"Mission Seduction: Yuy Style "

Written By: Zazu

Rating: NC-17

Disclaimer: I do not own Gundam Wing, nor do I own the characters. I have borrowed them here for some fun and creativity, and this is not for profit. I do, however, own the plot mentioned here, and any instances that you may find similar to real life events are purely a coincidence.

Warnings: yaoi lemon alert! A very, very slight hint of bondage and a brief mention of sex in a public place. Language alert.

Pairings: 2x1

Notes: Written for ShenLong Deb's Art of Seduction 2006 contest. This is actually not beta-read, but I have tried my very best to reduce any errors in it. Alas, although I realize Deb mentioned we should get our entries beta-read...I didn't *hides*.

/blah/ denotes thoughts.
*blah* denotes emphasis.

Summary: Heero is quite fed up with seeing Duo apply his Maxwell Charm and flirt with the females in the Preventers Office. He comes up with Mission Seduction in hopes of giving his lover a taste of his own medicine, as well as to seduce said lover into some rougher play by seeking out and manipulating the possessive and jealous nature within his braided lover.

Written: July 5, 2006

"Mission Seduction: Yuy Style"


"Done yet?" Heero looked over Duo's shoulder at the mission report that was being finalized.

"Just about...yes. Done." Duo hit the print button and sat back, leaning his head against Heero's arm. "Let's just hope we can drop this off real quick. Then I need to go to the store and buy a white t-shirt."

"T-shirt?" Heero looked down at his boyfriend's upturned face. Then he remembered. Every half a year, Preventer field agents had to do medical checks, and as a part of those checks was a lengthy obstacle course that required teamwork and individual stamina to test if the agents were up to par with the physical standards set for agents.

"The test tomorrow." Duo sighed. "The neighbour's dog got to my shirt, remember?"

Heero snorted. "If you hadn't tossed it over the fence, he wouldn't have gotten to it."

Duo stood and levelled a stare at his lover. "If I recall properly, you were the one who had me up against the fence and *you* were the one that pulled my shirt over my head and left it tangled in my hands!"

"Tangled, yes." Heero felt his blood run a little quicker at the memory. "But not over the fence." He returned.

Duo grabbed the papers from the printer and stuffed it into a file that he proceeded to sign before handing the pen over to Heero so he could do the same. He spoke again as they headed to the elevator that would take them to Lady Une's office. "Well sorry. The fence in the yard isn't that tall, remember? I was gripping the fence when you went down on me and that stupid mutt almost took off my hands when he snagged my shirt! Why did you have to do that to me in the yard anyway?"

Heero remembered that scene with a half-hidden chuckle. He had been about to enjoy his 'snack' when Duo had yelped and swore before he had twisted and fallen onto his back with another curse. "It was two in the morning, Duo. You wanted some air before going to bed, and I wanted a snack. I doubted the neighbours would have been watching, and plus, you weren't complaining until the mutt came over."

Duo grinned and placed a hand on Heero's shoulder. "So you do admit it was the mutt's fault, and not mine. But I wasn't complaining." He leaned close and licked Heero's ear before he stood properly as the elevator doors pinged open. Heero mentally calculated the amount of time it would take for them to drop off the report, go to the mall, buy the necessary white shirt, go home, and ravish Duo. He cursed as he remembered that he and Duo had agreed not to make love the day before the physical tests in order to prevent hindering their top scores, but he smirked behind Duo as they walked up to the secretary's desk. They agreed not to make love, but that didn't mean he couldn't snack off his lover.

"Lady Une's stepped into another office at the moment." The secretary smiled up at Duo. "You can have a seat and wait for her."

Heero felt his previous good feelings walk out the door as his lover applied his Maxwell charm in order to convince the secretary to let him drop the office off on Lady Une's desk; the mission reports were sensitive and couldn't be passed on through the secretary, but everyone knew that no one touched what was on Lady Une's desk if they valued their job, or lives. It only took a moment before the secretary wavered and agreed to let Duo in to drop off the report. Heero hated how the girls swooned over his lover even though their couple status was a wide-known fact. He hated how Duo flirted with the girls -- even if it meant nice make-up sex on the days that Heero got too frustrated.

Duo had once pointed out that the female population within Preventers were mostly highly skilled, and when offended, could seriously hurt one of them, and Duo had no intention of hurting a female even in self-defence. Heero had agreed and seen the point.

It didn't mean he had to like it.

Plus, Duo seemed to be having too much fun. His lover basked in the ladies attention, even though a part of Heero informed him yet again that his lover most certainly basked in his attention. Not just basked, needed it, begged for it, and as Duo himself said, didn't want to live without it.

But he didn't like the attention on his boyfriend. Duo was his, and they should have learned that by now. He had once heard the ladies compare how many times Duo smiled at them in a week, what type of smile; it was a competition to them! They kept tally!

Yes. Heero Yuy was a possessive bastard when it came to Duo, just like Duo was when it came to Pocky.

His eyes narrowed in thought as he drove to the mall as a plan formulated in his mind. Soon, he would have his revenge on his flirty, charming lover, just so Duo could have a sense of what Heero went through every day they spent in the office, which was an increasing amount of time. Heero reminded himself it wasn't a bad thing; it meant fewer terrorists wanted to try their luck and skills against the Preventers, and that peace wasn't at threat. The point was, Duo would soon know how he felt, and if he played his cards right, Duo would want to pound him into the mattress as an additional perk.

A while later, they had returned home and had changed from their uniforms into more comfortable shorts and t-shirts. Heero had barely made himself comfortable on the couch to watch the early evening news when Duo was upon him, grabbing his feet from where they were stretched out and swinging them onto the couch before he yanked hard enough to get Heero flattened on his back. The familiar weight of Duo settled onto Heero as he gazed up at his lover.

"What were you thinking in the car?" Duo asked, his tongue darting out to lick Heero's lips. Never let it be said that Duo wasn't observant; he just wasn't obvious about it.

"About the fact that I wouldn't be allowed to pound you into tomorrow because of the physicals." Heero replied. He had thought about that, so it wasn't really a lie. Duo groaned and buried his face into Heero's neck.

"You're not making it easier." Duo moaned, grinding his hips lightly against Heero's, then a little harder when he felt Heero's arousal in answer.

"No fucking." Heero reminded Duo, and himself. "But doesn't mean you can't taste me and let me taste you."

"Mm." Duo licked Heero's skin. "I love the way your brain works." He hummed.

Heero smirked since Duo couldn't see his face. If his plans worked out, he would most likely end up submitting to his lover the moment the door closed behind them after the physicals tomorrow. Office door, car door, house door, bedroom door. It didn't matter which one. Heero knew Duo well, and his plot for revenge, he realized, had suddenly turned into a plot of seduction with a lesson for Duo to learn. Two birds with one stone.

His thinking halted there as his mind centered onto the wet warmth that was Duo's mouth. He lifted his hips lazily. "Baka." He whispered. "Why did you wait until we got changed?"

Duo let Heero's erection drop from his mouth before he gave a lick to the head and answered. "Where's the fun if I can't undress you, Heero?" Duo gave a sly smile.

"Come here, you." Heero reached and pulled Duo's faded t-shirt over his head, watching as Duo slipped out of his shorts and boxers. "Let me taste your lips."

"Mm, I love it when you talk like that." Duo slid up Heero's body, pulling the shirt up along the way and tangling Heero's hands into it as he kissed his lover and slid his own hand into the chocolate locks that made up Heero's unruly hair. Their tongues delved and sparred as their hips ground together to seek friction. Duo pulled back. "Keep your hands there, Heero." He smiled, his expression one of love and lust. "And let me relieve you there." His hand snaked down to touch Heero, and Heero's hips lifted in answer.

Despite the loving look Duo cast him, Heero's mind held the resolve to follow through with his plan the next day.

Now, he simply enjoyed his lover's soft touches and caresses as they brought him to completion before they shifted and Heero returned the favour slowly, torturously, just the way Duo craved it.

Soon, Mission Seduction: Yuy Style, would commence.


Well-rested the next day, Duo was excited to test out the obstacle course. The fact that Heero had worked his magic until he had pleaded for release left him thoroughly sated and pleasantly tired. They had shared a dinner and a movie before they each took a quick shower and slid into bed. He glanced at his lover, dressed in the white t-shirt tucked into black combat pants required for their test. Heero was studying the large warehouse with interest and Duo scanned the sheets to see which set of partners they were to be grouped with. Ah, Pearson and Boyd. Duo didn't particularly like Pearson; the man was handsome, and bisexual. Not that he had a problem with the man's sexuality; Duo just didn't like the fact that Pearson often sent looks towards both his way and Heero's way.

Heero, on the other hand, had known that Pearson and Boyd would be paired with them; he had seen the sheet yesterday but hadn't mentioned it to Duo. It was part of the reason his particular plan was formed. He gave the two men a nod and let his gaze linger on Pearson's face. The man was handsome, but not to Duo's standards. Still, he would have to follow through with his plan and give Duo a taste of his own medicine.

"I trust you, Duo." He murmured as he turned back to his lover who was studying the obstacle course now. Duo looked up at those words. "You want to make it to the top again?"

"Always, Heero." Duo definitely had a competitive streak. The past two exams over the last year had shown Heero and Duo at the top of the standards.

"Okay." Heero nodded. "We'll switch partners today then, to get through the paired sections of the obstacle course quickly, and group together when needed."

Duo understood that Heero meant for him to help one of the other agents while he himself helped the other. He nodded, and Heero studied the course with him.

"Boyd is shorter than me, and Pearson is taller than me." Heero pointed out. "So you pair with Boyd, and I'll pair with Pearson since you're taller than me."

"Sure." Duo figured that Heero made that suggestion because he had calculated the best chances for them to pass the obstacle course efficiently.

They began the course at a brisk jog, and met their first obstacle: a climb with nothing to help them up. Duo glanced at Boyd.

"I'll go up first." He suggested. "You're smaller than me, so it will be easier for me to pull you up from the top." Boyd nodded at the point, and braced himself with his hands against the wall and parted his legs so Duo could use him as a stepladder and make his way up. Dimly, Boyd thanked whoever made up the pairing schedule; Heero and Duo were the best, and working with them would give him a chance to fully test his own limits. And while the couple were the best, they were also slim and compact, making any necessary teamwork relatively easier. Duo's weight barely pressed on him before the lithe agent was pulling himself up to the top of the climb. Duo then let his left shoulder rest against the vertical metal bar that would prevent him from falling back down, and let his arms dangle to give Boyd a lift up.

This climb wasn't particularly high; the following ones would require the four of them to work together. Duo glanced out the corner of his eye to see Heero beside him, reaching down for Pearson. He noted that while Pearson was taller, Heero had almost inhuman strength, thanks to Doctor J's tinkering and training. Boyd took a couple running steps and easily grabbed Duo's two hands, and Duo used the momentum to pull Boyd up. They waited as Heero did the same.

Duo noted that Pearson grabbed Heero's hand and reached with his other to grab Heero's shoulder in order to lever himself up. Duo then watched as his hand came up again to pull himself fully onto the platform, and said hand proceeded to cop a feel of Heero's ass. What irked him was that Heero straightened, and gave Pearson a look. Not a glare, but another look, accompanied with the slightest of nods.

/What the hell?/

There was no time to wonder before they were on their way again, hopping easily down the other side before they worked together to pass through the barbed wire and do the required number of sit ups, chin ups, and push ups at various points of the obstacle course. Duo also noticed Heero offering his hand to pull Pearson up after sit-ups. That was something Heero did for Duo, and Duo did not like the fact that Pearson was being offered the same treatment. Did that mean Heero would offer that to any of his partners?

And no matter how he tried, he couldn't catch Heero's eyes other than when they had to work together.

When they met their second climb that would require them to work together, they stood, deciding who should head up first. Pearson and Heero both offered, and Duo watched as they discussed for a second among themselves before Pearson put himself against the wall just like Boyd had in the first climb. Boyd climbed above Pearson, and Heero easily used the men as a climbing ladder. Pearson dropped Boyd back onto the ground before he gestured for them. "Give me a hand up. Then I'll hold Yuy down for you guys."

They knew that would be most efficient, Pearson was the tallest and strongest not to mention heaviest of them and could dangle Heero down and not risk dropping him. Duo stood with Boyd and they used each other and the wall for balance before nodding to Pearson, giving him the okay that they were ready for him. It only took a moment before Pearson was at the top with Heero's help. Duo's eyes darkened at the thought of Pearson scoring another grope. Heero then slid out over the platform on his stomach, allowing Pearson to grip him by the ankles. He stretched out his arms. Duo had to shake himself; they were doing a physical test, for gosh sakes. Pearson had to be touching Heero.

He didn't like it.

Since Duo was taller, he gave Boyd a leg up so he could grab Heero's arms and use Heero as a ladder. His lover made no protest as he dangled down, and their eyes made contact as they waited for Boyd to make his way to the top. Duo jumped up to grab Heero's hands, reaching to grab his lover's pants and work his way up the human ladder. He then watched as Heero pulled himself upwards in a sit-up motion, and grabbed for Boyd's waiting hand. Pearson offered his hand from where he was lying on the platform, and Heero accepted it, climbing over the man once he was on the platform. Pearson moved quicker, lifting his body in the motion of getting up, only to allow his own body to touch Heero's crotch. Heero didn't comment, and stood to offer Pearson a hand up, his touch lingering as the man thanked him.

/I trust you, Duo./ He recalled Heero's words. He would trust Heero; he was just seeing Pearson's touches, and it was making him over-react and believe that Heero was touching the man in return.

Heero noted the darkening of Duo's eyes as Duo fought with his emotions. Pearson was making advances; this was no news to them, and he endured it without complaint. He was giving lingering touches to silently urge Pearson to keep the touches up. He wasn't good with words like the Maxwell charm, but if this would get on Duo's nerves and teach him not to flirt as much, then he would endure it this once.

They came to a checkpoint halfway through the course for drinks and a towel to wipe their sweat. Duo caught the towel that Heero tossed carelessly in his direction, and before he could smile and say his thanks, he watched as Heero tossed another one to Boyd before grabbing two more and actually walking it to Pearson to hand him the towel. Heero ran the towel over his face and through his hair, tilting his head back to wipe his neck before he tugged the white t-shirt from the confines of the pants and pulled it up, exposing his taut stomach to sight as he wiped it.

These were things that Heero did for Duo's eyes in the past exams, and now, the Japanese man was facing Pearson as he did these things. Duo watched as Pearsonís eyes darkened slightly with lust before he handed Heero a bottle of water, which Heero accepted and took a long drink from, again, tilting his head back and exposing his slender throat. Pearson swallowed as Heero spilt some of the water onto himself to cool his heated skin, then shook his head to remove the excess drops of water in a scatter on the ground, and Pearson. Duo watched as Pearson licked his lips.

Heero was flirting. Duo knew. His eyes narrowed as Heero tossed Pearson a smirk, paying no attention to Duo at all. The braided man's heartbeats quickened as he found a strange emotion steal over him.

Jealousy, he realized. He was jealous.

The rest of the obstacle course flew by as Duo worked almost in Shinigami mode, grabbing his team mates in stronger-than-necessary grips, snapping a couple of commands, and dropping his grinning facade in general. Heero noted this with a well-hidden smirk. It would appear that things were definitely working out.

Pearson clapped a hand on Heero's shoulder as he pointed the way down the final leg of the obstacle course, then at the large timer ticking at the top of the finish line before smiling and making comments about their excellent time. With his frustration and jealousy eating at him, Duo almost surpassed Heero halfway through the last sprint, only to see Heero drop back. He turned back in surprise to see Heero matching Pearson and Boyd's speed. He forced himself to wait with them and passed the finish together.

He was very, *very* mad now.

Earlier in the morning, he had hidden a packet of Pocky in Heero's lunch bag. It was his way of inviting Heero for a private lunch and perhaps some kisses. He knew he couldn't blame Heero for not realizing the invitation; he hadn't seen it when he accepted Pearson's invitation to have lunch together after their shower.

"Nice run." Pearson commented. "Even though your time would have been faster if you didn't drop back for Boyd and I."

"Our times were sufficient." Heero replied, pulling the packet of Pocky out of his lunchbox with a raise of eyebrows.

"Maxwell doesn't seem too pleased." Pearson added in a low voice. Duo turned his head to his sandwich, trying to concentrate on the fact that Heero had made it for him. He blinked and coughed as he tasted the pickles in his sandwich. He hated pickles and Heero knew it.

"You all right, Maxwell?" Pearson asked. Duo didn't want to give the man the pleasure of seeing him make a fuss over pickles, and swallowed. Something was definitely wrong.

"Fine." He said shortly.

"What's that you got there, Yuy?" Pearson picked up the packet. "Oh, Pocky." He said, reading the label.

"You can have it if you want." Heero said. "Don't really feel like it."

Duo hid the gawk. He was surprised, but he wouldn't let Pearson see it. He was too stubborn, too proud to let Pearson see his surprise. In his mind, he began to scheme. The moment they were home he was going to tie Heero up and pound him into the mattress as a reminder of their couple-status. Then he was going to hold Heero on the brink of orgasm and demand answers. No. The plan needed revision; he would have to hold himself off if he wanted to fully tease and torment his Japanese lover.

Yes, Duo Maxwell was a possessive bastard that could be sadistic at times, especially when it came to a flirty Heero.

Heero continued to note the swift and hidden changes of expression in his lover's face, but again, firmed his resolve. They only had to report to the medical bay for the results of their tests before they got rest of the day off. Duo would last that much longer.

"You've got a lot of hidden steel muscles." Pearson said as they made their way down to the medical bay. Duo walked next to Boyd behind Pearson and Heero, and had to clench a fist when he saw Pearson grab Heero's biceps and squeeze them.

He clenched the other fist when he saw Heero return the compliment along with the squeeze to Pearson's biceps. He counted it lucky that they had done the medical exam in the morning; his blood pressure had most certainly gone through the roof by now. The image of a tied up Heero Yuy at his mercy on their bed made him harden. He watched as Pearson ruffled Heero's hair and compliment on the softness of the unruly mass before inquiring about the type of shampoo Heero used.

No one but Duo Maxwell could touch Heero's hair. Duo amended his plan of having Heero at his mercy to include a very, very thorough shower for his lover. He half listened as the doctor gave him his report on his excellent medical conditions, then stepped out of the office to hear Pearson discussing the mechanics of his car with hints of inviting Heero over to examine the insides of his car, and perhaps the insides of his bedroom, and pants. Heero stood when Duo growled his name, and entered the office for his own medical report. Duo flung himself down on the chair he had been sitting on before, and Pearson turned his eyes to Duo. Boyd busied himself with a magazine in the farthest chair available, conveniently close to the door and the rack of magazines.

"I was just telling Heero about the horsepower of my car." The way Pearson said 'horsepower' made Duo realize that the man meant other things. "Maybe you both can drop by sometime and check things out, maybe go for a ride." Again, the innuendo. Pearson scribbled his number and address down before handing it to Duo. "Just be sure to call and let me know when you and Heero will drop by. The girlfriend doesn't like the car discussions, and I don't think she would enjoy a ride with three guys."

The bastard. Duo was out of his seat in a flash, a hand on the armrest of Pearson's chair, his other hand in a fish dangerously close to Pearson's face. His violet eyes gleamed in a way that Pearson had never seen before, and he wisely said nothing; Duo had made his meaning clear.

The door opened behind them, and Duo straightened to see Heero step out of the office.

"Car. Now." He ground out at his lover. Heero blinked and nodded, even though the moment Duo turned, he was smirking inwardly.

The car ride home was silent as Duo sped through the highway and threw their car into park in the driveway. He ignored Heero as he snatched up his duffle of dirty clothes and marched up to the door before opening it and entering, leaving it wide open for Heero to follow. Heero made sure the car was locked before he entered the house and closed the door, making sure that the apparatus too, was locked. He made his way upstairs and proceeded to remove his uniform as they usually did after work each day.

The moment Heero was blinded as he drew his shirt over his head, Duo was touching him, making sure his lover remained trapped in his t-shirt.

"Duo?" Heero breathed. Hidden in his shirt he smiled. Duo was ready to play.

A growl answered him and Heero felt himself stumbling under Duo's insistent push before he landed on the bed. Duo bodily lifted him until Heero's head lay on the pillows, and Heero felt something wrap around his wrists albeit not too tightly. Duo secured Heero's wrists over the t-shirt with his tie, then tied his lover securely to the headboard. He pulled the collar of the shirt from Heero's face until his nose and mouth were freed even though his eyes were still covered. That way, he wouldn't have to worry about Heero suffocating, or letting Heero see his jealous eyes.

"Duo?" Heero ventured again. His answer was Duo's lips against his own, dominating, seeking, and possessing. Hips ground against his own as hands traced his torso, easily bringing him into arousal. Heck, of course he was aroused, he had staged the entire play to get Duo into this state. He moaned against his lover's lips as his hips lifted to seek contact with Duo's.

Duo touched Heero's sensitive spots, licking and nipping to bring his lover into full arousal. They rocked their hips together before Duo shifted away.

"Duo..." Heero moaned, tugging at his restraints and lifting his hips to seek contact again. Duo pulled his boxers off, then palmed Heero as he lay down beside his lover.

"Mine." He whispered into Heero's ear. Heero shivered at the sheer possessiveness of the voice. "Fucking mine, Heero Yuy." The hand at his groin was pulling his boxers off, and Heero lifted his hips to allow the motion. The warmth at his side disappeared and the shift of the bed told him that Duo was between his legs. The next moment, his world was centered on Duo's mouth wrapped around his hardened length. His hips jerked up as Duo teased him, and dimly, Heero noted a click that indicated the lube was opened. He parted his legs wider in invitation.

"Yours." He whispered, relaxing as Duo's coated finger traced up his cock following Duo's mouth before his length was released. Duo heard the word, but it wasn't enough. He was going to make Heero explain. Shifting, he lifted Heero's hips up by tilting his legs towards the man's torso, and bent to let his tongue trace against the puckered entrance, causing Heero to gasp and move his hips. He licked at it again, then again, the sound of Heero's pants and moans going straight to his own dripping cock. He touched himself for a moment to relieve the ache and remind himself what was going to happen. He pushed his tongue as far into the entrance as he could and clutched Heero's hips still, enjoying the scent that was male, and purely Heero.

Heero tossed his head from side to side as his senses clouded with pleasure. They often traded positions in bed, both having their share of times being top or bottom, dominant or submissive. Now, he wanted nothing more than to have Duo control him completely. Yes, he had been flirting with Pearson to get this reaction from Duo, but the man's touches had not been completely easy to bear. Duo's possessive touch would erase it all; he was sure of it. His legs were allowed to lower, and he did so, keeping them parted for Duo.

Duo moved up as he slipped a finger into Heero and worked it in and out to stretch his lover. His lips captured a dusky nipple as his other hand played with the other. Heero arched his back at the touch, feeling the swirls of Duo's tongue around the hardened pebbles. He worked a second finger in, and worked them together to stretch his lover.

"Gods Duo..." Heero moaned as the tongue traced lazy patterns of wet trails traced down and around his skin, dipping into his navel and back up to his collarbones. The fingers left him for a moment as Duo stretched out beside him and caressed a vertical line up and down between Heero's navel through the hairs leading to where his cock was nestled. His tongue traveled up and down the outer shell of Heero's ear. "Duo..." Heero trembled at the touch, and Duo smiled at the fact that Heero was now a puddle of sensations next to him. He sucked hard on the juncture between Heero's neck and shoulder to leave his mark, then shifted down again to resume the stretching. His mouth lowered and he licked Heero's shaft as he worked a third finger in and sought for Heero's prostate.

"Oh fuck!" Heero had been wallowing in what he deemed soft pleasure when the bright burst of electricity shot through him thanks to Duo's prod. "Do that again, Duo!"

"Like that, don't you." Duo worked his fingers again until he hit the spot again, and a third time. Heero's hips worked to impale his fingers and Duo stopped, letting him move. "That's it, ride my fingers."

"Duo..." Heero growled. What happened to having Duo pounding into him?

A hand closed over his cock and he sighed, then moaned as Duo slid his hand up the shaft and rubbed his palm over the sensitive head before doing a quick pump. He repeated the motion several times.

"In me Duo...please." Heero pleaded. "I want to come with you in me. I need you in me." He panted, his eyes shut behind his makeshift blindfold. "Duo...Gods..." He moaned as Duo kissed the head of his cock, tongue delving into the slit to taste the sweet nectar. The fingers moved in him again, the thumb of the hand caressing the spot between the entrance and the twin sacs that Duo now licked and tasted. Heero jerked his hips at the touches that nudged him closer to completion. He was loving every moment of it, and Duo would make it complete by taking him.

He moaned as Duo pulled his fingers out most of the way, leaving just the tips of his three fingers in.

"What the hell were you doing today?"

Heero could hardly remember. "Duo..." He moaned, trying to move his hips.

"You let Pearson cop a feel. Several feels." Duo's voice was low, his hand slowing in pumping Heero's cock. Heero shook his head, and then nodded, trying to form answers.

"The course." He gasped. "He had to touch me to get us through."

"Yea?" Duo resumed the pumping of Heero's cock, alternating each pump with a thrust of his fingers. "What about the touches you gave him? The little looks?" Duo knew that Heero was close, and he stopped his motions again. Heero almost sobbed with need.

"You were flirting with him, Heero." Duo grasped Heero harder, causing Heero to moan at the touch and wince slightly at the quick pain. "Handing him his towel when you threw mine at me." He thrust his fingers in, striking Heero's prostate and causing the man to moan and buck. "Tilting your head back to show off your slender throat that *I* like to kiss and lick." He pumped Heero once, slowly. "Lifting your shirt to wipe your sweat, letting him see the body that only I should see." He worked the fingers within Heero, but slowly. "You even poured water over yourself and looked like a fucking wet dream, no doubt to give him a true vision when he fantasizes about you."

"Duo..." Heero whimpered with need. He was close, so close. He groaned as Duo realized this, and released him to tug at his balls, stalling his orgasm rather forcefully. "No, please Duo." He pleaded, feeling his pleasure recede to a more manageable level, but still receiving no release.

Duo's eyes flashed with jealously although inside him, he pat himself on the back for the good job of teasing Heero. "You put pickles in my sandwich. You gave him the Pocky I gave you." He let it remain silent the fact that Duo shared his Pocky with only a certain Japanese man with unruly hair. "You let him touch your biceps *and* you touched his, and let him touch your hair. And when I went into the exam room I don't know what you talked about, but you had him dropping innuendo all over the place and extending the invitation to *me* to check out his horsepower and to go for a ride." Duo released Heero completely, hearing the moan of loss as he touched himself for some relief, smearing the wetness onto his own shaft. "I don't like to share. So if I gathered this all correctly, then you want Pearson. If you want Pearson, then I shouldn't be touching you now, should I?"

Game, set, and match. Duo waited for Heero's answer.

"No, Duo." Heero moaned. "Touch me, please."

"What was going on, Heero?" Duo stifled his own moan as he touched himself, watching as Heero's legs widened even more, inviting him in. His own cock was straining towards Heero's puckered entrance. He mentally though about his words, and suddenly realized what was going on.

"If I didn't do that today, you wouldn't be doing this to me." Heero panted, voicing out the thought that Duo just figured out. "Duo..." Heero lifted his hips. "Take me, Duo. Fuck me...I need you."

Duo shook his head with a grin as Heero confirmed his latest thought. He leaned forward and let his cock touch against Heero's and he moaned quietly before he shifted again, letting the head of his cock nudge Heero's entrance.

"More...Duo..." Heero tilted his head back in his frustration. Perhaps he did take it too far. Technically, if he had hinted slightly at Duo, he would have found himself tied to the bed and fucked senseless. But, he reminded himself, Duo would not have endured what Heero did every day, which was seeing his lover flirt with others, even if they were females and Duo was clearly gay.

"Oh Heero." Duo leaned up to kiss Heero thoroughly. Heero returned the kiss happily, eager for any type of contact. Duo broke the kiss and shifted, rubbing Heero's shaft a few times to bring his lover back closer to the brink of orgasm. "You did all of that just to seduce me so I would tie you down and remind you that you were mine?" He chuckled, and it turned into a moan as he guided himself into Heero. "Mm...all you had to do was ask, and I'd be glad to have you tied up."

"Nnngh...." Heero shifted his hips as Duo filled him. Gods, it felt too good. "What fun is there in that?" He asked when Duo had seated himself to the hilt. Duo flexed his hips once, slowly.

"You know, most people seduce with things like a romantic dinner with flowers, chocolates and a movie. Or a nice dessert, preferably served a la Heero Yuy. I wouldn't mind having dinner with you as the plate. Mind if I take a rain check on that?" Duo shifted his hips slowly again.

"My name is Heero Yuy." Heero gasped. "It is not 'Most People'. Faster Duo...please."

"You're asking so nicely." Duo purred as he let his hands dance over Heero's thighs before he wrapped the legs around his waist. His hands moved up to play with Heero's nipples, but he retained the slow pace. "But you're still hiding something. Why Pearson?"

"To kill three birds with one stone." Heero gasped. The quicker he told Duo everything, the quicker he would be fucked, right? "First was to have seduced you as the outcome. Seduce you to play rough with me."

"I gathered that." Duo rewarded the honest answer with a hard thrust that managed to hit Heero's prostate. Heero jerked, reminded again that he was now completely at the mercy of his lover. "What else?"

"Second one came a surprise to me." Heero managed to say as Duo rolled his hips lazily, letting Heero feel the size of Duo within him. "The glare you gave Pearson before we left." He took a shuddering breath as Duo leaned forward to lick his skin, giving him delicious torment. "He'll never try to touch you, or me, again."

"Good." Duo rewarded that admission with a pump to Heero's cock. "You most likely saved him from a painful death by Shinigami. Touch, grope, or even study what is mine," Duo emphasized the words by lifting Heero's waist and grasping his ass, "and I'll do what it takes to send a clear message across. Off. Limits." He squeezed the cheeks of Heero's ass as he said the last words.

"Yours, Duo." Heero whispered. "Please, more Duo. Fuck me Duo."

"You said three birds. The third?"

Heero shook his head. "Fuck me first." He squeezed his legs, in turn, squeezing Duo's length within him. "You've punished the both of us enough, Duo." He tossed his head side to side again, conveying his need and frustrations. "That one's not important. I just wanted you to fuck me into the mattress."

"Nuh uh." Duo made the move to pull out. "Tell me, or I'll go jack of in the bathroom and put some stronger cuffs on you. Then you can stay here until I feel like coming back for you."

"No, Duo." Heero moaned, finding strength and pulling his lover back in with a pull of his legs. "The third reason was..." He faltered.

"Heero." There was a touch of warning in Duo's voice.

"I don't like you flirting with the females at the office." Heero blurted out. "You're mine." He pulled Duo tighter against him, locking his lover in place with both of his legs. "Mine." He growled. "So I gave you a taste of what I go through every day."

Duo shook his head with a light chuckle. "Heero, love." He leaned forward and gently pulled the shirt up so he could look into Heero's eyes. He waited until the cobalt orbs, filled with lust, need and desire, blinked open at him. "Tell me something." He rolled his hips, and watched as Heero moaned. "What do you feel here?"

"Your hard cock. Move it, Duo." Heero levelled a glare at his lover. He had confessed, hadn't he? By his rights, he should be fucked senseless now, and well on his way to orgasm if not into it. What was Duo thinking, still teasing him like this?

"No." Duo flexed his hips again. "The idea that my hard cock is in you would indicate that I am..."

"Aroused." Heero was desperate for release. "Hard. Feeling lust. Horny. Fuck, Duo, just tell me."

"You mentioned that I flirt with what sex?"

"Sex?" Heero flexed his hips. "I want it."

"Listen to me." Duo chuckled. "I flirt with females. My hard cock is in you. You are a male. Therefore, my sexuality points out that I am...what Heero? Three letters, starting with a G, ending with Y, a vowel in between."

"Gay." Heero ground out and flexed his hips again. "It doesn't matter. I don't want you flirting with anyone; you're mine. Now fuck me senseless Duo Maxwell, or omae o korosu!"

"Okay." Duo shifted for better leverage. "Loosen your legs, Heero." Heero complied. "Okay, less flirting with the ladies. I'm Heero Yuy's. Right?" He pulled out and thrust in, moaning with the man under him. He had been teasing Heero, but teasing himself along the way.

"Yesss." Heero hissed. "Fuck me Duo."

"I'm a jealous and possessive bastard, Heero." Duo leaned closer as he set his hips into rhythm.

"I know." Heero ground out, moving his hips along with Duo's. "That's why I played that against you, and that's why you've got me tied up and are fucking me now." He jerked as Duo's cock hit his prostate and he moaned loudly.

"Interesting method of seduction, Heero." Duo kissed Heero and leaned down to whisper into his ear. "I love you, Heero."

"Aishiteru, Duo. I'm a possessive bastard too." Heero turned his head to nuzzle Duo, his tongue darting out to taste the sweaty skin. "And what part of 'fuck me senseless' do you not understand?" He asked, his hips arching with Duo's, and feeling his cock rub deliciously between them. "Harder, Duo." He gasped. "Fuck me harder!"

"Mine, Heero." Duo whispered, reaching up to untie his lover. Heero's arms slipped around Duo, clutching the man to himself as Duo began to pound harder into Heero. "Fuck that feels so good."

"That's it." Heero gasped, then moaned loudly as Duo hit his prostate twice in a row. "Oh God, I'm going to...Duo!"

"Come on Heero." Duo managed to slide his hand between them and grasp Heero's cock, taking the wet organ and pumping it rapidly as they stepped closer to orgasm. "That's it Heero."

Heero thanked the heavens above as he finally reached his orgasm, and it hit him hard as he clutched onto Duo, riding out the waves of pleasure as Duo continued to thrust hard into him.

"Gods...mine...Heerooo!" Duo's cry matched Heero's as he toppled over in his own orgasm, hips stilling as he filled his lover. It took several moments before their bodies relaxed, sated, and Duo rest on top of Heero, panting as he tried to regain his breath.

Heero fisted Duo's braid in his hand.

"And you're mine, Duo." He whispered. "Aishiteru."

"Each other's." Duo answered, kissing Heero's neck. "Love you too."


Here it is, my entry for Deb's Art of Seduction Contest. Hope you all have enjoyed it, and please send feedback if possible, as that is the best learning tool for writing. Thank you for reading!

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