"Number Disconnected "

Written By: ShenLong


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Disclaimer: I don't own the G boys. I just borrow them to play with and return them a whole lot happier. :)

Rating: NC 17

Pairings: 1x1, 2x2, 1x2x1

Warnings: Lemon, language, sap, angst, AU.

Notes: This is a direct sequel to the fic "Call Me". Many people expressed their desire to read a continuation of this fic so after much thought here it is. I hope it doesn't disappoint.

Author: ShenLong

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"Number Disconnected"

January. 2003 ShenLong

Chapter 1

Heero stirred slightly and then woke completely. He was in his bed... but he wasn't alone. The thoughts of the afternoon's activities came flooding back and he smiled. Angel's arm rested lightly upon his waist as his breath brushed over Heero's neck. They were spooned together on Heero's bed and Heero had never felt happier.

He sighed and warmed slightly as he remembered their activities from earlier. Duo had taken him, made him his and Heero felt elated. Finally he had found someone who cared about him for who he was and not just his looks.

Heero shifted slightly as he felt Angel stir. His backside rubbed against Angel and he gasped as he felt Angel's erection press against him. Enjoying the sensation he began to tease a little more, subtle movements of his hips that were enough to arouse but not awaken. He moaned as he felt the organ twitch in response to his wriggles.

Duo surfaced from his nap to feel the warmth of Heero's body against his own and teasing hips pushing against him. He cracked open an eye to meet with the back of messy brown hair and smiled to himself. Wing was certainly a delightful creature and the small squirms intended to arouse him were certainly working. What had happened to the shy, unsure, naive person he had dealt with on the phone and made glorious love to? mused Duo. With an evil smirk he decided it was time for pay back.

Duo registered his arm resting upon Heero's waist and so he flexed his long fingers, pleased to feel them brush lightly across the tip of Heero's own arousal. He snickered lightly as he heard the sharp intake of breath. Reaching a little further he began to trace his fingers along the length and then return to caress the swollen head.

Heero gasped as he felt the touch feather over his cock and his hips moved towards it, seeking more contact. He heard the soft snicker from behind and realized he had been caught out. Slowly he turned around to face his new lover and smiled as he locked gazes with amethyst.

"Feeling a little happy?" came the question.

Heero nodded.

"Want to play some more?"

Heero moaned.

Duo wrapped his fingers firmly around Heero's shaft and began to stroke. "I want you to take me Wing... I want to feel your hot length deep inside my body... I want you to fuck me into the mattress..."

The husky voice caused moans of desire to come from Heero's throat and his cock swelled even more. Having been taken by Angel earlier he now had a pretty good idea of what to do, but still he hesitated a little.

Feeling Wing's slight apprehension Angel took matters into his own hands.... literally. Duo lay on his side and lifted one leg, bending it at the knee and placing his foot flat on the bed. The position opened him up and he felt a ripple of pleasure course through him at the eroticism of it. Grasping Heero's hand with his own he guided Heero's fingers between his legs to brush along his cleft.

Heero studied the heart shaped face in front of him as Duo took his hand and placed his fingers against the cleft of his rear. Still entranced by Duo's face and the emotions passing through those expressive eyes he shivered, then began to stroke teasingly along the crevice, pleased to feel the answering tremble. Pure pleasure lit up those angelic features and Heero smiled.

Duo closed his eyes and let himself flow with the touch. Tingles ran along his spine as his entrance was teased with the promise of things to come. He retained enough of his mind to grope around the bed covers to locate the tube of gel. He flipped the lid and brought the tube forward for Heero to see.

Nodding in affirmation, Heero withdrew his touch for a moment to allow Duo to coat his fingers with the slippery substance and then swiftly returned them to their gentle teasing.

Duo moaned and tossed his head back. Finally finding his voice he spoke in a soft sultry tone. "Ohhh Wing, your fingers feel so good against my skin."

Heero's breathing hitched a little as the words graced his ears.

"Please Wing, don't tease me.... slip your finger inside me... I need it, I want to feel it deep in my body. Stroke me, stretch me, prepare me to take your thick shaft deep in me. Ohh gods... I need you to fuck me, Wing."

Heero gently slipped a finger past the tight ring of muscle and into the heat that was Duo. He gasped slightly at the tightness and warmth then quickly plunged his finger deeper.

"Yes!... That's it, Wing. Deeper.... push it in deeper. Ahhhhh.... now work it around, loosen me up so I can take all of that delicious cock of yours. I need it, Wing.... and soon."

The soft mewling cries that were coming from Angel set Heero's blood on fire. His cock pulsed and throbbed between his legs and he ached to be seated inside that warmth. Angel's husky voice was turning him on again, just like it had when he had placed those calls and he plunged a second finger deep inside, rotating and moving them to stretch the tight heat. He pushed forward again and brushed against that secret spot that caused Angel's hips to buck in response.

"Ahhh.... Yes!... that's it baby. Right there," moaned Duo.

Heero continued to work his fingers in and out as he brought his other hand around to where Duo's erection stood firmly to attention, crying with need. His finger ghosted over the slit, he scooped up a little of the dripping pre come on the tip of his index finger and raised it to his mouth. He stared at Duo's lust filled face as he darted his tongue out to lap at the dew.

Duo cried out as Heero's fingers brushed his sensitive head. His eyes opened to observe fingers as they brought his essence to ruby lips and a tongue darted out to taste the nectar. He moaned softly as fingers continued to fuck him while Wing's other hand and mouth sought to torment his visual sense. He began to push back on those digits, trying to drive them further inside himself. It had been a while since he had been taken and he was longing to feel the pulse of Heero's length deep inside his channel.

Satisfied with the response he was eliciting, Heero leaned forward and brushed his lips tenderly over Angel's. The kiss was electric and Angel's lips reached for more.

"You're a fast learner, my Wing," murmured Duo.

"I have a good teacher," came the sultry reply.

"Then show me what else you have learnt."

"You want me, Angel?" Heero's voice was teasing as he tried to play the object of his desire at his own game.

"Yes, I want you," growled Duo softly.

"You want me to ram myself deep inside that warm passage of yours?"

Duo shivered. "Ohhh gods yes.... Please, Wing, take me now.... I'm ready."

Heero felt the emotion well inside. Placing that phone call had been the best risk he had ever taken. He reached for the lube as he withdrew his fingers.

Duo rolled onto his back and drew his knees up close to his body, spreading his legs wide in invitation. He let a hand trail downwards to fondle himself as he watched through heavy lidded eyes as Heero lubed his length. "Mmmmm.... come on baby, don't make me wait. I need you inside, I want to feel that thick shaft penetrate me, nail me to the bed."

Heero's breath caught in his throat as he quickly lubed himself. He was so hard with need he thought he would explode. The sight of Angel spread open in invitation, gently fondling himself drove his mind to madness with need and desire. Not game to touch himself any more than absolutely necessary, he tossed the tube aside and guided his shaft to the waiting entrance. With the tip resting gently against that tight hole he paused to stare into lust filled violet. "Is this what you want, Angel?" he murmured as he rubbed the head of his cock against Duo's entrance.

"Ohhh... gods yes. Please, Wing, it's been too long since I have been filled. I want your cock inside, I want to feel it stroking my passage, hitting my sweet spot and driving me wild with pleasure. Take me, claim me... I'm yours."

With a low growl Heero began to press forward, the tight muscle determined to keep him out despite the prep; but Heero was equally as determined to penetrate and enter paradise. His body trembled as the muscle gave way and his tip slipped inside. Instant heat wrapped itself around him, setting him on fire and he had to still for a moment or risk shooting his load before he had even gotten fully seated. He closed his eyes and waited.

Duo watched Wing's features intently. A small smile graced his lips as he observed the tide of emotion sweep across that sweet face. He felt the ripple of pleasure course through Wing's body as he struggled to regain control over it.

With control now back in place, Heero continued his slow advance until he was completely sheathed inside that tight passage. He opened his eyes and stared deep into amethyst that shone with need. He searched for any signs of pain but could only read pleasure. Slowly he began his retreat, feeling the strength in that muscular passage as it stroked and caressed his length. "Ohhh Angel. So tight... so good...."

Duo thrust his hips upwards as Heero began his re-entry, pulling his lover in deep. He groaned with the intensity of their coupling and craved more. "Please, Wing... give me more. Let me feel that length pushing in as far as you can. Ohh... gods you feel so good."

Heero began to build his rhythm. Strokes increased in length and depth as he began to dance to the age old tune. Time and time again he sank into the warmth, Duo's passage tight around him, muscles rippling with the effort as he drove his lover mad with need.

Duo was ready to pass out from the sensations. It had been far too long since he had experienced anything as good as this. He had thought Wing's cock would feel good in him but nothing had prepared him for the unbridled passion the Japanese man had evoked. He felt as if he were drowning in a sea of lust and passion.... And he didn't want to surface.

Heero regained enough of his senses to reach between their sweating bodies and locate Angel's weeping cock. He curled his fingers around the length and began to pump in time with his thrusts.

Angel threw back his head and arched his back as Heero's hand caressed his length. He screamed Heero's name as he felt the head of Wing's arousal brush his prostate and send sparks dancing behind tightly closed eyelids. He felt as if he was standing on the edge of a cliff, teetering on the brink and all he wanted to do was tip over and fly. He ground his hips savagely as he pushed deeper into Wing's hand. Determined to bring his gorgeous lover soaring with him, he began to work the muscles of his passage, flexing and releasing around Wing's searing length and increasing the pleasure ten fold.

Heero cried out as he felt the warm passage massaging him. The spasms of Duo's channel working his length with precision, driving him higher until he could take no more. His hand tightened on Duo's cock as he desperately fought to hold his climax, knowing the effort would be futile. With a keening cry he leapt from the edge and flew.

Angel whimpered with need as Wing's hand tightened its grip and drew him ever closer to the edge. Still working his inner muscles he felt Heero's control slip and body tremble as a cry of pure ecstasy left his lips to join with Heero's scream of bliss. He felt the hot seed pump inside as his own burst forth and they tipped over the precipice and took flight into nirvana.

Heero continued to pump the slick length in his hand, drawing every last drop of fluid from his lover before collapsing onto Angel's sweaty chest. Arms wrapped themselves around him and held him close as he enjoyed the last tingles of his orgasm. Feeling himself slipping from Duo's channel he sighed and rolled over to his side, Duo instinctively following him.

Lying entwined as their heart rates returned to normal Duo didn't think he could possibly be any happier. Stroking the soft skin of Wing's back he let himself relax and enjoy the feeling only great lovemaking can bring. He glanced at the clock. Damn! "Uh Wing?"

Heero opened a lazy eye. He was still savouring the post coital bliss and didn't want to return to the present.

"I have to go." Duo placed a tender kiss on Heero's nose.

Okay, now he was fully awake. "Why?" Heero snuggled closer, he didn't want to let the long haired beauty from his embrace.

Angel chuckled. "As much as I would love to stay in bed with you I have to go to work."

"Stuff work."

Duo smiled as he gently pulled away from Heero's arms. "I have to eat and pay the bills, unfortunately making love all day won't do that for me."

Heero growled at the loss of the warmth. "I know. I wish you could stay." Heero rolled over and watched as his new lover found his clothes and began to dress himself. His mind wandered back to Duo's job and he found that little green monster raising its ugly head once more. Quickly he pushed it away. "Can I see you again, Angel?"

Duo zipped up his pants and turned towards the beauty still on the bed. His hand reached out and caressed a cheek. "I'd like that Wing," he smiled.

Heero sighed and leaned into the touch. "When?"

"I have Wednesday's and Thursday's off."

Heero frowned. "I work Monday to Friday."

"I'm sure we can arrange something, Wing, but I need to tell you that we have to keep these meetings secret. If my work was to find out I have been dating a client then I will lose my job and I can't afford to do that, Wing."

"Hai. I understand." Heero knew that Duo had taken a big risk in agreeing to meet him in the first place and he didn't want Duo to get into trouble on his account; didn't mean he had to like it though. "So, when can I see you again?"

Duo smiled again and reached to place a tender kiss on Heero's lips. "Call me."

Heero's eyes slid shut as Duo's lips pressed against his.

"Now I really have to be going my beautiful Wing." Duo slung his jacket over his shoulder and slipped his feet into his boots. Heero got up from the bed and without bothering to cover his nakedness followed Angel to the door.

"I'll miss you, Angel." Heero reached for and claimed Duo's lips in a searing kiss.

Returning the kiss, Duo felt his heart swell. "I'll miss you too, Wing. Don't forget... Call me?"

"I will, Angel, I will."

Reluctantly, Heero allowed Angel to leave and then headed for the bathroom for a much needed shower.

~ oOo ~

Duo let himself into his apartment. Just enough time for a shower before he needed to head to work. He stripped himself off and stood under the warm spray. Water coursed over his body removing the traces of the earlier lovemaking. Duo felt a little sore but it was a happy reminder of his earlier encounter. Soaping over the hard planes of his chest his mind continued to play back the previous few hours. He had fallen hard for Wing and he knew it. Problem was he couldn't tell anyone about it. Well not yet anyway. If his bosses ever found out then that would be the end of his job and Duo wasn't sure he was ready to leave the company just yet.

Leaving the shower he quickly dried off and got dressed for work. He worked the nights and the weekends as that was when they received most of their calls and his popularity was so that his phone never stopped. He barely had time to swallow a drink before the next caller was on the line. Re-braiding the mass of hair he located his sneakers and slipped them on. All finished he grabbed his keys and once again left the apartment.

Arriving at the building where he worked a few minutes later he locked his car and went inside. "Evening Mishka." He nodded to the girl at the switchboard.

"Hello Angel. Had a good day?" she inquired politely.

"Yeah. I had a rather interesting day." Duo couldn't help the smile from forming as he thought back to his afternoon with Wing.

"That's what I like to hear." smiled Mishka in return. She noted the look of happiness in those amethyst eyes. Angel seemed a little more.... satisfied? "Your presence is required in five minutes."

"Okay. I'll just go grab a drink and then I'll be set."

"Let me know when you're ready."

Duo headed through the door to the side and down the hall way to the small staff room at the end. He dumped his keys and wallet in his locker before grabbing his time card and clocking in. Retrieving a large bottle of water from the staff 'fridge he headed to the room numbered 2 and tried to prepare himself for the evening ahead. He placed the bottle on the small stand and picked up the phone. He dialled the reception number to let Mishka know he was ready for his shift and then sat back in the large chair. Taking a drink from the bottle he began the task of settling his mind ready for his first client.

He didn't have to wait long. The light flashed and the phone beeped to indicate the first of what was undoubtedly going to be many customers for the evening. Slipping on the mask he picked up the receiver and allowed his husky voice to do its job.

~ oOo ~

Heero emerged from the shower feeling fresh. He dried off and pulled on a pair of cut off denim shorts, leaving the rest of his skin open to the air. He looked at the rumpled state of the bed and smiled. The afternoons activities had certainly been *fun*. As reluctant as he was, he stripped the bed and placed the soiled sheets in the laundry hamper and fetched some clean ones. Having made the bed he headed for the kitchen and made himself a cup of coffee.

Taking the cup of steaming liquid through to the lounge room he switched on the television and flipped idly through the channels. Various programmes passed his scrutiny only to be switched in favour of another. Finally Heero gave up. His mind was too preoccupied with the afternoon of mind blowing sex to allow him to concentrate on anything else. He stood and walked over to the window and stared out into the dark night. Lights twinkled and flashed indicating the continuous flow of humanity around him and yet he was oblivious to it all. He could only focus on a pair of amethyst eyes, husky voice and face lined with pleasure.

Sipping at his coffee he wondered just when he should ring Angel again. With a start he realized he didn't have Angel's home phone number or address. The only form of contact he had with the man was through the agency. Well he would wait a couple of days and then call, hopefully Angel would give him his contact details then.

Placing the empty cup into the sink Heero went through to his bedroom and fetched his clothes from the closet ready for the next day at work. Brushing his teeth he again wondered what Angel was doing. He wondered if the other customers were as turned on by Angel's voice as he had been, if any of them did it for Angel. He frowned at that thought. Angel had told him no one had ever *done* it for him until Heero.... Duo didn't lie either.... But Heero couldn't help the stab of jealousy from piercing his heart as he thought of Angel's voice caressing and coaxing others to climax.

Rinsing his mouth and placing the brush back in the holder he changed into his pajamas and slipped between the cool sheets. Lying in the darkness awaiting sleep he was sure he could still smell Duo's scent. He burrowed his head into the pillow and breathed deeply. "Yes Heero old son, you have fallen hard." he thought to himself as he drifted off into wonderful dreams where Angel was doing all sorts of wicked things to his body.

~ oOo ~

Duo hung up the receiver and sighed to himself. Running his fingers through his bangs he reached for the water bottle and emptied its contents in one swift gulp. He was glad his shift was over. He was tired and longed for his bed, the day's activities having left him a little drained. The sex had been wonderful. Wing, so sweet and innocent, had delighted in everything Duo had done to him and had been eager to return the pleasure. Having to come into work and whisper words of seduction down the line to people he didn't know had taken the last of his reserves. He exited the small room and fetched his keys and wallet, clocking off as he did so. Tossing the empty water bottle into the trash he nodded goodnight to Mishka and some of the other employees before heading home.

Unlocking the door to his apartment he went straight through to his bedroom and collapsed onto the bed. "Wing." he murmured. His mind supplied him with pictures of Heero lying naked and spread before him, of Heero flushed with excitement as Duo touched him, Heero, face twisted in passion as he took Duo.... Duo moaned and rolled over onto his back. His groin tightened as he remembered the feeling of Wing inside his channel, thrusting deep. He licked his lips and the taste of Wing came back stronger than ever to taunt him.

Quickly Duo stood and stripped himself of his clothes. He slid into the bed completely naked, sporting another impressive erection. With the events of earlier playing through his mind Duo quickly stroked himself to completion, moaning Heero's name as he shot his release over his hand and stomach. Hand slowly stilling as he came down from his orgasmic high Duo hoped fervently that Heero would call him... and soon.

~ oOo ~

The week at work passed relatively quickly for Heero. His work was satisfying and demanded his total concentration. The company that employed him wrote their own computer software programs and Heero was one of their best designers. Heero was proud of his skills and had come up with a variety of programs to suit anyone from the largest company demanding state of the art security to the casual user who needed minimal protection. In his spare time Heero would tinker around at home on his own lap top, designing various computer games and programs purely to entertain.

He hadn't called Duo as yet, knowing the other man wasn't at work on the Wednesday or Thursday, so he waited until the Friday evening when he knew Angel would surely be there. Entering his apartment after a long day he quickly made himself some dinner before taking a shower. Stepping from the shower clad only in a towel he glanced at the clock. It would be another half an hour before Angel started his shift. Heero pulled on a pair of shorts and went to clean and tidy up the apartment.

Satisfied all was neat and tidy Heero went back through to his bedroom and picked up the phone. He dialled the now familiar number and waited patiently for the call to connect. He didn't have to wait long.

"Good evening and welcome to Hot Line Fantasies, this is Mishka speaking, how may I help you?"

"Hello Mishka, this is Wing calling."

"Wing. How delightful to hear from you again. I'm guessing you would like another session with Dark Angel?" Mishka's voice was warm and friendly.

"Hai I would please."

The smile on Mishka's face was passed down the line in her voice. "I think that can be arranged Wing. Please hold the line for a moment."

Heero sat on the bed while he waited. Corny music floated down the ear piece in an attempt to keep him company. But that wasn't the company he wanted. Mishka's voice soon returned. "I'm sorry to keep you waiting Wing, Dark Angel is busy with another client at the moment, is there anyone else I can connect you with?"

Heero felt his heart plummet with those words. He tried hard to keep the disappointment and jealousy out of his tone. "No. That's okay Mishka. I really don't want to talk to anyone else."

"I see. I'm sorry, Dark Angel is one of our most requested people."

"Hai. I know."

"Look Wing, I'm not supposed to say this but he will be finished with this client in about another ten minutes. If you want to hold I can put you through next."

Heero felt his heart rise again. "Hai. I will hold. Thank you Mishka."

"No problem Wing. I can tell by your voice that you are totally taken with his methods of phone talk."

Heero felt the flush rise. "Hai. He certainly has a way with his speech."

Mishka laughed. "Oh yes, that he does. He has a velvet tongue if ever I heard one."

"Oh his mouth and tongue were equally as good at doing other things." thought Heero.

"I'll pop you back on hold Wing, I have other clients to deal with but it won't be too much longer."

"Thank you." Heero listened to the outdated music once again.

A few minutes later, but what seemed to be hours to Heero, Mishka came back on the line. "I'm connecting you now Wing." The line went silent for a moment and then Heero was listening to that husky voice once more.

"Hello Wing. I have been waiting for you to call me."

"Ohh Angel. I have missed you so much."

"As I have missed you my sweet Wing."

"I wonder if we can see each other again Angel... This weekend if it's possible?"

There was a moments hesitation before Angel spoke once more. "I'd like that Wing but I have to be careful."

Heero growled softly. "I know. Could you come to my place again?"

"I'll come tomorrow morning if that's okay Wing." I'll definitely *come* tomorrow morning, as will you Wing. Duo thought wickedly to himself

"Hai. I look forward to it."

"So tell me Wing, have you touched yourself this week? Have you had wet dreams about me?" Duo figured that Heero was paying for this call and his time so he might as well give the man some pleasure from the call.

Heero moaned. "Yes I have Angel. Each morning I wake up as hard as a rock and it's all because of you."

Duo reached between his legs to palm the growing hardness he felt there. "Ohh Wing.... I have been dreaming of your tight body all week. Feeling it caress my cock as I thrust deep inside you."

Heero moaned again and reached for the zipper on his shorts. "What are we going to do this weekend Angel?"

"Ahhhh... I'm going to seduce you Wing. I am going to pleasure your body with my fingers and tongue, I intend to explore every inch of that delightful skin and drive you to heights you haven't dreamed about." Duo lowered the zipper on his pants and reached inside to fondle the hardened flesh.

"Nnnn.... Angel, I can't wait to feel your touch upon my skin, to feel your shaft buried inside me, stroking me from the inside."

Duo closed his eyes as his erection throbbed harder. "Ohh Wing, are you touching yourself?"


"Good. I can't help but touch myself for you. You turn me on so much baby. My cock is pulsing with need, the head is wet and all I want to do is have it buried deep inside your body."

Heero pushed his shorts over his hips and allowed his cock to spring free. Nudging the shorts down to his ankles he withdrew one leg and then spread himself open. His hand began to pump the shaft, every so often his thumb would swipe across the tip to spread the leaking moisture. "I need you Angel." he panted.

"I need you too my Wing. I want to feel your hands upon my shaft, I want your lips wrapped around the head of my cock, I want you to suck me Wing, take me deep in your throat as I play with your cock and stretch that tight opening to take my length."

Heero's hand flew faster over his shaft, squeezing and pumping for all he was worth. His eyes slid shut as he visualised Angel doing just what he had said. Breathing became harder as his hips bucked and pushed towards the pinnacle.

"Ohh Wing... Suck me deeper, lick the head for me as I plunge my fingers inside your tight heat." Duo's hand was stroking firmly as he strove to reach his own end.

"Angel... I'm gonna..."

"That's it Wing. Stroke yourself harder for me, work the shaft, feel my tongue as it teases the slit when I taste you. I'm sucking lightly on the head of your cock, swirling my tongue around the ridge as you leak into my mouth. I want more Wing, I want you to send your essence down my throat. I want to drink from you baby."

Heero's eyes squeezed closed as his hand tightened further on his shaft. The pleasure was unbelievable and he enjoyed every moment of it. The heat built in his groin until he could take no more. "Ahhh... Nggg....."

Duo heard Wing's moans as he found his release and moments later added his own cries of completion to those of his caller. With the last few ripples of pleasure passing through his system so Duo returned reluctantly to the here and now and the sticky mess that covered his hand. "Ohh Wing... As much as I enjoyed that I would rather feel your flesh against mine for real." he purred.

Heero lay sated on his bed, his thick creamy seed coating his stomach and hand. His mind was still fogged from the intensity of his orgasm and he vaguely heard Angel's words. "Ohh Angel, I long to be with you again, to feel your touch, your lips, have you take me..."

"I will be there with you tomorrow Wing and then we can explore all over again."

"I can't wait Angel. What time will I expect you?"

"I'll be there for breakfast." came the chuckle.

"I will be waiting."

The bell sounded along the line interrupting the talk and warning them of the impending disconnection. "I will see you in the morning Wing."

"Hai. I will be waiting for you Angel."

The call was terminated and Heero held the receiver for a few more moments before placing it back in the cradle. He looked at the mess he had made and smiled. With a light heart he went back into the bathroom and fetched a washcloth to clean himself up with.

Angel replaced the phone and quickly cleaned himself off. Zipping up his pants he ran a hand over his sweaty, flushed face before taking a drink of water and trying to settle himself back into the mask of his profession. The phone flashed and beeped again alerting him of yet another caller. Reluctantly he picked up the small hand piece and listened before speaking in his usual seductive tone. "Hello Lightning..."

~ oOo ~

Chapter 2

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