"Pirates of the Cassiopeian"

Written By: Asymphototropic

Disclaimer: I don't own Gundam wing.

Author: Asymphototropic (attracted toward the light, but never quite arrives there)

Summary: The officers of starship 'Coruscate Cepheus' kidnap an astral pilot from a pirates' crew. The new navigator proves to be quite a handful. Can he be tamed?

Warnings: language, violence, yaoi, bondage

Pairings: 2 x Everyone in the galaxy, maybe?

" Pirates of the Cassiopeian"


Part 6.

"You will report to my quarters for the duration of the upcoming sleep cycle."


"You require intensive supervision, for your own good."

"Supervision. So that's what you call it, eh?" Duo chuckled wickedly.

"Yes," Heero replied in his customary disciplined tones. "I have been observing you and have come to certain conclusions."

"Such as?"

"You are a skilled navigator, as judged by the journey logs of the Dawg Black Hole."

"Okay so far."

"You were at odds with the pirate captain and crew over their nefarious plans."

"Got that right."

"Your health and well-being were endangered by their cruelty, as long as you remained onboard your previous ship."


"The starship Coruscate Cepheus is in need of a healthy, talented young navigator. It would be in your own best interests to join this crew."

"Maybe so."

"You are not stupid. Quite the contrary."

"Gee, thanks."

"However, in spite of the facts just enumerated. Instead of viewing your current situation as a welcome rescue, you have acted incongruously."

"Ya think so?"

"Yes. You have been using your sexual favors in an attempt to propagate discord amongst us four."

"Ya calling me a troublemaker?"

"Exactly. What I cannot discern is your motivation. Why do you want the third officers of this ship to disagree?"

"Maybe I'm just being spiteful," the boy shrugged, tossing his head so that his braid swung.

"That was a possibility I considered. However, my assessment of you is inconsistent with that conclusion."

"Yer pretty smart yerself, Mr Yuy."

"Thank you." An inadvertent blush colored Heero's cheeks. They had arrived at his quarters. He pushed Duo through the open port and locked the entry behind them.

"You will explain your actions now."

"Yer maybe familiar with the phrase, 'outta the frying pan and inta the fire?' "

"Yes, of course. An archaic adage. It implies that one's situation has gone from bad to worse."

"Yeah. So think about this. I was up to my neck in hot water, back aboard the Dawg. Running out of options, ya got that right, fer sure. But how do I know you guys aren't worse than what I had before?"

"For one thing, we aren't pirates."

"The hell you say! You set a damn snare that the Dawgs dropped right into. You squashed 'em flat in a bloody hand-to-hand fight. Grabbed me an' ran without so much as a 'by yer leave'. And now ya expect me to snuggle up all safe and cozy? How do you define 'pirates' anyhow?"

"Hn. You have made your point. But what does your sexual activity have to do with this?"

Duo grinned. "Testing you guys. Yer a bunch of snob toffs, the lot of ya, as far as I can see. With all yer wealth, n' pedigrees, n' credentials, you're just used to getting yer own way, come talcum or tantrum. Yer supposed ta be good comrades with each other, savvy? So, if I stir your pot but good, do you get mean and underhanded and do each other dirty? Or do ya act like the lil' gentlemen ya think that you are?"

"Interesting. And how do we score on your examination so far?"

"Still in the act of grading. You n' Quatre did the deed together, didja?"

Heero flushed a brilliant carmine as he drew himself up to a dignified posture. "I allowed Winner to take me, yes. He seemed disappointed that Barton and Chang had been together. I thought it might benefit Quatre's ego to have intercourse with me."

"Plus he's got a hot bod, am I right?"

"Winner is attractive, and he is a friend. I did not find the interlude unpleasant."

"Damn, Yuy, ya just slay me, ya know?"

"I hope not. My intentions toward you are of a non-combative nature. Much less than lethal, in fact."

"Yeah. I kinda figured you'd eventually be heading south, bubba."

"Undress and get into bed."

"Whew, tha's moving past the speed of fast."

"Do you require seduction?"

"Well, you're already onto my scheme. So what's in it fer me, now, indulging in any further bumps and grinds?"

"As I explained previously, we are not pirates. This is a merchant vessel. You must learn to examine trade goods carefully before dealing."

"Examine the goods, huh?"

"It is sound advice, if you wish to prosper in commerce." Yuy shed his clothing. Then he offered a front and rear view of his physique.

Duo whistled, which Heero took as permission to strip him.

"Stand still. Try not to squirm so much. I am going to please you. And you are going to let me."

" 'Kay."

Heero stepped back to get a better look at the boy's naked body. "You are extraordinarily lean."

"The nearer the bone, the sweeter the meat, I've always heard-tell. 'S'matter? Ya dun like yer bed mates so skinny?"

"It is not unattractive on you," Yuy grasped him, running his hands over Duo's back. "Your musculature is quite solid, without undue bulkiness. However, the thought of your prior dietary privation is unpleasant."

"Yer might say that, yeah," the boy laughed somewhat bitterly.

"I should like to feed you. Only until you develop a dimple here," he indicated one meager ass cheek with a firm squeeze. "Do you like chocolate?"

"Couldn't say."

"You've never tasted chocolate?" Yuy looked at the boy in astonishment. "That is a deficit that must be corrected at once." He drew a small carton from his cabinet, and removed a sweet, which he held between thumb and forefinger. "Close your eyes and open your mouth."

Duo studied him cautiously before complying with the instruction.

"Now close your lips on this carefully and suck."

Heero pulled his fingers slowly over the slurping sough of Duo's mouth. "You may chew now."

"Mmmm. Oh gods. That's amazing. Better'n orgasm almost."

"Maple cream covered in dark chocolate. Duo, I think I'm hallucinating. It is as if the chocolate is on my tongue instead of yours."

"Ooops. I must be projecting. I do that sometimes. People kinda share sensations with me. Especially if I like them."

"Do you like me then?"

"Guess you might conclude that."


Heero grabbed him. "Your skin is so smooth." He kissed the boy fully, savoring the remains of chocolate in the crevices of his cheeks, sweeping the sweet internal surfaces with his tongue. Then he licked the outside corner of the mouth, across to the ear. He drew the lobe into his mouth before probing the helix fully.

"You are squirming."

"Can't help it," Duo panted.

"You are projecting again. I can feel the sensory stimulation of my own tongue on your skin."

"Yeah? How do you like it?"

"I'm very good."

"Hey, I'm the one doing the other half of the work."

"You are very good too." Heero tongued his way rasping down the jawline and neck, and found his way to Duo's nipples. Then he writhed. "You are disrupting my endeavors with your mirror imaging. Can you work on not projecting?"

"Not when you're doing something that distracting, mate. Ohhhh."

"Hn." Heero trailed his tongue into Duo's tight umbilicus, swept around it and then made his way caressingly onto the boy's solid cock. He sucked down hard upon it, then leaped back with a cry. "You are doing that on purpose," he scowled.

"Ha, ha. Yer caught me in the act," Duo retorted wickedly.

"Perhaps I should punish you for being so evil." Yuy rested one foot onto the ledge of his berth and flung the other's light body over his knee. He spanked once, a resounding slap of solid palm over yielding buttocks. "Damnation!" he recoiled, rubbing his own ass cheek ruefully.

"Thas' the proverbial two edged sword, yer might say."

"Your talent must be a formidable weapon in battle."

"Not. The opposite in fact. Projecting hate and battle rage just makes yer enemies come at ya harder than before. And feeling someone else's wounds is not super happy fun, trust me."

"We should spar together in training. Likely your physiologic abilities can be schooled to be useful to you in combat."

"Maybe so. Nobody ever tried."

"Later," Yuy again seized the boy's mouth in his own, before dropping him bodily onto his berth. "Prepare to be boarded."

"Aye aye, Mr Yuy."

Heero supplied the goods, then sat back regally to watch, as Duo prepared himself, then Yuy's cock.

"Is this going to hurt me more than you?" Heero demanded wryly, as he poised over the boy's upraised ass.

"You'll just have to try it and see."

Yuy took the plunge all at once, thrusting vigorously, right up to the hilt in one stroke. Then he gasped. "Intense doesn't begin to describe this."


Heero pumped a few strokes, groaning as his own accuracy hit him coming and going. "At this rate we could involute into a black hole. Have any of your partners ever died from topping you?"

Duo panted. "Not that I recall. But several have passed out."

"That's not reassuring. It gives a whole new meaning to the phrase 'sexual stamina'."

"Yar. Show me just how damn tough ya are, Yuy."

"Very well." Heero gritted his teeth and commenced pounding into Duo's succulent ass for all he was worth.

"Dare ya to bring me off with yer hand," the boy's white teeth gleamed in the dimmed lighting.

"Ha. Challenge accepted."

Heero wrapped the strength of his fist around Duo's throbbing cock and firmly stroked. It felt as if he were fanning the flames of a volcano.

The two of them shrieked in unison when they erupted.

"You tell me. Is that pleasure? Or torture?" Duo asked when he regained consciousness.

"Hn. I shall have to study the phenomenon extensively before offering my opinion."

"Ya mean, once wasn't enough?"


"Damn, Yuy, yer something else." Duo squirmed his way into a comfortable niche in the blankets.

"Yes," Heero agreed with a sated smirk. He lowered the lights fully, before settling into his pillow.

"G' night honey," Duo said.

Heero snorted at the endearment.

In his surveillance room, so did Zechs.

~ * ~

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