These ratings are a guide only. Reader discretion is advised.

G :- This is suitable for anyone to read.

PG:- Suitable for slightly more mature readers.

PG 13:- May contain some mild swearing and / or violence.

R :- Suitable for 15+, contains language / violence or lime.

NC17 :- Suitable for 18+ Mature readers as they contain any or all of the following, heavy language / violence / lemon.


Angst :- Anger, ire, sadness

PWP :- Plot, what plot.

OOC :- Out of character.

AU :- Alternate Universe.

Sap :- Sweetness

POV :- Point of view.

TWT :- Timeline what timeline

OC :- Own Character

Lime :- This generally means hints at sexual situations.

Lemon :- This is usually contains full on sexual situations.

Shonen ai :- male x male relationships / love

Shonen au :- female x female relationships / love

Yaoi :- Male / male sexual relationships

Yuri :- Female / Female sexual relationships

I do strongly suggest that you note the rating for a fic before reading it.

Please be aware that unless you are 18 or over do not read the R or NC17 fics as they can contain graphic and explicit detail and this may be offensive to some people. If you do read and are offended then do not blame me or the authors as you have already been warned. Proceed at your own risk. For the rest of you little hentai's please enjoy the fics, feed the authors and drop a message in my guestbook or e mail me.

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