"Picking up the Pieces"

Written By: Kai

Disclaimer: I don't own Gundam wing, wouldn’t it be nice if I did? Oh how I love to dream?

Title: Picking up the Pieces

Author: Kai (also known as Odie-chan once apon a time)

Author e-mail: thewarriorkai@yahoo.ca

Rating: NC-17 (bondage, sexual content, language?

Warnings: Yaoi (five-some), Wufei-centric, Wufei POV, Post EW, Sequel to Everybody Breaks

Pairings: 1x2x5x3x4 is established but it ‘s only a 5x1 in this one

Summary: er, summary, again I’m not good with summaries - just warning you?Wufei tries to get used to his new situation?I REALLY suck at summaries, so please read it anyway?

Special thanks: Ryouga who asked for this sequel, or should I say, demanded it. And who agreed to edit it for me? She’s an awesome beta-reader and I wonderful person, though not my hero starts to whisper* if I say she is Heero gets pissy?and trust me, it isn’t a pretty sight! *shudders as she hides the self-detonation switch under a potted house plant*.


"Picking up the Pieces"

***Begins right where Everybody Breaks leaves off.***


Wufei’s POV

Not long after we ate breakfast both Trowa and Duo disappeared for the day to visit Catherine since the circus was touring L4. I understood why Trowa wanted to go so badly but Duo’s eagerness left me slightly baffled until he explained it to me. Apparently after the four of them came together seven months ago they’d been trying to establish solid relationships with those close to each other. Catherine and Duo had hit it off quite well after they had discovered that they shared a similar obsession with sharp, pointy objects. It had become a competition between the two to see who could best the other when it came to throwing knives. I didn’t mind that they wanted to go, although I had to assure them a few times before they would actually leave the house.

It shouldn’t have been a big deal since I was left with Quatre and Heero for company, but half an hour after Duo and Trowa had left, Quatre received an urgent call from his office. It was his personal assistant, Nicholaus, who was under strict orders not to call for anything short of an emergency. In the end there was no choice but for Quatre to go into work and since Heero was his Head of Security it was necessary for him to go as well. They’d told me they could call Duo and Trowa back but I wouldn’t let them and reassured them that I would be fine, so in the end I was left alone.

I found the mansion’s library on the second floor and settled there for about two hours to read before moving back to the bedroom and pulling out part of one of my Preventers’ uniforms since I was out of clean casual clothes, and quickly changed into them.

I’d decided to go downtown, I needed more clothes and besides that I wasn’t used to having leisure time. If I didn’t do something constructive soon, I was going to end up marching to the L4 branch of the Preventers and demanding that they provide me with a pile of paperwork to do.

I borrowed Duo’s black leather jacket so that the Preventers’ logo on my shirt was covered and pocketed my wallet and the cell phone that Sally had grabbed from my office and given to Quatre. Then I called a taxi and waited. On a normal day I would have walked, but I was still a little tired and I certainly wasn't willing to do anything that might send me back to where I had been a few days ago.

The ride downtown didn’t take very long, but I had nearly a whole day to fill since it was only 10:30, so I didn’t buy my clothes right away, instead I walked the area of downtown doing something I had never done before window shopping. I hadn’t cared much when it came to my appearance before, as long as it was serviceable when I was off duty and professional when I was on duty I had been satisfied. Now... now I wanted to look... better, not for me, but for the others. The thought had me ducking my head for a moment until my cheeks cooled down. I had never really understood the desire that others had to look appealing to the rest of society before, but now... I was beginning to have a pretty good idea why they did.

By 12:00 my legs had started to shake a little so I ordered lunch at a restaurant and rested for about an hour. Just as I was leaving my cell phone rang. Picking it up I answered with a curt, “Chang here.”

“Wufei! Thank Allah! Where are you?” Quatre sounded a bit frightened and relieved at the same time.


“Downtown? What are you doing downtown?” Now he sounded puzzled and worried. He was like an emotional racecar, from scared; relieved to happy - all in under six seconds.

“I need new clothes.”

“New clothes, why do you need new clothes?”

I found myself shaking my head even though he couldn’t see it. “Well, for starters half of my casual clothes ended up loosing a battle to an overly enthusiastic knife last night, not to mention, it isn’t recommended that Preventers’ personnel wear their uniforms while off-duty. Now, do you mind telling me why, when you first called, that you sounded as if Maxwell had decided to paint your limo pink?”

“I called the mansion.”


“You weren’t there.”

“And that warrant’s filing a missing person’s report and calling all the hospitals and morgues in the area?”

“Well I... I just... I was just worried that...”

“For Nataku’s sake, Winner, just say it already!”


I pulled the phone away from my ear and stared at it as if it had suddenly declared that Master O in a thong would be an extremely sexy beast. When the phone didn’t seem to change it’s form into something with teeth and proceed to try and bite me in the ass I carefully placed near my ear again. “Could you repeat that please?”

There was a deep sigh on the other end. “I said that I was worried that you had left.”

“Quatre, where would I go?” The question was a good one because being on sick leave I couldn’t go back to Preventer HQ and the only place left that I would go was where they were, right here on L4. There was nowhere else. I could almost hear him thinking that. “I’m not Duo, Quatre, I don’t run and even if I did I would come back - it just isn’t in me to do otherwise. Besides, I’m exactly where I want to be. Now stop worrying about me and just finish what you have to. I’ll see you at home when you’re done. Tell Heero that if you start to worry again he should dunk your head in cold water until you start thinking clearly again. I have to go and you need to get back to work…er, love you two.” With that I hung up the phone and stared at it while I went over all that I had just said. Then I shook my head in disbelief; Chang Wufei becoming a sap had been about as possible as Hell freezing over. I wondered if the Devil had skates... because he was probably going to need them soon.

* * * * * * * *

I found a trendy men’s wear store that was financially affordable and carried a variety of styles and colors of clothing. The salesperson was a woman about twenty years of age with short blond hair, and she was surprisingly helpful. In the past I had never required a salesperson’s assistance and had often found them to be highly annoying... like a fly that would go away. She helped me pick out a wide range of clothing and arranged to have everything dropped off at the address I gave her. I didn’t mind the extra expense, I wasn’t rich, but my entire clan’s wealth had fallen to me and I hadn’t used a great deal from my Preventers pay or the money I had skimmed from OZ and various other factions during the war.

I thanked her when she was done and was about to leave when she spoke to me again. “I don’t mean to be nosey... but are you a martial artist by chance?”

At first I just blinked at her, caught off guard by the question. “Yes. Why do you ask?”

“You move like one. You see; the reason why I was asking is that I just joined a dojo a few months ago that my friends are involved in and they convinced me to try it out. I was just wondering if you might be interested in coming to the dojo. We’re preparing for a tournament right now so sparring with different people is good practice and the Sensei is always encouraging us to invite people who might be interested.”

“You don't even know me.”

She laughed a little, “I know that but the chances of me running into you again are slim to none so it was either ask you or forget it and to be frank, you move too much like the Sensei for me to just forget it. So what do you think?”

What did I think? Sounded interesting. “I’m Wufei.”

“Caroline. Nice to meet you.” She reached into her coat pocket and pulled out a business card that she wrote on the back of. “The dojo is located downtown - about eight blocks from this store. If you have trouble finding it my phone number and the Sensei’s number are both written under the address on the card; practice is everyday from seven to ten but you can feel free to drop in all day, it’s always open. I’ll be there at six thirty - if you can’t come tonight don’t worry about it. Just come when you can.”

I stared at the card I had in my hand. “Could I bring a friend with me?” I don’t know why I asked that but if one of the others wanted to come it might be entertaining. It was true that none of the others had any formal training, but all of them were extremely capable fighters.

Caroline gave me a bright smile. “You bet! The more the better, don’t worry about fees or money this time. You'll be able to find all that out when you get there. As for clothing, just wear something comfortable, okay?”

“Of course.”

“Oh, and before I forget to tell you, your clothes will arrive at the address you provided me at around three this afternoon.”

“Thank you.”

“My pleasure Wufei. I hope to see you tonight.”

I left the store and began looking for a taxi; trying to figure out what I had just gotten myself into, when I stumbled across a store that froze me in my tracks. It had been years since I’d allowed myself to indulge in the one thing I’d held onto despite it’s irrelevance to my duties but the urge to enter the store was so great that I couldn’t really fight it. I could have and won but after a moment I remembered that I didn’t have to anymore. So, very slowly, I entered the art store.

Inside were shelves of paper, sketch pads, easels, paints, pencils, charcoal, pastels and countless other things. My hands actually began twitching and I had to clench them into fists to keep them under control. I swear I was being as bad as Maxwell in a parts store for all terrain vehicles (all terrain meaning land, air, sea and space of course) or Heero in a gun shop. I couldn’t seem to squash the warm feeling in my chest as I looked over the products and eventually I stopped trying to and grabbed a yellow basket as I moved up and down the aisles. It was soon filled with pads, pencils, colored pencils, charcoals, erasers and a case to carry it all in.

After paying for everything I finally found a taxi and went back to the mansion. It was only 2:00 so I sat down in the living room, organized my art case, took out one of the pads and a pencil and began drawing. I must have become really involved in what I was doing because it seemed as if only moments later the doorbell was ringing and my clothes had arrived. One of the few servants at the mansion aided me in taking them up to my room and I quickly went through them and placed them in my duffle bag. I hadn’t bought much but the bag didn’t want to close after I had it all in so I made a mental note to purchase another one at my earliest opportunity.

I decided on a quick shower and changed into a pair of loose black pants and a tight red t-shirt, leaving my hair down to air dry. Before I went back down the stairs I grabbed my glasses and put them on. I usually avoided wearing them but when I was working at something as detailed as drawing I would get a severe headache unless I wore them and since I planned on checking out Caroline’s dojo later I wanted to avoid that possibility.

It was quite possible that I actually bounced back down to the living room, some may have called it skipping, but Change Wufei does not skip. It may have seemed strange to anyone who knew me, had they seen it, but I just so... happy and the feeling had filled me up and then overflowed. It was a pretty head feeling.

I made myself comfortable on the sofa once more when I got back to the living room and picked up my pencil and pad.

* * * * * * * * *


I almost dropped my pencil as I looked up, startled, to see Heero standing in front of me. “Heero, you’re home earlier than I expected.”

He raised an eyebrow at me. “It’s six o’clock.”


“It’s six o’clock.” And he looked pointedly at the clock that hung above the fake fireplace, directly in front of where I’d been sitting.

“Oh.” Considering that I could speak over ten languages fluently, I should have been able to do better than that but nobody’s perfect all the time. “Where are the others?”

“Trowa’s spending the night at the circus to help with a few things since a few of their people have the flu. Quatre is still buried under paperwork since the first emergency seems to have caused a bunch of minor ones and Duo took over for me so that I could come back here to you.”

I stared at him a full minute as my mind processed that. “Not that I’m complaining but why did Duo replace you instead of coming back here?”

Heero shrugged, looking a little uncomfortable. “Quatre will probably be at the office most of the night and possibly most of tomorrow as well and he’ll forget anything and everything else unless someone is there to remind him to eat and take breaks; force him to relax. I can’t do that. To me it’s a mission to protect at all costs and distracting Quatre would also distract me so I treat it in the same manner as I treated my missions during the war, which is preferable when Quatre is out in public or in a highly publicized meeting... but not when it’s something like this. Duo, on the other hand, is capable of protecting Quatre while Quatre’s mind is on other concerns and Duo is also able to provide a distraction without losing focus of his mission. We use each other’s strengths to make up for our own weaknesses... just as we did during the war.”

“That’s very wise.” I gave him a soft smile that was probably no more than a twitching of my lips. I wasn’t very used to smiling. “Did you have any plans for tonight? Say at about 6:45?”


I closed my sketchbook and put it in the bag with my other art supplies. “Good, then you can come with me to check out a dojo I heard about today.” It wasn’t a question, just a simple statement of fact.

“Sure. I’ll go and change.” With that Heero had already gone up the stairs to do just that.

* * * * * * * *

We were in the taxi by 6:30. Since everything had happened so fast, I hadn’t really considered what changes might occur due to our new relationship status and even if I had, I don’t know what I would have come up with.

So I was sitting in the taxi with about two feet of space separating us when he purposely slid over so that there was no space between us. His body was flush against mine and my clothes didn’t feel like much of a barrier. I didn’t move and before I knew it Heero was reaching over and grasping my hand in his. Gently he squeezed my fingers and although I couldn’t seem to look at him it gave me enough determination to lace my fingers with his. It was going to take me far longer than I’d thought to become truly comfortable with all the differences that my life was going to be experiencing over the next couple of months. It wasn’t that I didn’t want those changes; it was just that I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect. But having him want to hold my hand, though not a common action for me, it was not unwanted one.

The drive to the dojo was a quiet one. Neither of us spoke unless we had something to say and it was a rather peaceful ride instead of the tense one that it could have been. We got out of the taxi in front of an older two-story building that had a sign above the double doors that proudly proclaimed in red and black lettering that it was the Community Gym. In smaller lettering there was a list of the activities and types of classes that took place there: dance, aerobics, weight-training, swimming, diving, gymnastics, boxing, self-defense, basketball, volleyball, soccer, baseball, Karate, Kung Fu, Tae Kwon Do, Tai Chi, and a few others I didn’t have time to read. The list was quite a long one and very impressive for a smaller establishment.

Heero’s hand tightened around mine as he moved towards the entrance of the building and I felt a surge of warmth tighten my chest. I had never been a very demonstrative person emotionally and neither had Heero, but that was why the smaller things were worth so much. In that one gesture was a world’s worth of ‘I love yous’ and maybe it was important to give voice to such emotions, but I found that the simple acts meant just as much to me as the words; if not more.

I followed him and got my first look at the inside. The whole first floor was huge and though it was divided into areas there were no walls. There was one corner that seemed devoted to exercise equipment while another had mirrors over the walls, a hardwood floor and bars halfway up the walls. In the center was a boxing ring and in one of the other two corners were gymnastics equipment; vaulting horse, rings, beam, parallel bars and a few things I couldn’t name. In the last corner was a huge gymnastics mat. Directly in front of the door was a counter that reached waist high, square in shape and designed as an open-air office. At the desk was a woman who could have been a grandmother, though she moved easily and with a great deal of self-confidence.

She welcomed us with a warm smile. “Good evening and welcome to the Community Gym, may I help you?”

Heero made no move to say anything but then I hadn’t expected him to, after all, it was my idea. I moved up to the counter and bowed to her, she might not have been an Elder of my Clan but she was still an Elder and that deserved respect. “Yes you can, thank you. I am Chang Wufei. I’m supposed to meet Caroline here.”

The woman nodded, “She said you might drop by and that you would probably bring a friend. I’m Melissa Kim. My husband is one of the Tae Kwon Do Masters here. The martial arts and self-defense classes take place on the second floor. The staircase is a bit hidden from view behind some of the fitness contraptions but if you follow me I’ll show you where it is. The showers and change-rooms are also on the second floor. Just leave your shoes on the rack to the right of the counter please.”

We took off our shoes and put them where she’d instructed but in order to do so we had to let go of each other’s hands and I found that I missed the contact intensely.

As we followed her to the stairs she continued to tell us about the Gym. “The swimming pool, basketball court, baseball and soccer fields, volleyball court and the track are all located out back if you’re interested in using them. Since the Community Gym is a non-profit organization run by volunteers, there is no fee, though any and all donations are accepted. If you’re interested in attending any classes there are schedules at the counter. The general rule for equipment and space is first come, first served. We are open twenty-four hours a day and you’re welcome to drop in at anytime. The main rule for conduct is to simply treat others as you wish to be treated. Too many complaints and you will end up banned from the entire facility. You will be able to return after a year in the hopes that you’ve learned your lesson.” She’d already led us up the stairs by that point. “Any questions gentlemen?”

Heero shook his head and I bowed to her again. “No Elder, thank you for your aid.” It was formal but I wasn’t used to treating those who were thirty years my senior in any other way.

She seemed a little surprised by it but smiled again. “Sure thing hon, just let me know if I can help you with anything and have a good time.” With that she went back the way she had come, leaving us alone but not for long.

“Wufei, you came!”

I turned around to see Caroline jogging towards me from the practice mats where a number of people including herself had been warming up. “Hello Caroline, I brought a friend with me, this is Heero. Heero this is Caroline.” I guess using ‘friend’ to describe the relationship between Heero and myself was inadequate but what else could I say.

I loved him and the others but what we had was so new that saying ‘boyfriend’, ‘significant other’, or ‘lover’ weren’t very fitting and ‘partner’ wasn’t right either. It made my stomach twist uneasily at just how much we had all left unsaid. I knew that sometimes feelings weren’t enough. To see that all you had to do was look at Une and Treize, or Relena’s war time crush on Heero, which she thankfully grew out of by the end of the second war.

Caroline and Heero shook hands briefly and gave each other a brief nod.

It was only 6:45 so we had a good fifteen minutes to stretch before the class began. After Caroline double-checked with us to make sure we were ready, we bowed in and she lead us onto the mats to warm up and only after the fifth time that my hair fell into my eyes did I realize that I had forgotten a hair tie. I had never liked to have my hair tied back as tightly as I usually did but at the same time it was a damn nuisance when it got in my way while I was trying to do something.


I blinked up as Heero held out a hair band to me and raised an eyebrow in question as I took it and secured my wayward hair.

He shrugged. “Duo’s always looking for something to keep his hair back so Quatre, Trowa and I fell into the habit of always carrying a few with us to be on the safe side.”


He smiled slightly and went back to warming up.

I had to admit that I was curious about what the Sensei would be like and what the style of fighting he knew would be. I was a master at a multitude of styles and weapons but there was always more one could learn.

* * * * * * * * *

I was a little surprised at who the instructor turned out to be, but a part of me wasn’t as I looked at the person before us. The Sensei was none other than Melissa Kim. She bowed in and then stood in front of us at no more than 5’4” tall, short gray hair falling over a headband that was tied above her eyebrows just below her hairline. She was of white decent but her married name indicated that she was married to a man of Korean decent. Korean women didn’t traditionally take their husband’s last name, but with the colonization of space many cultures and customs had become somewhat mixed.

The thing that truly showed that she was the Sensei was the unspoken power and strength that surrounded her as she took her place at the front of her class in her dojo, there was no way for anyone to mistake it, she drew attention and respect. “I am Sensei Kim, I am the instructor of this class. This class is different than the other classes held here, because it does not instruct you in one particular style of martial arts, instead in combines a variety of aspects from many different disciplines. I am a master at most of the styles you will see, though there are a few moves that come from disciplines that I have yet to gain a mastery over. If you have any questions concerning any of this please feel free to discuss it with me after the class. Now, since there are a number of new faces among you, I think we’ll go easy on you today. Grab your running shoes and meet me out back by the track in five minutes. If you don’t know where that is just follow the rest of us.” She bowed out and started for the stairs with the rest of the class following at her heels.

The run wasn’t difficult but Heero went at a steady jog at the back of the group and I chose to match it. The two of us could have run at our usual pace and not broken into a sweat, so this slow and easy trot was an attempt at making sure I didn’t over do it. If I had decided to go faster he would have matched me, but I knew he was right. We still had nearly three hours left and I didn’t know what else there might be, taking it easy would ensure that I could accomplish everything asked of me.

After the run we went through some stretches as a class, for about twenty minutes and filled the rest of the first hour with various exercises such as push ups, sit ups, jumping jacks and drills. The next hour was when things became somewhat more interesting. Sensei Kim gave the class over to one of the black belts who led the class in techniques: punching, blocking and kicks. For the first fifteen minutes, while the black belt did that she watched all of the new-comers and then slowly, one at a time, took them of to the side for what seemed like some sort of question and answer session.

She’d pulled Heero over for a few minutes and when he came back he tapped me on the shoulder. Without hesitation I bowed out and jogged over to where she stood waiting. Her eyes were sharp and I wasn’t surprised at what she said after I’d bowed to her.

“The two of you have worked together before.” I didn’t need to but I nodded anyway. Then she looked at me, as if she could see things many others had missed. “You’ve had extensive training in a variety of styles, haven’t you?”

“Yes, Sensei.”

“How many are you a Master of?”

“All of them, Sensei.”

“How many is that?”

“Ten styles... not including weapons.” The normal reaction to that declaration was usually disbelief or a challenge but Sensei Kim simply nodded as if she had known all along.

“Caroline said that the reason she’d invited you to join us here was that you moved as I do. I could see the moment I saw you that she was right. Remarkable for one so young... but I think you would agree with me that youth has no bearing on experience. Your friend, Heero, is skilled but he lacks formal training, yet you are skilled and have the formal training as well. Unusual that the two of you met, let alone became friends.”

That comment took me back a moment, but she was right. If it hadn’t been for the war, none of the Gundam Pilots would have met. Oh, I may have run into Quatre since our social circles would have over-lapped somewhat, but there would have been little chance of anything more occurring. I could have gone my entire life without them and that thought frightened me where even death and pain had not.

She seemed to follow my train of thought. “Our lives aren’t governed by just our choices or destinies. We each have a path set for us but that path branches off in many directions, it’s what we choose at the crossroads that leads us to where we find ourselves. Usually the easier path has the least rewards while the more difficult and dangerous path is the one that gives us what our hearts truly desire.” She moved forward a step and placed a hand on my shoulder. “Caroline told me that you thought this would be interesting and I don’t doubt that’s true but why are you really here, Chang Wufei?”

Why was I there? It was a good question but it took me a moment to put my feelings and thoughts into words. When I did I met her gaze and spoke from a part of myself that wasn’t the warrior, the scholar, the Preventer or the duty-bound heir. I spoke as the child that I should have been. “I want to remember why I loved martial arts when I was younger. I want to find as much of what I’ve lost as I can. When Caroline asked me to come a part of me knew that was why I wanted to come. I had hoped that some of the answers might come to me if I could just remember or relearn what I’ve forgotten. Can you help me with that, Sensei?”

She smiled and nodded as if I had given her the correct answer but her eyes remained serious. “What do you think, Wufei?”

I peered into her eyes and what I saw there made my chest tighten up and my eyes burn. “I think you can, Sensei.”

She nodded again and the smile flowed up into her eyes. “Then be here tomorrow at three in the afternoon, stop by the counter before you leave tonight and tell the person there to give you an outfit similar to mine and to put it under my name, all right?”

“Yes, Sensei.”

“Good, now get back to work and send over that red-haired girl next to Heero when you do.”

I did as she said, but the rest of the class went by in a bit of a light-headed blur.

* * * * * * * * *

When we got back to the mansion and the door had closed behind us I felt Heero’s fingers trail over my arm and I looked up to see him watching me, a bit worried. “You’ve been really quiet for the last hour and forty-three minutes. Is everything okay?”

“Just thinking... nothing for you to worry about.” His fingers didn’t stop moving over the skin of my arm and the expression in his eyes had softened, causing warmth to spread in my chest and my breath to catch in my throat. “Can I kiss you?”

He didn’t answer with words but his lips were on mine suddenly, caressing them, moving over them lightly as if he were trying to savor me. His teeth nipped at my lower lip and he sucked lightly on it before his tongue traced slowly over it. If my arms hadn’t wound their way around his waist and his mine, as Duo might have said, I would have probably turned into a puddle of goo at his feet.

The heat that had spread through my chest had migrated south and had taken up residence at my groin when I opened my mouth slightly and his tongue found his way in. His tongue wasn’t the only thing that found access to my body; his hands had worked their way under my shirt and where they moved my skin sizzled.

Two could play that game though. Inexperience I had plenty of, but that didn’t mean that I didn’t have any knowledge of the subject. True, most of that knowledge was due to Maxwell’s pranks; like the time I ran a diagnostics check and ended up with gay porn on all my monitors and couldn’t get it off until I purged the entire system, which took an hour and a half.

Determined, I followed his tongue with my own as it retreated back into his mouth. I was rewarded with a moan from Heero as I pushed our bodies and mouths fiercely together and trailed my hands roughly over his back and ass. God his ass was firm and from the sounds he was making he enjoyed the rougher treatment. My mind had a flashback to the pictures I’d found in my in-box, especially the one where Heero had been chained to the bed naked and any blood left in my brain went straight to my groin, leaving me so light-headed that I had to break the kiss to gasp in air and stay on my feet. Heero whimpered; no lie... he actually whimpered as he leaned into me, eyes half-closed in desire, the blue irises so dark with need that they could have passed as black. He looked dazed and it was quite a feeling to know that someone could want me that much that I could do that to them. “Heero, I want...” That’s all I could get out, my throat closed up so tight on the rest that I nearly choked.

Heero leaned forward so our noses and foreheads touched, eyes having regained some of their focus. “It’s okay Wufei, tell me, I want to know what you want.”

It was hard but I managed to get the words out, though they were barely a whisper. “The pictures, you were cuffed... c-cuffed to the bed, I want - can I - I want y-you...”

If it was plausible Heero’s face grew even more lust filled. “Do you know how?”

My cheeks burned but I didn’t look away, “I have an idea... if you can help me...”

Not even a second later, he was dragging me up the stairs behind him but we didn’t go to my room, instead he took me to another one. One, I was surprised to see, that already had cuffs - one on each bed post, set up. Without a word he removed his clothes and moved to the bed, then he spoke, voice low and husky and as sexy as hell. How could anyone have ever thought of him as emotionless? He might not have known how to deal with his feelings but that had never meant that he was some sort of emotionless machine. It wasn’t so much his voice as it was his words that made my stomach tighten with anticipation. “Front or back?”

I let my eyes travel over his naked body and I wanted to touch every part of it. “I want to see your face.”

He glanced at me in surprise as if trying to find something. Whatever it was he must have found it because he smiled in a way that was like a rainbow appearing after a thunderstorm and I found myself falling in love all over again. Slowly, almost as if he was teasing me, he eased down onto the bed and crawled into the center, moving even slower and I couldn’t tear my eyes from him. He sat in the center of the bed, legs straight out in front of him and trailed his hands down them. When his hands moved back up his legs, his legs spread out and he proudly displayed his erection to me and I felt my mouth water at the sight. I had to beat down the urge to charge forward and see what his cock would taste like in my mouth.

As I continued to watch, his hands trailed back down his left leg and secured the cuff there before repeating the same move with his right. His fingers trailed back up his right leg and he lightly traced his own erection and his whole body shuddered under the simple touch.

Then Heero locked his gaze on me and carefully brought that same finger to his mouth and sucked it before nipping it playfully with his teeth. Leaning back he used his right hand to secure his left and then looked back at me seductively. “I need your help to secure the last one.”

I was a little surprised that my body was still able to function as I did as he asked. After he was secured I decided it was my turn to return the favor of the show he’d given me. I tried not to think too much and just allowed myself to act on what I felt for him and what he was willingly offering me. I moved my hands down the front of my t-shirt just as slowly as he’d moved and when I got to the bottom I hooked my fingers into the hem and carefully tugged it up and off... one inch at a time.

When I was free of it I dropped it at my feet, kicking off my shoes at the same time. Reaching behind me, I leaned my head forward slightly so that when I tugged my hair tie free my hair fell forward shadowing my face. I let my hands roam down to my pants and turned around, bending slightly over as I wiggled my hips a little and gently pulling them down, allowing them to slid in a pile to the floor before I stepped to the side, away from them. I turned back toward Heero but didn’t look at him if I did I might not be able to finish what I started.

Letting my right hand drop down my chest I moved my fingers lightly over the waistband of my briefs before carefully sliding them off as well. Then, using the balance I’d gained from my training, I lifted my left foot from the underwear and gently bent the other, turning my leg so my shin was parallel to my chest and framing my straining cock. Using one hand to support my leg, I used the other to smoothly remove the sock. I gracefully lowered the left foot back to the floor and repeated the action with my right.

When I was done and stood completely naked before him I finally raised my eyes to see his reaction and my cock twitched as I saw that his eyes were glazed with anticipation and his hips were rocking in an attempt to gain some relief. I wanted to taste him so I forced myself to move slowly to the side of the bed where I crawled between his legs keeping eye contact I slowly lowered my head until I could lightly blow air over his erection. He moaned and pushed his hips upwards. Remembering the feel of hands on my own hips, I placed my hands to his own, eyes still locked as I lowered my mouth to his cock and licked the length of it.

The sounds he made I wanted to hear more of so badly that it became my sole focus as I sucked him as hard as I could, pausing every few seconds to blow air over his erection. I pushed him as far as I dared before I forced myself to stop. I let my hands trail up his body as I slid my body along his, enjoying the simple feeling of our bare skin against each other and then I locked my mouth to his, pulling away only when I absolutely had to take a breath.

His lips were slightly red and swollen from the kiss when his blue eyes blinked up at me through his messy chocolate bangs. “Please Fei. I want you... please...”

My mind wasn’t working very well by then but a word managed to filtered through the fog somehow. “Lubrication?”

“Night table.” It came out as a moan and I had to hold still a moment as I felt his cock move against mine. Somehow I managed to stay where I was and reach it, though I did knock over the lamp in the process. When it was in my hand I was able to remember some of the rest of what I still had to do. I needed to stretch Heero.

With shaking hands I removed the cap and poured some over my fingers. Carefully I traced a finger over the crack of his ass, but as I moved to tease his opening with one of them, he thrust his hips back and in the process, took my finger inside him. As he did he let out a mewl of relief and after forcing myself to relax I worked him slowly until I managed to add a second and finally a third to the first.

Once I had three inside of him I remembered something else - something to do with the prostate and pleasure. So I began a search and just when I began to think that I’d been mistaken, my fingers brushed something that made Heero’s body buck widely and his voice echo out in a hoarse scream. I waited a few seconds before trying what I’d done again and was rewarded by a replay and it was one image that I could never forget.

Removing my fingers I used the lubrication on myself and groaned at the sensation but was quickly reminded of why I was touching myself.

“Fei please, I need you, please, hurry...”

I tried to be careful but he wouldn’t have any of it. He pushed back so suddenly as I started to enter him that I forgot to breath. I tried to gain control as I pulled out but he pushed back again and I lost any of the control I’d managed to hold on to. I totally lost myself in the feel of my cock sliding inside him, the sound of our flesh slapping together and his wordless cries of pleasure, the smell of our sweat and the sight of his face when I moved that certain way that hit that spot inside of him repeatedly. It was intoxicating.

I wanted it to last forever, but then his muscles clenched around me and he screamed my name as his body shook beneath me and my world shattered.

* * * * * * * * *


I blinked, than shifted slightly as I looked at Heero.

He smirked at me and then leaned forward to kiss my nose. “As much as I love lying here with you inside me, my arms and legs are starting to fall asleep.”

My face burned as I slowly pulled out of him and undid his bindings. He leaned over the side of the bed as I finished with the last cuff and he used a towel he’d found there to clean us off.

I wasn’t sure what to do next but once he was done he threw it on the floor and reached over to pull me down next to him, gently tugging a blanket over us and maneuvered me so that my head was pillowed on his shoulder and he was able to hold me against him. Gently he kissed my forehead, nose and lips. “You never stop amazing me Wufei. You’re incredible.”

“You too.” And we soon fell asleep wrapped around each other.

* * * * * * * * *

The next day I was up at 5:30 but decided to just lie in Heero’s arms and enjoy the feeling of finally being exactly where I wanted to be. I stayed there until 7:30 when he woke up. We separated so that we could shower, then we had breakfast and he left shortly after to replace Duo by 8:30. He kissed me goodbye and I went to do my katas. I finished them by 9:00 and found Duo stumbling in the door ten minutes later. After making sure he had something to eat, I helped him to bed and stayed with him until he was sound asleep, which didn’t take long.

At 10:00, Trowa called to let me know that the circus would need him to help out for the day and he would be spending the night once again so after I talked to him I grabbed my sketchpad and went back to where Duo was sleeping and spent two hours drawing him as I watched him sleep.

I made sure to get something to eat at 12:00 and took my drawing materials with me. I ate and then I drew until 2:30. I drew from memory everything I could remember. I drew Meiran, Nataku, Master O, my clan’s symbol; a dragon, of course, Une, Sally, Noin, Zechs, Eric, Tabitha and Alisa. I sketched Sensei Kim and Caroline, then I went further and drew each of the other Gundam pilots at the moment I realized I had fallen in love with them. I drew Trowa by the fire when he’d first helped me, Duo the first time I’d seen what was hidden behind the laughter, Quatre playing his violin with his eyes closed and a bittersweet smile curving his lips and Heero when he allowed me to use Wing Zero.

3:00 found me at the Community Gym after leaving a note on the table for Duo or anyone else that wandered home.

“Hello again, Wufei.”

I turned and bowed to her, “It’s good to see you well, Sensei Kim.” I was wearing the new outfit she had told me to get and I had already removed my shoes and socks.

“Same to you. Follow me.” She led me up the stairs to the dojo and when I got there I stared in amazement as she led me to the front of the class. We bowed in and she spoke, “Class, this is Sensei Chang, he will be the secondary teacher in this class and I expect you to treat him as you treat me.”

The class bowed to me in greeting and I automatically returned it. She moved back to me and smiled at my confusion, speaking softly. “You said you wanted to find what you lost from when you were younger, didn’t you?”


“Then who better, than children, to show you what you lost when you were a child.”

I looked past her to the children on the mats; at the way they shuffled slightly in place but tried to hold still, at the smiles and laughter that threatened to burst from them, the curiosity in their eyes and the way the energy of life seemed to spill out from their very pores and I found myself shaking my head at her but smiling as well, “You are very wise.”

She clasped my shoulder lightly, smirking, “Nope, just old. Now, go and put them to work.”

“Yes, Sensei.”

**NOTE** Okay, again if you want a sequel to this sequel you gotta ask! Ryouga asked for this one so this is dedicated to her! Hope you liked it!!!

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