"Prized Possession"

Written By: Gypsie 1201

Author: Gypsie1201

Author’s E-mail: gypsie1201@yahoo.com

Pairings: 1x2

Rating: NC-17

Warnings: Bondage, Lemon, PWP, TWT, Yaoi

Summary: When he received the anonymous e-mail in his private account, Heero Yuy had been furious but curiosity won out in the end and he decided to check it out. Little did he know it would be the best decision he ever made.

A/N: Written for Gundam Wing Diaries’ “The Art of Bondage” contest.

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Beta work by Chelle.

" Prized Possession"

Approaching the safe house location the message had listed, Heero Yuy was being extra cautious. Not only had the message been anonymous, it had also come to his private e-mail account that only a handful of his most trusted allies knew about. When he had seen it, his first impulse had been to delete it but the wording caught his attention and even if it was an OZ trap, he knew he had to check it out at the very least. Beside, who in OZ would be giving him a prize for his hard work?

Therefore, he had set out for the coordinates, deciding to hide his gundam in the forest a couple of miles from his destination and walk the remaining distance. Luckily though, he was able to “borrow” a motorcycle from the parking lot of a roadside diner only a mile from Wing Zero’s hiding place, which greatly reduced the amount of time he would have to spend on foot. Of course, since he did not want to alert whoever might be at the house, he once again ended up walking as he decided to ditch the cycle in the woods nearly a half mile from his destination.

Now, he was crouched at the edge of the clearing that surrounded the house as he studied his target carefully, noting that the only light within the dwelling was coming from a room on the second floor. Creeping forward while keeping to the shadows as best he could, he headed for one of the first floor windows where he examined the sill closely for any alarms. When none was found, he forced the window open as quietly as possible then slipped inside the room, drawing his weapon as soon as his feet hit the floor.

Upon first glance around the area, he realized he had entered into the living room of the house and after a quick sweep with his superb eyesight, he found the room to be empty. Methodically moving through the first floor, as he was trained to do, he investigated each room of the dwelling, finding it deserted before finally turning his attention to the second floor and the lighted room. Cautiously, he approached the stairs and, being careful of loose, squeaky treads, he climbed to the second floor landing.

Just as he had done with the first floor, he checked every room on the second, leaving the one with the light shining from under the closed door for last. Unfortunately, by the time he had determined that the second floor was deserted, he realized he had been inside the house for nearly twenty minutes. Cursing his slow progress, he started down the hall toward the only room he had yet to investigate.

Ever wary, he slid up to the left side of the door where he check along the jam for any traps that might have been set, while at the same time, listening closely for movement inside the room. At first, there was only silence then he heard the barest hint of what sounded like muffled conversation. Setting his determination, he moved to stand directly in front of the door before raising his gun in front of him then gave the door a violent kick.

The force of his kick threw the door open so hard, the knob embedded itself in the inside wall, keeping it open as the blue-eyed pilot stalked into the room and quickly swept the area. However, what he saw had him gaping in stunned silence as his gun slipped through his suddenly numb fingers to land on the floor with a thud.

The room was a regular sized bedroom with pale blue walls and hardwood floors; a closet was on his left and a four-drawer dresser on the right. A pair of nightstands bracketed a king size bed that sat in the center of the room, which was covered with a black satin comforter. However, the thing that caught his undivided attention was Duo Maxwell, who was currently naked and tied to the bed like an offering.

He had no idea how long he simply stood there staring at one of his most precious wet dreams come true until a muffled sound coming from the boy on the bed finally snapped him out of his trance. Closing his mouth and blinking his uncomfortably dry eyes, he stepped over the gun still lying on the floor as he walked toward the bed, fighting the urge to pinch himself to see if he was dreaming. He figured that if this was a dream, he really did not want to wake up.

Carefully observing the other pilot as he approached the bed, Heero had to fight his growing arousal at the sight before him. The boy was positioned on his hands, well elbows, and knees with a leather cuff strapped around each wrist and ankle. The wrist cuffs were locked together with a metal loop and a short length of thin-looking chain attached them to the headboard, keeping the boy’s arms stretched forward while the same type and length of chain connected his ankles to the footboard posts. A set of two inch leather straps had then been wound around his arms from wrist to elbow, binding them together while another set was tied around each thigh at the mid-point before being tied around the calves as well, only allowing him to raise up about an inch and thus keeping his legs bent. Attached to his knees was a two and a half foot spreader bar that kept his legs parted nicely and a red rubber ball gag had been secured behind his head, once again with a length of leather strapping. To top it all off, there was a gold collar around the boy’s slender neck with a length of gold chain that attached it to the right post of the headboard and as the boy moved, causing his half-hard arousal to bob, Heero could not help but notice the gold ring nestled at its base.

Licking his dry lips, he walked to the side of the bed and looked down at the boy, receiving the full force of the Deathscythe pilot’s glare. It was then that he realized Duo had been watching him the entire time as he just stood there and stared. Feeling a blush rise to his cheeks at being caught, Heero turned away and his gaze immediately fell on the nightstand and the various items lying on top, his eyes widening at what he saw. Pointedly ignoring the violet-eyed boy’s muffled complaints, he reached over to pick up a folded piece of paper with his name printed on the front.

Duo watched as the dark-haired teen reached for the note and tried to calm his temper. He did not know exactly what had happened and if it was one thing Duo Maxwell hated, it was being in the dark about something. When he had awoken nearly an hour ago to find himself naked and tied to a bed, he had had to fight to keep from panicking; never before in his life had he felt so vulnerable. However, he had forced his mind to calm as he tried to dredge up the last thing he remembered.

At first, it had been difficult as the drugs still in his systems made it hard to concentrate but as they faded, he began piecing it all together. He, Quatre, and Trowa had been at one of the safe houses together while both Heero and Wufei were off on solo missions. As was usual for him when the blue-eyed pilot of Wing Zero was not around for him to irritate, his day was working out to be quite boring with nothing to do but watch television. He had just started flipping through the hundred or so channels for the tenth time when Quatre came into the room with a cup of tea for himself and a cold glass of soda for Duo. He remembered raising an eyebrow at the blonde pilot since they were always complaining about the amount of soda he drank but in the end, he accepted. It was about ten minutes later that he had started feeling groggy, which for a bored Duo was not unusual so he had simply allowed himself to nod off to sleep while still lying on the couch. He had no idea that when he woke up from his afternoon nap he would find himself in this particular position.

After waking, he quickly came to realize that whoever had orchestrated his kidnapping had been well aware of his abilities to escape from just about anything and went out of their way to make sure this time would be an exception since no amount of squirming or twisting would loosen his bonds and instead, caused the leather to tighten. He also realized he was alone in the house, wherever it was, or at least he thought so since no one had come to investigate the noises he had been making. Of course, with the gag in his mouth, he had not been able to produce the wide variety of profanities that had sprung into his mind upon finding himself in the situation. Eventually though, he had settled down, deciding to conserve his energy for when the chance to escape presented itself.

However, after only about fifteen minutes, the quiet and stillness had caused his anxieties to begin eating at him and by the time he heard one of the downstairs windows being opened, he was a nervous wreck. In his mind, he kept playing through the different scenarios of why Quatre would do something like this but nothing made sense about the whole thing. He knew he could trust the other pilots not to betray or hurt him so there was no reason for him to be where he was now unless they had decided to repay him for the pranks he was so apt to play on them. Of course, if that were the case then they would soon learn what it was like to have the full force of Shinigami loosed on them.

He had been mulling over the various ways he was going to make the others pay, when the door to the room suddenly slammed open, causing him to start violently as he had forgotten about his visitor. At first, Duo had felt his fear rise again since he could not see over his shoulder to know who had just entered. However, as the person stepped closer to the bed, he finally caught a glimpse of his possible rescuer and he immediately wished the floor would open up and swallow him whole, bed and all. Not to mention that the estimation of how much he was going to hurt the others rose astronomically at seeing Heero standing there with his mouth hanging open. Swearing against the gag, he had tried to swallow the mortification he felt at having his partner see him like this, but the embarrassment just would not fade. Knowing he could do nothing but sit and wait, Duo watched the other teen as he stared at the table.

After picking up the note, Heero quickly studied the other items on the table, feeling his pulse quicken at just what they promised. There was a riding crop, a small whip, a wooden paddle, and various dildos as well as a selection of lubricants. Swallowing sharply, he felt his cock harden even further at the thought of using them on his captive. Finally turning his attention back to the note in his hand, he opened it with trembling fingers before reading aloud. “Heero, after close review of the score cards, which have been collected by myself, Trowa, and Wufei since the beginning of your and Duo’s little competition regarding the amount of mobile dolls destroyed, it was decided that we did not want to wait until the end of the war to declare the victor. Therefore, we decided to make the choice based on an estimate of what we believe you both will accomplish in that period and it was determined that you were the unanimous winner. Thus, you have been awarded the highest prize for your accomplishments. Do enjoy and remember; his bite is worse than his bark so I suggest leaving the gag on. Sincerely, Quatre R. Winner. P.S. You will not be seeing us again for the foreseeable future so we wish you all the luck in taming your new pet.

Refolding the paper, Heero looked back at the boy on the bed and the glare he received from those beautiful violet eyes threatened to set the note on fire. Realization of just what the other pilots had given him swept through his mind and he found himself chuckling before laying the note on the table and picked up the riding crop instead. This time when he looked at Duo, he saw apprehension.

“Do you trust me, Duo?” Heero asked in all seriousness, knowing that if the boy would not give him permission to proceed he would untie him and they would forget any of this had ever happened. However, he also knew that if Duo said no, he would be crushed since he had always admired the boy from a distance, not knowing exactly how to approach him. As he waited patiently for the longhaired pilot’s answer, he felt his stomach tie up in knots.

Duo on the other hand, could not believe what he had heard. ‘Was Heero asking if he wanted this?’ the boy’s mind asked in astonishment even as the rest of him suddenly felt the need to jump up and down for joy. He had been in love with the blue-eyed pilot for a long time but had never said anything because he was not sure how Heero would react. Now he was being handed an excellent opportunity to show the boy just how he felt and there was no way in hell he was going to turn it down.

Heero thought he was going to explode with anticipation as he waited for Duo’s answer and when the boy finally nodded his head yes, he almost fell over with relief. Gathering himself up, he once again examined the offering before him, marveling at the intricacies of the bindings that held the boy motionless. He would have to talk with Quatre later to learn just how they were done.

Reaching out, the dark-haired boy placed the tip of the riding crop in the middle of the boy’s shoulder blades before gently drawing it down his spine, watching the skin ripple beneath it before stopping just at the small of the back. Then, replacing the crop with the tip of his finger, he retraced the path before grabbing a hold of the braid that was trailing over the teen’s right side, quickly snapping the band and releasing the silken hair to flowing over Duo’s back and sides. Finally leaning in close to the boy’s ear, he ran his tongue along the outer shell before whispering softly, “Thank you.”

Duo thought for sure he was hallucinating, that the drugs must not have worked themselves completely out of his system yet. Not only was his secret crush caressing his skin but the boy had just thanked him for letting him do so. More than anything, the violet-eyed pilot wished that the gag were removed so he could tell Heero that this was something he had wanted for a very long time. Instead, he arched his back as far as his bindings would allow, trying to achieve more of the teen’s touch as he moaned against the gag.

The reaction Heero received was more than he could have hoped for and he decided it was time for their little game to start. Drawing back, he raised the crop before bringing it down across the creamy skin of Duo’s ass, making sure not to break the skin, only mark it. Having not been prepared for the strike, Duo yelped and jerked forward, trying to avoid the crop. However, Heero was adamant in his assault and managed to land four more blows before stopping to admire the now red-striped skin.

Placing the crop on the side of the bed, Heero bent over the boy’s back and slowly ran his tongue along each of the red marks soothingly, wringing a deep moan from Duo’s throat. He continued to bathe the marks as he climbed onto the bed behind the violet-eyed pilot, removing his spandex shorts as he did so.

By this time, Duo’s mind was in overload from what the blue-eyed pilot was doing to him; the feelings of helplessness and vulnerability he had from being tied up were turned him on beyond belief and with Heero playing the dominant role, he was in heaven. He loved the feel of the boy’s hands on his skin although not as much as he was enjoying the tongue that was currently soothing his sore ass. When that skilled little tongue dipped into his cleft though, he thought for sure he was going to pass out from the sensation. Straining desperately, he tried to thrust backwards but the chain would not allow him to move much more than an inch and he soon found himself holding his breath as the boy moved along his crack. At the feel of the teasing brush across his entrance though, he screamed from behind the gag and arched his back.

Groaning softly at the sounds the longhaired teen was making as well as from the taste of the boy’s flesh, Heero increase the pressure of his tongue and began thrusting it in and out of the boy’s delicious body, his hands spreading the cheeks apart to allow even deeper penetration. Unfortunately, he could not keep up the torture very long since it was also torture to him and as the last of his control slipped, he reached across to the nightstand to grab one of the tubes of lubrication. Flipping the cap, his nose was assaulted with the scent of strawberries and upon closer examination; he found that it was indeed strawberry flavored. However, at that point he was past caring how it tasted as he quickly slicked three fingers before suddenly plunging the first inside the beautiful boy without any warning.

When the finger entered him, Duo’s whole boy convulsed within his bindings, the feeling of pleasure/pain nearly too much for his overloaded mind to handle. In fact, had it not been for the cock ring he would have come just from the finger’s penetration. Instead though, he found himself sobbing around the gag as he tried to thrust back onto the invading digit.

The feel of the tight body constricting around his finger caused Heero to growl low in his throat before pulling out and slamming his finger back inside. Setting a punishing pace, Heero fucked the boy first with one then two and finally all three fingers, working them in and out quickly while spreading them apart to insure the muscle was well stretched. Meanwhile, he used his free hand to coat his aching cock with the lube and once he felt he was sufficiently coated, he finally removed his fingers before positioning himself at the boy’s quivering entrance.

As the fingers had moved in and out of his body, Duo had tried to rock hips along with them, straining against the chains and straps. Then, when he felt them being removed, he could not stop the whimper that rose in his throat at the feeling of loss and he squirmed around as best he could, trying to make Heero hurry as he panted heavily around the ball in his mouth. Finally, he felt the head of the blue-eyed teen’s cock brush across his entrance but when the boy stopped, he wiggled his hip again and moaned loudly.

“Is this what you want, Duo?” Heero asked as he pushed just the head of his cock inside the teen’s passage. “Is this what you need, to be fucked hard?”

Moaning at the other teen’s crude words, Duo nodded his head frantically as he tried once again to push backward, desperate to have more of the boy inside him. However, Heero grabbed his hips roughly, further immobilized him.

“I’ve wanted this for a long time.” the dark-haired boy’s husky voice continued. “To have you naked and helpless before me where I could do whatever I wanted and you’d be unable to stop me. Do you have any idea how sexy you are like this? How incredibly fuckable?”

Slowly, Heero released one hand from the grip he had on the teen’s hips and allowed it to slip down the boy’s thigh, lightly stroking the skin around the leather strap, delighting in the feel of the boy’s muscles quivering under his touch.

“You’ve teased me so much in the past; the way you walk with that braid brushing across your ass or just how you sit on the couch with your legs spread wide. So, I know I won’t last very long once I’m inside this tight little body of yours and of course, with the cock ring you won’t be able to come until I say.” Heero rasped, his breathing accelerating even further as he talked. “You’re completely at my mercy, my little pet to do with as I please.”

Moaning at his own words, Heero rolled his hip causing his cock to slide in a little further, wringing an echoing moan from the violet-eyed boy beneath him. The sound of the boy’s moan was his final undoing and he surged forward, burying himself to the hilt inside the teen’s silken walls.

Duo heard himself scream, or at least try to scream, as if from far away; the feel of Heero finally inside him chasing everything else away, leaving his mind blank except for the pleasure he was receiving. Not even the hands that were holding him with bruising force could distract him from the sensations coursing through him.

Holding himself very still, Heero tried desperately to catch his breath and to stop himself from coming too soon, the heat of Duo’s body making it difficult to hold onto his scattered control. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, he felt like he could continue without losing it and pulled out halfway before slamming back in, drawing a loud moan from the longhaired boy’s throat that was echoed by his own. Setting a quick pace since he knew he would not last long, he soon found himself pounding in and out of Duo’s body as the boy’s moans continued to increase in volume.

Feeling his release approaching, Heero reached forward and untied the ball gag from behind the longhaired teen’s head before tossing the item across the room, not once letting up on his pace. He then grabbed a handful of that glorious hair and pulled the boy’s head back. “Dammit, Duo, you’re so fucking tight and I’m so damn close. Do you want to come?”

“Yes!” Duo screamed. “God yes, Heero”

“Beg for it then. Beg me to let you come.”

“Oh god, please Heero. Please let me come.” Duo screamed. “I need it so bad.”

“Oh fuck.” Heero exclaimed at hearing the other boy’s voice full of such passion and need. Increasing the force and depth of his thrusts, he reached between the boy’s legs, searching blindly for the tiny clasp on the ring. It took a few seconds especially with the distraction of the boy’s passage as well as the screams Duo was letting loose. Finally though, he was able to release the clasp before quickly fisting the organ and stroking it only once as the teen screamed even louder. Duo’s orgasm ripped through his body, causing him to clamp down hard on Heero’s cock triggering his climax as well, catching him off guard as a feral growl escaped his lips.

Collapsing exhaustedly onto the violet-eyed boy’s back, Heero panted breathlessly for a long time before he was able to move again, sliding carefully from the longhaired teen’s body. With hands made clumsy by his exertion, he set about releasing the boy from the restraints, which took longer than he would have liked since the knots in the leather had tightened with Duo’s writhing. Once he was finished though, he gently rolled the boy over onto his back, finding him sound asleep. Allowing a gentle smile to cross his face at seeing the beauty’s slumbering face, he gathering the teen against his chest before pulling the comforter over them both and allowing himself to drift toward asleep as well.

He knew that the morning would hold many questions and he hoped there would be enough answers to satisfy them. However, just for that moment, he allowed himself a satisfied smirk as his fingers caressed the gold collar around the beautiful boy’s slender neck before whispering softly, “Mine.”

~ * ~


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