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Dragonball Diaries :- The sister site to here. Fic's of all ratings and couples of the Dragonball anime series can be found here.

Gundam Wing Diaries Mirror Site :- With the ongoing problems I'm currently having with 150m, the GW Diaries can be accessed at this alternative URL.

Serenade a Trios :- This site is devoted to threesomes between Wufei, Heero and Duo. A wealth of lovely fic's by some very talented authors can be found here.

Forever Fandom :- Unlock your inner muse. Forever Fandom, an archive for authors and readers alike, run by authors and avid readers. We're offering this archive as an alternative to others around to allow *all* authors the freedom to express themselves in whatever ways they please.


Maxwell Yuy Addiction   A Gundam Wing site dedicated to the two pilots Duo Maxwell and Heero Yuy. Many fics and some lovely artwork as well as a host of other things can be found here. Check it out... You won't be disappointed!


  Gundam Wing Addiction This is Tyr's site and contains a veritable gold mine of talented authors and a stack of wonderful fan fiction as well as other bits of useful information. One of my favorite sites.


My Writings On The Wall   Karen's site where a host of fic's and other goodies can be found. Also the home of "The Devil With an Angel's Face" fan fic competition.

Gundam Wing Corner    This is a newly created site with an easy to navigate layout. Both Fanfiction and art work are hosted here by several authors and artists. With several Gundam Wing sites closing down it's nice to see a new site pop up that is archiving many authors' works that can no longer be found on other sites.


Kracken's Fic's:   V isit Kracken's site for a host of wonderfully well written fics including other animes besides Gundam Wing. Kracken's GW fic's are mainly 1x2x1 centric but with some other combinations as well. You won't be disappointed as the quality is outstanding. Not only does Kracken turn out some great stories but she also draws fantastically as well so be sure to check out her art section. A sample of Kracken's art can be found here: Commissioned Art for Equinity.

  Fancy Figures Fiction: This is Fancy's newly launched site to host all her fiction, Gundam Wing and other Fandoms can be found here and is a site worth checking out as Fancy is one hell of a writer!

Kiya's Sanctuary: A lovely site that has all Kiya's wonderful fics in one place. Not just Gundam Wing but a host of other fandoms as well. I suggest you check it out as there are some great reads here. It's also home to the wonderful GW fic "School Tales" One of the best GW fics I've ever read.

Adult Fan Fiction. This site was created as a safe haven for all those authors and readers who enjoy R and NC 17 rated fics. It plays host to many categories of anime as well as books, original fiction and much more. Well worth a look but remember, to join you must be 18 or over.


The Nest:   Dulin has only recently set up her site so some of the sections are still under construction. The site is well set out, easy to navigate and hosts all of Dulin's lovely GW fics as well as archiving the fics she has written in the other anime fandoms. Certainly worth the visit!

   GWDensetsu A site that contains a lot of authors and fan art from Gundam Wing. Some of the authors to be found here can't be found anywhere else and I suggest you take a look as it's a lovely, fresh site.



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