"On The Other Side Of The Window"

Written By: ShenLong

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Disclaimer: I don't own the G Boys, I just borrow them to play with and return them a whole lot happier. :)

Rating: NC 17

Warnings: Sap, angst, Lemon, Lime, voyeurism, exhibitionism, PWP, AU, OOC

Pairings: 1x2x1

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Author: ShenLong

Status: In Progress

~ Indicates flashback ~

Notes: This is the much requested sequel to "Peeping Tom" Originally I hadn't planned on writing one but I have had so many people reply to the fic or e mail me asking for one that I guess I had better write one or risk suffering the threats to my health. >_< I hope it lives up to expectations. Enjoy........

"On The Other Side Of The Window"

April. 2003 ShenLong

Chapter 1


~ Heero felt his heart constrict as he realized his time was up and he would have to return to the real world. He stared once more at the beauty that had totally bewitched him. He wanted to imprint the image into his brain to help him through the hard times he knew were ahead. As he memorized each curve and dip so violet eyes turned to stare once more at him. The expression in them burned into his soul and he knew he would be coming back. He had to find the man behind those haunting eyes.

Without warning the window began to close. ~

End Flashback...

Heero took a few moments to compose himself; then reaching for the tissues, he grabbed a few and began to clean up the sticky mess he had made. He really needed a shower, but that would have to wait. Tossing the tissues into the waste basket, he pulled his jeans and underwear back up and tucked himself away. Tugging his shirt back over his chest and smoothing out the wrinkles, he gave one final check to his form before running a hand through messy, sweat dampened chocolate locks and leaving the room. He walked back down the hallway, mind still full of what he had just witnessed and wishing he could meet the one that had teased him so expertly.

The blonde behind the desk gave him a nod as he exited the door. "Enjoy the show?" he asked with a smirk.

"Hai," Heero replied. He really wasn't in the mood to make small talk. He needed to get out and think, those violet eyes haunting and tormenting his mind. He thought about asking the blonde about the employee, but then changed his mind. They probably had lots of people make similar requests and wouldn't give out details anyway. Heero could see the logic behind that and so he said nothing. He walked to the exit, feeling the blonde's eyes boring into his back and opened the door.

"Come back again soon."

Heero paused, and then without looking back, he left.

The light of the day struck his eyes and he had to blink rapidly as they adjusted from the dark of the building. He shoved his hands into his pockets and wandered back down the street. He knew he had to return home and face his parents and had put it off for long enough. It wasn't going to get any easier so he may as well go home and face the wrath that was sure to hit him and get it over and done with. With a sigh Heero turned for home.

~ * ~

Heero entered the house through the back door, his heart beating wildly as his mouth turned dry. He wasn't sure what to expect and could only hope that his parents had cooled down enough in the time he had been gone to be able to see things much clearer.

"Heero? Is that you?" The voice came from the sitting room and didn't sound too happy.

"So much for cooling off and rational thought," Heero muttered to himself. "Hai. It is I," he replied.

"Come in here, your mother and I wish to talk to you."

Heero obeyed, albeit reluctantly. He entered the small sitting room to find his father with his back to him and his mother sitting, still clutching at her handkerchief. He could tell they had been talking and wondered idly what they had decided. Not that it would change his mind. There was no way he would go through with the arranged marriage. "Yes, father?"

Heero's father turned to face him. The man stood around 6 foot and was broad built. Heero hadn't inherited his height, topping 5' 6" but he had gained the similar physique. More compact and wiry than his father with a strength born of regular exercise and discipline. Still, Kairu Yuy was an imposing figure and his deep blue eyes were cold as they eyed up Heero.

Heero dropped his head and stood just inside the doorway.

"Your mother and I have been talking, Heero. This nonsense is going to stop and stop now. Your bride will be here next week and you will greet her and treat her as tradition dictates. As far as this business of being... being..." Kairu tripped over the words, unable to speak them. "... of not wanting a woman, there will be no further discussion on it. You have the honor of the Yuy name to uphold, and you *will* uphold it. You will marry and produce an heir, it is your duty to do so." Kairu Yuy glared at his son. "You will treat your future wife with the respect she deserves and you will marry her in five weeks time. I do not want to hear anymore of this ... being homosexual garbage. You are Heero Yuy of the Yuy line and not some pansy."

Heero dared to look up, his rage only just being contained. How dare his father force him into something he didn't want and all for the sake of the family name. He swallowed hard and met the icy stare of his father. Clearing his throat he was surprised that his voice came out as steady and calm as it did. "Father, I have no wish to argue with you and I had hoped with all my heart that it wouldn't come to this." Heero took a shaky breath and looked from his father to his mother and back again. "I know you think I am just being difficult, but I am not. I cannot bow to this tradition that is so outdated. I cannot and will not marry this girl and pretend to love her. That would not be fair to her or myself."

Heero's father was staring hard and Heero knew he had to keep on going or he would forever be trapped into a situation he had no desire to be in. "I know you are finding it difficult to accept that I am a homosexual, that I prefer the company of men to that of women, but father, I cannot change what I am and I refuse to live a lie and marry a woman simply because antiquated rules say I should. We are no longer living in the dark ages, open your eyes and see the wonder of the modern world, father, do not condemn something that you fear."

The slap of the open hand as it connected with his cheek sent Heero reeling into the door frame. His Prussian eyes filled with pain as he looked up at the man who was his father.

Kairu's face was a storm of emotion. Anger, hatred and pain filled every line. "I will not have a so called fag for a son. I would rather have no son at all," he hissed as he raised his hand again.

Heero cowered back, his heart torn as his father went to strike him. "I'm sorry, father, but I didn't ask for this to happen, it's just me and the way I am. Why can you not accept that?" The blow landed again.

"Then get out! Get out and never come back. From this day forward my son is dead. I have no heir," Kairu growled angrily, his eyes flashed dangerously as they bore into Heero's.

"If that is what you want." Heero's voice was low and he dropped his head.

Kairu stepped back and Heero drew himself up from his cower to turn and leave the room.

~ * ~

Duffle bag slung over his shoulder, Heero took one last look around his room and sighed. His heart ached with sorrow, but he couldn't back down. He couldn't live a lie and try to be someone he was not. Picking up his wallet and checking he had his cards with him as well as some spare cash he left the room that had been his since birth. He traversed the staircase quickly and quietly, keeping his head low and hoping he wouldn't see his father again. His mother stood at the front door, tears still evident on her face.

Heero walked towards the door and paused by his mother. He lifted a finger to wipe a tear from her cheek. "Don't cry mother."

Her soft sapphire gaze turned to his. "I want you to know something, Heero. I find your admission to be somewhat of a shock to me and I cannot understand it at the moment. But... despite what you say you are, you are still my son, my little boy that I raised and cared for. Don't be too hard on your father. He was raised as was I with strict rules and guidelines that have been passed down the line throughout the years. Do not hate him for his beliefs, underneath he is a good man."

Heero felt his own tears well. "I know, mother and I do not hate him for who he is for that would be hypocritical of me, but he also needs to accept that times change, and even though my orientations may have shocked him I am still the same person. I love you mother, you gave me life and for that I will always be grateful. You tended me through my years, but now it is time for me to go. I will find a way to keep in touch with you." Heero reached forwards and placed a kiss to his mother's cheek. "Don't cry for me. I will be fine."

Tears continued to fall as Heero's mother hugged him close. "I love you too, my son. Be safe."

Heero shifted the weight of his bag and opened the front door, without a backward glance he slipped out and down the steps.

~ * ~

Duo hummed to himself as he took his shower. Today had been a good one. He had *entertained* four voyeurs and enjoyed himself at the same time. While only one had requested 'all the way,' the others having merely wanted to watch him jerk off, he still felt a sense of satisfaction. Turning the water off he snagged a towel and began to dry himself. Once done he reached for his clothes and dressed quickly. Pulling out his hairbrush he tamed his mane of hair before fingers deftly braided the mass. Tucking the gold cross inside his shirt Duo was ready to go home.

He stuck his head around the staff room door and nodded to Zechs, the boss. "I'm off. See ya in a couple of days."

Zechs looked up from the paper he was reading. "Okay, Duo. Enjoy your days off and don't get into any mischief."

Duo grinned back. "Me? Never."

Zechs rolled his eyes. "Go on, get out of here."

Duo laughed and headed down the hallway to the back door of the building. Tossing his braid over his shoulder he stepped out into the alley way and walked towards the street. The sun was slowly making its way down the horizon and Duo reveled in the last of its warming rays. Digging his hands into his pockets he lowered his head and began walking in the direction of his apartment, whistling softly to himself

~ * ~

Heero shifted the bag to his other shoulder and continued to walk, his steps becoming heavier. He had contacted a few of his friends but none were willing to take him in and suffer the wrath of Kairu Yuy. Heero's father wielded a lot of influence and for the first time in his life Heero was made painfully aware of just how much power his father had.

He didn't want to get a hotel room as his cash supply wasn't exactly flowing and he had no idea just how long it would take him to get a job and support himself. With his mind running in circles as he tried to figure out his future, he forgot to look where he was going. He rounded a corner and ran smack into someone coming the other way.

"Ooof... Ow!"

"Shit! Why don'cha watch where the fuck you're going man?!"

The two bodies collided and went sprawling onto the pavement. Heero landed on top of his duffle bag, cushioning his fall a little. The other person landed on their ass... hence the profanity.

"I'm sorry, I wasn't thinking about where I was going," Heero began to apologize as he tried to sort himself out from the tangle of straps that was part of his duffle bag. A slender yet strong hand wrapped around his and Heero found himself being pulled to his feet and staring into the most intense eyes he had ever seen. His knees buckled and he found himself heading towards the pavement again.

"Hey, hang on there man." The hand yanked him upright again. "You okay?"

Heero could only nod. Here in front of him stood the very image he had watched earlier. He would recognize those amethyst eyes anywhere.

"You sure you didn't hit your head or something?" Duo was a little concerned at the obvious paleness of the man's skin. His eyes roved over the form and Duo found himself nearly drooling. The guy was fucking gorgeous! Here in front of him stood the man of Duo's dreams.

"Hai. I'm fine," Heero replied as he tried to control his body and brain. The scent and closeness of the one he had watched torment and tease him earlier having a rather stupefying effect on him.

Duo took in the slightly puffy red eyes and dried tracks of salt on the man's cheeks. "You look like you could do with a friend. My name's Duo and I'm happy to be that friend if you want." Duo's voice was soft.

Heero looked up sharply. Those swirling violet eyes stared back at him, but they were clearly showing genuine concern. Heero felt his emotions surge and his misery burst forth. Another tear leaked from the corner of his eye before he had a chance to stop it.

Duo lifted a finger and wiped the errant droplet away. "Come on, there's a cafe around the corner. I'll buy you a coffee, and if it helps, you can talk to me. Whatever it is it can't be that bad."

Heero allowed a shaky smile to find its way to his lips. "Arigato."

~ * ~

Duo swallowed the last of his long black and looked thoughtful. Heero watched through his messy bangs. "Sounds like you have had a really rough trot, man." Duo ran his fingers through his hair as he lowered the cup back to the table. It had taken some coaxing, but Duo had finally managed to get the dark haired man to talk to him and now knew why Heero was in the state he was.

Heero hadn't wanted to say anything. He was naturally a quiet man and had been raised to deal with his own problems by himself, but there was just something about Duo, something he felt he could trust and so he decided to take the risk and let Duo know why he was so upset. He related his argument with his father, but declined to say anything about his sexual preferences, preferring to leave it that the fight had been over the arranged marriage and that was all. Surprisingly he felt a bit better for sharing his troubles.

Duo leaned forward. "If it will help you out any you're welcome to sack out at my place for a while."

Heero's eyes widened. "Why would you do that? You don't know me."

"Call it intuition. I just have a feeling about you and besides, where else are you gonna stay?"

He had a point. "You sure you don't mind?"

Duo had to keep his voice steady and concentrate on his choice of words, saying what was right and not what his hormones wanted him to say. "It's no problem, man. I live alone and as long as you don't mind the couch and the smallness of the place you're most welcome."

Heero felt warmed by the generosity of the guy. Truth be told he would love to spend more time with this creature that had captivated him and learn more about him. "Arigato. The couch will be fine."

"Good." Duo grinned. "Then let's go. Oh, by the way, do you have a name?"

Heero smiled. "Heero. Heero Yuy."

"Duo, but I already told you that. Duo Maxwell. Pleased to meet you, Heero." Duo extended his hand.

Heero took it. The warmth and softness combined with the strength he could feel in those elegant fingers sent a shiver racing up his spine. "The pleasure is mine, Duo."

Heero followed Duo through the streets before stopping outside a large apartment block. They rode the elevator to the third floor and walked down the passage to room 31 where Duo stopped and fished in his pocket for his keys. Opening the door they stepped inside. "It isn't the Ritz but it's comfortable enough," Duo said with a grin.

Heero followed Duo inside and stared around. The open area in front of him consisted of the lounge area and dining area combined. Through a small archway Heero could make out the kitchen and a door to the left showed clearly Duo's bedroom. Another door to the right of the bedroom signaled the bathroom.

Duo walked inside and placed his keys on the small coffee table. "You can leave your bag over there if you want," Duo said as he pointed to a space beside the couch. "You hungry?"

Heero nodded.

"Then I'll get us something to eat while you have a look around. Bathroom's through there and my bedroom is there," Duo said as he waved his arm in the direction of the rooms.

Heero dropped his duffle and went to check out the bathroom. He needed to relieve himself and after doing so washed his hands in the small, porcelain sink. He studied his reflection in the mirror. Sad blue eyes stared back at him and he chastised himself. No good feeling sorry for himself, he had to learn how to make it on his own now, there was no going back. With a sigh he went back out to the kitchen to see if he could help out with the meal Duo was cooking.

Duo rummaged through his cupboards and 'fridge finding something he could throw together for the two of them. As he did so his mind wandered over his new room mate. Heero was everything Duo had wanted in a companion. He was good looking, spoke well and had a really hot body. Duo hoped he could get to know him better, especially his sexual preferences. He wasn't in the habit of talking to strangers or even bringing them home, but something about Heero had touched his kind heart and he felt he could trust this man. When Heero had revealed his reasons for his depressed state Duo had melted even more. A sound behind him drew him from his thoughts and he turned to see Heero standing in the archway watching him.

"Can I help?"

"Ummm... not really. I thought we would have some pancakes if that's okay with you?"

"Sounds good." Heero really didn't care what he ate.

"Great! Pancakes it is then. If you reach into that cupboard over there you will find some maple syrup." Duo indicated to a cupboard as he whisked the eggs, milk and flour together.

Heero opened the cupboard door and rifled through the things until he found the bottle. He stood up and turned to Duo. "This it?"

"Yup. Just pop it on the table and grab some knives and forks from the drawer. These won't take long." Duo turned back to pouring some of the mixture into the skillet.

Heero retrieved the items and placed them on the small table. He turned and went back to the kitchen to watch Duo as he cooked. The man was even more sexy in the flesh. While Heero had appreciated him through the glass of the window, it couldn't compare to the real thing. Duo just oozed sensuality and Heero couldn't help but wonder if he had a partner. With that body and those looks he found it hard to think of Duo as single.

Duo could feel Heero's eyes on him and he blushed slightly. If he was reading the signals correctly it meant he stood a chance. It seemed that Heero just might prefer the male species. Flipping the last of the pancakes out of the pan and onto the plate, Duo turned and handed Heero a stack. "Here you go, wrap your laughing gear around that lot."

Heero took the offered plate and walked back to the small table "Laughing gear?" he queried.

"Your mouth, Heero." Duo looked at him and grinned as he sat down opposite the Japanese man.

"Oh." Heero shook his head. Duo was certainly a bubbly person and that's just what Heero needed right now. Heero reached for the maple syrup at the same time Duo did and their fingers brushed. The crackle of electricity was felt by both parties and Heero blushed as he quickly withdrew his hand.

Duo smiled. "You go first."

Heero returned the smile and picked up the bottle. He drizzled some of the syrup over the pancakes before passing the bottle over to Duo.

Duo proceeded to drown his own pancakes in the rich golden liquid as he watched Heero from underneath his bangs.

Heero cut a piece of the pancake and placed it in his mouth. His eyes lit up as the sweetness invaded his tongue.

Duo laughed. "I take it you haven't had pancakes before?"

"Iie. They're... they're delicious." Heero hadn't tasted anything so lovely in ages. His parents stuck with the traditional Japanese diet so Heero's association with sweet treats was few and far between. He began to tuck in with relish.

Duo chuckled and ate his own meal, content to watch the obvious enjoyment on Heero's face.

When the meal was done they shared the task of washing and drying the dishes before Duo made coffee and they went into the lounge area to sit and watch some television. Duo surfed through the channels until he found some cartoons and then tossed the remote to the side. He took a sip of his coffee and glanced over at Heero.

Heero was trying to peek at Duo from time to time without making it appear obvious. He glanced over again and was caught. He tried to smile as he averted his eyes.

"So, what are you planning to do now then, Heero?" Duo thought it best to try to make some sort of communication and with any luck draw the quiet man out a little more.

"I don't know. I guess I will start looking for a job and then an apartment."

"You can stay here for as long as you want, Heero. I don't mind," Duo said softly. He didn't want Heero to be racing off anytime soon. He wanted to get to know this man a bit better first and see if he stood a chance.

"What is it you do, Duo?" Heero already knew of Duo's employment, but he wanted to see what the man would say.

"Ummm... Me? Errr, I'm in the entertainment business." Duo didn't think it was the most appropriate time to let Heero know he entertained by getting himself off for the pleasure of others.

"Does it pay well?"

"Pays enough." Duo averted his eyes. "Any ideas as to what sort of job you will look for?"

"I don't know. I really haven't got any skills or experience in any department." Heero returned his gaze to his coffee cup. "I can't impose on you for too long though, Duo. You're already going out of your way more than is necessary for me. I don't want to be a nuisance or get in the way when your girlfriend comes over." Heero thought it was worth a stab in the dark.

Duo smiled at him. "I don't have a girlfriend."

Heero's eyes lit up a little. Dare he say it? He dared. "Well, your boyfriend then."

Duo's face crinkled into a small grin. He could tell Heero was fishing and it delighted him. "I haven't got a boyfriend at the moment either. I split with my last one a few months ago." He turned to study Heero's features as he revealed his orientations to him.

Heero's heart began to beat faster and his breath caught for a moment. "You're single then?"

Duo slid along the couch a little, drawing closer to Heero. "Yep. I'm single. Does it bother you that I'm gay?"

Heero swallowed hard. The closeness of the other man combined with the knowledge that Duo was gay sending his brain and hormones into overload. "No, it doesn't bother me at all. I haven't had a boyfriend for a while either." Heero looked up into Duo's eyes to see how he took that little revelation.

"Ohh Glory be!" Duo thought. Here was his own wet dream and he had just admitted to being gay as well... and better still - he was single. Duo looked at Heero with a light of understanding in his eyes.


"Yes, Heero?"

"I came into the peep show today. I ...I needed to get away from home for a while and think. I kind of wandered down that way and before I knew it I was inside this building. I had to let off some of the pent up anger I had inside."

Duo's eyes were going wider by the second. He swallowed - hard.

Heero continued. "I requested a half hour and all the way." Heero lowered his voice. "The most gorgeous creature was on the other side of that window... Duo... it was you I watched."

Duo's head was spinning. He knew that one day the inevitable would happen, he was bound to run into one of his voyeurs, but he hadn't thought it would be quite so literally. "Oh," was all he managed to say as his face colored.

Heero felt the discomfort his words had caused but he had to be honest. "Duo... I.. I thought it was wonderful. You were so beautiful and so alluring... I'm sorry if I upset you, but I had to let you know." Heero's voice was turning desperate. "Look, I understand if you don't want to talk to me. I guess I should leave." Heero went to stand but a hand on his wrist stopped him. He looked at Duo whose eyes were moist.

"It's okay. I'm just a little, shocked that's all." Duo tried to order his mind and force himself to speak clearly. "I guess I knew it would happen at some stage... I would run into someone who has been a watcher. I just... I never thought... Oh hell!"

Heero sat back down as he watched Duo fumbling for the words he wanted to say, emotions running thick through his eyes. "Duo, it doesn't matter to me what you do for a job. I just thought I had better let you know that I know what sort of entertainment it is that you do.... and it makes no difference. I still like you and thank you for sparing the time to help me out."

"You say you liked the show?" Duo's eyes peeped out from under his shaggy hair.

Heero did a double take. He hadn't expected that! "Hai. I did. Very much so."

"You know, Heero, If you're interested, I could probably get you a job where I work."

It was Heero's turn to blush. "I don't know if I could do that."

"We often get requests for double acts." Duo sidled up along the couch a little closer. "And I'll be honest with you seeing as how you have been honest with me." Duo let a finger trace along Heero's arm. "I like you, Heero. I was hoping you would be gay, or Bi even; you're exactly what I think of when I'm behind that glass entertaining."

Heero swallowed hard, the tingles going up his spine with the touch of Duo's finger. He moaned softly. "You think of someone like me?" he whispered.

"Ohh yes, Heero. You're everything I dream of, only better," Duo purred. He would love to have Heero come and work with him doing double acts. They had the requests often, but as yet Duo hadn't performed in one as he hadn't liked or trusted any of the other employees enough to share his body with them. But Heero was different. "Think about it, Heero. I won't push you into a decision, but the money's good, and the sex is even better."

Heero felt his jeans shrinking as his erection made itself known. He moaned softly as Duo's finger continued to stroke along his arm. He turned his head and found himself staring into lust clouded amethyst.

Duo's eyes darkened and swirled as he moved a little closer to Heero. He paused and held his position as Heero's face turned towards him. Slowly their lips gravitated towards each other. Duo's eyes danced from Heero's lips to his eyes and back again as if asking permission.

Heero's eyes followed, only to Duo's lips and back to his eyes before sliding shut in acquiescence.

Their lips met and brushed lightly together. It was a tender touch, lasting mere seconds yet holding the promise of eternity within. Duo pulled back slightly and gazed at Heero whose eyes were still shut and smiled. Slowly Heero's eyes flickered open and he smiled in return. Feeling a little bolder, Duo closed the distance once more. Duo's hand slid around to cup the back of Heero's neck and he was pleased to note Heero's hand slide around his waist.

Lips met again and this time Duo flicked his tongue out to trace lightly over Heero's bottom lip. Heero's lips parted slightly and Duo's tongue slid inside, roaming freely in the warmth of Heero's mouth, tasting the pure sweetness of the other man's mouth and delighting in the flavors he found there. Heero tasted of maple syrup and an essence that was purely Heero.

Heero let his own tongue greet the invader. Shyly responding with gentle caresses of slick muscle against knowing muscle. It was unbelievably hot and Heero found himself wanting more. Ohh he had been kissed before; but nothing as sensual as this. His desire for the beauty he had witnessed earlier growing stronger by the minute and Heero knew that if Duo had asked him to run around the streets naked he would have done it.

Mouths drifted apart as breath came in ragged pants. Duo felt his body responding with a desire he hadn't felt in a long time and he had to try desperately to calm himself. He had no idea of Heero's sexual experiences, combine that with the fact that they had only just met and Duo thought it was rushing things a little.

Amethyst greeted Prussian as they stared deep into each others depths. Finally Heero found his voice. "That was... ummm... That was nice," he breathed out.

"Yeah... I agree," Duo returned.

Heero let his head fall casually to rest in the crook of Duo's neck and sighed. Duo shifted slightly and placed his arm around Heero's shoulder, holding the other man close to him. Heero's arm was still wrapped around his waist and Duo felt warmed by the touch. His gaze turned back to the television once more and the antics of the cartoon characters that played upon the screen.

They sat like that for a while longer as the clock ticked away the minutes. Duo began to feel his eyes shutting and reluctantly he turned the television off. Dropping the remote to the sofa he raised his free hand to cup Heero's chin and lift his face to look into those compelling eyes. "I think it's time to go to bed," he whispered.

"Hn..." came the slightly sleepy reply. Heero was worn out, more emotionally that physically. The day had been a very busy one in the feelings department and Heero knew he needed a good night's sleep to help him regroup his battered pride and sort out his shattered existence.

"I'll get you a blanket and pillow." Duo shifted slightly and released Heero who reluctantly let his own grip on Duo's waist slacken. Duo went into his bedroom and returned moments later with the promised pillow and blanket. The sofa folded out into a small bed and within seconds the piece of furniture was made up into a rather comfortable bed. Duo looked at Heero and smiled. "I'll see you in the morning then."

Heero smiled back. "Hai. Thank you, Duo."

"No problem. Happy to help." Duo's eyes opened a little wider as Heero moved closer to him. He felt strong arms wrap around his waist and Heero's head tilted slightly as he brought his mouth closer to Duo's.

Duo allowed his own arms to find their way around Heero's shoulders as his own head turned and snuck forwards to meet those sweet lips that begged for a goodnight kiss.

Lips connected and brushed lightly in recognition of the lost victim and the good Samaritan. It was tender, it was sweet and it was enough.... for now.

"Sweet dreams, Heero," Duo responded as he pulled away from the kiss.

"You too," Heero returned huskily.

Duo turned and went to the bathroom to relieve himself and clean his teeth before going to bed. Heero located his bag and rummaged through until he found his pajamas. When Duo had finished in the bathroom, Heero went in to perform his own ablutions before turning out the light and sliding under the blanket of his makeshift bed.

Duo lay on his own mattress, thoughts running through his head. He could tell Heero was special, hesitant and pure and he wanted to savor that. Hopefully he could persuade Heero to stay with him, maybe even work with him. But more than anything Duo wanted Heero to fall in love with him. Never one to believe in such things as true love or love at first sight, he found himself questioning those thoughts and doubting his own ethics. He knew the stirrings inside his own soul were more than just lust. And who wouldn't lust after such a gorgeous specimen of the male race? But there were feelings of something else there, something Duo hadn't felt before and he wanted to explore it and discover what they were and where they would lead him. With the memory of the kiss still sweet upon his lips he fell into a world full of colorful dreams.

Heero lay on his own bed in the lounge; he could hear the gentle sounds of Duo's breathing as it began to even out indicating Duo had fallen asleep. His own mind was in a whirl of thoughts, trying to process and analyze each one and eventually giving up and accepting them for what they were. He had fallen for the other man and he knew it. Problem was, what was he going to do about it? He sighed and turned onto his side, watching the red light flash on and off the wall from the neon sign across the street.

From the moment his eyes had appreciated Duo's form at the peep show he had felt his insides react. The emotions were new to him and he had trouble sorting through them and understanding what they meant. His love life so far had mainly been a few friendly flings so to speak. While he had cared for his partners at the time and enjoyed the small experiments they had shared, he had never felt anything as deep as this before. It was new and it was scaring the shit out of him. Heero watched the ceiling for a while before drifting into a restless sleep.

~ oOo ~
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