"Reciprocal Karma"

Written By: Meg


Disclaimer: I don’t own, just borrowing for a short time so please don’t sue.

Author: Meg

Author's e mail:meggiebaby81@yahoo.com

Rating: M (Mature) or NC-17,

Warnings:bondage, male on male sex, BDSM, AU

Summary:Of Kings and Princes and concubines, who all over the course of a conference learn the true meaning of Karma..

"Reciprocal Karma"


Duo was scared. Well, that wasn’t exactly what was wrong but close enough. He had disobeyed the King’s orders in front of the Council of Four Nations. He had made him seem not in control of his own concubine. The slender young man kept his worried eyes trained on the door to his suite of rooms. Heero wouldn’t even look at him as he was led out of the room, he turned a deaf ear all last night to his apologies – it was the first time in a very long time Duo felt used and dirty when Heero was done with his body.

But dammit there were at least three people in that room that wanted his Prince. They wanted to make themselves his partner and cut Duo out of the picture – they wanted him gone and the attentions of the powerful Prince of Lowoi all to themselves. Besides, he had been taken to other council sessions before and Heero had enjoyed showing him off as he knelt by his Prince’s feet. But this time he had been ordered to stay put, numerous times and he had disobeyed his Prince and gone anyway. Only to see the Princess of Sanq flirting with him, the King of Mangu had all but been in his lap and the Prince of Otoul and been making eyes at him. Duo had gone a little off center and latched on to Heero a bit more than he normally would. When he was told to leave he had refused, causing his Prince to lose his temper and order him again. When he still hadn’t moved he had been forcibly moved with the aide of the Guards. Heero had not looked at him warmly or with any emotion since.

He was so lost in his thought he completely missed the door opening and the main advisor to the Prince walk in quietly. It wasn’t until the quiet man touched his shoulder that Duo even noticed he was in the room. Duo let his wide purple-ish blue eyes meet the emerald green of Trowa and felt his hopes wither. While Trowa was never an emotional beacon, after all as chief advisor to the Prince he kept things very well guarded and close to him, if you knew where to look you could tell what he was feeling. Right now it was pity, pity and compassion, mixed with some worry.

“You have really done it Duo. You really have. He let the Council decide your punishment for disobeying and disrupting the conference. Not that any of them like you all that much to begin with…” Trowa said quietly, keeping his voice slow and soothing to the ear. Duo winced and let his shoulders droop.

“So I guess I will be replaced now, won’t I? By one of those concubines from the Harem that are actually TRAINED to serve him. Maybe even you would be better at this than I am…”

Trowa snorted, “Duo please. He has kept you for worse than this. He would have done it himself, but you embarrassed him and dented his pride. He has to be able to regain that pride in the eyes of the council.” Trowa adjusted his stance and Duo heard the sound he hated: the clinking of chains, “Two days of public display, followed by punishment on the last day of the conference. Hold out your hands, Duo. Do not make this harder than it is.”

Duo hated the chains with a raging passion. He had been kept in them as a prisoner of war; it was all he had been allowed to wear when he had been first presented to the King as an appeasement gift. They were all Heero had allowed him to wear for months until the Prince felt he had learned his place in the palace. He knew right where he would be as well. There was a pole in the main meeting room off to the side. Public display? For the damned council only. His eyes flashed as he reluctantly held out his arms and felt the cool fur lining against his skin as the ominous ‘click’ of the closure slid home. He felt them on each wrist, then stood and waited. Maybe he would luck out and they would not have told Trowa to strip him; then he could keep some of his dignity. But he soon felt Trowa’s warm hands removing the black silk lounge pants he wore when in the suite of rooms. The cool fur was felt on his ankles as well.

“Trowa, I know you have to put on the ankle ones too, but could we PLEASE wait till we are in there? They are so hard to walk in…” Duo looked up at the other man hopefully. Walking down the halls to the room where he would be displayed was going to be hard enough, but those ankle shackles would not help his movement at all. The advisor looked at the hopeful face in front of him and smiled gently after a few moments, then clicked the lead onto the one mark of ownership Duo seemed to covet – his platinum chain collar. And he led the nude and blushing young man out of the room without another word.


Heero was impatient and in a sour mood. He was annoyed at having to punish his pet instead of playing with him tonight as planned. Then he felt a warm hand in his lap and looked over to see the King of Mangu smiling gently at him as his hand wandered up the thigh closest to him, “I would love to discuss the alliance of trade negotiations with you in more detail…this evening.”

Heero smiled at the blonde man and nodded. Maybe this would be a good time to renew his … acquaintance with his old lover and perhaps let the water flow under the bridge. He did miss the blonde…

Quatre cheered mentally and leaned in to whisper a meeting time in Heero’s ear and felt a hand on his own thigh in return. He had missed his passionately kinky lover. Six months had gone since he had last been near him. In fact he had been almost sure that Heero was going to ban him from this trade and alliance conference all together. Only now the pet was going to be in chains, Heero was frustrated and Quatre was more than willing to let him work out his fantasies on him.

The sent of musky sandalwood wafted to Heero and brought back memories of other times. He was so engrossed in his memories he missed the look on Duo’s face when Trowa led him in. He was whispering back in Quatre’s ear as Trowa attached Duo to the pole off to the side or the appreciative glances the nude boy drew. He looked into the eyes on his ex-lover and smiled.

“We never did settle on your punishment from last time… Maybe after we talk about the alliance and trade – we could settle that as well.”

It was all the slender blonde could do not to bounce in his seat. An all but promised night in bed with Heero. Would he tie him with silk scarves or did he still have his old cuffs? Would he be made to beg or would Heero just claim his body again and again before letting him find completion himself? The night held endless possibilities.

Trowa stood off to the side and waited before announcing, “For the next two days there will be the punishment of Duo, concubine of the Crown Prince. At the conclusion there will be a public paddling.”

Heero looked over and let his eyes go cold so Duo could see he was still annoyed by the whole situation. Quatre glanced at the braided boy and grinned at him, this was going to work out very well… Very well indeed.


Over the course of the rest of the day, Duo was forced to reveal himself to whoever wanted to see him. He was cuffed to the pole and with his cock ring on there was no release form the torment of being played with. He had to watch as the Prince’s ex worked his way back into Heero’s good graces and wasn’t allowed to say or do anything about it. Finally after dinner he came over and knelt in front of Duo.

“You are a foolish pet aren’t you? You see, I was the one Heero had first. Then I made a big mistake and he left me. Then he had you. But you see, I love him. I am in love with him. I will get him back and then you – you can serve us both or go back to the Harem. Whichever he and you agree on. But remember this – I am not going anywhere.”

Duo looked at the other man with angry eyes. How dare he threaten him? He was the Prince’s prize concubine and this was HIS home not this interloper’s! Quatre chuckled at the look in the pet’s eyes and then stood up, “Have a fun night Duo. I know I will…”

Duo wanted to scream! But if he did then would put that damn ball gag in his mouth and he hated that thing…


Quatre loved this night. He was on cloud nine. After a brief discussion on the trade and about an hour of logical alliance talk he was where he had missed being so much – straddling Heero’s lap, his mouth being devoured and his ass being all but mauled hungrily.

“I am going to cuff you to the table, spank your pretty bottom rosy red and then take you till you beg for more.” Heero whispered harshly in the ear of his old lover. Why hadn’t he fought for this? Quatre was…was what he needed. The light came on in those teal green eyes and a little smile teased the corners of the well kissed mouth, “Strip for me.”

Quatre rose slowly and began a slow strip show, feeling those dark cobalt eyes on him the entire time. Then Heero was on his feet and pulling him towards the desk. Quatre shivered eagerly. He vividly remembered losing his virginity on the desk. He had been spanked by Heero, bent over that desk. He felt the warm hand gently push him over the desk, then travel down his arms to lock first one wrist then the other into the cuff, he almost laughed softly as warm lips worked their way down his back and then onto his thighs as first one ankle and then the other were bound.

Heero ran an appreciative hand over the creamy buttocks now on full view, “I believe we agreed on twenty bare handed…”

“Yes, my Prince…”

“Don’t forget to count…”




Trowa looked in at the pet still chained to the pole and sighed. Why the prince always had to leave the stories to him… he sighed and entered the room armed with a blanket and dinner. Duo smiled in a trembly sort of way at him and then looked down.

“He hates me and is going to replace me isn’t he?” Duo whispered softly. For the first time since they were put on he didn’t think of the chains as he curled up in the blanket and started picking at the dinner. Trowa sighed as he sat down next to the pet and leaned back against the wall.

“Duo, Prince Heero and Prince Quatre go back a LONG way. They were friends who became lovers. They were very deeply in love and their parents didn’t even mind they were both male if just for the political vantage point. Then Heero was sent away for training and when he returned he was the Heero you know. Well, Prince Quatre loved him still and they were still very in love. Both princes have always liked the games and activities you and his highness engage in.”

Duo flushed and was suddenly very intent on his food; Trowa smirked and went back to his story, “Then one day there was a buzz in the Council Court. There was a new member and he wanted Quatre, made no ruse or excuse. Well Quatre was feeling neglected and he let things go too far. Heero saw it and left Quatre. Then three weeks later you came and now here we are. Duo, yes he is with Quatre. I am not going to lie to you. Yes, they both miss each other and want another shot. What does that mean for you I have no idea. But I do know this. Heero loves you Duo. He wouldn’t have kept you this long if he didn’t.”

“I just want to be with him.”

Trowa smiled gently and ran his fingers through the chestnut colored bangs, “Just take the reprisal well and see what happens. I am just an advisor – I can’t see into the future.”

Duo chuckled wearily and looked at Trowa, “If he and that Prince Quatre got back together….do you think he…”

“I don’t know Duo. I really wish I did…but no.”


Quatre didn’t remember it stinging so much or feeling so good to be under his lover again. The only one he ever trusted to be this vulnerable with was Heero, his handsome Prince. He felt safe being exposed, completely at his mercy.

“H-H-Heero! Harder!”

There was a responding grunt and the thrusts in out of his wonderfully aching, needy ass became harder and deeper. Firm hands gripped his narrow hips to control the penetration. Quatre moaned and cried out for more. He wasn’t even sure what it was he wanted more of but he wanted it. Needed it. The desk was still surprisingly somewhat cool to his overheated skin. The cuffs held firm reminding him constantly he had no control in the situation. The blonde screamed as his release crashed over him; splashing against the desk, running down his thighs.

Heero pulled out still hard and aching, he undid the chains holding the cuffs but left the cuffs on the creamy wrists and ankles. Quatre looked at him in confusion till he remembered – the cuffs were interlocking. Heero didn’t need chains to restrain him… then he saw the water and cloth and knew what Heero wanted. Heero loved his style and technique with his mouth. He always had.

Slow, soothing strokes under Quatre’s knowing hand soon had Heero clean enough. Before the blonde sank to his knees he turned and allowed the prince to lock the wrist cuffs together. Then the turned again, locked eyes with the dark prince and fell to his knees with more grace than a man in his position should have. Then he began to torment the prince.

Long slow licks up and down the hard shaft, nibbling kisses, long slow sucks and kisses on the now purple-ish colored head. Quatre was treating this like it was his own personal treat. Heero ran his fingers through the sun-kissed locks and smiled softly as he enjoyed a pleasure he had denied himself perhaps too long. A down and dirty blowjob by the most proper of Princes.


Duo was awakened by a maid with his breakfast; she took his blanket and shot him a sad smile before she left. Then there was a dull thud from the Prince’s private entrance. Heero was there and he was alone. He walked slowly towards the wayward pet and then stopped and dropped to one knee in front of Duo. When his concubine refused to look him in the eye Heero snort softly and tilted him up by his chin to look him in the eye.

“If you promise you have learned your lesson I will go ahead and do the physical part and then you can go back to your suite. I have a surprise for you anyway…” Heero stood, “But if you want to be stubborn about it…”

Duo smiled brightly and then it dimmed almost as fast, “Sir, can’t we just let that part go…?”

Heero shook his head and stepped back, “If you had listened to me and followed orders this never would have happened. You not only shamed me but you insulted my guests. You knew what would happen and you did it anyway. I am sorry, pet, but it will happen. I will send in your servant to prepare you and then it will happen. Once you are done you are free to go to your rooms for the rest of the day. I will visit you tomorrow.”

“Sir, I will be more than fine by tonight. You can come….please do…”

“I have other plans.”

“With me.” Came a sleep roughened voice from the doorway of Heero’s private entrance. Duo’s heart dropped when he saw the handsome blond ruler of Mangu standing in the doorway, “Coming to bed again, Heero?”

“No, but I will join you for breakfast in a few moments. I have some things to get ready for this morning.” Quatre nodded and sent a sleepy grin at Duo before heading back to the bedroom. Duo was looking down so he missed the evidence of Quatre’s own punishment at Heero’s hand. He kept looking at the floor and was wondering how he had truly thought he could get away with it all when the movement of a heavy piece of furniture reached his ear. He looked up and his eyes widened then flew to Heero, who simply looked back at him calmly and raised a single eyebrow.

The chair that was being brought in was a heavy, older chair. When he had first been given to Heero he had spent a lot of time bent over that chair, either getting paddled or being taken, or simply to be viewed – all of this reminding him he was no longer in control. When he had finally accepted Heero the hated chair had been put away and Duo was never so happy. Now it was back and the dread that had been building in his stomach got heavier and heavier.

The servant shot Duo an apologetic look as they came to him and undid the lead so that they could lead him to the chair. After spending all night on the floor, and the vast majority of the previous day on display, he was a little stiff, but he would soon be even stiffer, his mind yelled at him. He couldn’t even look at Heero as he was guided to lean over the back of the chair. His legs were spread and deceptively delicate looking silk rope was used to bind his wrists and ankles to the chair legs. His treasured braid was gently moved to the side so that the view of his entire back, buttocks, and the backs of his legs was completely unobstructed. He shivered and then gasped when something was set onto the seat of the chair. He wanted to scream and beg. But he also knew that if he could take this then Heero would respect him again.

He heard the doors open and close, he heard the muted conversations that seemed to be growing louder, he heard that damned blonde man’s voice talking specifically to Heero and wanted to growl. Then he heard Heero and his heart raced, gods he hated this part…

“Attention! Everyone in this room was inconvenienced by my lovely concubine and his mischief the other day. So to make up for that, I have provided the paddle and a die. Whatever number you roll is how many smacks you may give him. No more, no less. Once this is done his punishment is over and will never be mentioned in my presence again.” Heero looked at his pet and his heart skipped a beat. He hated having to do this, but since his official collaring he had been too lax with the man who had stolen his affections. Now he had to remind everyone, he included, who was the master and who was the concubine. Quatre slipped up behind him and slid an arm around his waist. He looked down into the depthless eyes of his returned lover and smiled. He had two of the most exotically handsome men in his bed…and they both liked to play.

Trowa rolled a six, Heero a six, Quatre a four, the King of Otoul a three…and so it went till Duo was sobbing softly and his ass was a brilliant red color. Heero came up and while stroking the braid of the punished pet, told everyone he would meet them in the conference area shortly. One by one they filed out, leaving the two of them alone. Heero untied him and Duo flew into his Prince’s waiting arms, making his shirt wet with his tears.

“Shhh, it is all over Duo-pet. Everything is over. You have learned your lesson and I have saved my pride. You will be a good pet now won’t you?” Duo nodded into his shoulder, hiccupping a little with his tears, “Good now I will carry you to your bed and tend to your red little ass. Then you will sleep and when you wake up, this will all seem like a bad dream.”

Duo nodded again and then snuggled into his Prince’s arms. Gods but he loved this man.


Three days later Heero summoned Duo to his private set of room right after he was finished with work for the day. Quatre was already there, he had seen to that on his lunch break, and there was a new development that they both had to get used to it. He smiled as a bundle of energy latched onto him.

“Gods it was boring today! Too hot to do anything interesting outside and you were so damnably busy too. So, please say we are going to do SOMETHING interesting.”

Heero raised a brow and moved aside so that Duo could see the bound, gagged, and fully aroused Quatre on his bed, “Meet our new playmate Duo.”

Two pairs of eyes widened and then narrowed as they took each other in. Heero smirked as they both seemed to look at him and then he winked, “I am not giving wither of you up. So, this is what we have.”

Duo looked intrigued by the whole situation, “So I get to take a Prince? I like this…”

“Ah, that would be no. Nor is he allowed to take you. You can do whatever you want with your hands and your mouths…but taking you is for me and me only.” Heero said and waited for that to sink in before the light came on in Quatre’s eyes a half second before Duo’s then Duo dutifully let Heero put on the restraint cuffs and ankle restraint cuffs as well and the night began.

~~There was something exquisitely, almost painfully, breathtaking about a man restrained. The wild gleam in his eyes, the way the muscles bunch and flex under his skin, the way he begs – and not always with words but with actions as well. Heero looked on his bed and at the two men asleep in it. One light and the other darker and both willing gave him control and surrendered to him in that very bed multiple times. Whether it was Quatre draining Duo with his VERY talented mouth, or Duo returning the favor as Heero claimed him from behind. They were both tempting and precious to him. He walked over to the bed and looked at them both encased in the moonlight and smiled. He would let them rest. After all they had all the time in the world…

~ * ~

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