"Pirates of the Cassiopeian"

Written By: Asymphototropic

Disclaimer: I don't own Gundam wing.

Author: Asymphototropic (attracted toward the light, but never quite arrives there)

Summary: The officers of starship 'Coruscate Cepheus' kidnap an astral pilot from a pirates' crew. The new navigator proves to be quite a handful. Can he be tamed?

Warnings: language, violence, yaoi, bondage

Pairings: 2 x Everyone in the galaxy, maybe?

" Pirates of the Cassiopeian"

Part 5.

"Thanks for helping. Doc said not to get the bandages wet."

"Its my pleasure. You wont mind if I get undressed also?"

"Makes sense if we're going to shower."


Quatre disrobed first. Then he pulled Duo's shirt carefully over his injured extremities, revealing the boy's slender but muscular physique. He stooped to concentrate on the trouser fastenings.

They cast aside their garments.

Then the two young men glanced over each other's revealed forms. Quatre's glimpses were courteously covert, whereas Duo's interest was unmistakable, inducing the blonde's blush to glow through his translucent pallor.

Duo folded his hands behind his head, to keep them out of the spray of water. The pose looked somewhat like a prisoner's while being frisked.

"How does that feel?" Quatre asked, smiling warmly, soaping the other's skin briskly.

"Superfine. Damn me if I'm not oozing blue electrolyte goop out of every pore and orifice. And whatever I eat or drink still tastes like that crap. I swear I'll get Cap back if its the last thing I ever do, for cramming me into stasis."

"He was just keeping you safe from the battle," Quatre said in soothing tones.

"Like hell he was. Retaliation, punishment. Pure and nasty revenge."

"Revenge? For what?"

"Hmm. He caught me playing down and dirty," Duo confessed.

"You took another lover besides him?"

"Lover? On that ship full of rats? Fuck no. Seems like that's all you guys think about over here, is gettin' laid."

"You should know."

"Hey, I'm new here. And outnumbered. I'm just going with the flow."

"Revenge for what?" Quatre steered the conversation back on course. He poured cleanser over Duo's chest and rubbed it into the tender flesh, spreading it with his fingertips.

"Ah. Feels, mmm, worth treasure, that does."

"Good. Revenge for what?"

Duo closed his eyes, leaning luxuriously into the massage. "Oh. Er. Um. Me being navigator for the Dawg Black Hole, the pirates were kinda at my mercy, so ter speak. I just kept laying-in courses that steered us clear of target ships. Avoiding their victims, see? With my long range nav scanners, I could always spot the pirates' prey first, and avoid them. We did all right for a while, making a modest profit doing the regular merchant ship thing. So the crew didn't get their dander up all at once. But they'd uh had to been stupider than they were, not to tumble onto my scheme at last. When they figured out I was playing them for fools, they were pissed off just mega. Wanted to punish me." Duo shivered. "That coulda gotten real messy, really fast. But Cap wouldn't let 'em have their wicked way with me. Cause uh me being so valuable a commodity, yer know? Irreplaceable pilot. And so therefore, him not wanting my goods damaged permanent-like. But what he came up with instead was, erm, pretty bad."

"What was that?" Quatre lathered the soft axillary hair at Duo's exposed pits. Then he gave his attention to the nether regions, causing the boy to squirm in his grasp.

"I, uh. That is, he. Cap took to stripping me down and forcing me into that airtight stasis chamber. And just leaving me to suffocate a while. Whenever he wanted to soften me up, make me do my dirty duty for him. He'd just lock me up and leave me to writhe in the cold until I screamed to get outta there."

"How awful."

Duo opened his eyes to determine why the other had stopped touching him. He found Sandestiny's young sheik spread upon a damp cedar bench next to the shower outlet.

"My homeworld is a very dry place. I find the feel of water on skin very stimulating." Quatre reached for the boy's sudsy dick and caressed it. "Do me, Duo."


"I'll do the hand work, so you wont get your bandages wet." Quatre pulled the boy down to sit on the bench. Then crouching over his slippery lap, he spread his own ass cheeks and speared himself upon Duo's foaming erection.

"So you prefer a soggy log, huh?"

"You're sending the most amazing sensations into me. Is it part of your mind reading abilities?" Winner gasped and moaned sensuously.

"Trust me, buddy. Right now, nothing we're doing is making it as far as my mind. Wet ground wires, and short circuits, stopping round about hip level. Yer really rocking my rocket, baby."

"I'm glad you like it," Quatre whispered in husky tones, biting down over Duo's pulsing carotid.

The pirate captive carefully fisted his bandaged hand behind Quatre's back, before offering the 'thumbs up' gesture to the washroom surveillance device.

Zechs shook his head, as if the boy could see him through the condensed steam fogging the camera lens.

~ * ~

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