"Under The Weather"

Written By: Helen

*2 nd Place Maxwell Yuy's Kink Competition 2003*

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Disclaimers: I own nothing in this fic. Gundam Wing and its characters are copyrighted by Bandai, Sunrise, Sotsu Agency, ANB, and others that I'm not too sure of... I'm only using them for entertainment purposes. No money being made here.

Warnings: Yaoi, Lemon, PWP, and in my opinion, this doesn’t even make any sense. Maybe I’ll do a sequel. *looks at her current plot bunnies* Maybe…

Pairings: 2x1

Spoilers: None


Rating: NC-17

Author's Notes: While I couldn’t come up with anything for the “kinky but not really kinky” part of Veste Notus’s contest, I settled for the pic. To me it seemed easy enough (just that I needed an idea to get me going). And Akuma-sama’s been poking me to do a 2x1 for her so yep here it is.

Special Thanks: My ultra-fast beta Deb!! *glomps* Thank you thank you for being my number one beta!!

Dedication: Veste Notus and her contest. My first lemon ever (by myself) is dedicated to you! Also to Akuma-sama for the 1st of 99 2x1 fics (as a sort-of-bribe). *coughs* I didn’t promise anything…

Under the Weather

“Oh yeah right, Mr. We-don’t-need-the-Gundams!! We could at least be warm and DRY in them rather than soaking wet! What if we catch a cold? Or pneumonia? Or hypothermia? Or…”

“Shut. *up.* Duo!”

Heero’s irritation got the better of him and he sighed in annoyance as he thought back on how he had gotten into this mess.

They were just finishing up an intelligence-gathering mission when a streak of lightning flashed across the darkened sky. Judging from the thunder that rumbled a few seconds afterward it was clear that the storm was close by. Quickly downloading the rest of the needed information and uploading a virus into the main computer, both Heero and Duo tried to escape, but not before catching the attention of some OZ soldiers. Immediately they started to fire various sized darts at the two pilots and Heero assumed they were all tranquilizers.

Fortunately, they managed to dodge all the shots easily (since they had “lousy aim” according to Duo) and dashed away from the OZ base. Looking up at the cloudy sky they hoped that they could beat the storm back to the safe house.

Unfortunately they didn’t.

Now Duo was complaining since he was soaking wet. They both were, but Heero wasn’t as bothered by it as Duo was. And also the fact that Heero wouldn’t voice his displeasure just because of a “little” rain. The safe house was still a long way off and the storm didn’t seem to want to let up anytime soon.

‘At least the thunder and lightning stopped.’ he thought to himself. They could find some shelter under the trees up ahead without the fear of being electrocuted.

Stumbling on the wet grass to the first tree in sight, Duo let out a long sigh.

“Finally!” He proceeded to unbutton his priest outfit. “Do you have any *idea* how damn heavy this thing gets when it’s wet?”

“That’s why you shouldn’t wear it baka.”

“Well it’s better than wearing… *that*.” Duo retorted, gesturing at Heero’s apparel.

Heero ignored the braided boy and went to sit next to him while Duo continued to struggle to get the black clothing off. The Japanese teen ran his hand through the bangs that were plastered to his forehead, only to have them fall forward again, messier than ever. Giving up, he wrung out some of the water from the hem of his green tank top, but he was becoming uncomfortable since it was sticking to his back.

“Um…Heero? A little help?” Heero looked up to see that the other pilot had pushed the outer black clothing from his shoulders and let it hang on his elbows, but his hands were tangled in the bunched up material and try as he might, he couldn’t slip them through. Heero resisted the urge to roll his eyes as he kneeled behind the squirming American.

“Stop moving.” Duo immediately ceased and Heero pushed the material away to see where Duo was trapped. Holding onto the clothing around Duo’s hand, he pulled it off easily. Moving to the other hand, he made slight contact with it, but still a spark jumped between them. Quickly pulling the material away and thus freeing Duo, he moved back to his original spot and rubbed his hand discreetly on his spandex shorts, trying to forget the small shock.

“Thanks man. I owe ya.” Duo let the black clothing hang behind him since it was tucked into his pants and lifted his white T-shirt from his body. Heero glanced over at Duo who was now naked from the waist up. He noticed how… incredibly *lean* the other was. Calculating the amount of calories the American intakes per day, subtracting the amount he burns off through exercising and taking metabolism plus various things like missions into the equation, there was no way he could be that thin… no slim… no… slender? Surprisingly that word fitted Duo perfectly. Eyes trailing over smooth muscles of the other’s chest, Heero felt a strange heat creep up his cheeks. Placing a hand to his head, he wondered if he had a fever.

“Hey, what’s wrong?” Heero looked up to see Duo standing and wringing out his white shirt.

“Nothing.” he said, but taking note of his quicker heartbeat. He *hoped* it was nothing.

“You sure?” Duo came up and placed his own hand on Heero’s forehead. Heero became alarmed as his heart rate escalated even more. While trying to suppress it he couldn’t help but close his eyes as Duo cupped his face.

“You don’t feel hot. But then again perhaps you should get rid of that wet tank top. I mean with it sticking onto your back like that.” Duo took his hand away and Heero opened his eyes to see him continuing to wring out his shirt. Biting his lip a bit, he maneuvered himself to kneel as he grabbed the hem of his tank top. He took a glimpse up at Duo again to see the other pilot looking down at him and smiling.

“What?” he asked in all innocence. “I can turn around if you want.”

Heero steeled himself. He couldn’t let whatever it was get the better of him. In one swift motion he pulled his tank top over his head and sat back a bit on his shoes. Luckily they didn’t run into any mud puddles and the only thing sticking to the soles of his shoes were bits of wet grass. He began to wring out his tank top and Duo chuckled to himself as he followed suit.

Managing to get most of the water out, Heero parted his feet to sit between them, paying no attention to the wet grass beneath his shins. He was also inwardly grateful that his spandex shorts provided some sort of protection from the moisture. He held the green material before him and flicked it, spraying some water outward. As he was smoothing out his tank top he noticed out of the corner of his eye that Duo seemed to be done with his own and was moving behind him. He dismissed him, thinking that he was probably going to find a seat on one of the large raised tree roots.

He, of course, didn’t think that Duo would sit down right on top of his still wet shoes, straddling him from behind.

“Duo?! What are you *doing*?!” Heero said, managing to keep most of the panic out of his voice. Heero moved forward trying to break away, but Duo curled his arms under Heero’s and raised them up to put his hands on Heero’s shoulders, pulling him back. Heero’s breath hitched when his bare back was pressed against Duo’s naked chest.

“What’s wrong Heero?” he asked softly, pressing his cheek against Heero’s. “You sure you don’t have a fever or anything?”

“N-no. I never get sick.”

“Really now… You feel awfully warm to me…” Duo replied while slowly rubbing his cheek up and down the Japanese boy’s face.

“Duo, y--“ Heero turned his head slightly and his eyes widened as they met with Duo’s. His half-lidded eyes… glazed over with want… need… and desire. Heero wrenched out of Duo’s hold and turned around to face the American. Grabbing the other’s shoulders, he shook him.

“Duo, what’s wrong with you?” He was shocked when Duo smiled at him… almost wickedly.

“Wrong? Why should anything be wrong?” Duo brought his hands up to clutch onto Heero’s biceps. Heero shook them off and ran his own over Duo’s body, checking for any penetration that the darts may have made and desperately trying to ignore the sounds that Duo was making while doing so. Finally he located it.

A black, almost miniscule dart embedded near Duo’s hip. He pulled it out and cursed as he recognized it to be a fairly mild aphrodisiac.

‘K’so, what the *hell* were those OZ soldiers thinking?’ Heero tossed it aside. ‘Probably they weren’t… they were quite incompetent since they couldn’t even aim well.’ He dug his hands into his hair as he tried to think. ‘Since it was quite mild, it must have taken a while for it to take effect.’ Heero tensed as Duo draped himself on his shoulders from behind. ‘Mild or not it is still affecting the baka worse than I thought it would.’

“Get off Duo…” he said as threateningly as he could.

“Aww why? It’s comfy here.” The braided boy chuckled softly as he wrapped his arms around the other’s neck and pressed his nose lightly against the nape, inhaling deeply. “You smell nice…” Then with one hand, he trailed it downwards, brushing past Heero’s nipple.

“Duo, s-stop,” Heero breathed out as he started to feel limp from the way Duo was touching him. “You don’t want to do this…”

“Mmm of course I do.” the American whispered, using both hands to caress Heero’s firm chest.

“You’ve been hit with a mild aphrodisiac, D-Duo. You’ll regret this if you don’t… if you don’t… stop!” Heero managed to gasp out. He was leaning heavily against Duo, his mind starting to become fuzzy. He didn’t understand why he was still trying to reason with the other pilot when he could easily fight back and subdue him. Perhaps it was because this was the first time he'd felt this way… so weak from something so simple… and he wanted to know how far this could be taken.

“On the contrary, I regret that I didn’t do this earlier.” Duo cupped Heero’s face and turned it so that the other pilot could see his eyes. “You’re… so perfect Heero. If it takes an aphrodisiac to make me lose all inhibitions… to make all my fears disappear… then so be it.” Without giving a chance for Heero to argue he quickly pressed his lips to their counterpart, silencing the Japanese teen effectively.

His hands continued their gentle caress while Duo slipped his tongue into the warm crevice, seeking out Heero’s. He savored the deep groans emanating from the other’s throat as he suckled the wet, slick muscle. Reaching the black spandex, Duo sneaked a finger into the waistband and slowly trailed it from one side to the other. Then, he slid another three into the tight material, sliding them all further inside and causing Heero to gasp so much that they broke the hot kiss.

“Ahh… Duo,” Heero said in a strangled voice. He glanced down and saw Duo’s hand moving within his shorts. He was already hard and it was so close to his need. “Lower… lower…” he pleaded, not realizing he was saying it out loud.

“As you wish.” Duo said softly into his ear, making Heero shiver. Heero’s eyes were fixed onto the other pilot’s hand as it moved lower. He pushed upward a bit as if trying to make it reach its destination quicker. Finally, when it grasped his erection, Heero threw his head back and let it rest on Duo’s shoulder.

“Oh yes…” He closed his eyes and just savored the delicious strokes that Duo was giving his hardened passion. The callous hand… his tight spandex… both sparking such intense pleasure that he began to pant. Heero felt Duo pushing his shorts down his hips but he was beyond caring. In no time they were down to his thighs and his bare bottom met with the damp grass, but he took no notice as his freed erection tasted the cool air and the diminishing rain. When Duo pushed the black material further down Heero toed off his shoes and soon he was only clad with wet socks, his spandex bunched up into a ball near his feet. The rest of Duo’s clothing soon followed.

Duo glanced at Heero, who was tense from the chilly rain. With a small lustful smile he immediately reached over and wrapped his arms around the other boy. Heero surprised him when he sagged against him, putting his full weight on the American.

“Comfy ne?” Duo asked, nuzzling Heero’s hair with his cheek. He only received a slight nod in response, which made him smile even more. Duo shifted to the side, supporting Heero with one arm so that he could lie flat on the ground. Following his descent, Duo once again pressed his lips to Heero’s when the Japanese teen’s head touched the soft green blades. Trailing one hand down the side of the other pilot, Duo shifted his bare leg in-between Heero’s and pressed upward, spreading them along the way.

When Duo finally released Heero, he was panting heavily. Smirking, he trailed his lips down the other’s jaw to his slender neck. Kissing and suckling the rapid pulse, he continued all the way to the smooth chest. After lapping at the dewdrops that collected from the misty rain Duo latched onto a caramel nipple. Heero arched his back and groaned, fisting the grass and almost ripping it from the ground. Quickly switching to the other nipple, Duo intensified the pleasure that Heero was receiving.

“Duo… oh Duo…” Heero’s voice came out in low, heated pants. Moments later Heero felt the pleasing mouth head south towards his groin and he waited with barely suppressed anticipation. A choked cry escaped his throat when a hot tongue slowly licked from the base of his painfully hard erection to its head. As the licks continued Heero unconsciously bent his legs and spread them as wide as they could go.

“Oh god!” The Japanese teen almost sat up when Duo took him fully into his mouth, swallowing him effortlessly. Through his pleasure-fogged mind Heero barely felt a cool wet finger slowly press through his most intimate opening. When another joined the first, a slight discomfort made itself known and he tried not to squirm and tried to focus only on the wet cavern enveloping his passion. Finally a third wormed its way in and Heero took a sharp breath mixed with pleasure and a fragment of pain.

Duo’s ears perked up at the sound and he released the now slick and dripping erection. He came up to lick the shell of Heero’s ear and whispered a soft “Gomen…” before flicking at the earlobe and slowly shifting his fingers deep inside. As time continued, Duo’s probing started to increase in pace and with the last drops of rainwater, Heero‘s deadly grip on the green blades loosened.

Feeling Duo on top of him… covering him with his own body… Heero felt protected and for once… safe. This feeling was a hundred times more than the hugs he'd received earlier.

Before he could have the sufficient amount of time to savor it though, Duo got up and removed his fingers. Pulling off the elastic on his braid and shaking it out, he hooked his arms under Heero’s legs and pressed forward into the tight channel.

“Ahh!!” Heero tensed up since the size of Duo couldn’t compare with three fingers. The other pilot immediately nuzzled Heero’s neck, nipping and licking the tender flesh. Soon he was seated completely to the hilt and Heero could do nothing but pant heavily. Duo raised his head and violet held onto cobalt blue, not willing to let go. With chestnut falling all around and shielding him from everything, Heero couldn’t see anything but Duo.

Then Duo slowly pulled out and pushed back in. Only until after repeating a few times did he begin to move faster, stroking Heero’s inner walls with his length just like his long hair was caressing his chest and arms. Moans flowed out of two mouths continuously, along with low pants and occasional erotic cries.

“Oh yes… harder please… please!!” Heero screamed as Duo brushed against his sweet spot. He became limp upon the grass, not being able to move a muscle as he was overwhelmed with passion.

“Heero… you’re so incredible.” Duo whispered above him as he firmly grasped Heero’s wet erection and pumped quickly while his thrusts escalated to an almost frenzied state. The Japanese boy came with a hoarse shout, creamy liquid spurting onto his chest. He clamped down onto Duo and the other released deep within him. Heero closed his eyes and bit his bottom lip gently as he felt the warm fluid enter him. He opened them when Duo collapsed on him.

“God… I love you,” he heard him say tiredly. Looking down at the other pilot, Heero saw that he was already asleep. Carefully wrapping his arms around him he finally let his emotions spill.

Once Heero composed himself, he finally got up off the ground. Somehow managing to get them both clothed again and the sleeping Duo onto his back, Heero trekked the rest of the way back to the safe house.


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