Here you will find pics and banners that have been drawn/created for the various authors archived here for their fics. Many thanks must go to these talented people for taking the time to actually draw/create these very special pics.

To View the picture in full just click on the image and it will take you to the larger picture.

Each Pic has the name of the person who drew it. Please click on their name for their e-mail address and let them know you appreciate their talents!

All Pic's remain copyrighted to the person who drew it. Please do not take any of the pictures here without the artist's consent.

Please note that some pics are of a graphic sexual nature and should only be viewed by those of age in their current state/province/country.

Access Denied - Lisa-chan

Angel and Demon - Lisa-chan

Bunny Love - Lisa-chan

Call Me? - Lisa-chan

Number Disconnected - Lisa-chan

Chocolate Covered Valentine - Lisa-chan

But You Like It Quatre - Lisa-chan

Care to Join Me? - Lisa-chan

Yeah Right There! - Lisa-chan Winner of best Single Character vault art comp 2004 View Award

Peek-a-Boo - Lisa-chan

Ride to the Stars - Lisa-chan

Drool worthy fic award

Chimaera - Keiran

Chimaera - Misty Yuy - & colored by forever01n02

Gift Pic for Shenny's Birthday - Vega-Lume

Fucked Silly - Lisa-chan

Down on the Farm - Lisa-chan

Duo Merman - Lisa-chan

Having Fun - Lisa-chan

Neighbors no More - Veste Notus

Under The Weather - Veste Notus

Lost Souls - Lisa-chan 2nd Place -Angst- Vault fant art comp 2004 - View Award

Hips they Move - Lisa-chan 1st Place - lemon- Vault fan art comp 2004 - View Award

Japanese Heero - Lisa-chan

Split Personality - Lisa-chan

Making Love in the Heavens Above - Lisa-chan

On The Other Side Of The Window - Lisa-chan

Naked for your Viewing Pleasure - Lisa-chan

Chimaera - by Vega~Lume

Chimaera - by Katherine

Bath Time for Chimaera by Katherine

Family Portrait from United Hearts by Lisa-chan

Romance ala Yuy - Lisa-chan

Sundae Heero for Fancy Figures' fic Flavor No7 by Lisa-chan

Pic for Fancy Figures' Fic Practice drawn by Lisa-chan

For Fancy Figures' fic "Best Days of Your Life?" By Sara-chan

Chimaera by Lisa-chan

Sweet Summer Sweat by Lisa-chan

Drawn for Fancy Figures by Link Worshiper

The Forsworn by Perfect Bishounen

Birds of a Feather by Dùlin

Cover art for Targets by Dùlin

For Hey I'm New by Dùlin

For Zero Four by Laurence-sama

Zero Four by Lisou-chan

Gift Pic for Shenny's Birthday 2005 - Vega-Lume

Goosebumps by Lisa-chan

Drawn by Dùlin

Heero on Zero for "Equinity"
Drawn by ShenLong

Zero and Scythe - Gift Pic from Rasha Entalio for Shen's Equinity

Scythe and Shinigami drawn by ShenLong

Quatre all tied up - Drawn by Adem

Big Boots gang - drawn for Asy's fic Warm & Fuzzies by Hikaru

Banner created by WickedGame for Shenlong

Pic for Asuka's fic 'Garou' Drawn by Honor

Pic for ShenLong's 'Time, Fault and Out' Drawn by Zazu

Pic for SkyLark's 'Circle Yes or No' Drawn by Silkie

Pic for SkyLark's 'Beyond All Doubt' Drawn by Thandie

Commisioned art for "The Fox, The Monk And The Mikado Of All Nights Dreaming " Drawn by Keiran

Pic for ShenLong drawn by lea

Gift Pic for Shenny's Birthday 2007 - Vega-Lume

Gift Pic for Chimaera Drawn by Female Shinigami

Commissioned pic for SkyLark's "Silver Lining" Drawn by Coby Cyr

Commissioned pic for SkyLark's "Silver Lining" Drawn by Jen

Scythe and Shinigami for ShenLong's fic Equinity drawn by kjady

Drawn for Zazu's fic "Senses" by Mintbot

'Bound, Bonded and Betrayed' gift pic for Shenlong's fic of the same name by Lisa-chan

Gift Pic for Shenny's Birthday 2009 - Vega-Lume

- by Praginfly

Gift pic for ShenLong's Family Ties drawn by - LovelyRose


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