"What Relena Doesn’t Know…… "

Written By: Akuma


Disclaimer : GW characters are not mine. >_<

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Pairings : 2x1

Rating : NC 17

Warning : silliness, humor, Lemon

Summary: Idle hands are the devil's tools, in this case, a bored Duo is doing something naughty to Heero's lower parts, using his hands and mouth. In front of the Prime Minister no less and many children.


"What Relena Doesn't Know...."

“Relena is evil.”


“Relena is totally, absolutely, evil.”


“I’m hot, suffocating, and - OUCH, somebody kicked my butt!”

“Lower your voice, Duo.”

“I just got kicked on my butt and you asked me to shut up?!”

“The Prime Minister is here.”

Duo glowered but kept his mouth shut. He understood how important this event was for the children. But still, to think that he, an ex Gundam pilot, was reduced to this role…. It was humiliating. Relena the Devil surely had a way with words to have convinced Heero to take this role.

On second thoughts, it was easy enough to convince Heero. Sentences like: ‘This event’s goal is to let people heal and rejoice in the freedom, in the peace’, ‘To let children be children, isn’t it wonderful?’, ‘We want to be sure that every staff member is trustworthy, so that’s why I've asked for your help to do an important task.’

Hell, even Duo had been sold with those sentences. Heero hadn't stood a chance. The Japanese boy was a sucker for heroism.

Too bad that both of them had agreed to help without asking what their tasks were.

It turned out that Relena had been planning a carnival. An international and intercolony carnival. She had invited the Prime Minister to give the speech and cut the opening ribbon. And since this was a carnival for children, Relena wanted the Prime Minister to be surrounded by friendly mascots, not black-suited bodyguards. That would give an image of openness and warmth to the Prime Minister. Of course, the Prime Minister agreed to Relena’s suggestion.

That left Relena with finding suitable people to be the men inside the mascots. Those people couldn’t be ordinary people. Their background had to be checked out. And in case certain groups of opposition decided to use this chance to off the Prime Minister, these people also had to have combat or military training so they could act as the Prime Minister’s bodyguards.

To find trusted and combat experienced people was easy. Relena only had to ask Une to lend her some Preventer agents. However, since the mascots were the cute type, the costumes were rather small. And with this, came the catch. Most Preventer agents were heavy built.

So which Preventer agents were small built, trustworthy, and competent in combat?

The morning before the carnival started, Trowa Barton was heard laughing his ass off as his three comrades were dragged kicking and screaming out of the Preventer’s office. Only three since the fourth comrade had happily volunteered to be one of the mascots.

Naturally, the fourth comrade who was willing and always smiling his winning smile got to be the rabbit. The comrade who was spewing Chinese curses was given the monkey costume. The other two got to be the giraffe.

Giraffe they said, but to Duo it was more like a wrongly painted donkey. When he protested, Relena said they'd specifically designed the giraffe to be like that because it was cute. Duo never knew that cute equaled dumb, but it seemed it did.

To add insult to injury, Duo lost in a rock-paper-scissors match with Heero and had to take the back part of the giraffe.

Heero’s task was to pull a certain rope which was connected to the giraffe’s eyelashes. Pulling the rope would make the giraffe wink. According to Relena, children found that action cute. Lucky Heero. Duo had to wiggle his bum now and then to give the giraffe an even dumber look. Well, Relena said that the move made the giraffe cuter, but Duo stood by his new equation.

Cute giraffe = Dumb giraffe

That was how Duo found himself where he was at the moment. Bending forward and holding on Heero’s waist inside a fake giraffe which was standing next to the Prime Minister. The Minister was giving his speech. A long, tedious speech about peace, new era, and so on.

A few minutes into the speech, Duo was already bored out of his mind. He could maintain the bending position for a while, but it wasn’t comfortable. Bored and grumpy, Duo tried to find a distraction so he wouldn’t sink into further brooding.

But what distraction he could find inside a dumb giraffe costume? The answer was right in front of his eyes.

It was literally in front of his eyes, in the form of two black clad ass cheeks. Two firm ass cheeks that he touched and teased almost every night.

Duo grinned as a plan began to blossom in his mind.

His hands that he had put on Heero’s waist started to descend, hooking into Heero’s black spandex shorts and pulling them down slowly.

“Duo! Heero hissed lowly. “What are you doing?”

Duo ignored him and kept pulling down until Heero’s glorified ass cheeks were bare. He grinned and leant forward. His tongue snaked out to taste the bare flesh.

“Duo!” Heero hissed again and started squirming to get away from Duo’s tongue.

Duo let go of the spandex shorts and grabbed Heero’s hips, steadying him and keeping him still. Not wanting to give Heero any time to counter his movement, Duo went for the kill.

He spread Heero’s cheeks and stuck his face there, licking the rosebud hidden between the cheeks.

Duo could hear the sharp intake of breath from somewhere above him, but other than that Heero was still. Perfectly, statue like still. Thankful for the thick, cotton padded costume which Relena insisted would make it cuter and thus hid his movements, Duo kept licking at the hidden entrance.

“Duo, “ Heero said through gritted teeth. “Don’t make me hard.”

Duo blinked and pulled away slightly. He remembered that while his hard on was hidden by the costume, Heero was standing as the front part of the giraffe where the padding was rather thin. That in turn meant that Heero’s hard on would be noticeable to everyone outside.

Whilst Duo was enjoying his distraction, he didn’t want this event to fail just because the mascot suddenly began sporting a boner. He pulled away and studied the costume they were in. While it was quite a little firm on the front, it was quite loose on its sides. Duo brightened as a genius idea came to him.

He said, “Turn around, Heero.”

“Nani?” whispered Heero sharply.

“Turn around. The costume is loose enough that you won’t have a problem with it.”

“I can’t do that!”

“Why not?”

“I can’t!” Came the hissed reply.

“It won’t make any difference whether you’re facing the audience or facing me,” Duo countered. “They only need your height to get the giraffe's head straight, not your face or your hands.”


Sensing Heero weakening, Duo continued, “If you turn around…..” He then brushed his fingers over Heero’s entrance, making the Japanese boy shudder. “….. my mouth is waiting for you.” To reinforce his suggestion, Duo bent forward and licked the puckered opening. “I will make you come however many times you want.”

Heero gave another shudder and after a few seconds of struggling, and Duo’s continuous licking, the Japanese boy made a defeated keen.

Knowing the sound for what it was, Duo stopped his seduction and pulled away. He watched as that glorious butt wriggled and turned slowly. To cover any visible movements Heero was making, Duo twisted his own butt, making the giraffe look dumb and cute.

When Heero lifted his left leg, Duo quickly stuck his arm into the vacant space to keep the giraffe leg steady. It required a quite acrobatic movement, but Heero managed to change his left leg with the right one. Duo withdrew his arm and let Heero finish turning.

It was a very slow progress since Heero obviously didn’t want to be noticed, but finally Duo was treated to Heero’s half hard cock. Duo wet his lips, and then without any warning, swallowed Heero as deep as he could. A sharp intake of breath was heard from above him but Duo barely registered it. He was enjoying the feel of Heero hardening inside his mouth.

He moved his tongue to twirl around the flesh, tasting the flavor that was uniquely Heero. Two hands landed on his head. They tried to pull him forward but Duo ran his teeth along the hot rod, giving warning that he didn’t like to be rushed. His unsaid message was obviously heard since Heero withdrew his hands. One hand then returned, but it just rested on Duo’s head, neither pushing or pulling. Heero obviously found another place for his other hand to occupy. Duo didn’t really care where Heero put it as long as it didn’t hinder his movement.

To reward Heero’s compliance, Duo put two of his fingers into his mouth and slathered them with his saliva. He then stuck the fingers into Heero’s hole and started moving them. The hand on his head tightened around his hair, but it soon let go as Duo grazed his teeth in warning once again. Duo then continued wriggling his fingers inside Heero. He added another finger into the pulsing hole and sucked Heero vigorously.

Heero made a soft keening noise, but other than that the Japanese boy maintained a still posture. After feeling Heero loosening around his three fingers, Duo figured out it was okay to add the fourth one. He rarely did this since he usually would replace those fingers with himself, but since he couldn’t reach Heero’s hole, he figured that the fourth finger would have to suffice as his replacement.

Duo withdrew his mouth and all three fingers to wet them again, plus the fourth one. Heero moved his hips forward as if seeking the lost warmth of Duo’s mouth. Smiling in amusement, Duo worked his three fingers back into Heero and started scissoring them for some seconds. When Heero wiggled his hips once again, Duo moved forward and took Heero back into his mouth. At the same time, he inserted the fourth finger into the puckered entrance. The insertion caused his forefinger to graze a certain spot which made Heero jerk and tighten. The velvety walls clenched around Duo's four fingers. Duo moaned around the Japanese boy. Heero was so tight and hot!

Duo kept his fingers moving and poking at Heero’s newly found prostate. He could feel Heero become taut and tauter. When Heero was mere seconds from the brink, Duo opened his mouth widely and took the Japanese boy in to the hilt.

A sharp inhalation from Heero and tightening in Duo's hair was Heero’s only move as he came. Duo felt the warm fluid flow straight into his throat. He withdrew his mouth a little and let the rest of Heero’s pleasure fill his mouth before swallowing it. His fingers left the warm hole and took hold of Heero's cock’s base, pumping until the last drop.

The hand let go of Duo's hair and Heero’s breathing slowly returned to normal. Duo could feel Heero’s cock softening rapidly inside his mouth. His own cock was hard and wanted release, but he didn’t want to wet his pants with his come. He had learned from experience that while coming in your pants was kinda hot, having no means to wipe it away or change the pants would be a bitch.

So he couldn’t come without torturing himself further. What to do to distract him from coming?

Duo eyed the soft cock he'd just released from his mouth.

And licked his lips wickedly.

Distraction indeed.

He opened his mouth.


The giraffe was waving his butt and winking his eyelashes repeatedly. It was so cute! There were several times when the giraffe’s long head jerked forward or stilled completely that it worried her. But apparently the children were amused by it. They were laughing and pointing at the giraffe. It seemed that Heero and Duo had taken their role seriously.

Relena knew they'd finally seen what she had envisioned. She would make sure to give both of them a special reward.

Relena smiled happily as the Prime Minister kept on speaking

Maybe Heero would like a giraffe doll?


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