"Forsworn "

Written By: Presser

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Pairings : 2x1

Disclaimer : Gundam Wing characters aren't mine

Rating : NC 17

Warnings : BDSM, toys, language, more

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Summary: Duo is a vampire with a lovely but sometimes naughty slave.

Dedication: To Casey



Heero Yuy jumped at the sound of his name, almost spilling the drink he was pouring. He checked to make sure the heady mix of Laphroaig and Drambuie [1] was well proportioned by sticking his finger into his master's glass and sucking on it. Satisfied, Heero transferred the glass to a silver tray then looked himself over in the mirror he kept on the back of the door to the butler's pantry. He adjusted his black and pewter striped cravat, smoothed down his charcoal vest over the top of matching pants, then hurried from the kitchen to the library, passing through hallways of slate floors and dark cherry wood walls.

It's not a bad life, Heero thought. My master cares for me, really. This house is better than most; and the attention he gives me more than makes up for the things he requires of me. Heero sighed to himself as he entered the library.

Books ranged from the gold and cranberry Persian rug to the molded ceiling fifteen feet above, all on mahogany shelves. Light from the fireplace flickered off the brass fittings of the wheeled ladder behind the desk. From his position at the doorway Heero saw an arm clad in black extended from the high-backed red leather chair facing away from him, toward the fire, the fingers slowly drumming on the small table standing close by. He stepped quietly across the room. As he did, a rich baritone voice spoke.

"You know better than to keep me waiting."

Heero stifled a sigh. "Yes, master. I'm sorry. I was preparing your evening aperitif." Heero stood stiffly beside the chair.

"Not an excuse. You know that. Now kneel." Heero knelt before the chair, the silver tray flat on both palms. He extended the tray.

Duo Maxwell took the drink and sniffed delicately at the edge of the glass, then took a small sip.

"You /do/ know how to make a superb Rusty Nail, Heero. My compliments."

Heero blushed as his master ruffled his hair.

Duo Maxwell sat with his back straight, his shoulders squared, yet he didn't seem stiff or ill at ease. He wore a blood red shirt, a silver silk tie, loosened at the neck, and a black velour smoking jacket. His hair, the color of roasted pecans, was braided and hung over his shoulder, the tip brushing the ornate silver buckle marking his waist. He gave Heero a tiny smile, his eyelids half open, as he moved his hand from Heero's hair to his chin. He raised his slave's face and leaned over, his lips almost touching Heero's cheek. He breathed softly into his slave's

"You can expect something good after I dine, boy."

Heero felt a little tickle at the base of his spine, a sensation almost subliminal that traveled down between the cheeks of his ass and coiled quietly around his anus, warm and tingling.

"Now go. The sooner you're back, the better."

Heero turned his head, hoping for a kiss, but Duo pulled back just enough so that Heero's lips missed his own. His lips curved in a feral smile.

"No, boy, you won't get any pleasure from me until I've been fed." He kept one finger under Heero's chin, pushing upward. Heero stood as Duo forced his head back. When he felt the pressure of his master's finger fall away from his chin, he looked down to see Duo grinning. Duo put his finger in the middle of Heero's chest and pushed gently.

"Make it someone tasty."

Duo took another sip of his drink, then picked up the small book at his elbow, dismissing Heero. Heero walked out of the library. He returned the silver tray to the kitchen, then moved to the small room behind the kitchen where he slept when not called to his master's bed. There he quickly, efficiently undressed, hanging his servant's clothing neatly
before changing into old jeans and a lightweight ocean blue sweater that set off his eyes and showed off his lithe, muscular torso. He closed the door to his room and moved through the kitchen to the back entrance, stopping to shrug into a tawny leather jacket and take the keys to Duo's Harley from the hook by the door.


The door of the 7-11 whisked shut. Heero moved into the second aisle of the shop, pretending to peruse the confections coated with chemically simulated chocolate and fruit flavors. He found this shop useful because it was near the frat houses that lined the street on the residential side of the local university, and was therefore frequented by the type of young man his master preferred.

He didn't have to wait long.

"Yo," a frat boy said as he entered.

"Yo," the clerk answered.

"Hangin' in?"

"Yeah, s'cool."

The boy was wearing jeans with ripped knees and a black, long-sleeved tee with Homer Simpson dressed as a bad-assed biker on the front. He moved toward the beer. Heero ignored him until he began to move toward the counter. He queued up behind him with a bag of chips.

"That's a lot of beer." The boy looked over his shoulder as Heero spoke.

"Huh? Oh, well, I'm the gofer for our house. This is for about a dozen guys."

"Yeah, well, that makes sense." Heero paused, then quietly tossed the next sentence into the air."Hey, you got anything going?"

"You mean, tonight?"


"Not really. Just pickin' up the brew for my big brother."

"I'm on my way to a party. It's pretty hot, and we could use another guy."

"Really? Where is it?"

"Just off campus. Not far."

"Hot, huh?"

"Yeah. Why don't you drop off the beer and hit it with me. I can promise you some action." Heero winked at the boy.

"Uh, look, I dunno, I --"

"It'll be worth it. I promise you that."

A small smile crossed Heero's lips. The boy looked at him, uncertain, then spoke.

"Okay, why the hell not? Better'n another hour of 'yes, master' back at the house."

Heero fought to keep from smirking at that. "Great. I've got a bike outside. You need a lift?"

"Yeah, thanks. I walked the five blocks."

"Okay, let's go."

The two exited the store together. The clerk yawned as he watched the frat boy mount the Harley behind Heero, balancing the three twelve-packs of beer on one thigh with one hand, the other curling around Heero's waist.

"Nice bike. Uh, hope you don't mind, but --"

"S'okay. You ready?"


Heero pushed off into the crisp night air, smiling to himself as he watched for bumps in the road.


"Hey, what kind of place is this, anyway? It looks kinda creepy."

Heero had learned that the boy he had picked up was named Brad. As they dismounted the Harley, he admired Brad's slim but not skinny body. A shock of honey blond hair curled into his eyes, which were sea green with gold flecks. He looked at Heero for an answer.

"Huh? Oh, this is my uncle's place. He's in Europe, has been for months. So we party whenever we want."


"Let's go in." Heero showed Brad to the door inside the garage. He hung the keys to the bike on the hook inside the door, and shrugged out of his jacket, depositing it on the kitchen counter. Brad looked around, then spoke.

"Um, man? Where's the party?"

"This house is old, so the walls are thick. You just can't hear the music from here. Follow me." Heero led him through the kitchen and through the dining room, past the long maple table that sat twenty. When they reached the front hall, Brad stopped.

"Listen, I don't know what's going on here, but I don't hear any party happening. Maybe I should go."

"Nonsense. The party's through those doors. Go on in and pour yourself a drink." Heero's open palm pointed toward the double doors of the library. Brad hesitated, obviously nervous. He glanced from Heero to the library doors, then back. Heero smiled at him.

"Want me to go with you?"

"Naw, I'm fine." Brad walked over the slate floor of the entranceway and opened the doors of the library.

As Brad touched the door knobs, heavy music began to pulse from within. It was dark inside, only the moonlight from the cloudless night shining through the windows, casting shadows on the floor. Brad heard voices, but couldn't see anyone in the room.

"Hello? Anyone in here?" He took a hesitant step forward, then another. Once fully into the library, the doors pulled themselves shut.


Brad felt hands on his shoulders, from behind. A body pressed against his back.

"Hello, Brad," a sultry baritone voice murmured into the boy's ear. "Share a drink with me?"

Duo Maxwell grabbed Brad's hair and yanked the boy's head to one side, then sank his teen into the soft neck. Brad cried out, but quickly quieted. He shuddered as Duo drank, finally slumping into the vampire's arms. Duo raised his head, wiped his mouth on his sleeve, then laid the boy on the floor. He pulled up the black tee the boy was wearing and licked at his navel. Duo moved back to the boy's neck, licking at the wounds he had made there. Brad's tongue lolled in one corner of his mouth. Duo gently pushed Brad's chin to one side, and then bit the other side of his neck, drinking deeply. Brad shivered, gasped, his eyes opening wide before closing forever.

Duo stood, looking down on the boy. Moonlight and shadows played across the still form draped on the floor. Duo smiled to himself, then, throwing his head back, he laughed, low in his throat.

The moment was cut short when the light in the library snapped on. Duo turned to see Heero with his finger on the light switch, a scowl on his face.

"You were supposed to have the music on before we got here! I almost lost him before he got into the house!"

Duo smiled ferally at his slave, spat at him, making a hissing sound.

"Boy! Have you forgotten your place?" The words came harsh and loud. Heero immediately fell to his knees and bowed his head.

"Forgive me, master! I only wanted --"

"You only wanted to think yourself my equal for a moment. That is inexcusable, Heero!" Heero looked up at his master.

"Keep your head down!" Heero dropped his eyes to the floor. "Good." Duo crossed to the door and stood before Heero, who was trembling. Duo looked down at his slave, a glowering look on his face. He bent over slightly and grabbed Heero's hair, yanking the boy's head back.

"Never forget who is the master here!" Heero's eyes went wide with fear.

"I think you need to be taught a lesson, Heero." Duo pulled on Heero's hair, dragging him into a standing position. He shook the boy, then released his hold on him. "Go upstairs, take off your clothes, and kneel by the bed. Wait with your head down until I'm there."

Heero's eyes flashed with fear and sorrow. He had upset his master, and now he had to pay for it. "Yes, master," he whispered hoarsely. He left the library quickly.

The storm passed from Duo's face as he contemplated what Heero's punishment should be. He spoke under his breath.

"Not what I had planned when he left to find the boy for me. But this will still be enjoyable. At least for me."

Duo passed through the library doors, the light going out and the doors shutting themselves as he mounted the stairs slowly.


[1] Laphroaig is a single malt scotch, very smoky in taste; Drambuie is a sweet liquor made from scotch. The combination is known as a Rusty Nail

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