"Call Me ?"

Written By: ShenLong

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Disclaimer: I don't own the 'G' boys If I did then the show wouldn't be suitable for under 18's.

Rating: N C 17.

Warnings: Yaoi, Lemon, sap, masturbation, AU, PWP.

Pairings: 2x1

Notes: Chatting with some friends one day the topic of phone sex came up. Needless to say my twisted mind immediately set to work and this is the result. Please let me know what you think.


" Call Me "

May 2002 ShenLong

Part 1

Heero sat staring at the phone. For days now he had been toying with the idea of making a call. Not just your average call but a call to one of those numbers that guaranteed you the best 'on the phone sex' you could hope for.

It had all started last week at work. Heero had been sitting in the lunch room flicking through the newspaper when his ears picked up on the conversation a few of his colleagues were having.

"I don't think I would have the nerve to do that," said Quatre.

"Nor did I but then it's all completely anonymous," replied Zechs taking a bite out of his apple.

"So what actually happens?" asked Wufei, his interest aroused.

"Well you just pick out one of the numbers and ring up, they ask a few questions and then put you through to one of their people. Depending on what it is you want to hear will influence who they select to talk to you."

"And they will talk about anything?" asked Quatre, his eyes wide.

Zechs laughed. "Oh, Quatre, they talk about sex. The whole purpose of the call is to get them to talk dirty to you so you can get it off."

Quatre blushed. "Well I kinda gathered that..." He thought for a moment.

Heero couldn't help but listen for more, feeling himself getting aroused at the idea of someone getting down and dirty on the phone.

"So where did you find the number you rang, Zechs?" Wufei asked.

"There's a whole list of them in the personal column in the paper," replied Zechs

Heero nearly dropped the paper when Zechs said that.

Zechs continued, "Just go through them and pick one out.. Or if you like I can give you the number I called..." he purred.

"Errr, thanks all the same Zechs, but I think I will pass this time," said Quatre with a tremor in his voice.

"Your loss," said Zechs and tossing his apple core into the bin he headed back to work with Wufei and Quatre behind him.

Heero glanced up and watched the others leave. He carefully folded the paper and took it back to his office with him.

So here he was, a week later with the same paper spread open in front of him. He had pondered the thought all week but couldn't bring himself to make a call. He looked once more at the silent phone and back to the page on the table. He scanned down the various ads, his eyes finally stopping at the same one they had all week. It promised full satisfaction, all fantasies and types catered for. He knew the number off by heart but had yet to place the call. The only thing that was stopping him that he could think of was his sexual preference. Heero liked boys.

All his life he had been chased by girls. He knew they found him attractive and for that it seemed the rest of the male population seemed to hate him. He had been bullied and ridiculed by those that saw him as a threat; but they only ever tangled with him once. He had learnt how to defend himself at an early age and unfortunately had needed to use his skills on a few occasions before the boys left him alone. Those boys that didn't bully him for having their girls swoon all over him viewed him as a conquest, and he found that several times he had to knock back advances from an overzealous admirer that simply wanted to bed him.

So he stayed alone, still searching for that one person with whom he could share his love and his life. But they had to be special, they had to want him for who he was, to see past his looks to the person underneath and Heero was beginning to despair ever finding that one.

That brought him back to his current predicament. His hormones didn't seem to know or care that he was without a partner and he found his completion on many occasions with his hand, but he longed to hear the words of sex... of love... to have someone scream his name as they came just for him...

Before he could change his mind he dialed the number.

The phone rang a few times before being answered by an obviously female voice.

"Hello there and welcome to Hotline Fantasies where we can make all your dreams happen. I'm Mishka and if I can just take a moment of your time to get a few details then I can connect you to your fantasy."

Heero swallowed nervously, feeling his palms turn sweaty.

"Have you contacted us before?" asked Mishka.

Heero found his voice, surprised that he managed to keep it relatively calm. "No, this is my first time," he answered and then mentally kicked himself. "Baka!" he chided silently, "Now they will think you're a fool."

"Okay, now would you prefer to be with female or male?"

"Errr.. male please." Heero blushed.

"Okay nearly done. I just need a few details for payment."

Heero gave the girl the required information wondering if this was such a good idea. He could hear her typing away on her computer and thought to himself that at least with his skills he could always hack into the data base and erase all trace of his ever having contacted them.

"Now we need a name for you. Not your usual name but a pet name that your fantasy can call you. Do you have anything in mind?"

Heero thought long and hard, this wasn't something he had expected. "Umm.... call me Wing," he said, picking the first thing that came into his mind.

"Okay, Wing is now your official name with us. Should you be pleased with the service and wish to call us again just give the girl your code name and that will allow us to give you the service you require a lot quicker. Now, I have picked out one of our people that I think will suit you. If you aren't happy then please let them know and we can try someone else, but I don't think you will have any worries with this person. I'm connecting you now."

Heero waited patiently and within seconds the transfer was made.

"Wing, I would like to introduce to you your fantasy for this call, Dark Angel." Mishka disappeared off the line leaving Heero and Dark Angel alone.


Duo sat in his small room. He was fairly new to this job but so far had been a success and big hit with the clients. He knew that he got most of the male callers and he preferred it that way. There was something about his low husky voice that really did it for their clientele and kept them coming back. Since the company had employed him their number of male callers had doubled and Duo was quietly pleased with that fact. But still he felt empty. It was one thing to talk to the voice on the other end, to know that they were getting pleasure from hearing him, listening to them jerking off as he spoke words of encouragement to them, bringing them closer to their peak and then taking them down the other side. But none of them ever did it for him. Oh a few had tried but although he knew they meant well none had ever managed to arouse his interest or his groin. He was getting pretty good at faking his own pleasure. Sighing he looked at the phone as it gave a quiet ring and flashed at him, alerting him to another caller.

"Wing, I would like to introduce you to your fantasy for this call, Dark Angel."

"Hello there, Wing," said Duo slipping into his mask. He wasn't prepared for the sultry voice that answered him.

"Hello, Dark Angel." Heero felt shivers run up his spine at the sound of the other man's voice.

Duo felt his breath catch. Something told him that this call was different. "So what can I do for you?" he breathed softly.

Heero wasn't sure how to respond to this husky voice but his body did. He felt himself growing hard. "I will be honest with you Dark Angel, I have never done this before and... well..." he trailed off unsure how to express his feelings to the voice.

Duo's face lit up. Oh lord here was the voice from his own fantasies and by the sounds of it he was pure... untouched.. unsure.... Duo licked his lips he would take it slow with this one and hopefully entice him back again. "So, this is your first time then," he purred.

Heero swallowed. "Yes, yes it is. You must think me awful," he whispered.

"On the contrary my dear Wing. I think it's wonderful. Let me show just how much pleasure Dark Angel can give to you," Duo murmured in a low sexy voice. He heard the other's breathing increase - perfect. "What are you wearing?"

Heero felt his groin tighten even more as that voice caressed him. "Shirt and jeans," he responded quickly.

Duo chuckled softly to himself. Oh what a delightful person this Wing was, so eager and yet so naive. "Let me show you Wing, describe what it is you are wearing... in detail, as if you are a present for me to slowly unwrap. I'm wearing a loose black shirt with the top three buttons undone, my skin is showing just enough to give you a hint of what lies beneath."

Heero gasped, he didn't realize that describing your clothing could be done in such an erotic way.

"I have on tight black jeans, they mold to my body showing the curves of my ass to perfection, riding low on my hips and I can feel them getting tighter," purred Duo.

Heero's blood pressure began to rise as the vision assaulted his mind.

"They are now so tight that you can see the outline of my cock against them. Mmmmm, I would like to feel your hands sliding under my shirt. Would you like that, Wing?"

Heero moaned. "Oh god yes," he replied, his voice thick with lust.

"Tell me Wing, what are you wearing?"

"I have on a tight t shirt that clings to my torso, and blue jeans that also ride low on my hips. They aren't as tight as yours sound but the front is getting tighter," Heero responded, hoping he was saying the right things.

"That's good, Wing. Now you are starting to get the idea. Please, slide your hands under your shirt for me and run your fingers over your nipples."

Heero did as he was asked, snaking a hand under the clinging shirt and tracing lightly over a nipple. A groan escaped his mouth.

"Mmmm feels good does it? Moan for me Wing, let it all out. I have my shirt undone now so my skin is open to the air, I am running my fingers over my nipples and ohhh - they are so hard, so sensitive." Duo ran his fingers lightly over his nipples pausing to twist and pull at them. He had never gotten turned on before with any of his other customers, but this one... this one stirred something in him. He moved over to the small bed that was in the room.

Heero was panting, never believing he could get this aroused by just talking to someone, but that voice.... it was so sexy.

"Remove your shirt for me, Wing. I want to run my mouth over those nipples of yours, I want to lick them, suck them and nibble on them."

Heero quickly removed his shirt and grabbing the phone he moved to his bed. Imagining the other's tongue and teeth on his chest he felt himself press harder against the stiff denim. "Ohh, Angel," he whispered. "I can feel your mouth on my nipples. Feels so good."

Duo smiled. Good, this was going perfectly. "You taste so good, Wing, I want more of you. I'm running my hand down your stomach to the top of your jeans. I see you are ready for me." Duo ran his fingers over his own stomach and lightly around the waistband of his jeans.

Heero didn't think he could possibly get any more excited than he already was, but the voice was driving him wild. His hand slid down to his jeans and he rubbed himself through the fabric eliciting a soft moan. "Oh, Angel, touch me... please," he begged.

"Take your jeans off for me Wing, remove your underclothes and let your hard cock come out to play."

"Nnnn, I don't wear underwear," he replied and proceeded to remove the jeans.

Duo nearly came then and there at that little revelation. Oh god what was this guy doing to him? He could hear the rasp of a zipper and rustle of clothes that signified that Wing had done as requested. Duo quickly divested himself of his own pants and shirt then lay back on the bed, his arousal standing to attention. "I want to touch you, Wing. I want to let my fingers explore every inch of that hard cock of yours. Tell me, is the head wet?"

Heero lay on his back lightly stroking himself, the dew glistened at the tip. " Hai. I'm wet," he responded, unable to say anymore.

"Good. I want you to be wet for me as my cock is also wet for you. Slide your thumb across the wetness and spread it for me." Duo reached for his own cock and sliding his thumb into the slit, spread the gathering pre cum over his sensitive tip.

Heero ran his thumb lightly over the tip, gasping at the pleasure. It had never felt this good before.

"Tell me, Wing, have you ever been sucked before?" Duo purred.

Heero's cock twitched as he heard Angel's question. "No... I haven't," he panted.

Duo moaned. "Then have I got a treat for you. I'm running my tongue around that thick head of yours, flicking lightly across the tip, dipping into the slit and tasting you. Ohh you taste so sweet, like honey. I want more of you. I'm wrapping my lips all around that head, sucking you gently into my mouth, my other hand is reaching down to touch your sac. I'm sliding all of you into my mouth, I want every inch of your gorgeous cock down my throat. I'm playing with your balls, rolling them in my palm. They feel so soft and yet so heavy. Now I begin to move my mouth up and down your shaft, running my tongue along the underside, flicking across your head before I swallow you again, sucking you deeper into my warm, moist mouth." Duo's hand began to stroke his own cock faster. He could just imagine Wing's long hard length in his mouth, he knew he would taste divine.

Heero groaned as he imagined that mouth upon his hard flesh, suckling at his length, teasing the head before devouring him again. His mind shut down, concentrating only on the voice that was intent on pleasuring him. Unconsciously he began to stoke faster. Snuggling the phone into the crook of his neck he freed his other hand and slid it between his legs to fondle his balls, just as he imagined his Angel to be doing. "Ohh Angel, it feels so good, please give me more. Make me come," he moaned into the phone.

"Of course baby, I fully intend for you to come. I'm feeling thirsty and I want your hot seed to pump down my throat, to drink all of your nectar." Sensing that Wing was close Duo decided to finish him off. There was more... oh so much more he wanted to do with this client, but it would have to wait until next time. Hopefully there would be a next time. Duo stroked his own arousal faster feeling his own end brought even closer by the wonderful noises that Wing was making.

"I'm going to suck you in deeper, watch as your cock disappears into my mouth. Mmm I have all of you inside my mouth, I run my tongue lightly over your sac, I would love to draw those soft eggs onto my mouth as well, but I can do that another time. For now, I just want you to feel.... feel the suction I am applying to your thick shaft. My teeth are grazing lightly along your length, my tongue is sliding over your head teasing at the slit. I want you to come for me, Wing. Fill my warm mouth with your passion. Let me drink your essence down."

Heero's head began to thrash from side to side nearly sending the phone flying. Quickly he grabbed it and pushed it back to his ear. He could hear Angel panting on the other end. His hips began to buck as his hand flew faster over his length. "Ohh Angel... Ohh god.... I'm gonna.... come..."

Duo felt his own balls tighten as he heard Wing's moans and reply and he began to pump his own cock in earnest. He was so close, but although he wanted the pleasure to continue for as long as possible, he also craved his own release. "That's it baby, let it go, come for me, Wing. My mouth is waiting for your sweet nectar. Give it to me, all of it."

"Ohhh god...." Heero felt the warmth start in his belly then spread to his groin like molten fire, then race through his cock as he pumped jet after jet of creamy seed onto his hand and stomach. "Nnnnn, Angel! " he screamed as his orgasm hit.

Duo heard Wing reach his release and the panting and moans that came down the phone started his own reaction. When he heard Wing scream his name it tipped him over the edge. He bit his lip to try to stop the cries of pleasure coming from his throat as his own cock erupted in his hand coating his own flesh with his passion. "Wing!" he called as he reached that apex.

Heero looked at the mess he was covered in and sighed softly. He felt good. He tugged the phone closer to his ear in time to hear Angel reach his orgasm. The panting and then calling of his name sent pleasure shocks through his body.

Duo felt himself returning to earth slowly. "Did you enjoy that, Wing?" he asked softly.

"Ohh, Angel, that was so good. No, it was better than good, it was mind blowing," said Heero shyly. Heero had never experienced anything that felt so good. Then again, he'd never had phone sex before either.

Duo smiled to himself. "I'm so glad you enjoyed it Wing. But I will let you into a secret. There is more."

"More?" said Heero.

"Oh yes, there is so much more than just that. I would love to show you more. That is, if you would like me to."

Heero contemplated that for a moment, somewhat sad as he realized his time was nearly up. "I want to learn more, experience more if you would like to show me," he replied.

Duo grinned. "Oh yes, baby, I would love to show you everything."

"Tell me, Angel. Did you enjoy it?" asked Heero.

It was a simple enough question and Duo found tears welling in his eyes. No one had ever asked him that before. Usually they shot their load as Duo panted and moaned into the phone faking his own orgasm, then they hung up or waited long enough to hear him supposedly *come* before disappearing off the line. There was something about this client though that made Duo feel special, feel wanted even. The fact that the other cared enough about his pleasure, was, to say the least, touching. "Oh yes, Wing I did enjoy it. I will be honest here with you. I have never come before when talking with a client. But this time, with you, it was different."

Heero felt pleased. Happy that the other had enjoyed it as much as he had and at the same time he felt honored, honored that Angel trusted him enough to reveal that which obviously he wasn't supposed to.

"Would you call me again, Wing?" asked Duo. He knew he was breaking the rules but he wanted to hear Wing's voice again, to do more with this lovely person.

"I would love to call you again, Angel," replied Heero. The thought that he had only done this on impulse, never having done anything like it before didn't enter his head. All he knew was that he craved more. Heero didn't know what had gotten into him. He never talked to strangers, had not experienced sex before, but he felt as if he knew this Angel, could trust him with anything.

"When can you call me again?" asked Duo, already missing the sound of Wing's voice.

"I will call again on Saturday," replied Heero.

"Call me after 8pm as that's when my shift starts, Wing. I would really like to get to know you better," he added, hoping with all his heart that the other would agree.

"Sure. I will. And, thank you Angel," said Heero.

"It is I that should be thanking you, Wing," said Duo sleepily.

"Till Saturday then, my Angel," said Heero softly and then hung up the phone.

Duo cradled the receiver in his hand for a moment before getting up and padding across the room to replace it. He picked up his discarded clothing and reached into the pocket of his jeans for his handkerchief. Using the thin material he cleaned himself up as best he could before pulling his clothes back on his sticky body. He really needed a shower, but it would have to wait as his shift didn't finish for another four hours. The ringing of the phone jolted him back and he wearily picked it up again realizing that another client was awaiting his velvet voice.

Heero lay on the bed contemplating what had just taken place. He was shocked at himself for having the courage to make the call, but happy that he had done so. He didn't realize that phone sex could feel so good. No wonder Zechs had been raving about it. His mind wandered back to that sweet voice. So soft and so talented. Heero wondered what that mouth that had coaxed such a shattering orgasm from him with mere words, would feel like in reality. He moaned as he felt his cock beginning to stir at the thought. Getting up from the bed he made his way to the shower to clean himself off.

~ oOo ~

The next week at work passed too slowly for Heero's liking. He couldn't wait for Saturday when he could ring up and hear his Angel's voice again. Soon enough the weekend rolled around and at 8 o'clock Heero found himself sitting on his bed with the phone next to him. With shaking fingers he picked up the receiver and dialed the number.

"Hello there and welcome to Hotline Fantasies, this is Mishka speaking."

"Hello there Mishka, this is Wing calling. How are you this evening?" asked Heero, trying to keep his voice steady.

"I'm very well, thank you for asking. What fantasy can I organize for you this evening, Wing?"

"I was hoping I could have another session with Dark Angel," said Heero.

"Ahhh, another of Dark Angel's devoted fans I see," she replied. "Just one moment while I connect you."

Heero couldn't help the stab of jealousy he felt when she uttered those words. He had to remind himself that this was his Angel's job, and knowing how good the man was with his voice it was only common sense that he should be popular. But the hurt still wouldn't go away as Heero thought of that voice doing to others what it did for him.

"Hello again, Wing," said Duo softly, the pleasure in his voice evident.

"Hello, Angel. I missed you," said Heero.

"I missed you too, Wing." Just how much Duo couldn't tell the other as he wasn't supposed to mix his business with his personal life. That was part of his contract. Come to work do the job then go home, forget about the client. Duo, however, couldn't forget Wing. The voice had held so much in it, a longing for things unknown and Duo wanted to show him everything. But it was forbidden.

"I have been thinking about you all week, Angel," said Heero. He knew that he wanted more from this Angel, he enjoyed the phone sex and what Angel did to him with that voice, but he wanted to put a face and body to that sound.

"Would you believe me if I said I have also been thinking of you all week, Wing? There is so much more I want to share with you."

"I know this is probably against all the rules, Angel, but I would really like to meet you, to have you do all the things to me that your voice is telling me it's doing. I want to feel it for real." Heero stopped, realizing that he had probably overstepped the mark. Damnit ! He had only spoken to the guy once before and here he was asking to meet him. "I'm sorry, Angel. I have no right to ask you that. I will hang up now and never bother you again," said Heero sadly, and then hesitated as he heard a pleading voice on the other end.

"No, don't go, Wing. You're right though I'm not supposed to have anything to do with the clients other than on the phone, but for some reason I don't care for the rule. Something tells me you are special and I really would love to meet you." Duo was stunned at his words. If work found out he would lose his job, and what's to say that Wing wasn't some perverted old man just looking for a quick fuck? But somehow he didn't think so. Wing sounded young, around his age he would guess and for reasons he couldn't explain he sensed that he wouldn't hurt him.

Heero felt his heart leap with joy. Angel wanted to meet him? This was too good to be true. "Oh, Angel, that would be so good. Are you sure you want to do this? I mean, I wouldn't want you to get into trouble on my account, but I really would love to meet the body behind the voice."

Duo was touched by Wing's concern for him. "I think we can arrange something, Wing. There is a bar and grill on 34th street, do you know it?"

"Hai. I do," replied Heero feeling his pulse quicken.

"Can you meet me there for lunch tomorrow?" asked Duo.

"Hai, I will be waiting for you. But how will I know you?" replied Heero.

"I will wear something special for you, Wing, just for you. Tell me, do you like leather?"

Heero groaned feeling his penis swelling. "I love leather, Angel."

"Good," purred Duo. "I will be in all black leather. What will you be wearing?"

Heero thought quickly, running his mind through his sparse wardrobe. "I will wear a blue, silk shirt and white, skin tight jeans that show off my body for you," he returned, hoping his words would have an effect.

Duo moaned. "Ohh, Wing you are a fast learner, just listening to you has made me so hard for you." Duo ran his palm over the tightness in his pants. "I can't wait to take you, to strip you of your clothes, to see and taste every inch of your skin."

Heero stifled a groan. "What are you going to do to me, Angel?" he asked, his voice husky.

Duo lowered his voice. "I'm going to lay you down on the bed and slide my hands inside your shirt. I will tease and torment your nipples, bringing them hard with my touches."

Heero groaned at the thought and quickly removed his shirt so as to toy with his already hard nubs. "I would like to touch you too Angel," he gasped as he played with his nipples.

"Of course my Wing. My body will be yours to explore as you wish. I want to feel your fingers running over my chest, feel them as they touch every crevice." Duo moaned as he thought of Wing touching him.

Heero lowered his zipper and undid the button allowing his erection to spring forth. Quickly, he pushed the fabric from his body. Wrapping his hand lightly around his shaft he pumped slowly. "Ohh god, Angel, what are you doing to me?" he moaned.

Duo undid his own pants and shimmied out of them. "I'm wet for you, Wing. My cock is so hard, so swollen, and the pre cum is dripping from the head. I want to feel your hands on my cock. I want you to stroke me hard and fast." Duo grasped his own length and stroked, his hips rocking to the movement.

Heero was lost in a haze of lust. His hand worked his cock enough to give pleasure, but not enough for release. "Oh, Angel... I'm so hard for you. Please give me more."

Duo smiled. He hadn't felt this good in ages. Oh sure his other clients got off on his words but none of them ever touched him enough to arouse him like this. Wing was different, he didn't just want pleasure, he wanted to share it, and Duo was only too happy to respond. "My hands are fondling your balls, Wing as I take your head into my mouth. I suck you lightly while still playing with your sac. But I want more this time. I don't just want to suck you off, I want it all."

Heero's fogged mind took heed of what Angel was telling him. "Please, Angel, tell me what you want to do to me."

"I'm going to trace my fingers over your entrance, Wing. Will you let me?"

"Nnnn... yes.... oh, yes...." moaned Heero.

"I want you to do something for me, Wing," purred Duo. "I want you to put your fingers in your mouth and coat them thoroughly with your saliva. Okay?"

Heero raised two fingers and sucked on the digits as Angel had asked. "They are wet Angel. What would you like me to do now?"

Duo's cock hardened even more. "Now take those fingers and run them around your entrance for me." Duo's hand continued to stroke his cock as he pictured Wing doing as he instructed. "How does that feel?"

"Feels good, Angel," replied Heero, whose system was on overload.

"Now push a finger inside, gently at first, and then slowly work it in and out of yourself. Once you're comfortable with the one finger insert the second for me," said Duo, and unable to wait any longer, Duo thrust a finger deep inside his own channel.

"Ohh... so...good.... so right...." gasped Heero. He had no idea that anything so wicked could feel so good. He began to work his fingers in and out establishing a rhythm. "Are you doing the same, Angel?" he asked as he could hear the moans of pleasure coming down the phone line.

"Yes, baby. I'm thrusting a finger deep inside myself just like you are. I just wish it was your finger, or better still, your cock." Duo squirmed as he imagined Wing's cock buried deep inside his body. "Push your fingers in deeper and you should find a spongy spot, brush your fingers against it for me."

Heero complied and then moaned loudly as stars danced behind his eyes. "What was that, Angel?"

"That's your prostate, Wing, otherwise known as your sweet spot. Feels good, huh? Now I want you to fuck yourself with your fingers for me, keep your hand on your cock and stroke in time with your thrusts. Imagine that it's my cock rammed up your ass, the tip hitting your pleasure spot over and over, 'cause that's exactly what I plan to do to you tomorrow, baby. I'm gonna take you and fuck you senseless." Duo couldn't take much more, his hand flew over his own erection as his fingers worked their way deeper into his channel.

Heero was covered in sweat, panting uncontrollably as his fingers thrust repeatedly inside his body hitting his prostate each time. His cock was angry and swollen as his hand pumped furiously. His hips bucked in response and Heero found himself reaching the pinnacle and then plunging into an soul shattering orgasm. His creamy fluid spilled over into his hand as he slowed his strokes, gasping in an effort to draw air into his lungs. "Angel... oh Angel..." he breathed and then listened intently as he heard Angel grunt in satisfaction as his own release swept all thought from his mind.

Duo felt the end approaching. Imagining it was Wing's cock inside him and Wing's hands on his cock he finally surrendered and shot perfect arc's of fluid to land on his chest. Feeling pleasantly sated and empty he grabbed some tissues he had the forethought to bring, and cleaned himself off. "Was it as good for you as it was for me, Wing?" he asked.

"Hn," came the sleepy reply. "It was fantastic, my Angel. I only wish it could have been real."

"Oh it will be, Wing. I promise you that. All that I have said, I fully intend to do. And I don't lie, Wing," said Duo in a husky voice.

Heero shivered as he heard those words. Tomorrow he would get to meet his Dark Angel and experience all they had talked about. He envisioned the other as an angel of sorts. The fact that he could be anything else never entered his mind. His angel would be perfect and Heero couldn't wait.

A small bell sounded along the line.

"Shit! I'm afraid our time is up, Wing," said Duo sadly.

Heero felt bereft at that sound. "Then I will be waiting in anticipation of our meeting tomorrow, Angel. Thank you again for giving me such pleasure. But an even deeper thank you for trusting me enough to meet me, I hope you won't be disappointed."

"I assure you, Wing, the pleasure is all mine. Until tomorrow. Rest easy my sweet Wing, you will need all your strength." Duo blew a kiss down the line before the call was terminated.

Heero heard Angel's words and felt the desire course through his veins. He hoped the other would not be disappointed with him and his lack of experience. Lifting his sated body from the bed he went to the bathroom and showered, the sound of Angel's kiss still ringing in his ears.

Chapter 2

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