"Family Ties"

Written By: ShenLong

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Disclaimer: I don't own the G Boys, I just borrow them from time to time and return them a whole lot happier. I do own the plot line and any other characters that appear here that are not in the Gundam Wing Universe; please do not take them without permission. Written for pleasure not profit.

Warnings: Angst, sap, fluff, violence, Mpreg.

Rating: NC 17

Pairings: 1x2x1, 3x4x3, 5xS, HxOC

Summary: Sequel to Chimaera. Life in the Yuy-Maxwell household has undergone some big changes when Duo brings Keitaro home from the hospital. Hilde's wedding is approaching and the guys find there's more to this baby business than they thought. Struggling to raise a child, work at Preventer and keep the home happy is certainly a trial for both guys. Add an assassin's threats to prominent government officials' lives and both men find their lives are suddenly changed. Just how far will one go to protect the ones he loves?

Dedication: To all my lovely readers out there who enjoyed Chimaera and have since begged, threatened, pleaded, bribed and blackmailed me for a sequel. ^_^

"Family Ties"

January. 2007 ShenLong

A small smile graced Duo's lips as he stared lovingly into the cot and the sleeping form under the blanket. He reached in and smoothed the edge, hand lingering for a second as a finger couldn't resist and traced lightly over the tiny cheek. The babe snuffled and wrinkled its small nose before settling again.

Strong arms wrapped themselves around Duo's waist, a kiss was bestowed on a creamy neck and Duo leaned back into the arms of his husband. "You should be resting."

"I am," came Duo's soft reply.

Heero gave a quiet chuckle. "Resting means off your feet." Gently, Heero took Duo's hand and led his lover to their bed where he sat beside the long haired man. "Everything okay?"

"I'm fine, Heero. Stop worrying so much."

Duo slipped back under the covers, allowing Heero to pull them up and over him before he sat down again. "Anything I can get for you?" Heero asked as he moved to pick up the half full jug of water on the night stand.

"A ticket to freedom?"

Heero frowned. "What do you mean by that?"

"Heero, not that I don't appreciate you and all, but stop fussing over me. Sally wouldn't have discharged me if she thought I would end up getting hurt. I'm not doing anything she told me I couldn't do," Duo stated, clearly annoyed at his husband's protectiveness.

"I'm sorry. I don't mean to smother you, but..."

"Come here."

Heero lay down beside his husband and allowed himself to be cuddled, reciprocating with his own arms, burying his head against Duo's chest and listening to the strong heartbeat.

"Sally said that I'm healing up just right. The stitches can come out in a couple of days and I'm to try and get some exercise as long as it's gentle exercise. I'm following her orders and not doing anything my body isn't capable of. If I feel tired or sore, I stop and take a break. Most of the time I'm either sitting or lying down anyway."

Heero knew that Duo spoke the truth, but he couldn't help but worry.

"I know you're just concerned, you don't want me to injure myself, but I have to take care of Keitaro too." Duo's voice softened at the name of his son.

Sally had discharged Duo from the hospital with the newborn after eight days. She'd wanted to be certain that Duo's body was healing and the man was comfortable in handling the baby. She'd had her concerns but found them to be redundant when she'd observed the man with his son. Duo was a natural parent; he seemed to have an inner instinct when it came to his child, something all mothers appeared to have. With Nurse Brown returning to the mansion with the three, Sally knew there wouldn't be cause for concern. Nurse Brown would keep her eagle eye on Duo and make sure he didn't stress himself. Now if only she could have been that confident regarding Heero.

Heero had been treated for his injuries sustained whilst on the assignment to rescue Quatre and other vital people when a terrorist group took them hostage. Heero's body with its enhancements had healed rather quickly, not that Sally had been surprised. The stitches were still in Heero's bicep, the wound sustained from the shattered glass healing well. The bullet wound had also closed up and Heero walked with only a slight limp. Sally had pronounced Heero fit to leave, hoping he wouldn't smother Duo too much.

Heero was trying hard not to mother Duo, but it wasn't easy. A small whimper from the cot had Heero jumping to his feet. He walked over to the cot where the baby was starting to stir.

“Hey, Keitaro,” Heero cooed as he carefully pulled the blanket back and lifted the baby from inside. Cradling the infant in his arms, he brought the child over to the bed where Duo waited, having propped himself up in a sitting position, pillows behind him. Heero handed the baby over, Duo taking the child and cuddling the tiny body close to his chest.

“I'll go make him a bottle,” Heero said quietly.

“Thanks.” Duo stroked a finger over the warm cheek of the child, soothing the cries.

Heero slipped quietly from the room and headed for the kitchen. Opening the 'fridge, he removed the jug of formula he'd made up earlier. Fetching a bottle, he poured in the recommended amount and then popped the bottle into a saucepan of water to heat. It didn't take long and once the milk was warm, he placed the cap over the teat and returned to their bedroom.

While Heero was fetching and heating the bottle, Duo got out of the bed and walked over to the change table. Some of Keitaro's things had been brought into their room for now, once Keitaro was a little older and sleeping through the night they would put the stuff back in the nursery. Laying the baby down, Duo removed the blanket Keitaro was wrapped in and the press studs on the small jump suit were popped open, Duo carefully sliding Keitaro's legs from inside.

“You're a little wet there, sunshine,” Duo soothed as he proceeded to unpin the diaper, having removed the protective pants first.

Keitaro blinked.

Removing the wet diaper, Duo reached for the baby wipes and gently wiped over Keitaro's legs, bottom and groin. Tossing the soiled wipe into the bin, Duo grabbed a fresh diaper and positioned it underneath the baby, lifting Keitaro a little and then settling the child again. His fingers worked swiftly to secure the diaper, checking it wasn't too tight or loose before slipping the babe's legs into a pair of clean, fluffy, protective pants then back into the jump suit and redoing the press studs. With the diaper changed, Duo placed the wet one and the accompanying wet pants into a bag ready to be taken to the laundry and put to soak, then climbed back onto the bed, reclining again into the pillows and waiting for his husband to return with the bottle.

Keitaro felt more comfortable now and gave a soft sigh. His stomach still felt empty and he whimpered softly.

"Won't be long, Keitaro. Your daddy is warming your bottle now for you and he will be back with it in a few minutes," Duo said quietly as he soothed the baby with words and gentle rocking.

Heero returned with the bottle and handed it over to his husband, a smile on his face as he watched Duo position the teat at the baby's mouth. Little lips parted and hungrily pulled the teat inside, Keitaro sealing his mouth around the rubber and sucking hard. The warm milk began to flow down his throat and into his belly, settling the empty feeling.

Content to sit and watch, Heero thought again how lucky he was.

Once Keitaro had drunk his fill, Heero took the baby and burped him. Checking the diaper was still dry and there was no more wind to be brought up, Heero settled the child into the cot again, pulling the blanket up and making sure Keitaro was safe and warm.

Satisfied all was well with his son, Heero returned to the bed and his husband. "Hilde called earlier."

"She did? Why didn't you tell me she was on the phone?"

"You were sleeping and I didn't want to wake you."

"I guess I can forgive you this time then." Duo shifted a little. "What did she want?"

"She just called to check up on you, make sure you're not overdoing things."

Duo snorted.

"She also wanted to check that everything is still okay for the wedding."

Duo closed his eyes for a moment. "I hope you said yes."

"Hai. I did. She's coming earth side again in about two weeks to pick up the last of the bits she needs for the wedding. I hope you don't mind, but I invited her to stay with us whilst she's here."

"That's fine, Heero. It will be good to see her again. She hasn't seen Keitaro yet, just the pictures we sent and no doubt she's been driving Mark up the wall to come and see him," Duo chuckled.

Heero laughed. "I'm surprised she wasn't on the first shuttle flight she could get once she got the news!"

"Probably would have been. Hmmm... I wonder what Mark did to persuade her to wait?"

"He probably threatened to call the wedding off," Heero suggested with an evil smirk.

"Wouldn't surprise me," Duo snickered.

Nurse Brown knocked lightly on the door and stuck her head around when given the all clear. "I just want to check Duo's wound site," the nurse said.

"Come on in," Duo replied. "Keitaro's asleep and I was about to take a nap myself."

The nurse bustled in. "I won't take long," she said as she stood beside the bed, waiting for Heero to move.

"I'll go start the dinner preparations," Heero stated and pressed a quick kiss to Duo's lips. "You rest and I'll be back up soon." Picking up the used bottle and soiled garments from Keitaro's diaper change, Heero left the room.

"Right. Let's check those stitches, shall we?"

* * *

Hilde unbuckled her seat belt and grabbed her bag from the overhead locker, stepping into the aisle and jostling with all the other people who were just as eager to get off the shuttle as she was. Shuffling along, she was soon off the craft and making her way to baggage collection and then customs. Paperwork in hand, she cleared customs and followed the well known corridors to the doors and through to where people milled around awaiting the passengers. Her head moved from side to side, eyes scanning the crowd and finally spotting a familiar mop of chocolate hair.


Heero had similarly been scanning the arriving passengers for Hilde and spotted her at the same time she called his name. He pushed his way through the crowd and swept the woman into a hug. Releasing her and putting her back on the ground, Heero held Hilde at arms length and appraised her. “You're looking good, Hilde. Mark's been looking after you properly then?”

Hilde laughed. “Mark takes good care of me, no chance of working overtime or anything along those lines. You're looking well yourself. Married life certainly agrees with you. How's Duo and my nephew?”

“They're both fine and eager to see you.” Picking up Hilde's luggage, Heero escorted the woman he'd begun to think of as a sister to the waiting pick up in the car park. Once they were inside the vehicle and heading for the mansion, Hilde began to ask the questions she'd had on hold until they were alone.

“How is Duo really doing? Is he okay? The baby well? And what about you? That stunt you pulled on that assignment must have had Duo in fits of worry.”

“Whoa, slow down, Hilde,” Heero chuckled. “Duo is doing just fine. His stitches came out just over a week ago and Sally said he's healed up well. All his insides are functioning normally and have returned to their pre-pregnant state and place. Keitaro is gaining weight and is just like any other normal, healthy three week old baby.” Heero's voice softened as he spoke of his son. “Hilde, Keitaro is just perfect. He's such a good baby, doesn't cry or get upset unless he's hungry or needs changing. He sleeps most of the time and is so soft and warm to cuddle.”

Hilde's face took on a warm expression as she listened to Heero speak of his child. “You're one lucky guy, Heero.”

“I know. I have a wonderful, loving husband and now a sweet, baby son. Hilde, all my life I've wondered what it was like to have a family, to be loved and cherished unconditionally. I never thought I would ever experience that, but Duo...” Heero paused for a moment and then continued. “Duo, he's charming, gentle, kind and so giving, he's taught me how to love, how to accept my emotions and act on them. Not only has he done me the honor of becoming my husband, but he's also gifted me with the most precious thing in the world; a son.”

Feeling her eyes watering, Hilde scrabbled in her bag for a tissue. “That's so sweet, Heero. I really hope that Mark and I can have a marriage and relationship that is as happy as yours and Duo's.”

“Mark cares a lot for you, Hilde. I know you will be happy with him. You're both meant for each other.”

“Thanks.” Hilde sniffed a couple of times and then blew her nose. “You didn't answer my other question.”

Damn! Heero thought Hilde had forgotten about that. Seemed he was wrong. "Yes, Duo was worried about me and I still feel terrible about putting him through that." Heero's mind briefly flicked back to the hostage situation and the resulting injuries. He hadn't known Duo would be watching the drama unfold and that the stress of seeing his lover on television along with the accompanying dialog caused Duo to go into labor. With that all behind him now, Heero preferred not to think about it and the 'what could have happened'. "If you don't mind, Hilde, I'd rather not talk about it."

"I understand, Heero. I'm sorry for bringing it back up and causing you any distress." Hilde placed her hand on Heero's arm. She really did feel bad about dragging up what was obviously a bad memory for Heero. She didn't know all the facts behind the assignment, or what had ensued with Duo; but she could read the body language, hear the catch in the voice and that told her it had been very serious. One day she would learn all that had happened, for now she was content to let it slide and not cause any stress for either of her 'brothers'.

"I take it you've healed up okay?"

"Hai. Sally treated me at the hospital for minor wounds and everything is fine now. I've been given the all clear to return to active duty..."

"I hope you're not planning on going back to work straight away! Not when you have a new born baby to take care of, not to mention Duo," Hilde interrupted.

"If I can be allowed to finish?" Heero quirked an eyebrow and his lips twitched in amusement.


"As I was saying, Sally has cleared me for active duty, however, I am entitled to parental leave, the same as any other Preventer agent and I fully intend to take all of it."


Heero shook his head.

"Now, tell me more about my nephew."

* * *

Duo was humming away to himself as he finished bathing Keitaro. The baby was kicking his little legs around as Duo dried him off. It felt good to move his limbs, although he didn't have a lot of control over them right now. At least his movement wasn't restricted anymore, not like it had been when he'd been in his dark, watery world. Each day was filled with new sights, sounds and smells for the baby and he enjoyed the stimulus. Muscles were slowly strengthening as he exercised them, control would soon follow. Whilst his eyes were still learning to focus properly, Keitaro could make out the basic features of his mother; and father. The soothing, low voices were also recognized by the child, the deep rumble of his mother's tone he knew straight away, having heard it for so long while in his mother's body.

Gentle fingers smoothed the talcum powder over the baby's skin. "Feel good to be clean, Keitaro?" Duo asked, knowing he wouldn't get an answer but enjoying talking to his son anyway. Reaching for a clean diaper, Duo placed it under the infant and began to secure it. "Your Otousan will be home soon with your Aunt Hilde," Duo told the baby. "She's going to love you."

Keitaro wriggled and squirmed.

"Steady on there, I'll never get you looking presentable if you keep that up," Duo chuckled, grasping an arm and managing to push it through the armhole of the singlet.

The baby thought this was a great new game and wriggled again, pulling his arms away and then having them flop wildly about as the muscles refused to obey any command.

Duo snickered at the baby's antics. "It's going to be a while before you can control those properly, sunshine." Picking up the pale blue jump suit, Duo managed to get it on the baby with minimal wrestling. Once Keitaro was dressed, Duo lay the infant in the bassinet Heero had purchased and checked he was okay. Knowing his son was safe for the moment, Duo cleaned up the bath things, rinsing out the baby bath and putting it to drain. Once the nursery was tidy again, He carried the bassinet and baby down to the kitchen. Placing the bassinet on the table, he put the kettle on to boil and fetched three mugs out of the cupboard.

A glance at the clock told him Heero should be home somewhere in the next fifteen minutes. Lifting the lid on the slow cooker, Duo stirred the contents inside. Heero had chopped up vegetables and meat that morning, tossing them into the slow cooker along with a red wine casserole base mix and left the dinner to cook. It would mean they could spend more time with Hilde and catching up than having to cook dinner.

Miracle walked into the kitchen and spotting her master, sat at Duo's feet and gave a soft whine. Her nose told her there was something nice cooking, hopefully she would get some of it; if she applied the puppy eyes right.

Sitting on his perch, Barney ruffled his feathers importantly. "What you doing?" the bird squawked.

"Making a coffee, Barney," Duo replied as he poured the boiled water into the cup and stirred the instant coffee around to dissolve it.

"Where's mine, where's mine?" chirped the Weiro.

"You don't drink coffee, Barney."

"Fuck off."

"Barney! That's enough," Duo scolded. He really couldn't blame the bird though, it was his fault that Barney swore. "Miracle, get out from under there."

The dog wiggled out from under the table where she'd been hiding, hoping no one would notice and she'd be able to vacuum up anything that happened to fall on the floor. Too bad her master knew her well.

Rolling his eyes at the dog's antics, Duo opened the 'fridge and fetched a bone from inside. "Here, girl. Would you like a nice, juicy bone to chew on?"

Miracle's eyes lit up at the sight of the big bone her master held. She sat down and raised a paw.

"Come on then, you can have it outside." Duo walked towards the back door, Miracle hot on his heels. Opening the door, Duo waited for Miracle to walk through and then passed the dog the bone. Opening her mouth, Miracle gently took the offered bone and trotted off to the lawn to gnaw at it. Duo turned and went back to the kitchen table to check on Keitaro.

The babe was awake, little eyes darting about and trying to make sense of the jumbled images it was seeing. A familiar face came into view and the baby gurgled.

"Not tired?" Duo asked as he stroked a finger over the baby's cheek. With a smile, Duo lifted the infant out and cradled him in his arms. The sound of an approaching car had Duo looking up and a smile graced his lips. "That sounds like your daddy and Aunt Hilde, Keitaro," Duo mused. "What say we go and meet them?"

"Heero's home, Heero's home," Barney announced importantly.

"Thank you for the news bulletin, Barney," Duo replied dryly.

"Fuck off," Barney chirped.

"I think I'll have to see what I can do about duct taping your beak shut."

"Pretty boy, give us a kiss."

"You'll keep."

"Only in the 'fridge," Barney replied cheekily.

"Who said birds weren't intelligent," Duo muttered as he exited the kitchen, knowing he was losing a verbal sparring match and to a bird of all things!

* * *

Heero turned the pick up into the sweeping driveway after punching in the security code to the gate. Reaching the front of the mansion, he cut the engine just as the front door opened. Heero couldn't help the flood of warmth to his chest as he spotted his husband, child in his arms stepping out to meet them.

Hilde was out of the car in a flash. Seeing Duo stepping out onto the small stoop, she tore up the steps. Noticing the infant in his arms, Hilde forewent the bear hug she'd planned on giving her brother, opting for a one armed hug and kiss to Duo's cheek instead. "Duo!" she all but squealed. "It's so good to see you again. And this must be Keitaro." Hilde's eyes went misty as she stared at the bundle in Duo's arms.

"Hilde, it's wonderful to see you again too. Yes, this is our son, Keitaro." Duo pulled the protective blanket down a little to expose the baby's face. "Keitaro, meet your Aunt Hilde."

Hilde didn't miss the sound of pride in Duo's voice when he said 'our son'. She smiled and cooed softly. "Duo, he's gorgeous. Ohhh, look at that hair." Hilde reached out and gently ran a finger through the thick locks. "He's got your hair, Heero," Hilde said quietly. "Although there does seem to be a few chestnut highlights in there too."

The baby opened his mouth in a yawn then snuggled back into his blanket.

"Have his eyes settled on their color yet?" Hilde asked, trying to see the baby's eyes.

"They are starting to settle. Sally thinks they will be a lighter blue than Heero's but have a slightly violet hue to them."

"The best from both worlds," Hilde snickered.

"Yeah, you could say that," Duo replied with a grin.

"Duo? May I hold him, please?"

Duo smiled. "Of course you can."

Hilde opened her arms up to welcome the child into them, Duo passing the infant over carefully, making sure to cradle the head. Heero hovered behind, he couldn't help his protective streak. This was his son and he wasn't taking any chances of the baby being hurt; not that Hilde would ever hurt him.

"Hey, little one," Hilde cooed and gently eased the blanket back a little from the baby's face.

Keitaro yawned and blinked. He knew instinctively that this wasn't one of his parents holding him. He gave a soft whimper.

Heero twitched, Duo lay a hand on his husband's arm. "Keitaro is fine, Heero," he said quietly and nodded to Hilde and their son.

Hilde stood with the child, gently rocking him in her arms. Keitaro gave a soft sigh and closed his eyes, drifting off to sleep.

"Let's go inside, we have a lot to catch up on," Duo said softly and led the way into the mansion.

Hilde followed, still cradling the sleeping baby while Heero fetched the bags.

~ * ~



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