Written By: Zazu

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Disclaimer: I do not own Gundam Wing, nor do I own the characters. I have borrowed them here for some fun and creativity, and this is not for profit. I do, however, own the plot mentioned here and any instances that you may find similar to real life events are purely a

Rating: G

Pairing: 1+2+1

Author's Note: Beta-read by Deb! Written in Heero's P.O.V.

Written: March 30, 2007

Summary: Heero reflects on how he best uses his five senses.


He never believes me when I tell him how handsome he is. Sometimes he'd ask me what it was about him that immediately caught my attention, and often I'd reply it was his eyes. His beautiful, amethyst eyes. Then he would laugh and tease me, saying that the first time we met I hadn't been able to see his eyes because of his lowered cap. Then I'd tell him it was the braid, but he would be too busy laughing. After that I'd tell him maybe it was his voice, a voice that continued to haunt me in some strange manner until I'd found him again. By the time I told him it could be his wit (after all, he was able to use a flare to hide his Gundam from prying eyes), he'd be shaking his head and telling me I'd just named about anything and everything about him that he didn't believe me anymore.

It was an old petty argument that we had once in a while, something neither of us ever tired of. Perhaps to him, those were just meaningless words. And perhaps deep inside, he really does know that I mean each and every one of those things. So, maybe not all of them immediately caught my attention, but I'm pretty sure he as a whole had attracted me before I even realized I was attracted.

The more I spent time with him, the more I found little things that I loved. The way he washed dishes, flicking soap suds and spelling little words when he thought I wasn't looking, or when I was actually looking. The way he turns his coffee mug around and around as it cools a little before he drinks it. The way he stretches as he gets out of bed, off the couch, as he steps through the door after a day at work. The way he smiles; gods what a handsome smile.

He just lights up the room with his presence, and I am sure that I'm not the only one who thinks so.

But despite all of the attractions, there's one particular thing about him that reminds me each day that he's there with me.

"Who would have thought you'd be such a cuddler?" his sleepy voice asked and stated at the same time as I rolled over to spoon up behind him. My hand found his under the blanket and tangled our fingers together; I could feel his laughter rumble through me as he chuckled. "You're warm."

I pressed close and nuzzled the back of his neck before I simply rest my lips on his bared shoulder and inhaled as I kissed the sweet skin.

His scent. He smelled of shampoo, his aftershave, a hint of sweat and cinnamon and something uniquely Duo. I once thought that I'd do anything I could to bottle up that scent and spray it all over the apartment. Then I'd realized I wouldn't want his scent bottled; it should only be mine to know. Besides, his scent was already all over the apartment. But it had become a ritual for me to spoon up behind him each morning and kiss his shoulder, to smell his scent emanating from him.

"Tickles," he mumbled. He says that every morning, whenever I complete my ritual.

"I breathe you," I replied softly. "You're my life."

He was still in my arms for a moment; it was the first time I'd ever replied to him. Then, he squeezed my fingers and turned in my arms until he could lie above me and give me a thorough kiss good morning. When he pulled back and smiled at me, I simply lifted my head and buried my nose against his collar bone, taking another deep breath as he did the same, burying his nose in my hair.

I wake up to the sight, touch, taste, smell and sound of Duo. I live for all of those and so much more from him.

He pulled back to look at me again, a softness in his eyes that conveyed so much that I could only hope he could read the same emotions from my eyes.

He gently kissed my lips again and I knew that he was telling me that he could read the emotions.

"My life," I whispered again. "No one can take this from me. Take you from me."

He smiled that handsome smile and leaned close once more.

"No one's ever gonna."



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