"The Outlaw"

Written By: Gypsie 1201

Author: Gypsie

Author’s E-mail: gypsie1201@yahoo.com

Pairings: 1x2, 3+4, 6xN

Rating: NC-17

Warnings: Light Bondage, Cross-dressing, Gun-play, Humor, Lemon, Role-playing (not all is as it seems)

Summary: Duo Maxwell, saloon co-owner and entertainer, finds there more to a certain dark-haired, blue-eyed outlaw than he could have ever imagined.

Disclaimer: I don’t own Gundam Wing or its characters, nor will I make a profit from the creation of this story.

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Beta work by Chelle.

A/N: Written for Gundam Wing Diaries’ “The Art of Kinky Sex” contest.

" The Outlaw "

Duo Maxwell pulled the last pin from his hair, allowing the mass to fall down around his bare shoulders like a silken, chestnut waterfall before picking up the brush sitting on the vanity table in front of him and beginning the arduous task of brush it straight. It had been a long night at the saloon with two of the three poker games getting out of hand and several patrons having to be tossed out due to unruly behavior. Not for the first time in the past week, he thanked his lucky stars he had hired Trowa Barton to help keep the rift raft away. The man’s quiet demeanor and softly spoken nature put people at ease while at the same time, he was more than capable of dealing with any trouble the bar’s patrons threw his way. It was also good that his partner, Quatre Winner, seemed to find the man so interesting. If he could bring love to his best friend’s life, then it was an all around good hiring decision.

Now if he could only find the same for himself.

Sighing softly, Duo turned his attention to the length of hair he was currently trying to tame as he blocked out that flow of thought. Instead, he let his mind drift over his performance of the night, examining it for flaws that he could correct before the next night when he would take the stage once again. However, before he could think too far on it, a knock on his door drew his attention back to the present.

“Who is it?” He called; it never paid to be too cautious in his preferred business.

“It’s me.” Quatre’s familiar, soft voice barely reached through the thick wooden door. “Can I come in?”

“Yeah, it’s open.”

A second later, the doorknob turned before his blonde friend and partner walked into his room, a scowl clearly etched on his face.

“Duo,” he began as he came over to stand behind the longhaired man, pulling the brush from his hands and taking over the task of brushing. “How many times have I told you to keep your door locked when you’re up here all by yourself?”

“Aw, Quat, it’s not like anything’s going to happen to me up here. Not with Trowa downstairs watching the door.”

“Just because he’s here doesn’t mean you can be lax like that. He can’t keep an eye on everything and if someone slipped past him--“

“I can take care of myself, you know.” Duo cut him off, his mouth forming into a familiar pout that the blonde man knew all to well. With a sigh, he dropped the conversation, knowing that an argument was in the works if he did not. In the back of his mind though, he made a mental note to remind Chang Wufei, their bartender, to keep a closer watch on the stairs leading up to the rooms at the back of the bar. He already knew that Trowa watched them like a hawk whenever he could, but the added insurance could not hurt.

“So,” he began as he sat the brush down and began to deftly braid Duo’s long tresses. “The show was amazing tonight and I saw quite a few new faces in the crowd.”

“Did they all buy some whiskey?”

“After the performance you put on?” Quatre snorted. “I thought we were going to have to beat them away from the bar. We made more than enough to make the mortgage payment this month.”

A deep sigh of relief escaped the violet-eyed man’s mouth as he slumped heavily in his chair. He had began to wonder if this half-baked plan of Quatre’s was going to work, but now it looked like they had a chance.

“I need to get out there tomorrow.” he said softly, thinking of the long ride that would be required but looking forward to it none-the-less. “It’ll be nice to see them all again and I’m sure Relena and Noin could use a bit of a break.”

“Just as long as you’re back before nightfall.” The blonde man reminded him, tossing the now braided and tied rope over the other man’s shoulder. “The natives are expecting another show tonight and you wouldn’t want to disappoint your adoring fans.”

Sneering at the other man’s knowing smile in the mirror, Duo pushed back from the vanity with every intention to changing into his nightshirt so he could go to bed. He made sure to throw one last heated glare at his friend as the man left the room though, the plan may be making them the money they need, but that did not mean he had to like it.


The next morning found Duo down at the stables. He had gotten up early, changing into his most comfortable pair of slacks and a clean, white button up shirt. Then grabbing his saddlebag from the chair it had been resting over, he had headed out to have Deathscythe saddled for the long ride out of town. He had been pleasantly surprised to find the large, black gelding already saddled and ready when he arrived. The reason making himself known a moment after his arrival when Howard, the stable owner, came sauntering out with the horse’s bridle.

“Mornin’ Duo.” The man called as the chestnut-haired man walked up to him. “Quat stopped by this morning and said you’d be needing this old nag today.”

“Yeah, thanks Howie.” Duo said with a wide grin. “Gotta go check on the runts.”

Laughing loudly, the old man proceeded to slip the bit between the black horse’s teeth before running the bridle up and over the creature’s ears, fastening it in place, and wrapping the reins over the nearby wooden post before removing the horse’s lead.

“Welp, there ya go.” He said, before patting the animal affectionately on the neck. “Good ol’ Scythe’ll get ya there and back in one piece.”

“Yeah.” The violet-eyed man agreed with a soft smile as he too gave the horse’s neck a gentle pat. “Me and my buddy here’ll be just fine.”

Pulling the saddlebags off his shoulders, Duo carefully fitted them over Deathscythe’s haunches before walking around and pulling the reins from their anchor. Then, placing his right foot in the stirrups and grasping the saddle’s pummel, he easily pulled himself up.

“Don’t worry, Howie, I’ll have him back before nightfall.” He said with a wide smile before giving the horse a solid nudge in the sides that started him forward at a fast walk.

“You do that boy.” Howard called after him before continuing softly, “And bring yourself back as well.”


By the time Duo arrived at the small farmhouse, the sun was high in the sky and he cursed himself for not thinking about grabbing his hat from the rack beside his door. He could already imagine the angry red the top of his head would be by the time he arrived back at the saloon, but that did not stop him from slipping from Deathscythe’s back and running to scoop up the first of the three boys that came charging out of the house the minute they saw who was approaching.

“Uncle Duo!” They all yelled in unison as they latched onto every inch of him they could.

“Hey there munchkins.” He said while attempting to pick all three up in his arms. A year ago, that would not have been a problem, but with the oldest not reaching eight years of age and the youngest nearly five, it was a bit difficult and he ended up falling down among them. They did not seem to mind though as they swarmed over his prone form with absolute glee.

“Boys!” A female voice called from the door to the house, the metal hinges squeaking sharply as she pushed it open and walked out onto the porch. “Don’t kill your uncle. The stove needs fixin’ first.”

Surging forward, Duo managed to tackle the two youngest boys to the ground beside him as he began tickling them mercilessly. Meanwhile, the oldest jumped onto his back in an attempt to save his younger siblings, causing Duo to collapse once again amongst their squirming bodies.

“I give!” he yelled out when he was attacked again by six small hands. “I give, you win.”

Squealing their glee at having defeated their much larger and stronger uncle, the two platinum-haired and one black-haired boys jumped up and took off across the yard toward their mother, who was still waiting on the porch, watching the antics with a soft smile. Following not far behind them, Duo gave the woman a smile of his own.

“Hey Noin.” he greeted softly, giving her a small kiss on the cheek. “Everything alright? Besides the stove, I mean.”

“Everything’s fine, Duo. Why don’t you come in and I’ll make us some coffee.”

“That sounds good.” the longhaired man smiled. “Where’s Relena?”

“She’s out in the garden.” Noin said, mentioning toward the back where the small vegetable garden was kept. “We’ve got plenty of potatoes and other vegetables this year. I thought I’d hitch up the wagon tomorrow and take some into town to see what I could get for them at the store.”

“Don’t bother.” Duo said with a wave of his hand. At her perplexed look, he continued, “You need the vegetables to keep you, Relena, and the boys fed. Besides, we made more than enough at the saloon this month to cover the mortgage payment.”

“Duo, you can’t--“

“Yes, I can and I will.” the man stated in a firm voice. “I promised Zechs I would make sure you were taken care off before he went off to fight and I plan to keep that promise.”

Noin could only smile softly at the reminder of her absent husband. It had been nearly three years since he left to fight in the war and since then, there had been no word from him. They did not know whether he was alive or dead. As his younger brother, Duo had taken it upon himself to make sure his family was well cared for. But after so long, the black-haired woman was beginning to wonder if the man would ever return.

“Come on.” she said, shaking herself out of her dreary thoughts. “Let’s get some coffee and you can tell me what’s been going on in town.”

“Oh, you’re going to love all the news.” Duo said with obvious glee, meaning that something particularly juicy must have happened recently. “And then I’ll fix the stove.”

Shaking her head as the nearly childish gleam that entered the longhaired man’s eyes at the thought of working out the problem, she led him inside the cool confines of the house.


It was some hours later before Duo decided it was time to leave. The ride back to town would take nearly three hours and if he did not leave soon, it would be dark before he arrived. And since he had a show to perform that night, whether or not he wanted to, he had to get back soon.

Noin had been particularly amused when he had told her of Quatre’s plan to increase the saloon’s profits in order to cover the farm’s mortgage. Even more amused than when he had told her about the growing relationship between his petite partner and their newest employee. Between her and Relena, he had not been sure who was laughing the most.

“It’s not funny, you know.” he had huffed, but in the end, he had laughed along with them. Seeing his sister and sister-in-law so happy was a rare thing since his brother’s disappearance and he just could not stay mad at them.

Saying his goodbyes as the sun was growing low in the sky, he kissed each woman on the cheek, promising to visit sooner this time before turning to each boy in turn and reminding them that they were the men of the family and, therefore supposed to take care of their mom and aunt. Then, swinging back up into Deathscythe’s saddle, he turned the horse and started toward town, his heart heavy at having to leave them again.

At first, he allowed himself a leisurely pace, but once he was out of sight of the farmhouse, he loosened his hold on the horse’s reins and gave the black beast his head, allowing him to set his own pace. It was a rush, flying across the plains with the wind whipping his braid behind him. But before long, he pulled back gently on the reins, slowing the horse’s full out run so as not to allow the animal to tire himself before they reached their destination.

They were nearly halfway back to town and still moving at a fast pace when Duo caught the sound of hoof beats behind him. Sparing a quick look over his shoulder, he could barely make out the figure of another rider coming up behind him, moving fast. For a moment, he hesitated between keeping his current pace or increasing it. He knew there were outlaws in the hills around the town that were known for robbing and killing innocent travelers for no other reason than boredom. And while he, himself, had never crossed guns with them, that did not mean they were not there. Unfortunately, his indecision allowed the other rider to close the distance between them considerably and by the time Duo spurred Deathscythe forward, the other man was only a few yards away.

The first bullet whizzed past his head, bringing a ringing to his ears and forcing him to lay even further along Scythe’s neck.

“Come on, boy.” he breathed into the horse’s hair. “You’re the fastest thing on these plains. Let’s show him what you’re made of.”

After that, Duo completely released his hold on the reins and gave the horse one more solid kick, letting him know he had complete control. Then, the longhaired man was just holding on for dear life as the large, black horse put on even more speed, kicking up dust with his large hooves as he went.

Duo allowed only a few seconds to pass before he risked looking behind him again, he did not want to unbalance Deathscythe by moving around to much, and he was happy to see the other man slowly falling behind them. He was able to get a better look at the person though, at least enough to see that he was dressed all in black, with a dark shock of unruly hair and a black hat flying out behind him, only held on by the string around his neck. The only thing breaking the stereotype outlaw look though was the pure white horse the man was ridding into the ground. As if suddenly realizing that very fact, the man pulled back on the horse’s reins slowing it until they came to a shuddering stop. Duo did not slow though. His only thoughts were of reaching the safety of the town as he turned his attention back to the front and allowed Deathscythe to carry him far from the man in black.

Grinning to himself, Heero Yuy watched the longhaired man and his black horse disappear over the plains before turning his own horse and starting them back the way they had come. He had spent most of the day watching the man as he had help the two women at the farm with several chores while playing with the three small children, waiting for this chance. He had not been prepared for the man to allow his horse to run so far or so long after leaving for town. It had forced him to ride Wing hard to catch up and in turn had alerted the man to his presence by the sound of his horse’s hooves. But it did not matter. He had another plan prepared for just this reason. A wide smile spread across his face as he contemplated the next steps in the hunt.

“Soon, Duo Maxwell, very soon.” he laughed before spurring Wing forward. He needed to return to his camp to prepare for the night to come; a night he, nor Duo, would soon forget.

By the time Duo arrived back in town, his nerves were on end and he was nearly panting from the stress. He had kept expecting his pursuer to return at any moment and with Deathscythe quickly tiring from the full out run, he was not sure he would have been able to out distance him again. Thundering down main street, he caused more than one head to turn in his direction, some throwing obscenities at him for his careless actions. He only slowed Scythe’s movements when he reached the stables though, Howard coming running from inside at hearing the big horse’s hoof beats approaching his barn.

“Damn, boy, what the hell’s chasin’ you?”

“That’s what I’d like to know.” Duo gasped out as he forced his fingers to release their hold on Deathscythe’s reins. They were so stiff they actually ached when he tried to straighten them.

“What the hell’s that supposed to mean?”

“It means exactly what it sounds like.” the violet-eyed man said. “Some guy chased me halfway from the farm back.”

“Why didn’t you shoot him?” Howard asked and from the sheepish look he received he knew exactly why. “Goddammit Duo, you know better than to leave town without your guns.” he swore, pulling the hat from his head and throwing it down on the ground where he proceeded to kick it. “Damn, fool, idiot. You’re gonna get yourself killed one of these day.”

Knowing he was no longer needed and not wanting to stand by and listen to Howard curse him, Duo back away from the irate stable owner until he was far enough away that he could turn and hightail it back to the saloon. But if he thought he was going to receive a reprieve there, he was sadly mistaken. As soon as Quatre found out what had happened on his way back from Noin’s farm, the blonde spent a good hour lecturing him on just how stupid a stunt he had pulled.

“What am I going to do with you, Duo?” the man breathed out as he slumped down on the other man’s bed in emotional exhaustion, his hands coming up to cover his face.

“I’m sorry, Quat.” Duo said for nearly the hundred time since the man had started ranting. “I just didn’t think about it this morning. I was in a hurry to see them and--“

“I know,” Quatre said with a wave of his hand. “you didn’t think about it.”

“I’m sorry.” the longhaired man said in a soft voice.

“I know you are. Just promise me you won’t do it again.” the blue-eyed man sighed even though he knew it would not matter the next time Duo decided to go see his family.

“I’ll try, Quat, I promise I’ll try to remember next time.” Duo said, giving the same promise he gave every time it happened.

“I know you will.” Quatre said with a shake of his head before standing from the bed and striding toward the door. “Now, I need to get back downstairs and you need to get ready.”

With that said, the blonde man walked out the door, pulling it firmly closed behind him. In his mind, he was going over various ways of making sure the Duo was safe the next time he left the town, whether is was with his knowledge or not.

Duo watched his best friend and partner leave then went to take the spot the man had just vacated on his bed. Allowing himself to lay backwards, he rested one arm over his eyes as he permitted the regret of worrying his friends to wash over him. He just could not tell them why it was so hard for him to take those guns from where they were hanging on his coat rack. But just the thought of strapping them around his waist could send a shock of nausea straight to his stomach and he would find his hands shaking beyond his control. He had sworn nearly five years ago that he would never hold them again, not after what had happened. He just could not do it.

Throwing the memory off along with his arm, he pulled himself up off the bed and crossed the room to his wardrobe. Once there, he opened the double door and peered at the clothing held within before selecting his outfit for the night. He still had a performance to give and if he hoped to be able to afford the mortgage payment on the farm next month, he would have to do his very best.


By eight o’clock that night, the saloon was in full swing. Quatre spent most of his time behind the bar, helping Wufei keep the drink orders coming and surreptitiously watching Trowa prowl through the crowd, breaking up small argument before they turned into a brawl. Already, the tall man had had to throw out two men who just would not abide by the rules and if the night progressed as it had so far, there would be several more joining them before it was over.

“Why don’t you just talk to him?” Wufei suddenly asked during a brief lull at the bar.

“Wh… what?” the blonde sputtered, his cheeks glowing bright even in the saloon’s pale lights.

“I’m not stupid, Winner, nor am I blind and neither is he.” the black-haired man said with a nod toward the quiet man walking the floor. “He will never make the first move though. If you want him, you will have to take the first steps.”

“You mean, it doesn’t… bother… you?”

A soft snort was the man’s only answer as he stepped forward to the bar once again to serve the new round of customers. Quatre paused for only a moment, allowing his eyes to track across the room where they met the green ones watching him and he found himself mesmerized by their swirling depths. For several long seconds, he and Trowa maintained the eye contact, each one conveying more than mere words could before Wufei’s call for him brought the blonde man back to the job at hand. Breaking the contact, he stepped up next to the Chinese man and began filling shot glasses, but in the back of his mind he was looking forward to the end of the night and the promise he saw in those emerald eyes.


As the tall clock in the far corner of the bar struck nine o’clock the already dim light lowered even further as the lights around the small makeshift stage came to life. Instantly, the noise in the saloon died down to a soft murmur and all eyes turned toward the stage in anticipation as Quatre stepped forward to greet them.

“And now,” the man said with a flourish. “what you’ve all been waiting for. May I present, Lady Daphne.”

With a bow, the blonde man stepped from the stage and moved to the piano nearby, sitting down and beginning a fast-paced tune that had the crowd tapping their toes in time with him. While in the far corner of the saloon, Heero sat forward in the chair he had chosen upon his arrival an hour before, his face a mask of concentration and anticipation of the show about to begin.

Taking one final, deep breath, Duo waited only a second once the music began playing to reach forward and part the heavy fabric curtains, stepping forward onto the stage as his long, frilly shirt swirling around his ankles and only his natural-born grace kept him from tripping over it with his high-heeled ankle boots. The rest of his outfit was fairly simply, a tight bodice accentuated his small waist and, along with the padding he applied, gave him the illusion of an ample bust. Adding to the illusion was the high-neckline of the dress, which clasped tightly at his throat with balloon sleeves that tightened at his elbows then wrapped snuggly around his forearms all the way to the back of his hands. Finally, his hair had been released from its normal braid and had instead been twisted into a bun at the back of his head; only allowing a few tendrils to wisp softly around his face.

At first sight of him, the crowd in the saloon went wild, cheering and calling for him to sing them a song or dance them a dance. He only allowed himself to feel a moment of stage fright before pushing it down and glancing toward his partner, giving him a small nod that signaled the blonde to begin the first number. Once again, the crowd cheered when they heard the familiar strains coming from the old piano but they instantly quieted down when Duo opened his mouth to sing.

Across the room, Heero watched in rapt fascination as the longhaired man proceeded to woo the crowd with this sweet voice, moving smoothly from one song into another, each one more rowdy than the next. He had to wonder as he watched Duo move and work the crowd just how many knew the truth behind the disguise and were there for that exact reason. But as he looked around, he could guess that it was not many. Most of those screaming and cheering the loudest were the ones going home to loving wives later that night no doubt to exercise their desires for the longhaired siren currently working them up. And Heero had to admit, it was working on him as well. By the time Duo reached his final number, a high stepping dance number that had him dancing more than singing, his dress tails pulled up to allow glimpses of his creamy calves, the dark-haired man could barely control the pure lust that burned through his veins. And then, just as quickly as he had entered the stage, the chestnut-haired beauty took one final bow and slipped from sight. Sitting back, Heero smiled to himself. The hunt was in full swing now and soon he would have his prey.


Thoroughly exhausted and sweating under the heavy garments, Duo left the stage to the cheers of the crowd. He had really given his all for that performance and he could not help the smile that came to his lips because of it. With any luck, the patrons would stick around for the next hour or two, drinking their fill and making sure Noin, Relena, and the boys would have the farm for at least one more month. Of course, he knew that one night would not accomplish it. Tomorrow night would find him once again on stage and the night after that as well. Sighing softly, he felt the good mood he had felt slipping away as he climbed the stairs to his room with every intention of removing the clothing and turning in early.

Slipping inside his room, Duo softly closed the door before heading straight for the vanity and sitting down. First thing, he leaned over and deftly released the ties on his boot enough to slip them from his feet, tossing them toward the wardrobe, before turning toward the mirror and beginning the process of removing the pins that held his hair tight. He had just finished releasing the last one when the knock he had been waiting for came to his door.

“Come in, Quat, it’s open.” he called without turning to see the blonde enter. Quatre always came to his room after the performance to tell him how well it had gone and to give him a hand with his hair. “So, how did it go?” he asked with a knowing smile. However, the voice that answered him was not his friends.

“It’s going much better than I had hoped.” a deep voice said with a hint of laughter. “You know, you should really keep your door locked.”

“Who the hell are you?” Duo asked as he whirled around to face the man, his eyes taking in the shock of unruly hair and deep blue eyes as well as the all black attire, causing his own eyes to widen in realization. “You’re the man from this afternoon.”

“I’m glad I made an impression on you.” Heero smiled as he stepped forward watching in satisfaction as Duo mimicked him, causing the man to back across the room and further from the door.

“What do you want?”

“I think that’s perfectly obvious.”

“I don’t have any money here.” Duo tried, gasping softly when his bare feet caught in his skirt causing his to stumble backwards a step. He caught himself before he could fall, but the next step he took away from the other man put him firmly against the wall and with wide eyes, he watched as the man closed the distance between them, pressing against him, and effective trapping him.

“I didn’t come here for money.” the man said as he leaned in close and breathed in Duo’s ear. Realization hit him like a stone and he could feel a cold spike of fear burn through his stomach.

“I’m not a woman.” he blurted out and wanted to shoot himself right then and there for the terror he could hear in his own voice.

But the dark-haired man did not pull back in disgust, instead, he seemed to press even closer to Duo before he whispered, “I know.”

The fear in Duo’s stomach spiked ever more at those softly spoken words and before he even realized what he was doing, he slammed his forehead forward, smashing it into the other man’s nose, and forcing him to stumble backwards as he clutched at his bruised appendage. Duo did not give him a chance to recover though as he lurched forward with every intention to reaching the door and escaping to the safety of the floor downstairs. However, before he could go more than a few steps, two strong arms, like bands of steel, wrapped around his waist and pulled him back against a firm body. On instinct, he opened his mouth to scream, only to have a large hand clamp over his mouth, pulling his head back against the man’s shoulder.

“Now, that wasn’t very nice.” the man drawled in his ear even as he tightened his hold around Duo’s waist, making it difficult for the longhaired man to breath. “I won’t have any more of that.”

Duo struggled the best he could but with his arms effectively pinned by the other man’s arms and with his breath being cut off, he could feel his strength quickly fading. Just before his vision completely black out, he felt the other man’s lips softly graze his cheek as the man whispered, “You belong to me now.”

As soon as he felt the smaller man slump in his arms, Heero released the firm hold he had on him; instead, he carefully cradled Duo’s unconscious form to him before sweeping him up into his arms. Then, striding forward, he started for the door and the back entrance he had used to access the building. Unfortunately, the luck that had gotten him that far seemed to run out just as he reached the door when a firm knock sounded from the other side.

“Duo?” Quatre called through the thick wood when the chestnut-haired man did not answer right away. Pressing his ear to the door, the blonde man listened intently for a second and when he heard a soft shuffling, he grasp the doorknob and threw the door open in one quick move before rushing inside. He made it in just in time to see a man dressed all in black climbing out the window; Duo’s long tresses trailing over the man’s back where he had been carelessly thrown. “Duo!” he yelled as he crossed the room and unthinkingly thrust his head out the window. But the man was already gone and Duo with him.

Turning back in anguish, the blonde man ran back out of the room and down to the main room of the saloon, screaming for Wufei and Trowa as he went. No sooner than he reached the room, he found himself in the tall man’s arms as he released the pain that was quickly tearing his heart apart.

“Quatre, what’s wrong?” Trowa asked the trembling blonde in his arms.

“He… he took him.” Quatre gasp out as he clutched at the brunette’s shirt.


“Duo!” the blonde said before turning tear-filled blue eyes up at the man. “He took Duo.”

“Who took him?” Wufei asked as he came to stand beside the pair, his face showing his growing concern.

“I don’t know.” was Quatre’s answer. Then the blonde buried his face in Trowa’s chest as his trembling increased. He had failed to protect Duo, when he had made a promise that he would and now he was left with the consequences.

When Duo woke a few hours later it was with a gasp as he quickly sat up from where he was lying on the ground, only a thin blanket spread underneath him to protect him from the cold. The first thing he noticed was that it was still dark, meaning he had not been out for very long and the second thing he noticed was that his hands had been bound together in front of him along with his ankles. And while the ropes were loose enough to not be cutting into his skin, they were too tight for him to wiggle out of immediately. Given enough time though, he was sure he could escape from them. But he was not to be given that time as the man’s deep voice drew his attention to the campfire burning only a few feet away.

“You’re awake.” the man intoned softly before standing up and walking over to kneel down in from of the longhaired man. When he reached forward to check the ropes, Duo jerked back in response and he immediately stopped his movements. “I’m not going to hurt you.” he said, his deep blue eyes piercing Duo’s violet ones as he tried to convey his sincerity.

“So you just kidnapped me because you felt like it?” Duo sneered back, his natural instincts kicking in as he tried to bury his fear in indignation.

“Oh, I have my reasons for taking you, but I can promise you that there won’t be any pain involved.” the dark-haired man answered with a leer before leaning forward. Duo refused to back down this time and instead sat defiantly as the man leaned a bit past him until warm breath was passing over his ear. He could not suppress the shiver that passed through him at the sensation, nor could be suppress the one that gripped him when the man whispered, “But you will be screaming before the night is through.”

Pulling back, Heero nodded to himself in satisfaction at the look on the violet-eyed man’s face. It was a mixture of fear, confusion, uncertainty, and desire; more than enough to let him know the man was at least a little bit interested. He just needed to cure him of his fears though, something easier said than done.

Deciding to start slowly, he carefully raised his right hand before reaching up to cup the man’s cheek, his thumb brushing gently over the smooth, soft skin.

“Wha… what’s your name?” Duo breathed out, his heart already pounding sharply in his chest and he thought for sure it would burst soon if he did not calm down.

“Heero.” the man answered as he continued to gently caress the longhaired man’s cheek.

“Why are you--“ Duo began only to be cut off when Heero suddenly leaned forward and captured his mouth in a deep kiss, drawing a soft whimper from him. Automatically, his hands came up to press against the man’s shirt, pushing against him. But when he tried to pull back, Heero simply cupped the back of his head to hold him in place before pushing him backwards until he was laying full length on the blanket.

He had no idea how long the kiss went on nor did he realize when his hands stopped pushing but instead had fisted themselves in the dark-haired man’s shirt, but when Heero eventually pulled back, he found it hard to release that hold.

“My, aren’t we eager.” Heero chuckled and watched as a bright blush stained those smooth cheeks even as the longhaired man jerked his hands back and tried to sit up. But now that he had him just where he wanted him, Heero was not ready to let him up, instead, he placed his own hands flat against Duo’s faux bosom and pressed him down. “First thing first,” he stated as his thumbs hooked in between the buttons on Duo’s dress. “this has to go.” Then with one quick jerk, the material was ripped open, small buttons flying in several directions and the padding spilling from where it had been securely held before that too was grasped in Heero strong hands and tossed away.

Duo could only shiver in response to the display of the man’s strength and when those hands that had made such easy work of his top ghosted lightly over his now bare collarbone before moving down his chest, he could not hold the sharp gasp that escaped his lips. Nor could he stop his body’s reaction when those nimble fingers plucked at his cold, peaked nipples; his back automatically arched in response and a strangled moan skittered along his throat.

“Sensitive.” Heero murmured and spent several seconds teasing the small, pink nubs as he enjoyed how responsive the chestnut-haired beauty was. But as Duo’s moans increased in pitch, he felt the need to find out what other areas could bring sounds from the other man and he wanted more than anything to hear him scream in the ultimate pleasure.

Moving downward from Duo’s nipples, Heero continued his exploration of the smooth, pale skin. But before he could go too far, Duo’s hands were suddenly blocking his path and he cursed himself for not binding the man’s hands behind his back.

“Wa… wait.” Duo gasped out as he tried to pull his quickly hazing mind back to the present. When Heero’s hands stopped where they were curled around his lower ribs as the man looked at him intently, he allowed himself to draw a few deep breaths before asking, “Why?”

The softly spoken entreaty brought a chuckle from the dark-haired man and Duo could feel his inside shriveling up in embarrassment, but when he tried to curl in on himself, hiding his nudity, Heero pressed him back down as his deep blue eyes bore deeply into Duo’s.

“No.” Heero said, his voice and face showing his seriousness. “I won’t let you hide from me.” Resuming his exploration of the other man’s chest with his fingers he continued, “How could you ask such a question? Why would I not want you?”

Using his hands, Heero slowly mapped out a path along Duo’s body, starting at the top of his head as he gently touched, caressed, or simply worshiped each and every part. “Your hair, so soft and glossy, like a river of molten silk when it’s let loose.” he whispered as his fingers ran through the strands.

“Your eyes, bright and innocent but flashing with a fire when you’re angry that could set a man’s blood to boiling.” he continued, the tips of his fingers brushing over Duo’s eyes, causing the man to close them briefly, but he quickly opened them as the hands continued downward.

“Your lips, full and luscious and made for kissing but capable of such witty or scathing remarks when the need arises. Your skin, so silky and pale that my tongue can think of nothing but lapping at it, tasting it.” Heero stated before doing just that as he leaned over and ran his tongue up Duo’s chest, following the breastbone, all the way up to the longhaired man’s neck, before pulling back once again. He was pleased to see the glazed look had returned to those violet depths from his actions and he could not help but smile. “And while all those things alone could make me want you, it’s your mind,” Heero leaned forward and pressed a soft kiss to the other man’s forehead, “with it’s intelligence and passion, and your heart,” He leaned down and pressed another to Duo’s breast bone, “with it’s capabilities for love and caring that make me need you.”

Ne… need me?”

“Yes, Duo, I need you.”

“But, you don’t even know me.” the longhaired man stated in confusion. He just could not understand what was going on between him and the other man. When it had first started, he had thought the man was only after one thing and was prepared to take what he wanted if Duo resisted him. But now, Heero was saying such things that set his mind on end and left him reeling.

“I know more about you than you know.” Heero said with a smile. “I know that you and Winner used his inheritance to buy the saloon and that you’ve been using the profits to pay your sister-in-law’s mortgage on her farm while your brother is off fighting in the war.”

Those words brought Duo to full attention and he tried once again to sit up, but Heero would not let him. “I also know that it was Winner’s idea for you to dress up as a woman to try and bring in more business and while you hate the idea, you agreed because you couldn’t think of any other way to raise the money.”

“How… how do you know all this?” Duo stuttered as he pushed against the hands holding him down. He could feel his annoyance and anger quickly growing in his chest, overshadowing the desire he had been feeling only a moment prior. But Heero would not let him go, only increasing his ire. “What’dya do? Follow me around or something?”

When he only received a smile in answer, he felt himself snap.

“You sick, son-of-a-bitch.” Duo raved as he began to struggle in Heero’s grasp. The dark-haired man soon found himself with a writhing, squirming mass of thoroughly enraged hellcat on his hands and for a moment, he was not sure he would be able to keep his hold. But Duo’s bindings soon proved their usefulness as he was able to grasp the man’s wrists and force them up, above his head, giving him the leverage to pin the man to the ground. Only a few, short minutes later, the violet-eyed man lay panting beneath him, having spent the last of his energy. “Fucker.” Duo breathed out in frustration at not being able to escape.

Heero though merely smiled before leaning down until he could whisper softly in the man’s ear, “I’d rather fuck you.”

Despite his anger, Duo could feel his body tighten in anticipation at those words and he cursed himself for his needy response. But no matter how hard he tried to push the feeling down, it only grew in intensity as Heero lips latched onto his earlobe and gently sucked it into his warm mouth. He desperately bit his lip to keep the moan from escaping but no matter how hard he tried, he could not stop his back from arching off the blanket when the man’s free hand drifted down to his chest, tweaking his nipple gently.

Chuckling softly, Heero moved from the earlobe to Duo’s long neck, nibbling along the swan-like column until he reached the area where neck and shoulder met. And as he did so, he slowly slid his hand down the longhaired man’s body until he could grasp the long skirt that still covered the man’s lower body, pulling it upwards to bare those long legs he found so fascinating. Below him, Duo’s body began to tremble in earnest.

“Your body knows what it wants even if your mind disagrees.” he murmured into Duo’s neck. By then, he had raised the skirt far enough that he could slip his hand underneath, trailing it up the outside of the other man’s bare thigh and drawing a shudder from him. But just as he reached the place where leg turned into hip, the violet-eyed man suddenly bucked upwards, nearly throwing him off as Duo’s struggles began again.

“Get your fucking hands off me.” Duo growled even as he continued to twist and squirm, pulling a growl from Heero as well. In one swift movement, the dark-haired man removed his hand from under Duo’s skirt before pulling the gun from the holster strapped to his side and pressing the barrel into the soft skin under Duo’s chin. The longhaired man’s struggles instantly ceased as he stiffened in reaction.

“You know,” Heero said in a quiet, calm voice with only a hint of frustration. “this would be so much easier if you would stop fighting me.”

“And just let you have your way with me?” Duo retorted before averting his eyes.

“You were enjoying it.” the dark-haired man shot back before trailing the gun barrel down Duo’s neck and along his collarbone. “You just don’t want to admit it.”

Duo snorted softly at those words, but it came out weak and he found himself blushing because of it. Nothing he said could deny the way his body continued to tremble in reaction to Heero and when the cold barrel finally reached his chest, brushing across his still hard nipple, he could not stop the gasp from leaving his lips.

“Don’t--“ he tried only to have the man place a finger over his lips, silencing him.

“Shh,” Heero said. “just hold perfectly still now.”

Whimpering softly, the violet-eyed man could only nod his head in agreement as the barrel continued down his body, swirling around his belly button before grazing along the last patch of bare skin before the skirt began.

Not one to be denied something when he was so close, Heero leaned back onto his knees, relying on the gun to keep Duo still while he jerked the skirt material up and out of his way. What he found underneath caused his already hard arousal to harden even further; Duo was wearing a pair of pale blue, ladies underwear with high cut sides and a low riding waistband.

“Damn.” he breathed softly and Duo could feel his blush deepen. On instinct, he lowered his hands to try and cover himself, but the increased pressure of the gun made him still once again. “Good boy.” Heero cooed. “Now, I want you to keep still. No movement.”

He waited only a moment for Duo to nod in agreement before moving the gun once again, this time starting at the longhaired man’s knee and slowing drawing it upwards. With each inch of skin cleared by the gun, Duo’s trembling increased and while he tried desperately to keep still, when the barrel finally touched his painfully hard cock, he could not stop himself from thrusting upwards, trying to increase the contact. Luckily, Heero had anticipated the movement and had used his free hand to grasp the man’s hip, keeping him from knocking the gun away and possibly causing it to go off. He did not let the reaction go unnoticed though as he continued to lightly move the barrel along the chestnut-haired man’s arousal, which by then was straining the front of the silk panties.

“Nnnnn.” Duo moaned, his hands clutching at the fabric of his skirt as he involuntarily tried to spread his legs in order to gain more leverage. The rope though kept him from doing so, drawing a frustrated whimper from him. With another chuckle, Heero maneuvered himself until he could reach the ropes while keeping the gun pressed firmly to Duo’s groin. He wasted no time in releasing them and a feral smile instantly curved his lips when those long legs spread wide, giving him unrestrained access.

Shifting himself once again, Heero placed himself between those long legs while carefully drawing the gun barrel down Duo’s cock, nuzzling it into the man’s balls.

“Ahhh.” Duo exclaimed, his back arching off the ground as he pulled his knees up and allowed them to fall even further open. “Heero!”

“That’s it.” the dark-haired man coaxed before reaching down to give his own aching cock a squeeze. “Say my name, scream it. I want to hear you.”

Somewhere in his mind, Duo could hear the words the man was saying but as the cold metal continued to stroke him, he found it almost impossible to comprehend exactly what was being said to him and formulating a response was beyond his control. Instead, he began moving his hips in time with the delicious friction as he tossed his head from side to side. But when that feeling began moving once again, trailing along his perineum before pressing against his opening through the thin fabric that separated it from it’s target, he could not stop himself from pleading, “Please, god, please.”

With that soft plea, the last of Heero’s control snapped. He pulled the gun away, reholstering it before grasping the fabric of Duo’s panties and ripping them from the man’s body. He then fumbled his own pants open and pulled out his own hard cock.

“Suck.” he demanded as he shoved two fingers into Duo’s mouth before spitting into his own palm and rubbing it over himself. Once he was sure his fingers were wet enough, he pulled them from the longhaired man’s mouth and brought them to his opening, pushing the first in with little difficulty.

“Nnnnn, deeper, please.” Duo moaned while pushing down to try and pull the digit even further into his body. The blue-eyed man did not even think to deny him, shoving as deep as he could before pulling back out and adding the second. When it too slipped in easily, he only spent a second thrusting them in and scissoring them before pulling back one more time.

Grasping the longhaired man’s left leg, just behind the knee, he raised it, hooking it over his elbow as he leaned forward and positioned himself. Then, pushing steadily but slowly, he seated himself inside Duo’s body.

“Damn, you feel good.” he breathed, releasing his hold on Duo’s leg and leaning forward until he could reach his mouth where he captured it in a deep kiss.

Duo could only moan helplessly before wrapping both legs around Heero’s waist. But when the man pulled back before thrusting back in, he threw his head back, breaking the kiss. Heero merely lowered his lips until he could latch onto the violet-eyed man’s neck, first biting down then sucking hard on the pale flesh, knowing he was leaving a mark. But he did not stop his movements, his hips working on their own as they quickly gained momentum.

“Ah, god, yes!” Duo exclaimed. “Faster! Fuck me, faster!”

“Oh fuck.” Heero echoed him before pulling back from the longhaired man’s neck and raising up on his elbows to give himself better leverage. A second later, his hips were snapping almost violently as he tried to fulfill Duo’s request. When he felt the man’s body begin to tighten around him, signaling his release, the blue-eyed man did not even try to stop his own, giving in to the pure pleasure and following his lover over the edge.


Gasping in one breath after another as he tried to calm his racing heart, Heero could feel his arms giving out on him as he collapsed onto Duo’s prone body; the bedsprings groaning softly in protest of the rough treatment. But the dark-haired man would not have cared if it had given out completely beneath them as his mind and body continued to float in a world all their own.

“Damn.” he breathed in awe.

“Yeah,” Duo panted out beneath him, his legs slipping down from Heero’s back as the longhaired man found it impossible to hold them up any longer. “I told you it would be amazing, didn’t I?”

“Yeah.” Heero answered back softly before they both fell silent, their steadily slowing breaths the only sound in the room.

“You’re heavy, ‘Ro.” Duo finally said after a few minutes had passed and the man had still not moved. And even though he really did not want to, the dark-haired man shifted himself until he was lying beside his lover with Duo turning into him as he went. It was only when Duo tried to raise his hands to wrap them around Heero’s body that he remembered the ropes. “Uh, Heero?” he said, holding his bound wrists up before the other man’s face.

“Oh, right.” Heero said and quickly released the ropes before turning over to throw them onto the nightstand beside the bed while Duo rubbed at the sensitive skin. Heero had been very careful with the bindings and while there might be some bruising in the morning, the skin was unbroken. If only he could say the same about his dress. Looking down, he saw the missing buttons and ripped fabric and could not hold the sigh.

“I don’t think the security deposit covered this, Heero.” he sighed as the man turned back to him, giving the costume a close perusal as well. “Maybe we could find someone to fix it.” Duo continued then grimaced as he moved his leg and felt a telltale wetness brush his skin. “And have it dry cleaned before we take it back.”

“Or,” Heero said wrapping his arms around Duo’s waist and pulling the man tight against him. “we could just keep it.”

“You just want to see wearing it again.” the violet-eyed man scoffed as he tried to press closer only to have the bulky fabric get in his way. “Ok, that’s it.” he declared, pulling himself from Heero’s arms and sliding from the bed. “This dress has got to go.”

Heero merely gave a shake of head and watched avidly for a moment as Duo slid the dress off his shoulder then down his hips before climbing from the bed as well to remove his own clothing. Slipping back into the bed once he was completely nude, he pulled the covers up and over himself as he waited for Duo to join him.

“Finally.” Duo sighed, tossing the pile of fabric across the room to be dealt with the next day before slipping into the bed as well and into Heero’s waiting arms. “Hit the light, ‘Ro.” he said softly and Heero turned just enough that he could flip off the bedside lamp, plunging the room into darkness. “So, did you really enjoy it?”

“Yes, Duo, I did.” Heero answered as he bent his head to place a kiss on the chestnut-haired man’s forehead. “Very much so.”

“Good.” Duo said, his voice taking on an enthusiasm that Heero always knew spelt trouble but one he could never tire of hearing. “Next time I thing we should be cowboy and Indian. You know, I could be the sheriff sent out to bring the wild savage in.”

“Or,” the dark-haired man drawled. “I could be the tribal chief and you could be the rancher’s daughter who I kidnapped for my own.”

Pulling back from him lover’s arms, Duo squinted in the darkness as he tried to make out the expression on Heero’s face. What greeted him was nothing more than pure lust and anticipation. With a groan, he collapsed back down. “Oh god help me, what have I done.” he moaned. “I’ve created a monster that enjoys kidnapping and tying me up.”

Chuckling softly at the other man’s words, Heero pulled Duo close as he allowed his imagination to run free; the promise of what he saw bringing a wide smile to his face.


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