"Bunny Love "

Written By: ShenLong


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Disclaimer: I don't own the G Boys, I just borrow them from time to time to play with and return them a whole lot happier. The bunnies that appear in this fic belong to Ryouga, (Hee-bunny), DSM, (Q-bunny) and ShenLong (Duo-bunny).

Rating: NC 17

Warnings: Sap, Lemon, fluff, threesome, random bonking bunnies, PWP, AU, OOC.

Pairings: 4x1x2

Notes: DSM (the Violet eyed devil) has very kindly offered to draw me a scene from my fic "The Dance of Angels." I offered to write her a fic in return. She asked for a fic with this particular pairing in that order and to slip the bunnies in there somewhere as well. The stuffed bunnies in this fic are *real* in that we each own one and take them to lunch each week where they have a ball getting into all sorts of weird and wonderful positions, much to the amusement of the staff at the restaurants we visit.

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Author: ShenLong

Bunny Love

A gift fic for DSM

July. 2003 ShenLong

Quatre entered the house, kicking the door shut behind him as his arms were full with the grocery bags. He walked towards the kitchen where he could hear the sounds of his lovers exchanging idle banter. As he opened the door cobalt and amethyst fixed upon his burdened form and Heero walked across from the stove to assist him.

The bags were placed upon the kitchen bench and Quatre began to unpack, eagerly assisted by Duo while Heero returned to his monitoring of the food cooking away on the stove.

"Hey, where's the proper food, Q-man?" Duo asked as he rifled through the bags, pulling out packets of pasta, fresh vegetables and fruit and generally making a mess.

"That is proper food, Duo." Quatre smiled.

"No, it isn't. Where's the biscuits, chips and chocolate?" Duo tipped up the now empty bag and shook it.

"That's not food, Duo, that's junk," Heero replied.

Duo sat back down with a huff. "Just because you two are health food nuts, doesn't mean the rest of us have to be."

Quatre smiled. "We know too well just what you're like when on a sugar high, Duo."

Duo grinned. "I didn't hear any complaints at the time."

Quatre went a nice shade of red and Heero opted to continue stirring the dinner he was cooking.

"I did buy you a present, Duo."

"You did? Where? What is it?" Duo bounced out of his seat and began to scrabble through the bags that were left on the bench.

"Here." Quatre passed him over a bag.

Duo took the bag and squeezed it; he shook it and then opened the top to peer inside. "Oh, wow, thanks Q-man!" Duo gave the blonde a quick hug and then proceeded to tear the plastic wrapping from the doujinshi Quatre had bought.

"Why don't you go and read it in the other room, Duo, while I put the groceries away and Heero finishes cooking?" Quatre said.

Heero nodded in agreement. The kitchen was small enough as it was and with three of them in there, it became a real squeeze.

"Sure thing, guys," Duo replied absently, his eyes already scanning the pages. He walked out of the room, eyes still glued to the book, navigating his way by sonar; or so it seemed.

Quatre shook his head in amusement as the braided wonder disappeared, totally engrossed in his doujinshi.

Heero continued to prepare the meal while Quatre put the now unpacked groceries away in their various places. Once done, Quatre folded up the paper bags and put them in the pile with the others. He slid up behind Heero and wrapped his arms around the firm waist and placed a tender kiss to the golden neck. "How long till dinner?"

"Hn. About five minutes." Heero tilted his head to reveal more of his neck for Quatre to nibble upon.

Quatre took the offered flesh and kissed softly before nipping lightly and soothing with his tongue. "I guess I should set the table then." Reluctantly he broke his hold and released Heero; stepping back, he went to the kitchen drawer and fetched three sets of cutlery. Armed with his utensils he stepped through the small door to prepare the table and pulled up short. He blinked and then blinked again. He tilted his head slightly as if to get a better look and then stood up on his tip toes. A snicker tried to force its way from his lips but he managed to stop it, allowing a large grin to invade instead. He pulled back slightly and whispered to Heero. "Come see."

Heero turned the heat off and rested the spoon on the edge of the sink before sidling up behind Quatre. "What is it?"

Quatre shushed him with a motion of his hand.

Heero promptly shut up and drew alongside the slender Arabian. He peeked over the blonde's shoulder and in the direction Quatre indicated. "What?" He only just caught himself from calling out as his eyes opened wide. "Oh my, just *what* is he doing?"

Quatre shook his head and shrugged his shoulders. "I'm not really sure, but he certainly is quiet."

With a nod to each other they slipped into stealth mode and snuck closer to the braided one, making sure that Duo was totally oblivious to their voyeuring.

Now much closer and with a completely unobscured view Quatre's hand flew to his mouth while Heero's eyes took on a saucer like appearance. "I don't believe it!" Heero hissed.

Quatre shuddered. "Ohhh, that's just perverse."

~ * ~

Duo took his doujinshi and flopped onto the lounge... and promptly shot off it again as his back came into contact with something lumpy. "Shit!" he muttered as he wheeled around looking for the cause of his discomfort. "Ahh, so it was you guys, was it?" he mock scolded as he took in the sight of the three plush rabbits sitting on the couch. He grinned as he scooped the three into his arms and sat down again. Placing the magazine on the couch beside him he looked at each of the rabbits. Heero, Quatre and himself had given each other a *bunny* for Easter instead of the traditional egg. The rabbits were cute, stuffed with a mixture of fiber and beans, long floppy ears, brown glass eyes and the words 'Happy Easter' emblazoned across their chests.

"Wanna read the doujinshi with me, guys?" Duo asked.

The bunnies' eyes looked back innocently.

"I'll take that as a yes," Duo chuckled and began to arrange the bunnies in his lap. The soft blue one called Hee-bunny sat in the center of his lap, the yellow Q-bunny perched on his right thigh while the white Duo-bunny sat on his left thigh. Satisfied with the arrangement, Duo grabbed his magazine and began to read, his eyes following the action with ease.

As the story progressed so it became more *intimate* and Duo found himself getting aroused. He moaned softly as the pictures became more graphic and then jumped as Hee-bunny tipped forwards in his lap, the swelling of his groin unseating the little blue bunny and causing him to flop forwards. Duo snickered to himself when he saw the position the little bunny was in... face down in his lap.

"Hey, Hee-bunny, I didn't know you were that keen to give me a blow job," Duo giggled to himself as he reached to straighten the small rabbit. Suddenly his violet eyes sparked and an evil grin plastered itself to his lips. He picked up the three rabbits and looked closely at them. "I reckon you three could have some fun as well," he whispered to them. "Now let's see...."

Duo dropped the magazine to the table and studied the position on display before turning his attention back to the rabbits. "Wanna see if you guys can get into this position?"

Innocent brown eyes stared glassily back at him.

Quickly, Duo maneuvered the soft toys until he had Hee-bunny with his face in Q-bunny's lap, he then placed Duo-bunny behind Hee-bunny. Head cocked to one side Duo took in the position he had *arranged* the rabbits in and snickered. He placed his hands back on the rabbits and began to move them, talking softly to the toy's at the same time. "Oh yeah, Hee-bunny, you're soooo tight," he sniggered as he pumped Duo-bunny's pelvis. "Mmmm, such a talented mouth," he added next in a slightly higher tone as he pushed Q-bunny's groin upwards into Hee-bunny's face.

"More, more, more..." he muttered as he continued to *play* with the rabbits, pumping their little bodies in imitation of the acts he had shared many times with his own lovers. "Ohh, Hee-bunny... I think I'm going to come." He pushed Q-bunny's body faster at the same time Duo-bunny was pounding away at the rear of Hee-bunny.

"Oh, oh, oh... ahhhhh... yes!... Yes!... That's it, baby, suck it, take it..." Duo cried out softly as he continued to manipulate the rabbits. He didn't notice Quatre and Heero enter the room or sneak up on him until it was too late.

"Duo! Just what are you doing!?"

"Oh, fuck!"

~ * ~

Quatre and Heero watched for a few moments as Duo manipulated the toy rabbits. Heero quirked an eyebrow as he observed his rabbit in the center of the group, obviously giving a blow job to Quatre's rabbit while Duo's rabbit fucked him up the ass. He glanced at Quatre and noticed that the blonde was also intrigued. He felt his pants shrink as Duo's voice purred with the soundtrack to accompany the visual. A hasty look at Quatre's groin confirmed that the blonde was also getting turned on by watching this little display of bunny bonking. He gave Quatre a touch to the shoulder, then straightened up and stepped up behind the braided man.

"Duo! Just what are you doing!?"

"Oh, fuck!"

Duo jumped a mile and the bunnies flew apart as he was caught red handed. "Errr... Heero. I, um... that is I was... Well, you see.... Oh, crap."

"You were what, Duo?" Quatre asked as he slipped around the other side of the couch.

Duo's head spun around as he realized that he was now cornered. He swallowed hard and pulled the bunnies defensively against his chest. "I was just having a bit of harmless fun... honest."

"You call getting my bunny to suck off Q-bunny while being fucked by Duo-bunny, fun?" Heero asked as he slid onto the couch on the other side of Duo.

"Well, I was going to let Hee-bunny have some fun as well and the bunnies didn't complain," Duo squeaked as his two lovers pressed closer to him.

Heero looked over the top of Duo's head at Quatre who nodded in silent affirmation. "Well, I think you can make it up to us instead," Heero purred as he took Hee-bunny from Duo's arms and dropped him to the floor behind the couch.

"I second that motion," Quatre whispered huskily from the other side as his fingers plucked the other two bunnies from Duo's grasp and deposited them over the back of the couch to join Hee-bunny on the floor.

Duo's eyes darted nervously from Heero to Quatre and back again. He licked his lips nervously. "I am so screwed," he thought out aloud.

"Not yet, Duo, but you soon will be," Heero whispered as he attacked.

Duo gave a strangled moan as he disappeared underneath the two bodies of his friends and lovers.

~ * ~

Heero took Duo's lips prisoner in a searing kiss while Quatre began to undo the buttons on Duo's shirt, freeing the material and pulling it aside to expose Duo's creamy skin. He smiled appreciatively and latched onto a shell pink nipple to suckle hungrily.

Duo moaned into Heero's mouth as his chest was assaulted, the sensations traveling to his groin and inflaming his passion further. His mouth was released and he greedily sucked in air as those lips began to explore his jaw line and neck. The suction on his nipple continued, punctuated from time to time with nips and kisses, driving him wild with need.

Quatre released Duo's nipple and gazed into cobalt that were currently attacking Duo's neck. He smiled at the Japanese man, who released Duo's neck and leant forwards to capture Quatre's lips in a deep kiss, tongue invading and stroking the inner recesses of the warm mouth.

While his two lovers were engaged in a heated kiss, Duo's hands went on an expedition. He ran his palms over ribs and chests as he sought to slide one under Heero's tank top as the other tugged at Quatre's shirt, freeing it from his pants.

Heero groaned as fingers began to tease his nipple and he reluctantly released Quatre from his lips. His head tossed back and Duo took advantage of the position to lift Heero's tank upwards and lower his head to feast upon the hardened nub he had moments earlier been toying with.

Quatre slipped back and allowed Duo room to move forward to Heero's chest. He quickly removed his own shirt and then his pants followed. Shifting back to the couch clad only in his boxers, he reached around Duo's waist to drop a hand to the long haired man's groin and cup the erection through the cloth of Duo's jeans. Duo's hips pressed forth into the contact as he began to purr around his feast.

Heero's hands dropped to entwine in Duo's hair, urging the American to continue in his ministrations. Duo had no intentions of stopping and flicked his tongue rapidly over the sensitive nub eliciting more moans of pleasure to fall from Heero's lips. Quatre's hand rubbed steadily over the hardened bulge in Duo's jeans as he nipped lightly on Duo's neck. Wanting to feel more of his lover the blonde reached for the button and zipper, coaxing the restraints to free the excitement they held within. The cloth parted and Quatre's hand slipped inside to fondle the stiff length through the soft cloth of Duo's G-string.

Duo began to pant as his cock was stroked, his hips began to thrust seeking more friction and his mouth left its suckling to moan loudly with pleasure. Heero slipped out from underneath Duo and stood, arms reaching for the hem of his tank and pulling it over his head. His jeans followed the same path as did his boxer briefs. Gloriously nude and free from his confining clothes he took a moment to appreciate the view.

Quatre's hand was firmly lodged inside Duo's pants, stroking and teasing the American youth while his mouth bathed the nape of neck with loving kisses. Heero could see the tip of Quatre's arousal poking through the flap of his boxers, the dew glistening and inviting him to taste its essence. Heero dropped to his knees and leaned forward; his tongue darted out and swiped across the tiny slit, gathering the pearly droplet and rolling it around in his mouth, savoring the taste.

Quatre gasped and his hips jerked as Heero's mouth descended on his flesh. "Ohh, Heero... More..." he panted. His hand faltered in its task of pleasuring Duo as his eyes rolled back and his brain shut down.

Duo wriggled free and turned around. His eyes took in the sight of Heero licking softly at the head of Quatre's cock while the blonde writhed gently beneath him. His own cock swelled further and he needed to be free of his clothes. Swiftly he pulled his jeans over his hips and tossed them aside, the tip of his arousal peeked out from under the scrap of fabric he wore as underwear and seconds later, it too was also removed. The shirt was shrugged from broad shoulders and met the same fate as his other clothes; now naked, he quickly snapped the tie to his hair and let it envelop him before sinking back into the couch. He turned slightly sideways so as to watch his lovers. Raising one leg, bent at the knee against the back of the couch, his other leg trailing off the side, he spread his legs wide and reached between them to cup his balls, rolling them gently in his palm before grasping his shaft and pumping as he watched the two beautiful men before him.

Heero could see Duo's actions out the corner of his eye and his erection jumped as he watched the violet eyed man stroke himself. Abandoning Quatre's cock he shuffled over the carpet on his knees and positioned himself by Duo's spread legs. He looked up into swirling amethyst.

"You want my cock, Heero?" Duo purred. He knew how much Heero got turned on when he talked dirty to him. "You want to suck it in that sweet mouth of yours?"

Heero moaned and reached between his own legs to give his straining shaft a few good pumps.

"Then suck it and suck it good," Duo murmured as he turned himself to sit on the edge of the couch. He drew his legs upwards and planted his feet flat on the couch, opening himself up and allowing Heero to bury himself in his groin. "Oh yeah, baby, that's it, take it all...." Duo moaned as his head rolled back.

Quatre removed his boxers as he watched Heero go down on Duo, the noises the American was making fueling his own desire further. He took his erection in his hand and began to stroke its length while he watched the erotic display before him. Not taking his eyes off the pair he scooped up his pants and fiddled around in the pocket, retrieving a small tube from within. He crossed the room and sank to his knees behind Heero.

Heero shifted slightly as he felt Quatre kneel behind him, spreading his own legs and raising his hips upwards to allow Quatre easier access to his body. Quatre ran a soothing hand over the skin of Heero's back noting the small trembles as he caressed the golden flesh. He continued to massage, slowly working his way lower until he was rubbing gently at Heero's buttocks, parting the cheeks slightly and running his fingers along the crevice. Heero moaned around his mouthful as his opening was teased.

Duo added his own moans as Heero's voice vibrated along his shaft and he bucked his hips. He cracked an eye open when he felt hands on his thighs, gently tugging him further down the couch so as his rear was perched right at the very edge. He smiled back at Quatre as he understood what the blonde was doing. He spread his legs wider.

Quatre flipped open the lid and squeezed some of the gel onto his fingers then reached forth and located Heero's hand, smearing the slippery substance on Heero's digits. Grasping Heero's wrist he guided the youth's fingers to Duo's exposed opening and began to rub them over the quivering hole.

Heero caught on after a moment, the understanding piercing his lust fogged mind and he began to tease Duo's body with slick fingers, his mouth continuing to pleasure the velvet shaft as he suckled gently. Rubbing over the tiny opening he pressed a finger inside to stroke the heat of Duo's sheath.

Quatre recaptured the tube and squeezed more gel out, his fingers snaked between Heero's cheeks as he sought the gateway to the chocolate haired man's inner secrets. The tiny ring protested his touch at first but then consented to the invasion and Quatre pushed his finger inside. Heero wriggled back against the touch seeking to draw it deeper into his body.

The three were locked in mindless enjoyment as fingers explored and stretched, preparing for even greater pleasure. Heero slipped a second finger into Duo as his own channel was prodded with a third, his hips jerking back involuntarily as Duo's cock thrust deeper into his throat. Heero suddenly let Duo slip from his mouth as a guttural moan escaped him and stars burst behind his eyelids. His own fingers brushed deep within Duo and the long haired youth joined him in his cries of delight.

Quatre chuckled lightly as he observed his two lovers writhing in pleasure, panting and pleading for more.

"Shit, Heero! I'm gonna cum if you keep that up. I want you inside me," Duo moaned.

"Fuck.... I'm ready, Quatre. Please do it now!" Heero added his own plea's to those of Duo's.

Quatre smiled. "So impatient." He reached for the tube again and spread the cool substance on his fingers. He reached underneath Heero and spread the slickness along the Japanese man's length, pumping and rubbing his thumb across the tip as he did so. Heero's hips thrust into his hand as he coated the shaft. Applying more of the gel to his hand he quickly lubed himself before tossing the tube aside.

While Quatre was coating himself so Duo moved off the couch and lay on his back on the carpet, spreading his legs wide in invitation. Heero didn't need to be asked twice. He hooked the American's legs under the knees and brought them to his shoulders. He settled between Duo's thighs and positioned himself at the entrance that beckoned him. Gently he pushed the head forwards past the loosened muscle and into the welcoming heat of Duo's body, steadily pressing forth until he was seated fully. Then he paused to give Duo a chance to adjust to his girth, bring himself under control and allow Quatre to penetrate him.

Quatre spread Heero's cheeks and with one hand on Heero's hip and the other on the base of his erection he rubbed the tip against Heero's opening, teasing lightly before thrusting forwards and entering the exotic one's most intimate of regions.

Three bodies paused for a moment as each adjusted to taking and being taken. Duo squirmed as he felt Heero's length stretching and filling him, making him complete while Heero panted with double the sensation, his cock burning from Duo's heat while his passage was plundered by the steel of Quatre's cock. Quatre closed his eyes as the sensations washed through him, desperately trying to hold onto some shred of control as he waited for the other two to let him know they were ready.

Duo was the first to move, his hips wriggled as he pushed himself against Heero causing the youth to moan and push back against Quatre. "C'mon, Q, what'cha waiting for? A written invitation? We're ready already, now move..."

Quatre closed his eyes as he pulled himself from Heero's channel causing the Asian to pull from Duo's body, a moan of appreciation followed and then Quatre plunged back in forcing Heero back into Duo's body.

They began to move together, establishing a rhythm, hips rocking in synch as bodies were invaded and plundered, stroked and caressed, filled and deserted. Duo pushed his hips upwards to meet each downward thrust of Heero's pelvis as Quatre pushed deep into the Japanese man. "Agghhh.... That's it, Q-man, fuck us both, fuck us good!" Duo screamed as his prostate was struck.

Heero grunted as he took and was taken, all vocal skills having departed long ago. He knew he wasn't going to last much longer with the double assault to his system. His mind was lost in the pleasure as he was caressed inside and out, the fire inside his gut building in intensity until he thought he would explode from the overload.

Quatre continued to pound into Heero's backside, the velvet walls gripping him with ease, stroking his shaft and squeezing the tip with each advance and retreat. He reached around Heero's hips and took Duo's crying shaft into his hand, sliding his thumb over the tip and spreading the tears to assist in the movement of palm against hardness.

Duo cried out as Quatre began to pump him, the touches to his already sensitive organ driving him even closer to the edge. His hands came up to grip at Heero's arms, nails raking across the skin as he fought to find some form of purchase. The carpet burnt into his back and shoulders as he was relentlessly pumped and pounded into the ground by both lovers.

"Nnnn... Duo... Quatre.... I'm gonna...." Heero panted as he felt the fire of his orgasm build to the point of no return. With a keening cry his seed burned along his length and shot into Duo's channel, the hot liquid connecting with Duo's prostate and sending shudders of pleasure through the violet eyed youth.

As Heero's sheath contracted around him so Quatre found himself poised on the brink, with another thrust he buried himself as deep as he could get, balls pressed against Heero's backside as his essence left his body to be swallowed by Heero's.

The tightening of Quatre's hand around his shaft as Quatre stiffened and released into Heero, combined with the heat of Heero's cum against his prostate sent Duo spiraling into oblivion. With several colorful expletives Duo joined his partners in bliss, his creamy passion spurting from the tiny slit to coat Quatre's hand and his own stomach.

The three slumped as they rode the waves of orgasm, enjoying every moment and reluctant to leave the endomorphic high. Finally they had to move as Duo protested against the weight of the two that were using him as a cushion. Quatre slid from Heero's body and rolled to the side, Heero following suit but lying on the other side of Duo. They snuggled close, enjoying the warmth and intimacy of the after glow together, Duo's head pillowed on Heero's chest while Quatre spooned up against him.

"Mmmm... that was good," Duo purred contentedly.

"I agree," Quatre added sleepily.


They continued to lie, drifting into a light slumber while bodies recovered.

Behind the couch three bunnies watched as the youths drifted in and out of consciousness. Suddenly Hee-bunny gave a small meep of surprise as he was jumped from behind. He turned around to see Duo-bunny grinning maniacally at him as he thrust inside. Before he had a chance to say anything he was confronted by Q-bunny who also wore a mask of lust.

As his mouth and rear were invaded so Hee-bunny could only think of one thing.

"No wonder they call it screwing like rabbits."

~ Owari ~

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