Welcome to the Awards section. Here you will find awards that have been won by the various authors for their fic's that are archived here.

All award banners are posted with permission of the respective winners.

I would like to congratulate those authors for a job well done. Fic competitions are not easy to win and take a dedicted amount of time and effort to produce an award winning fic!


Awarded to DSM for her fic "Tuesday"


Awarded to Stone Angel for her fic "From Afar"

Awarded to Helen for her fic "Moonless Night"

Awarded to "Inferences" by ShenLong. 2nd place GWA Fluff fic comp.

Awarded to "Inferences" by ShenLong 3rd place Readers Vote GWA Fluff fic comp. 2002

Awarded to Ryouga's fic "Reflections of the Heart"

Awarded to Helen's Fic "Under the Weather"

Oishii 2003 Best Song Fic -: Awarded to ShenLong for "Tomorrow"


Awards above and below to various fic's by ShenLong in the Sick Puppy Brigade's 'Squick me' Fic comp 2003


Below: Awards for Fancy Figures' various fic's


Above: Awarded to Good Fortune    Below: for Sweet Tooth  

Awarded to Fancy Figures for "Tonight's the Night?"

Above... Awarded to Fancy Figures for"Bad Hair Day"

Above... Awarded to ShenLong's "Am I Gay?"

Awarded to Ryouga's "Can't Get Enough"

Above... Awarded to Mookie's fic "Epiphany" for runner up in the Moments of Rapture fall 2003 fic comp.

Awarded to Mookie for best one shot in When a Bird May Love a Fish Comp 2004.

Awarded to ShenLong's "Cravings"                 Awarded to Fancy's Fic "Poles
                                                                      Apart" drawn by P L Nunn

Awarded to Fancy Figures for                          Awarded to Fancy's Fic
          "Game Over"                                          "Sparks Fly" drawn by Silkie

Awarded to Fancy's Fic "Flavour No7"          Awarded to Fancy's Fic"Pop
Drawn by Ponderosa                             Up Drop Down" drawn by Ponderosa

Awarded to Fancy Figures for
"I'll Stand By You" by Chiya






Below: Banners for the winner of the Vault's Yaoi Yuletide fic & art comp











Awarded to Skylark MoR 2007 fic comp for 'Beloved'






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