"Pirates of the Cassiopeian"

Written By: Asymphototropic

Disclaimer: I don't own Gundam wing.

Author: Asymphototropic (attracted toward the light, but never quite arrives there)

Summary: The officers of starship 'Coruscate Cepheus' kidnap an astral pilot from a pirates' crew. The new navigator proves to be quite a handful. Can he be tamed?

Warnings: language, violence, yaoi, bondage

Pairings: 2 x Everyone in the galaxy, maybe?

" Pirates of the Cassiopeian"


Part 3.

"Perhaps we should start by introducing ourselves," Quatre suggested politely.

"No need," the little demon grinned. "I can read your thoughts. Quatre, Trowa, Wufei, and Heero," he declared, gesturing with a bandaged hand.

Chang retorted, "an unlikely ability. Far more probably, you have kept alert and gathered intelligence while supposedly incapacitated."

The assertion was greeted with a shrug. "Believe that if you like."

"I'm not a mind reader," Heero countered evenly. "Tell us your name."


"Duo. Are you an Andromedan devil from the hidden planet Traeskavelon?" Trowa asked with a small quirk of his lips.

"You got that right," Duo opened his eyes wide, letting a brilliant ultraviolet beam dance glittering over the dinner table.

"Impressive," Quatre declared. "I've never known a human with that peculiar ability."

"Agreed," Heero nodded thoughtfully at the light show. "Let us suppose we were to believe in your alien origins. Sawbones seems to, at least."

"That's cause he's a Traesky. So he knows all about us demon folk." The strange boy offered them a wicked grin.

The four shifted uneasily, glancing at each other, looking for reassurance from their comrades.

"Do you need help eating?" Quatre indicated the boy's injured hands.

"Sure, if you wanna," Duo chuckled. He licked his lips luxuriously before opening his mouth for the bite of food Winner offered.

The young men squirmed, watching the action like a lascivious play. The boy's mouth opened seductively, as Quatre's hand trembled slightly with the offering.

"Are you a navigator?" Heero demanded suddenly.

"I'm whatever you want," Duo answered, savoring the morsel he had received, while his gaze played blatantly over Quatre's features and form.

"Were you the pirates' navigator?" Yuy persisted aggressively. "Onboard the Dawg Black Hole?"

"You look too young to have acquired sufficient skills," Trowa's voice challenged.

"And we need someone to navigate immediately," Wufei added.

"For the safety of the ship, while we escape the pirates' retaliation," Quatre explained in more diplomatic tones.

Duo laughed in utterly musical merriment. "We wont escape them."

Wufei grabbed his shoulder roughly with an overt threat. "Why not?"

Purple eyes glowed back at him. Duo grinned, then rubbed his cheek against Chang's fingers.

Wufei snapped his hand away as if burned by the contact. "Don't do that."

"You want me to."

Yuy growled at this declaration. Chang stared at his comrade in astonishment. Then he blushed.

Duo ignored them and turned to Trowa. "I will pilot your little ship if you ask me nicely." He brushed his knee against the other's lithe lower limb.

Barton inched closer. "In what terms should I couch my request?"

"Couch is good. Bed is better."

"All right." Trowa grasped Duo's wrist and drew him to a stand. Then he wrapped an arm around the boy's waist.

"Where do you think you're going?" Yuy demanded.

"To interrogate our newest crew member in private. We don't seem to be making much progress in a group."

As he was led away, Duo cast a look over his shoulder that seemed quite diabolical.

And angelic simultaneously.

The others sat still, cognition in complete chaos.


"You weren't involved in defense of the Dawg Black Hole. How were you hurt?" Barton closed the port to his quarters and locked it before turning toward the boy.

"I had a disagreement with Captain Bezter."

"Did he abuse you?"

Duo laughed, this time a much less lyrical sound. "Hardly," he said, his eyes flashing.

"You were his catamite?"

"Naw. I mounted him occasionally. But I never saw much good in being on the receiving end of that particular humper, ya know?"

"And he allowed that?"

"You kidding? He loved it. I could make him howl. Cap positively craved being popped by me," the boy declared roguishly.

"You're lying."

"I never lie. Or maybe I always lie. Depends on your perspective I guess."

"We're getting way off topic here. Did you serve as navigator for the Dawg Black Hole?"

"Yeah, sure. Why not? It beats standing still. Going places, I mean."

"And you acquired this extreme level of piloting skill, how, exactly?"

"Born with it I guess," Duo shrugged negligently. "The stars sing to me. Easy to find them if you hear their voices."

"And the other interstellar traffic, planets, asteroid belts, spatial anomalies, and worm holes form a celestial chorus, I suppose?" Barton demanded sarcastically.

"Yeah, mostly. Exceptin', ya got the worm holes all wrong. They're not a bit musical. They just mutter. Bitch, gripe, complain, complain, complain. Guess they hate being uke. Everybody else acting seme, entering them without permission, yer see? They dun like being used in that manner. Understandable, really. Yer wanna be nice and polite to 'em, if yer wanna find those worm holes more than once in a lifetime."

"You don't expect us to allow you to navigate for us, based on those credentials, surely?"

"Allow me to navigate? You attack my ship, kill my crew, abduct me by force. What the fuck do I care if you allow me to navigate? Talk about yer brass balls."

Barton's face flushed hotly. "I guess Khushrenada just figured that, once freed, you would prefer to serve on Coruscate Cepheus. Instead of on some rotten pirate ship."

"Yeah? And if I turned out to be a natural born scoundrel, then what? Were ya gonna let me rape, pillage and burn my way across the galaxy, in exchange for piloting yer ship, huh?"

"Hmm. The Captain didn't discuss that possibility with us," Trowa admitted a little sheepishly. "So. Does this mean you wont willingly navigate for us?"

Duo fluttered his lashes and dimpled his cheeks. "I told ya before. All's ya gotta do is ask me nicely."

"If you think I'm going to howl for you to mount me, you've got another thought coming your way."

"You forget, I can read your mind." The weirdling boy dropped gracefully to his knees and nuzzled Trowa's cock through the fabric of his trousers. "I know exactly what you like. Minutely. Molecularly. Sub atomically."

Barton shuddered. "So. Mind reader. Does Quatre want me?"

"You wanna drop that blondie line, buddy. Wufei craves yer touch."

"Chang? Nothing doing. He's after Yuy."

"I'm telling ya," Duo licked his own luscious lips. "If yer lookin' fer some hip action, Chang's available."

Barton unfastened his fly and released his glistening erection. A dew of pre ejaculate lofted on the slightly fractional ship's gravity.

Duo caught the creeping moisture on his tongue. "I accused ya of having brass balls. Turns out they're nice pink satin after all." The boy fingered the testicles tenderly. Then without further ado, he suckled luxuriously down on Trowa's steaming member.

Barton thrust reflexively, only once, before succumbing to seduction. His quiescence complete, enraptured, he was devoured by the predator's jaws.

Zechs stared at his monitor, astonished. The subjugation of his junior officers by this alien presence seemed to advance like wildfire.

Momentarily, Duo drew away from his erotic pastime. Hypnotized, staring pleasantly off into deep space, Trowa didn't so much as murmur.

But the little alien pirate looked straight into the surveillance camera.

Directly at Merquise.

One glittering purple eye saucily winked.

~ * ~

Chapter 4

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