"Birds Of A Feather"

Written By: Stone Angel

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Disclaimer: I WISH I was making money off this. And I wish I owned the characters. But, sadly, they're just my playthings and other people who are richer and happier than I can claim otherwise.

Rating: R

Warnings: TWT, shounen ai, sap, fluff, occaisional silliness, humor, angst, blood, violence, language, kinda super natural.

Archive: Steal it or any parts of it and I WILL kill you. I’m not kidding, I’ve seen me do it

Pairings: 1x2

Authors Notes: It's Super Natural in a really wierd way(that isn't even a good way to describe it), *NOT* SCI-FI, *NOT* DARK in the least, and it's something that I'm sure many of us have thought of at one time or another but I've never read anything about it so I'm changing that. Hmph.

I hope you like it. ^_^

Spoilers: Yeah, a few. Unfortunately, they are from several episodes from all over the the series(including the Episode Zero manga) so listing them all would be pointless. And they are things that I think everyone knows already. But, to cover my own ass, if you have not seen the show, don't read. Also, why would you be here? 0_o

Feedback: I will love you forever if you let me know what you think. Good comments adored, CC welcomed, flames laughed at.

THANKS TO... KOHAKU!!! (glomps!), who helped me work out a few things with the fic. You rock!

"Birds Of A Feather"



Duo sighed and wiped the sweat from his brow. Smiling to himself, he looked back at the distance he had just covered in such a short time.

Quatre’s safe house lay a good half a mile away. A decent sprint.

Stretching his legs briefly, he fell back onto the grass and grinned as a butterfly flitted overhead. He watched as it alighted upon a white flower a few yards away.

"It must be so freeing to have wings." He said to it.

It didn’t respond.

He sighed and looked up to the clouds that passed over-head lazily, just letting time pass by.


Duo startled slightly and looked over to where Heero was standing and looking at him many yards away. "One of these days, I’m putting a bell on you, Heero."

The pilot glared but said nothing of that. "I just received a message from Quatre."

At that, Duo sat up. "Ah? What did Blondie-Boy have to say?"

"He’s been delayed." Short and to the point.

Duo tried not to let his face fall, but he knew it did and felt bad when Heero noticed. "Oh. Uh, how long did he say?"
"A week at best. Probably two. Possibly more."

Duo wanted to tug on his braid but resisted and nodded as he turned his attention back to the butterfly.

It flitted over to a clover flower and flexed and relaxed its wings happily.

Turning his head back to Heero, he saw him watching the butterfly with an unreadable _expression. "Oh."

Heero looked back to him. "It’s my turn to do dinner." He said simply and turned and walked away.

Duo sighed and fell back again. ‘Another week at best. Probably two. Possibly more. Stuck with Heero. Great. Thanks a bunch, Q.’ He rolled onto his side and closed his eyes.

He and Heero were both in hiding after their last mission had gone so splendidly well.

Actually, it HAD been going splendidly well, until OZ had showed up earlier than expected. They had chased the pilots who barely made it to their Gundams and now they were being hunted and looked for all over the Earth and colonies, just because they blew up the biggest mobile suit factory OZ had. Yeah, OZ could be pretty petty like that.
Wufei and Trowa were active, as was Quatre, but Quatre had only been gone for six days. Neither Wufei nor Trowa had been to the safe house. So Heero and Duo were all alone, stuck by themselves.

It was only supposed to be for a couple of days, but it seemed like the Doc and Professor felt that more time was needed for things to cool down. Duo couldn’t kid himself; they were not winning by any stretch of the word. If he and Heero were both captured, it would most likely be the end. A little down time was necessary. But it was just shy of a week now and he was going crazy being trapped in the same house as the other pilot.

It wasn’t that he hated Heero. But the guy was stone cold. And he had already been stuck alone in the safe house with him for six days. His ears were usually ringing from the silence and his jaw was getting stiff from all the talking he wasn’t doing.

He opened his eyes again and saw that the butterfly had chosen a flower a little closer to him. "Would it really KILL Heero to have a decent conversation?" He asked it quietly. "I’m so desperate to talk to someone that I’m sitting here talking to BUGS for god’s sake!"

The butterfly imitated Heero’s silence perfectly and Duo sighed again.

Rolling over again, he peeked a look at Heero’s retreating form.

He was walking at a decent pace towards the house with a sea gull flying after him.

The small, white and grey creature would land and then fly a few paces to catch up and then land again only to repeat the process.

Heero turned and saw it and chased it away, making Duo smirk and shake his head.

Duo had noticed during their six-day stay in the safe house on Earth that birds really seemed to like Heero, which was a shame since Heero seemed to loathe them. He closed his eyes as Heero continued his way towards the house, listening to his footsteps.

He already knew how the day would play out. He would head to the house and do laundry, and then sit down for dinner, then do the dishes and take a shower while Heero would go out to a place about which he wouldn’t tell Duo, but Duo had a feeling that it was the beach since one day Heero had had a little sand in his shoes.
The beaches in the area were amazing. High cliffs standing tall above tan sands that sloped into blue waters. The sunsets there were breathtaking. He couldn’t blame Heero if he wanted to spend his time there.

Pulling himself up after a few long, lazy moments, Duo headed back to the safe house.

Once inside and greeted by the smell of tempura, he called into the kitchen. "Doing the laundry! Want me to do yours?!"

"Ah!" Heero called back over the sound of a frying pan.

Duo headed up the stairs to his room and gathered his few sets of clothes from where they were scattered on the floor. He had never been extremely neat and now was no exception.

He looked at the bed and decided that washing the sheets was logical since he was already washing everything else. He stripped the bed and bundled the sheets before heading to Heero’s room.

Feeling a little nervous, he stopped before the closed door.

Heero had made it very clear at the beginning of their stay in the house that Duo was NEVER to open the door if it was closed, and Duo had said he would not open it or go into the room. But he also knew that Heero knew that he was only getting his laundry. He had given his permission for this time.

Grasping the handle tightly, he slowly turned it and opened the door. Looking inside first, Duo stepped in and found Heero’s laundry in a neatly folded pile by the door.

That was the only thing out of place in the room. Even the bed had been made, almost perfectly.
‘Why doesn’t he want me in here? It’s spotless. The only thing in here other than his clothes is his laptop and that has a password. I don’t get it. Yarre, yarre. Just get the clothes and sheets and get gone.’

He picked up the clothes and set them in the hall before heading to the bed and throwing the blanket off. Taking off the flat sheet, he frowned at the fitted one over the mattress.

Sitting there on the foot of the bed, against the perfectly white background was a single, perfectly white feather. It was about seven inches long and slightly curved.

Reaching out carefully, Duo picked it up and brought it close to his face for inspection.

It was snowy white and looked flawless. He felt it with his fingertips and smiled in awe. It was as soft as his hair.
He carefully stuck it in his pocket and removed the fitted sheet, bundling it with the flat one before doing the same for the pillow cases and hauling the whole mess down stairs.

‘I wonder what the hell this was doing in Heero’s bed. I could ask... But why do I get the feeling that that conversation is one of the many that I will never have with Heero? Could it be... Common sense?’

He passed by the kitchen on his way to the laundry room and saw Heero fixing two plates.

The other pilot looked up. His eyes caught sight of the sheets and widened slightly before returning to normal. "I didn’t know you were washing the bed clothes as well."

"Might as well." Duo chirped. "Saves time. You know how a stitch in time saves nine?" He grinned.

His only response was a raised eyebrow.

He sighed. "It’s one of those many annoying American sayings that don’t really mean anything."

Heero scowled. "Then why say it?"

Duo tried to think up a good reason but soon gave up and continued towards the laundry room. "Forget it."

The silence behind him was expected, but no less hated.

Throwing everything into the washing machine, he set it to auto and headed back into the main part of the house.

Heero was setting the dishes on the table next to two glasses of orange soda. The dishes were sushi and tempura with white rice.

Duo grinned. Until six days ago, the thought of eating raw fish had been pretty disgusting to him, but he had tried it to make Heero stop glaring at him for not eating a dinner he had spent so much time preparing, and now it was one of his favorites. "Cool! You rock." He sat down in front of a plate and proceeded to wolf down its contents with a record fifty percent success rate with the chopsticks. "This is great, Heero!"

Heero sat across from him at the table and closed his eyes in annoyance for a moment before picking up his chopsticks and silently starting in on his rice.

* * *

When they were both done, Heero stood. "I’m going out."

"Yeah, what a shock." Duo responded as he picked up the dishes and headed for the sink.

Heero didn’t respond and Duo heard the front door open and close.

Duo turned and looked at the door. ‘Why does he leave every evening? I’ve tried not to bother him. Does he hate being around me so much that he can’t stand to be in the same house with me even when I’m quiet?’ He stared at the door for a moment more. ‘I just wish that we could be friends. This "fellow soldier" bullshit is getting to me.’
Running the water, he began to wash the dishes, day dreaming of the nice, hot shower he would take afterwards.


Heero ran at a fast pace towards the beach. The sun had just set and he couldn’t wait to reach the cliffs.

The muscles in his back spasmed painfully and he ran a little faster.

As the tree by edge of his favorite cliff came into sight, he ran as fast as he could. Now only twenty meters away, he smiled slightly, taking off his shirt, and prepared for the jump.

* * *

Duo looked up from where he was reading his manga on the couch in the small living room when he heard the front door open.

Heero stood there, out of breath and a little sweaty. His hair was disheveled and though he looked exhausted, his eyes looked much happier than they had been when he had left. He glanced at Duo and the look was replaced by a blank _expression. He closed the door before jogging up the stairs and walking down the hall towards his room.

"Have fun?" Duo called with a grin.

"Hn." The door closed loudly and he heard the bed creak quietly as Heero undoubtedly threw himself onto it.

Duo sighed in frustration and considered going and trying to start a conversation with the other pilot for a moment but decided against it as he heard Heero run the shower in his room.

Shaking his head, Duo gave up on the hope of talking to Heero for the rest of the night and continued reading, absently stroking the feather in his pocket.

~ * ~

Chapter 2

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