, licking his lips.

"Fuck, you're all gorgeous...  Duo stroked himself a few times before he fell to his knees to watch.  The blond smiled wickedly at Duo as he walked around toward the rutting men's heads.  He squatted down and lifted his lover's head.  His breathing hitched in his chest as he caught sight of the euphoria shining on his face.  He raised himself on his knees, and without realizing what his movements were doing; he maneuvered himself over the Chinese man's head, and nudged the crown of his cock against Trowa's lips.

Trowa was in a state of utter bliss.  He'd been teetering on the edge for a while, but the cock ring held true, preventing his climax from erupting.  He had never felt anything like this before, two cocks filling him so deeply, completely.  The twin assault on his prostate almost sent him into sobs, he wanted to beg the men to release the ring and fuck him into next year, but he wasn't coherent enough to form the words.

He was startled when his head was lifted, and he found himself staring into aqua eyes.  His Arabian lover smiled at him as he positioned himself.  He felt the softness of Quatre's cock tickle at his lips, and he opened his mouth to receive it.

Wufei was rather surprised to open his eyes to the sight of a set of balls swinging close to his face.  He didn't realize that the two others had worked themselves free and joined them.  Being inside the taller man, with the friction of his inner walls in synch with that of Heero's cock rubbing against his own had heightened the pleasure dramatically.  He was close to reaching down and unsnapping the ring, he wanted nothing more than to be swallowed whole by the lust and pleasure that filled the room.

Heero's eyes snapped open at the click of a cock ring being released.  His eyes drifted downward to the men panting and moaning beneath him.  Quatre was in front of them all, his eyes closed, his mouth slightly parted as Trowa sucked him.

He leveled his gaze to his right, and found Duo on his knees, cock ring and anal plug now laying on the floor as he stroked himself frantically with one hand, as the other disappeared behind him.

His longhaired lover was always an erotic vision when he masturbated, fingers deep within himself.  He couldn't control the moan that escaped his throat.  Duo's eyes flew open, meeting his own, pleading wordlessly for him to stop what he was doing and nail him into the floor.  That was the breaking point for Heero.  He couldn't stand watching his lover play with himself when he was right there, willing to join in.

With one last hard thrust, Heero pulled out of Trowa and tackled the braided man to the carpet.  Duo grunted, the weight of Heero on top of him was a welcome feeling.  With a wicked gleam in his stormy blue eyes, Heero leaned down and claimed the parted lips.

"It's not over yet."  He whispered huskily to the handsome man beneath him, before spreading and lifting Duo's legs, and driving his cock into paradise.

“Oh, fuck! Heero!” Duo all but shouted as his lover slid forward, not stopping until he was all the way in.

“You’ve been a bad little boy, Duo.”

"Punish me!"  The longhaired man cried out as Heero shifted him in his arms, making the penetration deeper.  "Oh, Gods!  Yes, just like that!"

Trowa and Wufei were a bit disappointed when Heero had pulled away and pinned Duo just to their right, but the sounds of passion right next to them only stirred their fires more.  The blond that hovered over Wufei's face was moaning just as loudly, their voices combined to create a symphony of passion.

As he neared his limit, frustrated with just teetering on the brink, Wufei reached down and stopped Trowa on an upward bounce. He deftly removed the ring from around his cock and balls before grabbing the taller man’s hips and driving him back down. It wouldn’t take long before he crested his peak.

He then boldly reached up and unsnapped the blond's ring, tossing it to the side quickly.  He was sure that Quatre was more than ready to come.

“Make him cum, Trowa. Suck him hard!”  The Chinese man commanded, thrusting harder and faster into the body that rode him.

“Yeah, make me cum!” Quatre groaned, “I’m so damn close, so close.” Aqua eyes closed as he felt the first tingle of climax.

Trowa seemed to redouble his efforts, taking down as much of his lover’s length as he could, swirling his tongue as his head bobbed. It wasn’t long before he felt hands twisting in his hair, pulling him back away as the first shots of semen splattered against his face, dribbling downwards to land on Wufei’s neck and chest.

That was the moment of overload for Wufei. His dark eyes rolled to the back of his head, his hips slammed almost painfully into Trowa’s behind. He shouted his completion, his body shaking with the force.

The Chinese man barely noticed when Trowa lifted himself up, tearing at the cock ring with a vengeance. Ebony eyes glanced up just in time to see Trowa lifting his blond lover’s face upward, hand stroking faster over his member.

“Unnn, you’re such a brat!” Trowa managed to growl as he started to climax. This gave Quatre just enough time to open his mouth and stick his tongue out to catch the first of his lover’s cum. The brunet’s body shook, a garbled yell almost strangling him.

Not to be outdone, Duo shouted out just after Trowa, drawing the sated men's attention.  The braided man's back was arched completely off the floor, mouth still open wide in a silent scream as his cock erupted between their sweat soaked bodies.  The Perfect Lover wasn't far behind, pistoning his hips as fast as he could. The brass ring was there for the taking, so he reached out and let the ecstasy claim him.


Five bodies had found there way onto the fluffy rug in front of the blazing fire; each man was sleepy, but sated.  Duo found himself snuggled between his to Asian lovers, both holding him tightly, while Quatre was nestled just under Trowa's chin, already half asleep.

“I think I’ll remember this Christmas for a long time.” Trowa mumbled, a yawn catching him off guard.

"I think we all will.  At least until we can walk properly again."  Duo answered, snuggling deeper into his lovers’ embrace.

The blond haired man yawned loudly, mumbling as he did. “Revenge will be swift but sweet.”

Four sets of eyes turned to look at Quatre.

“What? Do you think getting cum up my nose was a pleasurable experience? I don’t think so!”

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