"A reality break for Quatre "

Written By: Caitilin

Disclaimer: I don't own Gundam Wing, it belongs to Sotsu, Bandai and a bunch of weatlthy Japanese people.

Author: Caitilin

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Warnings: Bondage. Bit of angst. A few swearwords and some sex. UK spelling.

Summary: Quatre has had enough and is offered an escape from reality by Duo and Heero.

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"A Reality Break For Quatre"


A Reality Break for Quatre

It had been an absolutely hellish day at work. As the head of a large corporation, I am ultimately responsible for anything we do. That does not, however, mean that I have to be the only one who can decide over everything. I understood that the representatives of other large companies wanted me personally involved in large deals. I understood that decisions concerning management needed to be reviewed and cleared by myself before being put into effect, and yes, today I had managed to make several major deals and implement some changes in WEI that I hoped would save us up to 20% of our costs.

However, it was now eleven-thirty at night, and I had been up since four-thirty this morning. I was tired. I was fed up. I was hungry, and I had a headache. I had done everything I had to do today, but even walking home from the office didn't clear my head and calm me down.

I had bought a small apartment near my office as I really don't see the point in keeping a whole mansion for myself if it could be put to better use, but that meant that I couldn't really slam the door. After all, there were other tenants to think of.

I was tugging off the noose, formerly known as a tie from around my neck as I opened the door to the living room and I groaned. Duo and Heero. I knew I'd forgotten something. There were opened and unopened takeout boxes all over my coffee table and they were watching TV. Duo was sprawled over the couch, lying more or less on his belly with one leg over the arm of the couch, the other hooked on the seat and his head in Heero's lap. Heero was sitting up and running his hand through Duo’s bangs. They looked wonderfully domestic together.

Duo scrambled up and before I'd even had time to finish undoing the damned tie, was hugging the life out of me. Despite my foul mood, I started to feel better.

"Bad day at the office, honey?" he asked in a camp voice, pulling me down on the couch.

"Bad would not even begin to describe it. Is that for me?" I asked, nodding at one of the takeout boxes.

Duo handed it, a napkin and a plastic fork to me and I slumped back on the couch while he opened me a coke.

"You're home late." Heero stated.

I know it was meant as a factual statement but right at that moment it just felt like one more person harassing me. I leaned back, closed my eyes and took a deep breath. By the time I let it out I realised that no matter how I felt, Heero couldn't have known what my day had been like.

"I know. Meeting ran late, and then I had to finish off some paperwork."

I just wasn't hungry any more and stayed where I was, admiring the inside of my eyelids. You can truly be too tired to eat.
"Tell you what, if you turn around so you're leaning against the arm of the couch, I'll give you a patented Duo-certified foot rub and you can eat your takeout and tell us all about it?" Duo suggested next to me. That sounded suspiciously good, but my feet were probably rank.

"Nah, chemical weapons are outlawed." I answered wryly.

I opened my eyes again after the weight on the couch shifted. Heero had gotten up and was walking into the kitchen. He came back with a bowl full of warm water and a towel.

Moving the table, he put it down on the floor, then picked up my left foot and stripped it of its shoe and sock.

"Eh, Heero, you're not about to do what I think you're about to do, are you?” I asked. Surely he wasn't going to wash my feet?

"You need to relax, you work too hard. Duo gives good foot rubs. If this is the most expedient solution to the problem, then I have no problem doing it."

He then focussed his attention on my feet and oh my, the water felt so good. Nice and warm, and clean and though I had never had anyone wash my feet before it felt strangely sensual. I blushed when that thought crossed my mind.

"So, what was the problem?" Duo prodded.

"I had several meetings where I was the only person who could decide on anything it seems, and of course then there were the day to day issues that come up, and why have I hired a personal assistant anyway? I'm sure I've explained to her that the day to day running of the office in terms of supplies is her job, not mine. And then of course, the heads of the various departments don't seem to be able to collectively decide anything as simple as the shape of the wheel, let alone something that they might actually be responsible for!“ I sighed, feeling a bit sorry for myself. I was probably going to have to let a few of the department heads go if they didn't shape up, but that would mean training up new ones and yet more work.

Heero started on my other foot now, having dried the first one. I think between the rant and the washing, I was finally starting to relax.

I turned a bit and looked at Duo. He was still listening with interest, his usual idiot grin less prominent. He was really interested, and I felt a bit like a spoiled brat. I got paid well for the work I did.

"I just sometimes wish I could take a holiday, or that just for a day or two, someone else would make the decisions. That I could just pass the responsibility."

"Then why don't you?" Heero asked, as he dried off my other foot. "Your staff should be trained to be able to take over at a moments notice if you should fall ill or anything more serious should happen.”

I snorted. Impolite, I know, but I was just too damned tired to care.

"They can't. There are a few gems in the rough, but at least half of them are dead weight."

Heero moved the bowl, and then lifted my legs. As I felt my world shift, I moved so I was lying with my head against the arm of the couch, and my feet in Duo's lap. Heero went to dispose of the water, then walked to one of the bedrooms and came back with a small black bottle and wordlessly handed it to Duo

He opened it and poured some of the clear liquid onto his hand. It looked like oil, it felt like oil, but when I looked at the label it said in large and bold letters that it was silicone based lubricant. Oh my.

"Duo? Why are you giving me a foot rub with lubricant? Is there something you want to tell us?" I asked, teasing him.

"Because silicone is condom-safe, and massages just as well as oil based lubricants." Heero answered while at the same time Duo answered

"Hey! I don't have a foot-fetish or anything. It's just handy." and he stopped rubbing. I wanted my masseur back!

"I'm just teasing you, that feels divine." I reassured him. Luckily he started up again, as I didn't want this to stop. Ever.

Leaning back with my eyes closed and enjoying it, I must have missed some non-verbal communication between the two, as Duo suddenly asked,

"Cat, do you trust us? Really trust us? Enough to do exactly as we say?"

I cracked an eye open, to see if he was pulling a joke. No, he was serious.

That wasn't a question that needed any deliberation after all we had gone through.

"Yes, absolutely. What brought that on?" I asked.

"Where are your mobile, your PDA and anything else office related?" Duo continued as if I hadn’t spoken and I had to admit, I was intrigued.

"Both are in my jacket, I didn't bring any papers home today.”

"Good. Heero, can you grab them please?" Duo asked. Good, that meant there was no reason for me not to continue enjoying. Regretfully, Duo let go of my left foot, but he soon started on my right one.

"You're now sick." Duo informed me. What?

"What?! I can't be sick, I've got work to do. “I told him with only a smidgeon of heat. I wouldn't mind taking a day or two off, but I really couldn't afford it.

“This way you can test your staff's readiness to take over should the need arise. It will allow you to weed out the competent from the incompetent and see who is really prepared to take responsibility. When you get back, find the person who has taken the most additional responsibility, and promote them. Get them to start working with you, and let them take on some more duties.

You're exhausted and working too hard.” Heero said.

Wow, I think that is the longest I’ve heard him speak in quite a while. And it did make some kind of weird and wacky sense.

"Sounds good to me." I mumbled.

"And until you go back, you let us make all the decisions. You are not to do anything without our permission. “Heero added. Ok, I could do that. Wait a minute, anything?

"Anything? Not even go to the bathroom?" I asked, just to be certain.

"No, not even that." Heero affirmed. I had my doubts about this idea.

"Do you remember, about a year ago when Heero and I had first became a couple?" I nodded. "And Heero was a bear to be around? " I nodded again. That hadn't been any fun, all of us had been mincing our words and staying out the way at the time. "That was because Heero and I both occasionally need a break from real life as well. Not that we can't deal with it, but we've found taking the odd break is best. So we let the other be in charge for a few days. Now it’s not a get-out-of-work free clause, if that's what you're wondering, as we tend to only do this if the other has cleared their schedule. But in this case I think we can make an exception." He grinned manically.

"Basically, for the next however many days we decide on, you would be ours. We usually trade off, though Heero needs these breaks more often than I do. We would make sure the apartment stays running, and deal with any emergencies or anything that happens. All you have to do is be in the present, and make two or three decisions before we go ahead. First, are you prepared to do this in any capacity, second, do you want to include bedroom activities and if yes, then number three, is there anything you won't or can't do and anything you want us to do?"

Ok, usually I can make good decisions in a snap, but I needed more information especially about the bedroom activities.
"But what about you and Heero? You're a couple and I don't want to get in between that. And what kind of bedroom activities?" I asked, sitting up a bit more. I wasn't going to allow myself to think any further right now, though a brief mental image of Duo and Heero in my bedroom making a Quatre sandwich appealed immensely to me.

Heero put an arm around Duo. "Yes, we love each other. That won't change if you decide to play with us as well. We're not promising you forever, but we are offering you the chance to relax and unwind in a safe environment." He said seriously.

"We care a lot about you Quatre, and we don't like seeing you like this. You need a break. Besides, we love you too and we respect you." Duo laughed

"Duo and I discussed this several months ago, and while we both agree that we are not in love with you, we do consider you important to us. As to what kind of bedroom activities, that could be anything you don't specify as being unacceptable. We would set up a safe word with you before we started that could be used to stop any activity instantly if you weren't happy. You are safe with us, Quatre. We won't hurt you. “Heero promised. He was deadly serious.

How could I resist?

"Yes. I'd like to try this. "

I said the words before my brain had caught up, but my heart was right usually. Besides, I thought as I appraised my two friends, Heero and Duo were both well built and cute in their own ways. Not classically handsome perhaps, though Heero could be if he managed to tame his hair but they had their own beauty.

"In that case, we keep the PDA and mobile. We'll call your secretary in the morning. What's her name?” Duo asked.

"Jade. She's listed as speed dial seven." Both of them gave me puzzled looks.

"You four, voicemail and the local pizza place are the first six."

“Your only task for this evening aside from your usual evening ablutions is to decide what your limits are and what you are not prepared to do. And what you want us to do to you." I shivered for a moment at that thought. Would they think it odd if I asked for a me-sandwich?

Duo yawned as well. "I think its time we went to beddy-byes. Mind if we join you? Just to sleep?" he asked me.

Why not, after all, it would probably be nothing we wouldn't do over the next day or two.

I agreed and we all went off to perform our evening rituals. I was the first in the bed and lay down in the middle. I was almost asleep when I felt Duo tuck himself in behind me and Heero slide in in front of me.

I was woken up a few times during the night, either by noises outside or Heero or Duo moving. Each time I settled back to sleep as soon as I had identified the cause of the disturbance. Usually I sleep lighter than that, a side effect of the war and the inherent dangers of unidentified noises, but I was exhausted. What didn’t wake me up though, was Heero climbing out of bed.

I know he climbed out of bed as when I woke, it was just me and Duo. I could tell by the level of daylight that it was not early morning, but my alarm clock appeared to have gone missing.

Blinking muzzily a few times, I regarded Duo, and slowly information started to filter into my brain and actually be processed. He was awake and watching me. He was also fully dressed.

I yawned and palmed most of the sleep out of my eyes, then stretched. My back popped several times but it felt oh so good, I couldn’t help but end it with every muscle from my fingertips to my toes tense.

“Morning, sleepyhead. Heero’s making breakfast.” Duo greeted me.

Breakfast, that sounded good. But first, I needed to know if Jade and the others at the office were aware of my absence. If they weren’t, havoc was likely to follow.

“Did you call Jade?” I asked.

“Yep, this morning. She sends you her best and hopes you get well soon. I’ve left instructions for her to delegate your work to your subordinates, with only the stuff that is your eyes only to be left for you when you get back. She seemed reasonably competent. “Duo told me.

“She’s one of those rough gems I told you about yesterday. She still needs to understand where my duties end and hers begin, but she’s got the makings of a good PA. And she makes good coffee.”

Why I was explaining that I don’t know, and I think neither did Duo, as he smiled, and dangled something in front of my nose. It was an elastic band, the wide kind you find letters bundled up with or bags closed with.

“Put that around your off-hand wrist.” He ordered me.

I put the elastic band around my left wrist, then asked

“And why, exactly, am I wearing an elastic band around my wrist?”

Duo just put a finger on my lips in the age old gesture for silence.

“No questioning, no decisions, remember? Just do as we say. Now let’s go get breakfast.”

Duo rolled out of bed, and I reluctantly moved my nice, warm duvet cover to join him. We both padded in to the living room barefoot, me yawning and scratching my head as Duo bounced on ahead.

Heero had already set out breakfast on my small coffee table which he had pulled out from the couch. I rarely eat breakfast at home, usually Jade brings me something at my desk as I work, so I’d never really felt the lack of a dining table before, but I felt it now.

“Cool, breakfast Japanese style. “ Duo commented, sitting cross-legged easily. Heero and I joined him, sitting on three of the four sides of the table. The other side had a dish with scrambled egg, some bacon rashers, some sausages, baked beans and toast. I was amazed that Heero had managed to cobble together a full English breakfast in my kitchen!

Next to the bowl of fruit that lurked behind the dishes I spied a coffee pot, and reached for it. I need my coffee in the morning.

Heero picked it up before I could though.

“Ah-ah Quatre, no decisions remember? Just do as we tell you.” He admonished me.

That was the second time I had been told off by them this morning, and I can’t say I was too happy with it.

Duo must have picked up on it, as he nodded at Heero who then poured my coffee and doctored it the way I liked it. How he knew how I liked it is beyond me, but he got it perfectly right.

“Go on, drink. Then we’ll talk about this.” He told me gently.

Gratefully, I took the hot cup, and sipped it. Sip by sip I could feel myself waking up, and by the time I finished it Heero and Duo were both looking at me with amusement. Reluctantly putting the still warm cup down, I waited for one of them to say something.

“You really need that to get going, don’t you? Its kinda fun to watch you wake up as you drink.” Duo observed.

“Yeah, it gets me going.” I admitted. Ok, my coffee addiction is nothing to be proud of, but there are worse habits.

“Hmm. Maybe you should try cutting down on your caffeine intake, if you need it that badly?” Heero suggested. Trust him to take away one of my few refuges.

“Hey, I’m unstoppable once I get started. I just need to get started.” I joked.

“Talking about getting started. Heero, why don’t you dish up? We can talk as we eat.” Duo suggested. As he turned to me he told me “Eat whatever Heero gives you ok? You’re going to need it.”

I started mechanically eating, but found that it was really good. Heero can cook, that’s for sure, and he was very generous with his portions.

“Right. Cat, have you thought about if you want to continue with this?“ Duo asked.

I nodded, my mouth currently full.

“Right then, and you’re sure you still want to go on, bedroom activities and all?”

“Yes, I’m sure. Once we define bedroom activities.” I added. What can I say, I couldn’t leave that one without a caveat.

“Have you picked a safe word yet?” Heero asked.

“I think I fell asleep before I had a chance to.” I explained.

Duo chuckled.

“Yeah, you went out like a light. Not surprised, you looked exhausted. How about the word ‘coffee’? It’s unusual enough not to regularly come up in bedroom conversation as well as being short and punchy.“

Sounded ok, to me, so I nodded again. Heero’s cooking was truly excellent.

“Now, limits and wishes. Just so you know, Heero and I both aren’t interested in children, animals, heavy pain and bodily functions. Heero also doesn’t like swallowing, I don’t mind it. I have problems being tied up, blindfolded and especially being gagged, though I can deal with each one of them separately. Heero enjoys being told what to do and has a bit of an exhibitionistic streak, which is a good thing as I have a bit of a voyeuristic thing going. Both of us enjoy the odd bit of bondage, role-playing, messing around with foodstuffs as well as general sex. Heero enjoys receiving an erotic spanking once in a while, I enjoy giving and receiving them. What about you?”

I finished chewing my mouthful as I thought quickly.

“The same kind of limits, I think. I’m not sure really, I mean, obvious ones like kids, animals and the like don’t interest me. Bodily functions, eww. I’m pretty certain I’m not into pain, I mean, I never enjoyed it before. I really haven’t done that much, so I’m not quite sure.”

Ok, so I had barely had a make out session or two, that was all. After all, I’d had 40 men guarding me, not to mention a gaggle of sisters watching over me, and since the war ended I’ve been afraid that whoever it was who was hitting on me just wanted me because I had been a Gundam pilot. Or because I was head of WEI. Or both.

“And what turns you on?” Duo verbally prodded.

I blushed a bit, I know I have nothing to be ashamed of, but verbalising what I wanted was hard.

“I like giving oral sex. “ I started, then stopped. How do you admit to your two best friends that you really don’t know?

“Don’t worry, we can find out while we experiment.”

Ah, bless him, Duo picks up on those kinds of things fast.

“What about fantasies?” Heero pushed.

“I like the idea of role-playing. I’ve had a few fantasies that way. And I like the idea of someone performing oral sex on me. “I hesitated, realising what I’d just admitted.

“Go on.” Heero encouraged.

“I like the idea of, you know, being uhm, penetrated.”

I blushed deep red. I can make business deals with the most powerful men on Earth and the colonies but I’m ashamed to admit never having had sex.

“Any particular way, or any position?” Duo asked.

Playing with my food, I thought for a moment.

“There’s two ways. One is bent over a table with someone behind me, and the other is in bed, with someone in front of me and someone behind me.” I told my plate.

Duo reached over and lifted my chin, turning my head towards him.

“There’s nothing to be ashamed of, either by being a virgin, or by wanting to be loved. And we do love you, don’t forget that. “ He told me firmly.

What did I do to deserve them as friends? Oh yes, I fought in two wars with them.

“Now, the elastic band I gave you serves two purposes. First, the moment you catch yourself thinking about the office, Jade, or anything work related, I want you to snap it. Ping yourself hard, and then deliberately think about something else, ok?”

I nodded

“Second, if you catch yourself thinking negative thoughts about this whole thing, I want you to examine them. If they are realistic fears, tell us. If they aren’t, and it’s just a little voice in your head telling you that you shouldn’t enjoy this, or that this is wrong, or something else, I want you to snap it. Ok?”

“What about questioning you, can I still do that?“ I asked

“You can ask questions, you can not question why we are doing something. We don’t mind if you don’t know, or if you want more information, but trust us to make the decisions and don’t try to second guess us.” Heero clarified.

That worked for me.

“Right then, Quatre, you do the washing up. I need to have a few words with Heero.”

As Duo stood up to leave, one more question came to mind.

“Duo? What do I call you? I mean, some of the books I read suggested....” I trailed off, not even sure I should have brought it up.

Duo leaned over and kissed me lightly on the lips. It was a peck the likes of which an aunty or a sister might give, but it made them feel all tingly, and I licked them, trying to get a taste.

“Duo and Heero is ok, we’re not into the whole master and slave thing. We’re all equals, just not for a short while. Besides, the world has been calling me Duo up until now, why change a winning formula?” He grinned and dragged Heero out.

With a small sigh, I set about collecting the dishes. Looking at the fruit I was convinced all of this hadn’t come from my kitchen, I’m certain I hadn’t had any real food in the apartment!

While I washed the dishes and the pans, I listened for Duo and Heero but heard nothing. I also ended up snapping the elastic band several times. An inner monologue can be a real bitch.

I was just finishing, when Duo came to get me. After putting the last dishes away, I followed him into the living room where I found Heero and three relatively small backpacks.

They forbade me to look in them, and marched me down to the car where we all loaded up. Duo drove with more care and attention than usual, and as it was a fine late summer day we had the sunroof of their car open. With the wind whipping through my hair as I looked out of the window at the countryside, I saw flowers as well as farm-animals, things that I had not seen in months.

I didn’t recognise the area we pulled up to, but the signs in the car park indicated that it was a well-travelled tourist hotspot with hiking trails to various locations. Ah, we were going hiking. That made sense, it was something all three of us had always enjoyed. Now that I had that figured out, I could relax.

“Figured it out huh?” Duo asked. Was it that obvious?

“Naughty, naughty, you weren’t supposed to be questioning us, remember?” He waggled his finger, but despite the smile I could see he was a little disappointed.

Chastised, I mumbled an apology. I wasn’t very good at this, I think.

“Don’t worry, I’ll take it out of your hide later.” He said lightly, and a shiver ran down my spine. Shinigami does not make promises he doesn’t keep and this one sounded ominous.

I didn’t enjoy the walk up as much as I thought I would with Duo’s threat hanging over me.

We stopped at a fork in the trail where Heero led us off in a third direction. He seemed to know the way and almost an hour later we arrived at a creek which we followed upstream to a small pond with a smaller waterfall and a glade.

I wasn’t so much tired as glad for a break, but Duo asked me and Heero to unpack our backpacks while he sorted something in his. To my delight, I found all the makings of a picnic in our packs, and between Heero and myself setting it up was child’s play. I don’t know where they got it but there was a complete spread. The only thing missing was the champagne, and then you would have had the most elaborate picnic I would have ever seen. Strawberries, finger sandwiches, cake, grapes, cherries, a can of cream, lemonade in a flask, as well as coleslaw, corn on the cob, pies, and more were all in our packs. Most of the heavy stuff was in Heero’s but he seemed to have been quite happy carrying it. I’m glad mine wasn’t as heavily packed, but it made me realise how out of shape I had become. Not a couch potato by any shape of the definition, but I’d definitely lost some muscle and stamina.

We lay on the blanket and waited for Duo before unwrapping everything, and I listened to the birds, the rustling of the leaves and snapped my elastic band several times more. I had been snapping away during the walk up as well and I was getting quite a red welt.

Heero shifted over, took my wrist and kissed it gently.

“We won’t hurt you, remember? If Duo says he’s going to take something out of your hide, that doesn’t necessarily mean he’s going to hurt you.” He reassured me.

How do they always seem to know what I’m thinking?

“You’re still worried about that?” Duo’s voice came from behind me. He had some things in small plastic bags in his hands as he sat down.

Giving me a hug, he whispered in my ear “Trust me, we won’t do anything you won’t enjoy, and if you aren’t enjoying yourself, tell us or use your safe word. We’ll stop, I promise. Try living in the now instead of worrying about the future."

I was a bit confused, a bit ashamed that I had doubted them but at the same time pleasantly reassured. What I didn’t understand was why there was a small amount of regret as well.

We had a good time feeding each other finger foods. At first it was all innocent but Heero and Duo started a game of one upmanship ending with them licking each others fingers clean as well as taking the food offered. When they turned on me, I couldn't resist trying the same, though I'm not quite certain I got it right. Duo seemed to enjoy it though, and the way Heero sucked and tongued my fingers felt very good. It also set my imagination running overdrive again, though luckily this kind of inner dialogue didn't necessitate me to ping myself with that damned elastic band.

The idea of Heero doing the same to my cock appealed immensely, and I think I went red to the tips of my ears. Duo crawled over, and practically sat in my lap as he kissed me. His kisses are amazing, they started with a lot of lips and a little tongue running against mine and without thought I opened up for him. He kept it light and playful, teasing me, and I felt like I was in seventh heaven. I wasn't aware I had closed my eyes but I must have since when I opened them, Heero had taken off his t-shirt and was sitting there in just his shorts. Duo was also busy taking off his shirt.

I wasn't sure if I should take mine off, so I waited and when I didn't take it off, Duo and Heero did it for me. I now know why necking is called necking. Duo especially seems to have a fondness for nibbling at mine, and Heero kisses with a delightful intensity. I don't know how much time passed, but after a while I was lying on my side on the blanket and the others were in front of and behind me. I wonder if they knew they had almost exactly fulfilled my fantasy of a me-sandwich but without going that far?

We were all panting for breath, and I at least was rock-hard bordering on painful. I think the others were too.

"Heero, lose the shorts and lay down on your back." Duo ordered. His voice had a rough edge to it, I think from arousal.

Heero complied, and oh my! He looked stunning. His body still bore the scars of the wars but he was all skin over muscle over bone. There wasn't a spare ounce of fat, and I admit to being caught staring.

He was gorgeous!

"Cat, how about giving Heero a blowjob, hm?" Duo asked me. I recognise an order in disguise, after all, I gave enough of them.

"Eh, sure." Oh, I wanted to, I just hoped I could do Heero justice.

I crawled over to where Heero was and nestled myself inside his spread legs with my head hanging just near his cock. I don't think I'd seen one of these up this close, and Heero smelled all musky and earthy too. He had been fingering himself when I crawled over but now let go of himself. I wasn't quite sure if I could take all of him in so I started licking him all over. I think he enjoyed it, as I was rewarded by several muffled groans, but when I reached the head of his cock and I tasted a slight salty and bitterness, I could see his hands clench the rug. Mentally taking a deep breath I slid what I could of him into my mouth and gently rolled my tongue around him. Thankfully he let me set the pace and I did what I could, trying to avoid my teeth or taking him in too deep. My fist was working the lower half of his cock and my mouth the upper half when he muttered something that sounded like

"Close, so close."

I took this as a queue and sucked a little harder and then there were jets of hot, bitter and salty stuff in my mouth. I swallowed what I could, but some dribbled down my chin and I felt Heero soften in my mouth. I liked it, that meant I could take more of him in.

"You can stop now." Duo suggested from next to me, and reluctantly I let go. Not what I'd want for every breakfast, lunch and dinner, but not bad tasting at all.

Duo ran a finger up my chin and licked up a taste of Heero, and that was one of the most erotic sights I have seen to date. Heero in the mean time was blissed out on the blanket, his eyes closed.

"Don't worry, he's not down for the count, just enjoying the feeling." Duo told me, his eyes on Heero too.

My clothes were getting really restricting and I was hoping, no, counting on the fact that they were my friends and wouldn't leave me hanging. After all, at some point Duo had lost his clothes and had started playing with himself.

"Can I take my clothes off as well?" I asked Duo.

"Sure, strip for me.”Duo agreed cheerfully.

Standing up, I did my best at a slow strip for him, but without music and without any kind of experience I don't think I did a good job. As I sat down Duo leaned over and pushed me down, lying on top of me and kissing me with a passion I wasn't sure I could meet.

"Do you know how hot you looked, going down on Heero?" he mumbled between kisses, and as he shifted his cock and mine touched. I couldn't help but thrust up against him and groan. "That's it Cat, just let go. Go with the flow."

It seems Duo is a talker even in bed. We carried on kissing and caressing, our hips thrusting against each other and each time I couldn't help but groan. Duo continued his litany of encouragement throughout. I wasn't quite sure how hot and beautiful I was, not compared to them, but Duo seemed to believe it and that was good enough for me.

I was close, so close, when he moved off me and I know I groaned out loud in frustration, but he shushed me and settled in between my legs as I had for Heero. Then his tongue and mouth where on me, tender and firm at the same time, more gentle than a hand but more arousing too. Yes, I definitely liked this.

It wasn't long before my cries grew louder, uncaring if anyone heard me, but when Duo rolled my balls around as well as sucking me hard, I came soundlessly. It was as if any power to make a sound had been taken from me, and while I didn't black out or see stars like you read in some books, it was powerful enough for me to be boneless for a few seconds. I opened my eyes again as something hot splattered on my thigh, and I'm guessing that voyeuristic streak Duo mentioned kicked in with a vengeance as he had just come all over me. He cuddled up next to me and Heero seemed to have recovered from his orgasm enough to put another blanket over us. I was grateful for it and mumbled my thanks as the wind chilled the sweat that covered me and made me shiver. I just wanted to close my eyes and lay here enjoying for a few minutes.

I must have dozed, as the next time I opened my eyes the sun was setting. Duo was cuddled in front of me and I could feel Heero's solid heat behind me, but their hands were reaching over me and stroking and caressing each other gently. I felt like I had literally gotten in between them.

"I'm sorry." I mumbled, as I tried to get out the way, but strong hands pushed me back down again. Heero gently laid his hand on my forehead, and announced

"No fever."

"Good. We were getting worried about you there. You slept late this morning and now a few hours, they must have really been working you to the bone."

Somehow he managed to sound sympathetic and concerned at the same time. I didn't quite know what to say.

"I think he should be sick tomorrow as well." Heero told Duo over my head. Hey, still here you know!

"Yep, then he can rest up some more and we can have our wicked ways with him.” Duo agreed jovially. How nice of them to decide that. Didn't I get a say? Oh no, I’d given them that authority over me.

We lay there a little longer until Duo pressed a kiss on my nose, and got up. We followed suit, and while they may say the air was invigorating and refreshing, I would simply call it cold. A spare sweater was thrust at me by Heero when he noticed my goose bumps, and between us we soon had what was left of the picnic repacked or discarded into a rubbish bag. Our bags were much lighter on the way back, and Heero led us around the pond and through several more stands of trees until we came to the path where we had started. Twilight was upon us and I was glad for the firmer footing but equally as glad to be going downhill now.

We drove back, also taking shortcuts that Heero and Duo seemed to know well but which were unfamiliar to me as a local. They were talking in low voices in the front but I couldn't hear them in the back. Heero sent me several concerned glances while Duo drove, but I met his gaze equally. If he wanted to know something, all he had to do was ask.

When we got back to the apartment Duo and Heero dumped their daypacks and I went to unpack them. When I finished, I made us all coffee and tea, and brought it in just as the pizza was arriving.

Either the pizza place had told them what my regular was, or they had found out somehow, as they had ordered me a double cheese with mushrooms and onion pizza. We all stole slices from each other and while not well balanced it was definitely a good, if quiet meal. We were all hungry, but I guess walking will do that to you. Not to mention the sex. That of course made me wonder if there was more sex coming, as there was still this evening and they had said I was going to be sick tomorrow.

As Duo finished off the last slice, he patted his stomach and said "Man, that was good."

Sitting up again, he rubbed his hands together gleefully. "Right, tonight. Quatre, are you still happy with the arrangement as it stands? I'll be honest, I'm looking to take things further tonight."

"How much further?" I asked. I wasn't too concerned, so far they had treated me with nothing but consideration and love, and they were my friends. They had been worth any amount of pain that Oz could inflict in the past, and they were worth any amount of discomfort in the future.

"You have no idea how hot you looked this afternoon, do you? It was all I could do not to jump you there and then." Duo answered, totally seriously.

"Then why didn't you?" I asked.

"Because it would have been over in a heartbeat and I want you to enjoy it." He answered.

"And you're planning to do that this evening?" I asked.

"No, this evening I plan to bend you over a desk and find out if you enjoy a good spanking too. Then I plan to jump you." he said, eyeing me. Damn, but he is almost as good at reading my body language as I am at reading feelings.

I shifted slightly uncomfortably and he chuckled.

"I trust my idea is approved then. Good, Quatre, you clear the table. Heero, I need a word with you." He motioned Heero into the bedroom, and I wondered what kind of plot they were hatching as I cleaned. Pretty soon the table was cleared and cleaned, the boxes trashed and anything around it moved away. I assumed we were going to use this table, as I didn’t have any others, but it did seem a bit low!

Heero and Duo came back into the room, both naked and Heero was carrying some things.

Heero handed the bundle of what appeared to be belts and ties to Duo, came up to me, tilted my head up a bit and kissed me softly on the lips.

"What is your safe word?" he asked.

"Coffee." I told him. Yes, I still remembered.

"Good. Any time you feel uncomfortable, use it." he said between feather-light kisses. Then he explored my mouth thoroughly while I felt his hands at work on my shirt and then my pants. By the time he had ended the kiss, we were both very aroused and I was almost naked. Then he knelt and undid my shoes, removing my feet from them and the socks I was wearing. While he did that I could see Duo tying some of my ties to the coffee table.

"Right, Cat, come over here and lean over the table. Make sure your belly is flat on it and your hands are reached as far forward as you can. " He instructed, and I hastened to comply. As I did, Heero moved over and tied my stretched out arms to the legs on the far side with the ties, and then he put one of the small couch pillows under my head. Good, that was a bit softer.

Duo spread my legs with gentle touches and bound them to the near legs of the table. I was now spread wide open and curse that dreaded blush! The table was just the right height for me to sit on my knees though, my cock hanging just under the edge of it, safely out of the way of of being squashed. It at least liked this, and liked this a lot. It was also almost exactly what I had been fantasising about.

"I'm going to blindfold you now." Duo told me, as one of my ties was placed over my eyes. I couldn't see a thing, and I started to panic.

"Coffee! Coffee" I gasped, and before I knew it I was sitting upright again, in Heero's strong embrace.
He held me gently for a minute or so, rubbing my back softly as he crooned. I never thought Heero would croon, but he does.

"Reality didn't match up to your fantasy?" Duo asked gently.

"I'm sorry, I just didn't realise how much I hate being blindfolded." I mumbled into Heero's shoulder and shuddered. "The rest was fine."

"Do you want to stop for the evening, or do you want to try again but without the blindfold? Heero asked.

"Try again?" I asked softly.

"You need some more time first?" Duo asked.

"No, I'm fine." I said and undid myself from Heero. Maybe if I showed them that would help, and I lay back down on the table. Yes, without the blindfold this was fine.

They tied me up again, and this time I watched as Heero did the same knot, a slipknot I realised. That was how he had been able to get me free that quickly.

Duo came to sit next to me, and stroked his hand over my hair, then pressed a soft kiss onto my forehead.
"I'm going to give you that spanking now. I'm doing it purely because I enjoy giving it and I think you'll enjoy receiving it, not because I'm upset, or angry, or because Heero is. This is not a punishment, but just something for you to try and enjoy, ok?"

I nodded with some trepidation. Even during my upbringing I was never spanked, and I didn't know what to expect. Heero had somehow wormed his way under the coffee table, and just as I felt Duo's hand some down on my backside, I felt Heero's mouth on my cock. The combination between pain and pleasure stole my breath away, and I wasn't certain if I should cry out, or moan out loud. Duo hadn't hit me that hard, it didn't really hurt much, it was more the shock of it that surprised me.

Soon he struck again, and again, not hard, but insistent with a bit of a sting, and each time I was thrust forward I was thrust into the warm softness of Heero's mouth, and he sucked and licked me. Each time after the first I made a strangled sound, somewhere between a cry and a moan. After ten slaps, five to each cheek, I still couldn't decide if I enjoyed it or not. My ass was sore, but at the same time I was very aroused.

I felt something drizzle onto my cheeks, then get gently rubbed in. It sensitised all the nerves and set them on fire and I thrust forward into Heero's willing mouth again. Duo's hands left me, and he shook out one of the small bags he had placed on the table. Several condoms tumbled out, and my brain connected again.

"You don't need them, I'm clean" I blurted out.

Duo smiled sadly at me.

"You may be, but I didn't enter this relationship a virgin. I did some sordid things in my past, and between that and Oz and the doctors experimenting, I'm just as happy to keep both of you safe. I don't think I've got anything, and last time I was tested nothing came up, but it's just not worth the risk. Heero agrees. Last chance to back out, if you want to?"

Heero stopped his magic on my cock for a moment for me to consider.

"Do it." I told him. If we ask girls to trust in condoms not to get diseases or pregnant, the least I could do was put the same faith in them. Even if pregnancy wasn't an issue.

Heero started again, as Duo moved behind me and gently started playing with my ass again. Between the two I was a moaning and quivering blob of Quatre-goo before long. Once I was totally incoherent, Duo started teasing me with a finger, which felt odd but not uncomfortable. Two felt fuller, but quite naughty, and I only felt a twinge or two when he stretched me with three.

Leaning over me he nibbled on my neck and ear, as he slowly guided himself against me, pushing past the small tight ring of muscle as I gasped at the feeling. That twinged and for a moment I felt sympathy for girls when they lose their virginity. At least we don't bleed.

The twinging never really stopped, but between Heero's tender loving and Duo's gentle thrusting the level of discomfort became negligible compared to the pleasure. Every time Duo thrust, Heero sucked and I couldn't help but verbally encourage them every way I could. It didn't take long for Duo's thrusting to become more forceful, slapping into my still tender backside and driving me deep into Heero's waiting mouth. It felt utterly divine.

This time when I came, I tensed up completely and I could feel every inch, every hair on every inch even, of Duo's cock inside me as I clenched around him. I shot straight into Heero's mouth, not having had time enough to warn him. I hoped he wouldn't mind too much!

Duo held still as his cock was held tightly, and just as I started to relax, he started thrusting again. I thought it felt divine before? This felt better. I was boneless, and any twinging had gone, all I felt was the slick slide and glide of him against me. Heero shuffled out from under the table, picked up one of the condoms and put it on in experienced moves, then moved somewhere I couldn't see. By Duo's gasps, I guessed it was behind him, and suddenly I was being pounded at in a strange but delicious double rhythm. It didn't take them very long to come too, Duo emptying himself into the condom that he wore as he thrust in as deep as he could inside me, and Heero a few thrusts later. I felt all warm and tingly inside when Duo finished, even though I know the condom caught it all. We lay there, a panting and sweating heap of flesh, until I groaned. They weren't light and both of them were crushing me. Heero was the first to move, then Duo who gently withdrew from me.

His moving wakened most of my nerves back up, but it wasn't painful, just tender. Duo and Heero discarded their condoms in the trash can then untied me. This time Duo held me while Heero kissed me, and we stayed that way for a few moments.

"Come on, let’s go to bed. We can wash up tomorrow." Duo said softly.

"Good idea." Heero agreed.

"Thank you. That was fantastic." I told them as I staggered to the bedroom.


I woke slowly to the feel of a hand running lightly down my back. I'm a belly-sleeper. When a single finger ran across my ass I opened my eyes to find Heero next to me. That was a change, so far Duo had been the one ordering us both around and in charge, but he was nowhere to be seen.

"Hey." I greeted him, unsure of what was going on

He kissed me on my nose, then told me "Duo will be back shortly. In the mean time, we have permission to get breakfast, shower and clean up, or sleep. Or any combination thereof. We're going to eat first, then shower, and then see if Duo is back. "

Right. So Duo had given Heero orders and now Heero was giving me orders. Ah well, I was enjoying myself. Though they'd better not think they could do this all the time, why, in the office -. I pinged myself. Not thinking of the office, I focussed back on the options.

"Breakfast sounds good." I agreed. Not that it was up for debate, but I felt the need to say something. Besides, as much as I had enjoyed yesterday, I really felt the need to get rid of my morning breath. I'd brush my teeth with my shower. Heero must have taken my agreement as a signal to go ahead as once again I was robbed of my nice warm duvet as it was turned back. Getting up I was reminded of yesterday’s activities. I felt different somehow, but I couldn't define it. It wasn't that I had grown up, or was suddenly a man or something as absurd as that but I wasn't sure as to what it was. My sleep-addled brain put it down to the fact that I had accepted someone else into my body. Encouraged it even. L4 was never the hotbed of promiscuity that L2 was, and nor was it as conservative as L5 where any hint of homosexuality is frowned upon. Everybody dances here, and it doesn't matter who you dance with. Even so, the difference between penetrating and being penetrated, I think is present. Or maybe it is just the difference between hand jobs and blowjobs and penetration. I don't know. It didn't make much sense to me.

Heero handed me a mug of coffee and sip by sip the world started making more sense. I pegged the feeling down. I felt vulnerable. These beautiful men had seen a side of me I hadn't let anyone see, and deep down I was worried that they didn't approve. That maybe they thought I was too wanton, or maybe that I was crap in bed.

Today appeared to be a crepes-for-breakfast day, as Heero mixed up batter while I drunk.

"Heero? When it is just you and Duo, which one of you does the other?" I asked.

"Which one of us tops? That depends on our moods and the situation. If we are on a reality break whoever in charge decides, and it is usually but not always them. Normally though, Duo tops a bit more often than I do." He responded blandly. That man is unflappable.

"I see." I paused for a moment, trying to formulate my question. "And when he tops, when he started topping, do you ever feel....I don't know, vulnerable? Open?" horribly inexperienced, I added mentally.

For a few seconds the only sounds were of the crepes frying as Heero poured in new batter.

"The first time Duo took me, I had no idea what to expect. I thought there would be a lot of pain involved, and I was doing it more to please him than out of any desire. I couldn't comprehend how it could be enjoyable. " He put another wafer-thin crepe on the stack of them, turned off everything and brought the plate over.

“I couldn't understand why I had enjoyed it. I could understand it from the topping point of view, after all, you are penetrating a tight, warm, moist space. That's bound to feel good. What I didn't know is how much research and work Duo put in to make sure it felt good for me. I knew it what I felt, and I knew the biology but what Duo did was make the connection for me between my prostate and the pleasure I felt every time he touched it. It took me several make out sessions to even admit to it, and Duo persuading me to play doctor and prove his point before I accepted it. Once I knew how the biology worked, and that he was playing my body like a master, I found I didn't mind opening up to him. "

I sat back for a moment, as Heero dished up the crepes and poured a small drizzle of maple syrup on mine. I had hoped for more, drats. Heero must have seen my look though.

"You can eat it now, on your crepes, or we can eat it later. I can promise you that later will be a lot more fun."

"Later then. But weren't you ever worried that Duo knew things about you that were private? That nobody should know?" I asked further.

Heero finished his mouthful and the next, considering. That is one thing I admire, Heero never says anything he hasn't thought out.

"If you don't know what brings you the most pleasure, you can't expect to be able to show others. If the other in this question has ideas and you find out together, well, that is hardly totally private. They are in on the discovery and it becomes an open secret.“ He put down his knife, and fork for a moment, and crossed his arms, focussing his full attention on me.

"What I think, you are saying is that you are insecure about how you have been responding. Is that correct?"

"Yeah. Its not that I don't appreciate all this, but you guys are having to teach me and show me all this and then yesterday evening I couldn't even do it right. " I said softly, meeting his eyes. Rationally, I knew these were irrational fears. However, the very fact that they were irrational fears meant I couldn't out-logic them.

Heero sat quietly for a moment, then started cutting up his crepe again.

"Do you know that Duo can't take being gagged? It gives him flashbacks nine times out of ten. He was threatened with it or had it happen too often for it not to have negative connotations. Once in a while if he is feeling particularly mellow or if I've been in charge for a few days and he is more used to following orders he can take it but even then he is not happy and he never enjoys it. As a result, we don't do it. "

"I don't know why I hate being blindfolded." I mused over a few bites. "I never used to. I liked playing blind-mans bluff. "I couldn't think where I had developed the aversion though.

"What do you associate with being blindfolded?" Heero asked.

I shrugged. “Being helpless. Being out of control. Not being able to see what is going around me."

"So there are two potential issues there, you're either still trying to retain power over the situation, or you are concerned about an unknown danger factor. Would you classify yourself as paranoid?"

I considered the question carefully.

"Security conscious, most definitely, but not paranoid." I told Heero after the last of my crepes. I felt like I'd gained several pounds over breakfast alone but it was good.

"So it is more likely you are still trying to hold on to some control of the situation. An easy way of testing it would be to set you up in the same situation but ask you to close your eyes instead."

I nodded. "Can we try it? I'd like to know."

Heero put down his fork abruptly and took both our plates away. Yep, that meant the table was clear.

"Lay down." he ordered me, and I assumed the same position as the previous evening.

"We can't recreate it exactly right now," he told me as he swiftly used the ties to tie me up again. A small shiver ran down my spine and I was already half-hard. "But considering how soon you panicked after the blindfold went on I think that if it is truly the lack of sight that bothers you that you will panic shortly after closing your eyes. I also think that being vulnerable, as you put it, is probably a contributing factor. " He finished tying me up and ran his hands over my ass, a few times. That felt good, and it was all I could do not to wriggle it at him again to encourage him.

"Close our eyes." he ordered me, and he continued stroking me. I was still a teensy bit tender from the previous evening, but even without his mouth on me it felt good. Having my eyes closed didn't enhance the situation, but did make me pay more attention to it without any visual input to distract me and I moaned.

"Did I give you permission to play while I was gone?" I heard Duo's voice from the doorway. It was positively dripping with disappointment, and my eyes sprang open the same moment that Heero's hands left me.

Uh-oh, I think we were in trouble here. Duo looked annoyed, the bag in his hand clutched tight. Suddenly this position didn't seem as appealing any more.

"It's not Cat's fault Duo, it's mine. I was the one who tied him up. " Heero admitted, regret lacing his words.

"Heero was just trying to help me figure something out, it’s not his fault." I said at the same time.

"So both of you claim it wasn't the others fault? That this just happened?" Duo asked, sceptical

"No, I had some questions over breakfast, about last night, and Heero had two plausible theories. I wanted to k now which was correct, so I asked him to help me test them. " I explained. There was no way I was letting Heero take the rap for something that was my fault.

"That doesn't matter. I was in charge, and I was the one who tied you up, and who was fondling you. " Heero countered my argument.

"Right. As you can't decide who is to blame, and both of you refuse to vindicate yourselves, I’m going to have to punish you both. Not that I don't think it is admirable that you both want to take the blame, but dammit, Heero, I had left you with strict instructions, and I had told you to tell Quatre. " He turned to me. "Heero did pass on my instructions, right?"

"He did, first thing.” I told him.

"Right then.”Duo put the bag down. "As you're in a quite appropriate position anyway, I think we'll start with you Cat. Heero, I think ten spanks will do the trick. And no love taps either, if you do then I'll just do them again and add them to your tally."

I closed my eyes again, shifting slightly so I was ready to take the blows. I had a feeling I wasn't going to enjoy this.

"No Duo, this isn't right.” Heero said from of to the side.

"Are you questioning my orders Heero? We had agreed that I would be the primary this time. " I could hear a dangerous edge in Duo's voice that did not bode well for Heero or me.

"I'm merely making you aware that you are not in possession of all the relevant information. Quatre had some concerns and addressed them this morning. We were trying to work through one of them to establish what the true nature of the concern was. If you punish him now, for that, then we run the risk that he will never voice any concerns again. Is that what you want? "

Wait a minute, still here! "Guys? I was just as aware of what our instructions were and I was the one that asked for this. I'm sorry Duo, I just didn't think about it for long enough.

"Right, I'm calling a time-out. Heero, why don't you untie Quatre and both of you get showered and dressed. Then we'll talk about this. "

Duo disappeared off into the kitchen and Heero untied me. He was wearing one of his blank, emotionless masks again, but when he touched me I could read some of what he was feeling. He was a little hurt, and afraid. As we walked into the bedroom and I grabbed my clothes, I pondered that some. I know that physically he can stand up to almost everything that Duo can dish out, but I think that he was afraid of losing Duo. Leaving Heero in the bedroom, I slipped into the shower, pulled the curtain and turned on the hot water.

The shower is a great place to think, and the more and more I thought about it, the more annoyed at myself I became. I knew I had come between them, they are sometimes so close you can't fit a sheet of paper between them, and there I come bludgeoning in. No wonder Duo was getting upset, I hadn't only not done as I was told, after I'd agree to do what I was told, I was the cause of a fight between them both. And now Heero was afraid of losing him! The only thing I could do, I mused as I rubbed shampoo into my hair, was put an end to this. I felt my heart constrict slightly, as I care deeply for them and the last twenty-four hours had been fantastic. I didn't want to lose them as lovers, even if this was just a once-off affair, but more importantly, I didn't want to lose them as friends. And paramount to that, I didn't want them to lose each other.

It made sense to me, and my rational mind told me that removing myself from the equation would solve the problem. My emotional heart though, was in strong disagreement. By the time I was rinsing the conditioner out of my hair, I was crying as softly as I could. By the time I was soaping up I knew I would have to let this out and then carry on.

Just as I did that, the shower opened and a naked Heero stepped in. Taking one look, he got into the cubicle and opened his arms from me. I couldn't go to him, not now, or I would lose all the resolve I had. I wrapped my arms around myself, and turned around.

"Don't cry. We're not angry at you." he said softly from behind me.

"I'm not, I just got some shampoo in my eyes.” I told him. Damn, my voice was choked up as well.

"Bullshit. Don't lie to us Cat, you're upset." he told me gently. I couldn't help it, my shoulders shook once with a sob I tried my best to suppress. I didn't stand as much to lose as Heero, and he wasn't crying so neither should I be. When I felt Heero's strong arms wrapping around me I couldn't hold up the pretence any more. I turned around, and cried into his shoulder. That's the second time in two days I've ended up in this position. I honestly don't know what was wrong with me, I don't usually panic and I haven't cried in years!

We stayed that way for several minutes until my crying had subsided to the occasional hiccup, and between hiccups I sternly told myself what I needed to do. I just wanted to be selfish and hold on to Heero for just a few moments longer, draw some strength from him even though I could feel how upset he was. I was making the right decision for all of us.

"Duo, why don't you come and join us?" Heero called out softly, his voice rough. He must have heard something in the hall or the bathroom. A scant few seconds later the shower curtain opened and Duo, still fully dressed except for his shoes stood there.

"Dammit, Heero, this is not a time for playing -." he stopped and took a good hard look at me, then at Heero. Then he stepped under the spray, clothes and all and put his arms around both of us.

"Why are you both crying?" he asked, concern and guilt evident in his voice. No, I didn't want him blaming himself. Wait a minute, both of us? I loosened my grip slightly and looked up. Heero, the perfect soldier and one of the most stoic people I knew, had reddened eyes though you had to look really close to see it. Duo knew him well.

"I had thought we'd have this discussion in the living room or the park, but here is just as good. As far as I know, up until this morning we were all fine with everything, is that right? " Duo started. Yes, I had enjoyed yesterday, it was only today that we went wrong.

"No, the problems started yesterday. They only came to a head today. " Heero corrected him.

"Oh? What did I miss?" Duo asked, all seriousness. "You seemed ok yesterday, what went wrong?"

I could feel Heero shake his head.

"Not me. Quatre." Duo turned to me, questioning eyes filled with guilt.

"Quatre? What did we do wrong? Was it the spanking, 'cause if so I promise to never do it again? I didn't mean to hurt you, I thought you'd like it."

"No, it wasn't that.” my voice broke and I cleared my throat while Heero rubbed gentle circles in the small of my back.

"Just tell Duo what you told me at breakfast." he told me.

"I was worried. About my reaction to the blindfold yesterday. "I said softly. I hadn't intended to bring this up with Duo, it would only make him feel worse. I was starting to think I should never have brought it up.

"I think you also mentioned being concerned about having to be taught and shown everything, as well as feeling vulnerable.” Heero responded neutrally. I nodded, not quite wanting to meet Duo's eyes and grateful to still be in both his and Heero's warm embrace.

"Damn. I went too fast, didn't I? I'm sorry Quatre, I shouldn't have pushed you like that. I did it to Heero too when we first started. I'm sorry. " Duo told us contritely

"Duo, love, you never pushed me too hard or too fast. My problem was not connecting what I was feeling with the biology of the situation. You were not to blame for that, and there was no way you could or should have predicted that. " Heero told Duo, then kissed him sweetly. They make a cute couple. I just hoped Duo would accept that, as I was still feeling vestiges of the fear Heero had felt earlier. He wasn't happy with the situation yet.

"What we were trying this morning, was to decide if it was a control issue in the sense that Quatre could not give up control of his sight, or if it was an issue with the blindfold itself. That's why we recreated the same situation, but with his eyes closed." Heero explained.

"That makes sense. What did you decide?" Duo asked curiously.

"We weren't quite done, but I'm leaning heavily on the blindfold side of things. He had his eyes closed for over a minute in the same situation as the previous evening without panicking. " Had it been that long? I hadn't realised.

"But he was now familiar with the situation." Duo pointed out.

"True.” Heero conceded.

"I think the only way we'll know for sure is by trying a few other things." Duo suggested, a slight smile on his face. I could guess the kind of thing he was thinking.

"But we're not yet done here. Quatre, Heero said you were also not happy being shown everything and taught everything? I'm really sorry about that, I thought you were enjoying yourself. "

I shook my head and slid out of Heero's warm arms. I had to start standing on my own feet, literally, and get through this. He looked mildly disappointed at the loss.

"It's not that I mind being taught or shown things, it’s that I mind that I need to be taught or shown things. Duo, I'm the head of WEI. I've fought in two wars, and I've been part of what could be considered an elite group of pilots. I'm twenty-six now, and I still don't have the first clue about sex. I don't know what I like, I don't know what you like, I don't know what Heero likes. I don't know what will make me panic, and what will turn me on. Let’s face it, I'm an absolute novice at this. Worse, I'm a novice with control issues. And I'm getting in between you and Heero. I don't want to be the cause of you breaking up." I leaned back against the tile wall and wrapped my arms around myself again. It wasn't nearly as good as Heero's hugs. "I think it might be better if we called a halt to this.”

I should be proud my voice didn't break, but I wasn't. I've had an easier time firing people I considered friends than breaking it off with these gorgeous men.

"You're not getting between us!" Duo insisted.

"What made you think we were breaking up?" Heero asked at the same time.

I turned to Duo. "At the picnic you had to reach over me to be able to reach each other. And now you and Heero had a fight this morning because of me. " I turned to Heero. "to quote you, bullshit. Don't lie to me Heero. I felt how worried you were this morning. I'm sorry, I know you don't like me using my space heart on you but sometimes I can't stop what people project. You were afraid, and I won't be the cause. "

Duo whistled lowly, realisation dawning on his face. Heero was wearing one of his bland masks again. "I think you just took two and two and made six there Quatre. First, I don't mind showing you stuff. It's fun, and the way you react to some things is just too cute for words. You're also hot, in case you hadn't figured. As to the picnic, me and Heero hadn't actually planned on making out there, we were planning to just cuddle up to you. And when we did, it added a bit of naughtiness in trying to do it quietly enough not to wake you up. You weren't getting between us, we put you there. Now, as to that little spat me and Heero had this morning, I'm sorry about that. I came in and jumped to conclusions. Heero was quite right to call me on it, and so would you have been. That's why I called a time-out. "

He ran out of breath there, or out of things to say. I'm not sure which. I just opened my mouth to start speaking when Heero continued.

" Yes, I was afraid this morning. But you drew the wrong conclusions. I wasn't afraid that Duo might break up with me, I was afraid that punishing you would stop you voicing concerns in the future, or that it might drive you to end this. I think that considering the conversation my fears weren't unfounded. " His face was clearly worried by the time he had finished, and I could see where we had all jumped to conclusions. Well, Duo and I had. Heero had just been caught in the middle.

"I'm sorry. I really screwed up, didn't I?" I asked them, realising I'd just caused them more pain by drawing the wrong conclusions.

Duo stepped up to me, caressing my cheek with one hand, and kissed me deeply. "Only about as much as I did. Is there anything we didn't discuss?" I shook my head. I wasn't going to bring up my insecurities again, not after seeing the damage they could cause. I'd work through them myself.

"Do you still want to give us a try?" Duo asked, worried.

"Do you still want to?" I asked back, looking between the two.

"Yes. Duo is my soul, but you are my heart. I don't want to lose either of you." Heero told us. I was stunned, I never realised he felt so deeply about me. I knew Duo was his everything but I didn't think I was more than a mere blip on the radar.

"I still want to, but it depends on you.” Duo pointed out.

"I want to, as long as I don't come between you.”

"I can't think of anything that can break the relationship me and Heero have. Come on, why don't we get out of the shower and all get dressed? " He suggested. I was eternally grateful this block has a massive hot water tank for the tenants to use, else we would have been very cold long ago. But getting dressed, did that mean the play had stopped?

"Can we continue playing?" I asked Duo. He looked at me appraisingly, then at Heero. Obviously satisfied with what he found in Heero, he turned to me and asked

"You're sure?”

I nodded. "I'm sure."

"Ok, but I think we should continue with Heero as the primary for now. I need to think a bit more before I feel up to it." Duo told us. Heero nodded, and I agreed.

"Grab the plastic sheets out of the duffel and put them on the bed. It's lunchtime and I think it is time we ate. Undress and dry yourself first though. " Heero ordered Duo. I went to help Duo as he struggled with his wet clothes, and between the two of us we left the sodden heap in the sink to drip out a bit, as we dried ourselves and each other. After that Duo left me and Heero alone.

Heero reached over, and kissed me. I'm getting a lot of those lately, and I could get very used to this. I'm glad they were prepared to give me and us a second chance.

"I want to try something later on. You're going to have to trust us though." he told me.

"I do trust you, and Duo too. Whatever you want." I told him and kissed him back. I was already getting hard and by the time we parted so was he.

"Go, find Duo. Tell him to tie you to the bed, hands above your head and on your back. I want your legs spread but not tied. Then he may play with you but he may not make you come." he told me, and then swatted my behind gently. I broke lose from him. What is it with them and my rump? Walking to the bedroom Duo was just fitting the plastic sheet over the last corner.
"Heero wants you to tie me up." I told him. "Then you can play with me, but you’re not allowed to make me come." Uh-oh, I wasn't sure I liked that gleam in Duo's eyes.

He slapped the sheet and told me to lie down, which I of course dutifully did. In the position Heero described, and Duo quickly tied my hands to the headboard. Running a finger down what would usually be the inside of my arm, he smirked at me, and then ran his fingers over my face, my torso, and my legs. Sometimes he scratched gently, just enough to sensitise my skin, and sometimes he just ran a feather light touch over me. There were several times my breath hitched, not quite a moan but definitely a reaction to his fingers. Evil as Duo is, he then went back, and with the end of his braid tickled me in all the places that where sensitive. Homing in on the junction between my legs and torso, he licked and sucked there and left me quivering, hard and wanting more.

"More, please, more." I begged him, but he just shook his head.

"You're not allowed to come, remember?" and he carried straight on with tormenting me. Then he crawled up and kissed me.

"But Heero didn't say anything about me, did he?" as he slid a condom on and turned himself around to leave his cock hanging just above my mouth. I reached out and just managed to swipe the head with my tongue and Duo did the same to me. I knew that if he continued I would come, orders or not.

"Stop, I'm too close." I gasped, and luckily he did, resting his head on my thigh instead. I licked him as best I could and he continued to encourage me until the door open and Heero came in with a platter and a plastic bag.

"Heya Heero!" Duo greeted him cheerfully. I couldn't resist licking him again, so his greeting was followed by a groan.
"I think we created a monster." Duo told Heero.

"I think the monster is going to need a bit of help if he's not to come soon. Duo, why don't you grab the gift you bought for Quatre this morning? I think it's time it was blessed. Oh, and grab yours too. " Heero ordered, putting the platter and bag down. Duo scrambled off me, and I was left feeling the lack of body heat.

I squirmed slightly, trying to get comfortable, until Duo came back with some black straps in one hand, and a package in the other. He handed them both to Heero.

"Lay down." Heero ordered Duo, and Duo complied. Heero then tied the black strappy contraption around Duo's cock and balls. Duo groaned, and I wondered if it had hurt him, but he was still as hard as before.

"Do you know what this is?" Heero asked me, holding up another strappy contraption still in its wrapping. This one was a mustard-yellow with small dark gems in it. I shook my head.

"This is a cock-ring with a ball-spreader. It will keep you from coming before I let you." Heero told me, before opening the package and taking it out and starting to wrap it around me. Oh my, that felt...snug. Not tight, but definitely different and restrictive, but at the same time deliciously naughty. Especially when Heero ran his finger along the straps, and I now understood why Duo groaned as I did the same.

Heero let me go and then started putting slices and morsels of fruit from the platter all over me, while I and Duo watched. I think I was starting to see the purpose of this, though I've never been used as a plate before! Heero finished off by tracing paths of whipped cream between the fruit, and drizzling chocolate sauce all over me but most of all around my nipples, belly button, cock and balls.

The cold of it felt good, but after that Heero did nothing but look for a moment.

"We're missing something." he announced.

"Duo, come over here." he told Duo, and as I watched he walked behind Duo and handcuffed him.

"Quatre can't eat by himself, not all tied up. You're going to have to feed him love, but you can't use your hands. " Heero said, scooping up a morsel of mango from my thigh and licking his finger clean from it. For the next I-don't-know-how-long, Duo bent over me, licking and nibbling on cream, chocolate and fruit. Oh, he didn't keep it all for himself, he kissed me several times and let me have bits of it. Heero did the same thing, and while being fed like that was very interesting and even sensual, I wanted more than these feather-light licks and nibbles as I was moaning from both pleasure and frustration. When Duo finally decided to clean my cock off, I thought I’d come there and then, but I now understand how a cock-ring works most intimately. I cried out several times in pure frustration, as I was so close it wasn't even funny. Duo looked about equally frustrated. Heero was smug though.

After I had caught my breath and I was more or less cleaned of all the fruit, Heero cut two small pieces of sticky tape from a roll.
"I'm going to put these over your eyes. They won't hold them closed if you really decide to open them, but the will serve as a reminder not to do so. Close your eyes." He ordered me. I complied and felt him press a soft kiss onto each of them before gently sticking them down.

"Try and open them." Heero ordered, and I found that I could open them if I tried. It just took a little more effort than normal. They opened wide when I saw Heero draw a small, slim blade. I knew that blade, he had used it during the war in hand to hand combat and it had tasted blood. It was as sharp as a razor, and my breath hitched.

"Stay very, very still. I'm not going to cut you on purpose, but if you move accidentally I could end up hurting you. Do you remember your safe word? " He asked.

"Coffee." I replied promptly

"Good. Now close your eyes again." Heero said and I closed them. The sticky tape wouldn't be as strong this time, but I resisted the urge to open my eyes as I felt the point of the knife run down the side of my face and down my throat. He must have been using the back of the blade, as if he had been using the sharp edge, I would have been cut to ribbons. I hardly dared breathe.

He traced around my arms, my nipples, and my belly button, down my legs and over my ticklish feet. I couldn't help but concentrate on where the tip of that blade was and keep as still as I could, but when he ran it up the inside of my leg and near my balls I held my breath.

"Careful Heero. We don’t' want Quatre to lose something vital now do we? Cat, breath, we can't have you passing out there." Duo said with a chuckle. I took a shallow breath, holding absolutely still. Well, except for my cock, which quivered. Don't laugh, you'd quiver too if Heero was holding a knife to you. When he was done tracing every vein and whatever else he was tracing, I felt the point lift from my skin and I took a deep breath in relief.

"Turn over, and up on your hands and knees." Heero ordered me, and I carefully hastened to comply. I was aching hard by now, as even though I knew there was a chance something could go wrong, I trusted Heero not to hurt me. I waited on my hands and knees and shortly afterwards felt the knife point trace at my backside. I thought I was going to go mad when I felt the tiniest tip of it entering me ever so slightly, but there was no sting and burn to indicate I was cut. Staying still like this was harder, and I was glad when he put the knife down again. A few seconds later he removed the bits of sticky tape, and kissed my eyelids again.

"You may open your eyes again." he told me, and I did. He was standing in front of me, and he looked delicious. I wondered if I could reach out and lick him too? I tried, and he chuckled at that.

"Eager, aren't you? I'm afraid I' m going to have to take a rain check for a few more moments." he said, drawing back. I let his cock go with disappointment. Real skin tasted so much better than latex covered skin.

"Duo, come here." Heero ordered, and uncuffed Duo in front of me.

"Get him ready." Heero then told Duo, and I felt the bed shift behind me Duo was playing with me, stroking me, and rubbing me softly,

"Sore?" he asked me.

"Not really.” I replied. I was only slightly sore and it felt good.

Duo took his time, using his fingers on me in a steady and careful way. Pretty soon he had me wide open and then I felt all warm and tingly again.

"Say hello to your prostate, Quatre." and he chuckled when I replied "Hello prostrate." Then he did it again and it again. And again.

"More, please Duo, more. Let me come." I begged him, but he paid me no heed. Heero brushed my lips with his cock and I happily opened up for him. I wasn't yet used to the taste of him, but I though I could easily learn to get used to it. I rolled my tongue around his head and he groaned, so I did it again and again.

"Take him Duo. Watch how much he loves giving me head and take him. " Heero ordered Duo, and I felt Duo enter me. He wasn't rough, despite how long he has been hard, and he thrust me forward into Heero. I took in as much of him as I could without going too deep, and let Duo set the rhythm.

Duo thrust gently at first, then more insistent, and his verbal litany of encouragements, groans, moans and other sounds mingled with my muffled noises and were a treat, until Heero ordered him to undo the cock-ring and come deep inside me. I felt a small thrill go through me at those words. Coming deep in side me, just the phrase had me squirming. Well, it would have if it wasn't for Duo's grip on my hips as he thrust inside me twice more and then stilled, gasping for breath before withdrawing himself carefully.

Heero withdrew from my mouth, and I felt empty without either of them but it wasn't long before he slipped inside me. He drove himself deep inside me, but instead of thrusting in and out he moved his hips in small circles.

"Please Heero, don't tease. Let me come." I pleaded with him, and I felt him reach beneath me and undo the snaps on the cock-ring but he was holding me as snugly as it had been.

"A tease," he thrust gently. "Doesn’t make good" and again "on his promises." and he moved his hips around in that most delightful way a few more times "I do."

By now I was quite prepared to make a deal with the devil himself, if only he would let me come.

"You may come, but only if you do so on my cock. " he gasped, as he thrust several times, deep and hard after letting go of my cock.

After being denied release for so long, I came hard, him still inside me thrusting away and prolonging the pleasure, and just as my orgasm started to subside I felt heat blossom inside me and I knew he had come too.

We collapsed into a sticky, chocolaty and sweaty mess on the plastic sheets. Duo was the first to recover, and he padded off for a bowl of warm water and a washcloth for us. I feared that in my case that was a lost cause and I'd need a shower, but I was too boneless and content to care. When Heero pulled up the covers and took me in his arms, I couldn't help but feel content, especially when Duo spooned up behind me.

I woke up in darkness, so I had slept several hours. Unfortunately, the bed was empty besides me. For a moment I thought it had all been a dream, until my ass woke up and reminded me of last night. With a small smile I pushed back my nice and warm duvet covers and went in search of my lovers.

They were on the couch, much as I’d first seen them when I came in. I was loath to interrupt their quiet canoodling, but the clock on the wall told me it was 3.30 in the morning and their bags in the living room told me they would be leaving soon. They had an early morning shuttle back to L2. Duo sat up straight as he noticed me, and Heero smiled at me as I sat down next to them. Duo, bossy thing that he is, just turned around, leaned against me and presented Heero with his feet to rub. Silly us, we complied. Sometimes it’s just easier and quicker to give in.

"When do you need to leave?" I asked.

"Flight is in about two hours. We didn't want to disturb you, but we need to be leaving about now. We've called a taxi." Duo told me.

"Do you have to go?" I asked, petulantly. Yes, I know I sounded like a small child doing that. So sue me, sometimes it works.

"Work waits for no-one." Heero replied.

"But you're always welcome to visit. Or we could visit you." Duo suggested perkily. I hate morning people. Well, no, I don't hate Duo, but does he have to be this cheerful at this hour?

And visiting just didn't seem as appealing as just keeping them here. Maybe I could just chain them to the bed? Nah, with Duo's lock picking skills they'd be out in minutes. Or Heero would just break them. Besides, it was much more fun being told what to do than vice versa.

Heero handed me a small bunch of keys and held them up one by one.

"Back door. Front door. Deadbolt on the front door. Deadbolt on the back door. Windows. You're welcome any time. "They'd had a set cut for me? aww, I was touched.

"Any time?" I double checked.

"Any time." Duo confirmed.

After I'd seen them off in the taxi, I got ready for work. I think I wasn't going to make it a long day today, as sitting would be a constant reminder of what I was missing.

I was done getting ready at half past four in the morning, and by five I was at my desk. Jade wasn't in yet, and I wanted to start going through things, but I wasn't sure what the situation on anything was at the moment, so I earmarked the emails I wasn't certain of as such and dealt with the rest. By the time it was eight-thirty I was squirming in my chair and had only got the emails done, and Jade walked in.

"Mr Winner, sir, you're looking much better." She greeted me, and handed me one of the Danish pastries I'm so fond of. How had she have known to bring it in today, if she hadn't known I would be 'well ' again?

"I needed that, after the last few months." I agreed, taking a bite. When I was done, I asked her. "I want to go over what has happened in the last two days in half an hour. I'm going to need a report on the department heads productivity for the last two days, and I want to know if that went up or down with my absence by the end of the day. I need to know who took up the most additional responsibility successfully and who did worst. Ask each of them to submit their own reports to me so I can compare them, and do one for yourself as well. " I could see awareness dawning in her eyes as I ate the rest of the pastry, and knew I would have them by the end of the day. I would double check hers myself.

"Oh, and Jade? We have a shuttle going up to L2, on Friday evening don't we?"

She tapped a few keys. "Yes Sir, we have two. One at seven o'clock local time, one at eleven o'clock local time."

"Good." I told her with a smile. "Don't tell them yet, but I'm thinking of doing some spot inspections of one of those shuttles.”

Well, I did need to keep my hours in the cockpit up, and they did say any time............

The end.

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