"Chocolate Seduction"

Written By: Sakusha

Disclaimer: I do not own Gundam Wing, nor do I own the characters.

Author: Sakusha

Author's e mail: KawaiiBlue@sbcglobal.net

Rating: pg 15

Warnings: Language, light lime.

Summary: Duo wants more than just a snack after watching Heero eat cake.

"Chocolate Seduction"

There are very few things the general public actually knows about Heero Yuy, except maybe his general description and the fact that he was once a Gundam pilot. People around the Preventer office know a little more; they know he works hard, loves his job and that he’s pretty soft spoken, unless he’s pissed. Fewer still, maybe just the five of us, know a great deal more.

Heero likes to swim. Loves it, in fact. He’s pretty good at it, too; glides through the water like he was some kind of fish. Heero collects baseball cards. He’s got quite a collection of pre-war cards that he’s very proud of.

Heero’s not much of a cook. You’d think he would be; he’s always been so anal about taking orders; so literal and exact. It’s rather unfortunate that the man can’t seem to make an edible meal. Every one of us has been subject to one of his culinary disasters.

It gives me some perverse pleasure that I know a few things that even the guys don’t. Heero won’t eat pizza unless it’s cold. He wears out his left shoe before his right. He chews the inside of his lip when he’s stressed. Oh, and here’s one he thinks is an absolute secret: Heero is a chocolate fanatic. The man keeps at least one Hershey bar in his bottom left hand drawer at all times. He sneaks pieces of it when he thinks I’m not looking. Like a little kid sneaking a snack before dinner. It’s…cute. A little tip, though: don’t ever call Heero cute. I doubt he’d appreciate it.

The staff lounge is a great place to pick up all kinds of sweets and snacks. At least once a week there’s a birthday, an anniversary, or just something that gives somebody an excuse to bring goodies to work.

That day it was a birthday. Wufei’s birthday, to be exact. Sally made a very decadent looking chocolate cake, and much to Fei’s horror, put it in the staff lounge. With balloons and streamers and early enough that every one who clocked in that morning knew whose birthday it was. I waited until Fei got there just to see his reaction. It was priceless.

Unfortunately, I didn’t take my lunch early enough to get a piece of that cake. But Heero did.

He came in after his lunch, just as I was leaving, and set a perfect piece of chocolate cake at the end of his desk and went back to work. When I came back, it was still sitting there, untouched.

You know how you crave something sweet after you’ve had something salty? Well, I don’t know if you do, but I do. I just finished a bag of Fritos and I was dying to have a bite of that cake. Heero caught me eyeing it.

“Didn’t you get any cake, Duo?”

“Nah,” I shrugged. “It was already gone when I got there.”

“That’s too bad,” Heero said, shaking his head. Then he pulled the paper plate across the desk, picked up his plastic fork and dug in. That dog. He wasn’t even going to offer to share.

I glared at my partner from across my desk, but he wasn’t paying attention to me. All of his attention was on that sweet moist chocolate cake. I wasn’t going to give him the pleasure of seeing me pout just because I wanted some. Nope. Not me.

I tried to get back to work, but I couldn’t help looking back over my desk and watching Heero eat his cake. He sure looked like he was enjoying it. Not just enjoying it, but really enjoying it. The man was practically making love with the damn fork.

Hot. The room was definitely hotter than it was before I went to lunch. I loosened my tie and undid the top button of my shirt.

I suddenly became very fascinated with Heero’s eating habits. He made my mouth water just watching him. I was fairly certain I didn’t like cake that much, but damn if I just couldn’t turn away. He made eating an art form.

He closed his mouth around the fork and I could almost see his tongue swirling around the chocolate in his mouth. I watched him swallow, could see it going down his throat. Then he slid the fork out between his lips to catch the extra frosting. He licked the top of the fork, turned it over and then ran his tongue over the bottom. He did this with every. Single. Bite.

I know for a fact that, prior to that afternoon, I had never at any time contemplated being a utensil. But right then, I wanted nothing more than to trade places with that blasted piece of plastic. To touch those lips, to feel that tongue roll over my…

I slammed my file down and got up to open the window.

Heero looked up. “What are you doing, Duo?”

“We need some air in here,” I said, as I struggled with the window lock.

“The air conditioner is on, Duo.” Heero sounded like he was laughing at me.

“Don’t care,” I said gruffly, finally getting the window to open.

Heero seemed to shrug. Then he went right back to what he was doing.

As I sat back down, I picked up another stack of papers with every intention of ignoring Heero and his very lucky piece of chocolate cake. My eyes never got past the first sentence. Dear God, he did it again. There was this little sigh after he swallowed and then he looked up over his fork at me. He held my stare with very hungry eyes and went on licking. Oh. My God.

I felt a twitch just below my belt and suddenly I couldn’t breathe. Heero knew exactly what he was doing.


My eyes were still glued to his mouth. He sucked on the fork before removing it from his lips. “Yes, Duo?”

Had his voice always sounded so husky?

“What are you doing?” That was not what I was going to say. I think my brain short circuited.

“I thought that was obvious. I’m eating cake,” he said, but his look told me he was not just eating cake.

I watched Heero pick up the last bite of cake with his fork and hold it out. “You want some?”

Some? Yeah. I want some, alright. “O…kay.” But I didn’t move. My eyes were riveted on that last bite. I didn’t want to eat it anymore. I wanted to watch Heero put it in his mouth. I wanted to watch Heero suck all the chocolate off the fork and…


“Yeah?” Where the hell was my brain?

“Go shut the door.”

“Okay.” I’m sure someone answered him. I heard it.

Seeing as how I seemed incapable of completing the task, Heero got up and walked around his desk. He shut the door and then turned to me. I watched, wide eyed, as he swiveled my chair to face him.

“Do you want this?”

I didn’t even look at the fork in his hands. Was he offering what I think he was offering? After his display, I sure as hell hoped so. “God, yes.”

Heero raised the fork to my mouth and I opened up for him. I let him feed me the last bit of cake, but I didn’t even taste it. My appetite had changed dramatically in the last few minutes.

He pulled the fork out of my mouth and put it in his, sucking off the remaining chocolate frosting. All the blood in my body went south.

Then he leaned over me, one hand on either side if my chair and kissed me. Oh Lord, he tasted like...like nothing I’ve ever tasted before. And I wanted more of it. So much more.

Someone growled. Papers were tossed. Furniture was moved. I found myself pinned to my desk with Heero’s tongue down my throat and his erection grinding against my own. We broke the kiss gasping for breath.

“Damn,” I breathed. “That’s some fucking cake.”

Heero grinned, looking down at me. “Sally called it ‘Chocolate Seduction’. What do you think? Did it work?”

“’Ro, you coulda seduced me with a paper clip. But the cake? Yeah. That works too.”

“Well, it was either the cake or next week’s potluck. I didn’t think finger sandwiches would have the same kind of effect.”

I made a face. “So just how long have you been contemplating this little ‘seduction’ of yours?”

Heero bit his lip. “For a long time, Duo,” he said in all seriousness. “Too long.”

“You certainly looked…practiced at it,” I teased.

“That wasn’t practiced.” Heero frowned. “It was…improvised. I only want to practice with you.”

I ran my fingers over his lips, trying to wipe away that look. “With that tongue, you can practice on me all you want, ‘Ro. I’d like nothing more.”

Heero smiled. Really smiled. Then he kissed me again. Not that hungry, ‘I’m gonna eat you’ kinda kiss, but a slow, exploring, caring, kinda kiss. That one’s the best one of all.

Heero still thinks he’s being sneaky with the chocolate. I don’t have the heart to tell him he’s not fooling anyone. Every now and then I indulge him with something chocolaty. He really likes Cocoa Puffs. I pretend I’m buying it for me, but he always manages to polish off the box all by himself.

Here are some other things most people don’t know about Heero. He’s got a smile that could light up a million suns. He prefers boxers instead of briefs. Oh, and he has this little mole just under…well, I don’t think I’m going to divulge all Heero’s secrets. Some are just ours. Go seduce your own pilot.


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