" Neighbors No More "

Written By: Helen

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Disclaimers: I own nothing in this fic. Gundam Wing and its characters are copyrighted by Bandai, Sunrise, Sotsu Agency, ANB, and others that I'm not too sure of... I'm only using them for entertainment purposes. No money being made here.

Warnings: Heero POV

Pairings: 1+2 / 2+1

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Rating : PG

Author's Notes: Fic # 10. I was hit with inspiration and running the idea through my mind made me stop everything and get this out ASAP. Might be a little confusing but bear with me, ne? ^^;; Explanation in the end.

Special Thanks: My ultra-fast beta Deb!! ::glomps:: Thank you thank you for being my number one beta!! ^_^

Dedication:For all of you who have been following this arc of mine (and you know who you are!)... you might kill me on how I ended this... but then again, you might not. *shrugs* ^^;;

Special Notes: 'thoughts'
+Heero speaking+
=Duo speaking=

Neighbors no More

Part 1

Morning reveals itself through the windows of my room. Over one week has passed since I mailed my letter to Duo. Thinking back to the last sentence, it is hard to believe I was feeling so... anguished at the time that I actually *wrote* something like that.

Luckily I caught myself in time, reached over the desk to grab a bottle of Liquid Paper, and wiped the white fluid over the desperate sounding sentence in a few strokes of the miniature brush.

'Just lucky...'

I sigh and roll out of bed.


Late evening sets in quietly. Much suited for the calm atmosphere here.

Suddenly, the phone rings, shattering the silence. I jump a bit, dropping the book I was reading to the floor with a soft *thump*. Taking a breath to calm myself, I reach over to the receiver and lift the phone off the cradle.

+Hello? Yuy Residence+


I gasp softly in surprise.

+D... Duo?+

=Yeah, it's me! How have you been doing, Heero?=

+F-fine. And you?+

=Eh... alright I suppose.=

+Where are you now?+

=Oh... bus. Talking to you on my cell. Cool ne?=

I couldn't help but smile. It has been a month. A month without his voice and now I'm hearing it again. A strange feeling washes over me as I feel more happiness than ever before.

+Yes, it's great. It's been so long.+

=Damn right! Ha ha I missed you a lot. Er... wait a sec. My stop.= *thwack* =Excuse me, excuse me. Sorry!= *hiss* *rrrrrrrRRRRR* =Tsk... A city's just not the same without my neighbor around.=

I could almost feel his smirk with that statement. The feeling grows stronger.

+As it is here without you.+

=Aw, so you miss me too ne? *thwopthwopthwop*=

+Yes.+ 'More than you know...' +Duo? Are you late for work or something?+

=Nah. Don't worry about it... *breathes* Hey Heero. I sent you something a few days back. *exhales* Did you get it yet?=

+No I haven't. What is it?+

=*chuckle* Not telling.=

+But Du--+ *doorbell* +Hang on a minute.+

I move toward the door with the phone still in my hand. Opening it, I spot a UPS delivery man, holding a large, flat, rectangular box.

"Package for uh..." He flips the box over and hesitates, squinting his eyes. "Hero Yu... i?" Through the phone, I could hear Duo snicker at the mispronunciation.

"Yes that's me." I tell the man, who promptly hands me the package and a clipboard for me to sign. Bringing the phone up, I hold it firmly between my ear and my shoulder.

+Very funny. Is this the "surprise" that you sent me?+

=Large, flat, rectangular? *pants*=


I place the said item down, leaning it against my leg.

=Yeah that's it. *deep breath*=

+You should get up earlier so you don't have to run to work. Or, at least ride the bus until it's a closer traveling distance.+

Grabbing the pen dangling from a rubber band attached to the clipboard, I try signing my name but the ink wouldn't come out. Holding it up, I indicate to the delivery man I need another one.

=Heh... sure thing Heero. *exhales* But I probably won't need to since I'm planning to get a car.=


Finally getting my name signed, I hand both back to the delivery person who occupies himself with the paperwork of the next package. Leaving the door open for light, I reach down and quickly remove the brown material sealing Duo's surprise. Within a minute, I gasp at what it was.

A painting.

A painting of... sakura trees... in full bloom. Completely in awe, I run my fingers delicately over the canvas, tracing the blossoms on the trees, in the air, and on the ground. Memories of the park flood through me, bringing the wetness back into my eyes.

Adjusting the phone a bit, I can still hear Duo running on the other side.

+Duo... Thank you.+

Still admiring it, I slowly shut the door with my foot.

"Excuse me, sir!" Still fixed by the painting, I dimly hear the UPS man exclaim in mild surprise before a hand stops the half-closed door.

=You mean you like it, Heero?=
"You mean you like it, Heero?"

I gasp in surprise. Duo's voice... from the phone... and the doorway? I turn around slowly, quelling the hope rising in my chest, expecting that I would meet the face of the UPS man.


The phone drops from my shoulder, landing on the soft rug beside my feet.


Author's Note: *insane laughter* I'm evil... ^_^ But explanation. Duo just returned and was riding all the way to where Heero lives. (The whole bus thing.) But the bus stop cannot be too close to the neighborhood otherwise it won't be "quiet". (The running.) Coincidentally the package arrives and while Heero is admiring the painting, Duo is literally sprinting towards Heero's house, nearly knocking over the poor UPS (United Postal Service) man. (His exclamation.) Makes sense ne? Ok... *takes a deep breath

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