"Being A Raberba"

Written By: sami (sparkley-tangerine)

Disclaimer: I tried to buy the rights to the idea but Heero had a gun and, well....that's all I can remember.

Author: sami (sparkley-tangerine)

Author's e mail: cindersam_6969@yahoo.ca

Rating: R (Parts 1, 2 and 3) NC-17 (Part 4)

Warnings: yaoi/Shonen ai, POV fic, a smidge of angst, lime, eventual lemon

Summary: Quatre's PoV. Just a reason why Quatre introduces himself as Quatre Raberba Winner and how this affects his relationships with the guys and his romance with Trowa. Starts out with none of the pilots knowing each other but progresses up to after Duo finds Trowa at the circus. Some events have been tweaked to fit the fic.

Pairings: Part 2 - 1+4 (lime)

"Being A Raberba"

Part 2: Heero's Understanding

It's been four days since my....... situation with Wufei. The young Chinese pilot has meditated almost every waking minute since then, sleeping and rising early, only eating with us because of the mission and Heero Yuy's glare. I think Duo scared him when he came back from shopping that day and asked me, in front of everyone, exactly what it was I did to 'poor Wu-man.' It surprises me how easily I can feint innocence nowadays.

05's current distance from us is truly a blessing in disguise. It gives me a chance to set myself straight and get my bearings again. I honestly shouldn't let a bit of misplaced honor and integrity get to me so much. Chang Wufei was raised to possess those qualities by his clan; if he had done anything less than help get me off as well, he probably would have taken it as a slight on his character.

Still, the outcome of THAT particular experiment has put a bit of a crimp in the rest of my missions. I chose Wufei first, based on his emotional reactions, his anger and his disdain for all things remotely feminine, hoping he would learn his lesson and that would be that. Instead, I feel as though we've both learned something, although what that could possibly be for me is even more confusing than the experience itself.

I'd made plans to teach Duo Maxwell what it means to be Quatre Raberba Winner next; he obviously doesn't fear me enough, but I cannot risk another episode like the one with Wufei happening with Duo. I know my limits when it comes to emotions, thanks to Instructor H's enhancement of my 'Space Heart', and a truly kind gesture from Duo would be detrimental to my mental stability. A change of plans is in order.

What I need is someone who is cut off from his emotions, someone who wouldn't feeling the need to return my advancements because they truly don't understand them for what they really are. Trowa still fears me a bit too much, whether he thinks I know it or not and Duo has been pushed back, leaving only one answer to my dilemma.

My new mission is to seduce Heero Yuy.


I admit, I am at a total loss for a couple of hours as I process that thought and the ways in which I can even attempt to complete this mission. Heero Yuy is not very approachable and appears to have had his hormones forcibly removed from his body and replaced with adrenaline and liquid steel. Of course this is all hyperbole from a frustrated mind but my observations of 01 since my decision to pursue him next have not been very promising. He does not become outraged at simple jokes like Wufei and never consciously shows his emotions like Duo. He does not even possess a slight fear of me like Trowa does. Heero Yuy simple exists to fix his Gundam and fiddle with his laptop.

I sigh as I lay on my bed staring at the cracked ceiling in contemplation. The only real thing we actually have in common, other than both being a Gundam pilot, is our love of battle tactics and strategy. Perhaps not the best basis for seduction.

A plot suddenly blooms in my mind as I smirk at a particularly large crack in the plaster. Perhaps there is one good thing about a single-minded, determined soldier that I can use to my advantage.


I find Heero sitting in the decent sized library of our hideout, fingers flashing with surprising speed over the keys of his laptop. He doesn't even pause as I enter silently but I see his dark eyes flash my way for a moment before I'm dismissed.

My irritation level rises a bit at that. Why must they all underestimate me? Quickly, I bury it under years of training, more than most realize, and calmly walk towards the history section. Unknown to the group or not, I have been told I am a brilliant tactician with a sharp mind and that seems to spill over into a love of old history books and chess. If the saying is true and those who do not know history are doomed to repeat it, I shall be happy to know I could counter any attack made in the world's prior history.

I skillfully grab a book I know I have already read, but enjoy none the less, and return to the main sitting area of the library. Heero is occupying the only desk in the whole room and he looks up as I return from the shadows of the bookshelves. I give his intense stare a slow grin and a sweet greeting before sitting down in a comfy looking armchair, not too far from my subject but far enough not to be intruding.

Hours pass in an expectant silence, as if Heero knows I've got a hidden agenda. I do not think anyone else does, perhaps Wufei, but the others are woefully ignorant and I do not expect any interruptions tonight. Duo has entered a state of consciousness that is rather close to a coma on the couch in the living room, Trowa is working on Heavyarms, having sustained more damage than the rest of us because of his reliance on his ammo for defense and Wufei has taken refuge in his room for the rest of the evening.

This book is rather interesting; it talks in depth about the battles in the air, on the ground and on the sea during the second World War. Pre-colony history fascinates me, especially the parts about mission strategies.

I am almost finish my book when Heero's voice makes me pause.

“What was your mother's name?”

I blink at him in confusion for a moment before my mind catches up to 01's thinking.

“Quatrine Raberba.”

I feel no panic as Heero turns back to his laptop to type in those words. My book hides my smile as he scowls at the lack of information. He had unknowingly given me the perfect excuse to come closer.

“Insufficient data.” Is his reply.

I set my book aside with a slight sigh and rise from my seat. Heero's face is guarded as I causally walk up behind him and rest a hand on the back of his chair, my arm over his shoulder as I look at the screen of his laptop. He stiffens and I see his hands twitch to quite possibly kill me but I pretend to be ignorant of his behavior.

I study the screen for about five seconds before smiling widely at my discovery.

“Ah-ha! I see you're problem.”

Slowly, I drag my hand across those taunt shoulders and lean closer to type at his computer. The fact that he hasn't broken my arm yet is re-assuring.

“You've spelt her name wrong.” I point out as I erase the 'Kat' in the beginning of my mother's name and replace it with 'Quat' before hitting the search button.

Heero is tense as he looks at me, a bit of confusion coloring his face.

“Impossible.” He says, as if I would lie about something so insignificant.

His laptop beeps as it comes across one find on its database. I smile sweetly.

“More like improbable since it just occupied.”

Eyebrows furrowed, Heero clicks on the link and a head shot of my mother appears on the right side of the screen. I hide the swallow that usually comes to my throat when I see her picture. We look so much alike it would be difficult to see us as anything other than mother and son, perhaps twins when I reach her age, but her smiling face is almost exactly like my own.

When I was younger, pictures of my mother made me believe she was an innocent angel like in the fairy tales Iria would read to a few of my siblings and I before bedtime. Learning of her true legacy did not change that, if anything I have come to respect her and her decisions to pass on what her family had taught her and live her own life. In my eyes, my mother will always be an angel.

“She looks like you.” Heero grunted and I could feel his unease it was so strong.

I turn to face him. We're really rather close now, our arms touching as I give him a shy, teasing smile.

“Technically I look like her but you are correct. It must have been painful for my father to raise me.”

Heero swiftly turns from my open face to look at the information again.

“She's deceased.” He states in his usual manner but his discomfort does not decrease.

The slight cringe I give him is not totally faked. Heero Yuy is turning out to be rather insensitive when it comes to matters of the heart. However, sharing my own feelings seems to be helping my mission.

“She died when I was a baby.”

“My condolences.”


I have a slight feeling of deja-vu before beaming at our perfect soldier. He seems just as shocked as I do about his little outburst before quickly looking away. If Heero would ever show his feelings, I would say he was blushing right now.

A thought enters my mind and I give a little chuckle, catching the attention of pilot 01.

A sly expression slides over my face as I give him a knowing look.

“Is this what you've been doing for the last five days?” I question, amused to see that the unbreakable Heero Yuy is not immune to my charms. “Have you been looking up information on me?”

Perhaps I have pushed too far as a dangerous glare narrows Yuy's beautiful eyes.

“It is dangerous and stupid to not know the people around you.”

“True.” I say and the glare softens a bit. “But you cannot deny your curiosity was egging you on.”

We look back at my mother's picture for a silent moment before a confession from Heero makes me pause.

“I've heard of it before.” He states softly, his voice still as monotone as ever. “The name. Raberba.” An impassive face stares at me as I look right back. “I want to know why Barton fears you. I want to understand how an innocent looking woman's last name can strike fear into the hearts of a group of mercenaries.”

Hmm, Heero Yuy is quite the curious character. I turn by gaze from his blazing eyes, now the color you find in the deepest, hottest part of a raging fire, and nod at Quatrine Raberba's smiling photo.

“She does look innocent, does she? I've been told we both have that same aura, one of innocence. Only, I think my innocence pales in comparison to hers.”

I feel Heero stare at me as I return to my book and begin to finish it distractedly as he studies the basic data on my mother. Her place and date of birth, her death as well as her parents' names and schooling. Things that any data base would have. I've been told anything about the Raberba clan is known by word of mouth and the only thing my mother's criminal record has is a speeding ticket when she was sixteen.

I feel a bit of discomfort in my chest as Heero's suppressed emotions peak. I feel his frustration as he thinks about where he's heard the name Raberba before, his insatiable curiosity and reluctant attraction. I suppose the seemingly innocent would appeal to someone like Heero, although I think Duo is more his type. I've heard from H that they work well together.

I feel a bit of unease as I rise to return my book. It is rather late now, a bit past midnight but Heero's been built to work on a couple of hours rest and the minimum of food and water needed for survival. I just deal with it with a smile on my face.

I take my time as I wait for 01 to catch up with me. I can feel his determination and lack of hesitance as he asks, point black, for the answer to my previous remarks.

“What did you mean by your innocence?”

Did Dr. J even know he has helped train such a curious person? Did not curiosity kill the cat?

I turn to face him, my face reflection his questioning attitude.

“There are many kinds of innocence, Heero. Freedom from guilt or sin, the beginnings of naiveté and ignorance....... ” I take a smooth step closer, “...........a lack of sexual experience.”

His inquisitiveness doesn't allow him to stop my advances but urge him to return them, to see what the outcome will be.

“Lacking this makes you less innocent?”

I am closer to him now, less than a foot separate us, and I can easily see the brightness of his eyes is not just from an objective interest but another interest altogether. I put my warm hands on his hard chest and look up at him through blond lashes.

“Do you think I'm innocent?”

01 is so tense. I can see the battle in his mind, to pull away or to press on and I already know its victor. So easily scientist forget the downfall of suppressed needs and emotions. My apparent innocence fascinates him, captivates him, persuades him to allow my hands to pull his mouth to mine for a sweet kiss.

01 has soft lips, my mind whispers to me as hands I've heard have the power to bend steel wrap slowly around my waist and lock together behind my back. I run a hand softly through those dark locks to find them just as silky as their owner's lips. The action causes Heero to tighten his hold around me and I feel a familiar possessiveness all of my targets have exhibited at one point or another, but this feels different. This hold, this touch doesn't scream I will make you mine but more like something else entirely, something comforting.

No. Not again! Why are these missions becoming so difficult? Why are these emotions popping up now? I turn up the heat on our kiss, licking a pouty lower lip, practically begging for that familiar feeling of being in control of your partner's need. I need that feeling back.

01 growls at my sign of rebellion, his tongue pushing back against mine, battling with me for rule and I let him. This is what I'm used to, being the forcefully willing one, being covertly in control of my destiny.

We back against one of the shelves, knocking down a few books as I allow Yuy to push us closer together. I slip a hand up and under his typical forest green tank top and let a shiver of my own slowly unraveling desire unfold. Yuy has the body of a god, all concealed
power and beauty.

This pilot takes a bit longer than Wufei to submit to his lust and before long we are both achingly hard. My height does not seem to be much of a problem to Yuy as bronze tinted arms of steel lift my lower body to meet his own. The heat we create is wonderful and awful at the same time because it just isn't enough.

I wrap my legs around Yuy's waist to increase the friction on him and in minutes his arms tighten painfully around me as he reaches his release. I feel a desperate mixture of joy and grief that Heero doesn't try to take me with him. This is something I'm used to my mind reassures me as I try to will away my erection. This was what I was expecting.

What I wasn't expecting was for my legs to be forcefully pushed to the floor as Heero knelt and virtually tore my pants down to my ankles and take me into his mouth.

It was wonderful, something I had experienced a few times in the past but always felt like the first time, every time. I had been so close to the end before that in seconds Heero's mouth had me gasping and shuddering my own release.

My hands found Heero's shoulders as he pulled my pants back up and buttoned them for me. My legs felt watery when I realize he had swallowed everything. His face was not as expressionless as before, something that looked like understanding filled those amazing blue eyes.

“I remember where I've heard the name Raberba before.”

Color me surprised. Heero continued as I was still reeling from another mission gone..wrong? I wasn't sure anymore.

“We've obviously both had training in the art of seduction,” A sly smile spread briefly over the Japanese pilot's face as I nodded slightly. “and I remember one of my trainers saying that the only person who could have gotten to me through sex was a Raberba.”

I swallowed. That was a bit of a backhanded compliment but I took it anyway. It appeared as though Heero had more to say.

“You asked me if I thought you were innocent. The answer is yes. You are ignorant of yourself, Quatre and therefore innocent.”

My head hurt even as my body hummed in post-orgasm bliss. Heero must have took my silence as confusion, which was mostly true, he'd just forgotten shock as well.

“The best piece of advice I was ever given was to follow your emotions. I try. Perhaps you should do the same.”

This time, it was me left standing there, looking confused as Heero returned to the desk, disconnected his laptop and went to bed. Moments later, I did the same.


~ * ~

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